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I give the hard facts. Dont like it? Then dont read, I will give adivice as i see fits.
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okay well, since the last 2 weeks school has started i've gotten alot of compliments, and i've been in this school for about 3 years now and well i've gotten compliments but the last 2 weeks i've gotten compliments more than i've gotten in the last 3 years!! is it because over the summer i changed alot?? and it seems like the boys are the ones noticing me, yeah i got a little bit taller and i look a lot better but is it me or them?? or is it because my breat grew alot more...

((i rate high))

tnxs (link)
Wow, I guess it must because of you "breat" because its sure not your IQ.

How do I clean my kids' bathroom, when the thought of going in there sickens me? (link)
You are a fricken adult, Its your job to get off the computer and pick up there mess, Hence YOU are the parent. If they are old enough, Have them pick up there own shit.
- Devyn

Hey im going to a brand new highschool this year and i am really nervous becuase what if i don't mkae any friends who am i going to six with at lunch?????i need help plz i rate!!! (link)
You should feel good as a person, and not have to have people to back you up. Good luck with the new school year, I am sure can can find some people who type like you at least! (LyKe Omg!111oneoneONEone111!!!1)
- Devyn

i keep haveing a dream with a vampire in it is this bad (link)
Have you ever heard of a Dream Dictionary? You can look up Vampires in it. I am sure your local book store, or even e-bay may have one. But rember Vampires are not all that bad...
- Devyn

Hey, I'm 13 and am having a slight problem. I started dancing when I basically stared to walk. I have been part of the "gifted singers" program for a while, I write poems and short stories, paint, and have gotten leading roles in many theater productions. I have no idea where to invest most of my energy! What path should I choose? ~insanity_will_dominate (link)
Which ever you like to do. I think broadway is a good idea so you can do both! Reach for the stars!
- Devyn

Are fish nets appropriate for a 14 year old... my aunt seems to think not... but HEY! Ya gotta love em! *snaps fishnetiness* Oh yesh indeedy! (link)
Indeed. They are targeted for teens at hot-topic. And besides they look good, as long as you dont go to crazy with them. (P.s. Black is the best.. Lol)
- Devyn

okay. well i just moved out into my own apartment and i'd like to get a pet. the problem is i don't know what kind. i'd like something that doesn't require a TON of care, but something that i can also play with..can you help? (link)
Get a beta fish, Feed it once a week. Play with it by moving your finger on his glass, and making him fallow. lol
- Devyn

would it be bad to be a pimp for halloween??? (link)
No, I think it would be okay. Its Halloween for lords sake.
- Devyn

does anyone know anything fun to do the rest of the summer? (link)
Get a book and read. Most people are on the computer too much and have not read a good book in a long time.
- Devyn

id like to be a writer when i grow ^ maybe for the miami herald. like i wunna be maybe even the advice columnist. anything in the miami herald would be awesome. i dk wut should i do to practice 4 the future? i really want to be a writer!! does it pay alot?!?! p.s. i kno writers spell everything right its just im 13!! lol. and i like spelling stuff wrong unless its for school like a project, homework, or an assignment!! lol!! im going to 8th grade. (link)
I am 14. I also want to be a writer. You should not type like "OmG I lyke want to lyke write, when i lyke grow ^." Because that is not geting you anywhere. You should practice, with spelling all of the time not just for school. Good Luck.
- Devyn

How do I start this..? Hm.. I need help with something relating to my love life. My friend's friend likes me and broke up with his girlfriend for me.. and I'm not available for a relationship, nor do I want one with him. Any solutions on how to turn him down? (link)
Just because someone likes you dose not mean you have to like them back. Tell him you are in a relationship, And you would like to "stay friends".

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