If a doctor checks if a girl is a virgin can he tell if she has had anal sex or will he only see vaginal sex?

A doctor cannot tell if a girl is a virgin; vaginally or anal, and is never the reason for a scheduled vaginal exam
Exams are done to make sure that the tissues are healthy; muscular wall of vagina and cervix as well, he will check the muscle by touching to make sure it's of normal thickness and will do a Pap smear to check the cervix. It's important to get yearly Pap smears to check for cervical cancer; the doctor inserts a device into the vagina and scraps at the cervix to look at the cells under a microscope to see if they appear normal or abnormal.
Those are the main reason for yearly visits too a gynecologist; other than of course if you have colored/ foul smelling discharge, unusual bleeding, painful intercourse or urination, etc
Sorry if I put extra info but I think it's important to know what the doctor is checking for
A doc cannot tell if a girl is a virgin because anything can cause your hymen to break; say if you masterbate or use toys, it could break the hymen but you'd still be a virgin right? On the other hand if you've had a child before, then my answer is yes the doc would be able to tell because the cervix loses it's smaller circular opening, instead it has a jagged slit like opening.
I hope I helped; if you have any other questions, especially medical let me know

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I'm sorry, shallow jerk who thinks she's better than everyone else because pathetic losers worship her,I don't need to have the “queen b" notice,I only put the B, standing for something, say I'm cool, and have approval by others. I prefer my 5-8 real friends, than 45-69 friends who really don't like me. I read the blurb for a middle school guide, just for some help, but found out it was just about how to be popular. Please, people, what is the point? What is your deal? I'm not saying that if a popular girl who seems nice offers to sit with me at lunch, I'll say no, in fact, I'll say yes. But why try so hard with bitches who don't want you?

I understand where your coming from, for me it also didn't make much sense and often wondered why some of my friends strived to be popular in junior high and high school. I learned in college while taking psychology courses as well as my recent nursing ones that it's a normal phase of psychosocial development.
Simply having many friends gives them a sense of belonging. There are many odd things children do before growing up into adults that don't always make sense but most of them are considered normal as long as they don't persist after a certain age.
I don't know how old you are but it's good that you understand that having a few friends that you are close to is better for you than having a 100 that don't know you. Don't worry too much about the other people at your school, they will found out for themselves


Hey guys. 19/f
Okay so the title is self explanatory. Tonight we were all out for one of my girl friends birthdays.
I have recently started college in September and made a bunch of new friends. One such friend is *Kevin who is gay and who I have become very close with.
Anyway we were all messing about and having a good time getting a bit tipsy etc. Then one of the girls and Kevin kissed joking around. We all said we would kiss him then just for fun because we know he is gay. I joined in not thinking anything of it at the time. The thing is I have a boyfriend!.. I know. I feel like an absolute skank. It was our three year anniversary last weekend and everything. I feel so horrible. All of my friends were trying to reassure me that because he is gay and because we are such good friends it doesn't mean anything and it's not a big deal. It would be like if I kissed one of them..etc. But for me it is a big deal. I've never kissed anyone else in the whole time i've been with my boyfriend. I feel like i've let myself down and him down. What do I do? Do I tell him about this? My friends say I shouldn't because Im causing him unnecessary hurt. I don't want to make excuses for myself or anything but I was having such a good time I completely lost my mind. That's NEVER happened to me. No matter how many guys have hit on me I've never entertained it. Am I over thinking this? Am I being too hard on myself? What would you do? Should I tell him or leave it be? I know he'd be very weird about it. Please help.

It's pretty simple; put yourself in his shoes, would you want him to tell you? I think the answer is yes; you really messed up and if your not honest with him your changing your relationship from something based on love and trust to secrets and lies.
If he takes it well I suggest you get rid of your bad habit, it will only cause problems for your relationship.


Okay so basically i want to try hookah, I'm of legal age and everything but I 'm scared. A lot of the people i hang out with do it, but they have done it before. Some of them have also done marijuana so hookah isn't a big deal. I really want to try it though. My question is...if I do it once, am I going to get addicted? How addicted? If i do a couple puffs what will happen? Does it have an effect on you? Also, is it going to burn? And how do I avoid not coughing my lungs out when I try it? haha, thank you so much! and please don't try to convince me not to do it, thank guys!!

Hookah is the same as smoking moron
Take it from doctors; you'll be talking to them a lot when u get
One of the many forms of cancer smoking causes :).
Ps nobody wants to kiss a smoker, it's disgusting so you can say goodbye to that already


My name is Chris. I've loved this girl since last year from the very moment we kissed. Something about that kiss really made me attracted to her and want to pursue a relationship. I love her personality, we really get along well. We ended badly in the summer. She hurt me by ignoring me and as a defense I said some pretty hurtful things. We didnt talk all summer but we ended up in the same highschool class. At first we didnt talk but I would catch her staring at me and I determined she still had feelings for me, as I did for her. My bestfriend got us talking again and ever since, things have been even better than last year. I played my card out right with this girl because I felt i got a second chance at her heart, and i dont want to mess it up. We do not go out (yet). I dont want to get back with her yet, I want to wait. She sits next to me in class and he just cuddle or hold hands or she lets me stroke her stomach or thighs sometimes. We show each other HUGE amounts of affection but in a very subtle way. She is jealous because she found out a girl in my class also likes me, and she feels intimidated, in a way. But recently she has been flirting with another guy in front of me, calling him her boyfriend...she starts having an attitude when i touch her leg or even ask her a simple question. I realized that this new dude she seems to show interest to STARES at me. He does things, like kisses her cheek, and then looks directly at me as if TRYING to get me jealous, and as a scorpio, i am VERY jealous and this kind of stuff makes me go crazy. She knows she is driving me insane, I told her that I didn't mind if she spoke to a billion people (she's not mine and theres nothing I can do) but i just dont want it done AROUND me. We agreed on that but the next day she did it again. And she also seems to have a worse and worse attitude. I know she doesnt seem to great of a person, but she truely is and that is why I'm trying to find out how to handle this. I love this girl a lot. But i can't tell if she's trying to get me jealous or not. The guy she flirts with has a girlfriend. So I dont know exactly what the hells going on here...but I dont like it. When I started flirting with the girl that likes ME she over heard and told me she resents me. I smiled because I was hoping to get her jealous too, a taste of her own medicine, you know? She told me that "im literally crazy because she likes to flirt a lot" and i know she's the shy type. I felt like that was a rehearsed answer ..i feel like she planned all of this out. But how can I throw her off? If i seem unbothered, i feel like she'll just continue. When I do seem upset, she seems happy. Jealousy shows a person cares about you, but she's being immature by extending it for the past few days. She hasn't even texted me, I feel it's best to pay her no mind, but I'm obsessive. I'm going to WANT to talk to her so bad when I see her, we're complete. Should I flirt with other people to get her mad? Will that make it worse? Should I ignore her? Should I just be very serious with her and give her no reason? My goal is to make her regret what she's doing .

I'm just going to say it; there is no hope for your relationship. Both of you are way too immature to handle one, you'll just end up ruining it.... Again if you can't grow up! I guess it's normal for kids in high school to do that kind of crap but that's also why those kids have a new bf/gf every month.
So here it is; if you want things to work out with this girl you need to come out and say that you want to be with her and your TIRED of all these games you keep playing. If she says yes then act like adults and stop flirting with anyone, it's not cool, wont help your relationship and pretty pathetic.
If she says no then MOVE ON; if she's not willing to grow up there's no way it's going to work and your just going to end up wasting your time TRUST ME, I'm saying this out of experience.


I really like this 13 year old boy, I am a 11 year old girl but he likes me too(bf, gf way) he grabs my ass and wants to kiss, he also puts my hand on his dick. Should I make out with him? Only problem is other 13 year old boy likes me too and we all live on the same street and hang out alot. What do I do?Also please don't give me any of that choose who u like and follow ur heart junk!

If your not going to pick the one that you like then it obviously doesn't matter who you pick. It's not a surprise that "follow your heart" doesn't make any sense to you, your 11 years old after all and in my opinion we shouldn't even be having this conversation. You should be doing what you know how to which is being a kid and having fun (the clean type), not deciding on a boyfriend from a bunch of guys you have 0 real feelings for.
I don't have to know you personally to know you probably won't take any of what im saying into consideration so go on ahead and do what he says; he is the one that kissed you, grabbed your ass, and told you to touch him.
See he's 13; the age where guys just start doing this kind of stuff because it actually feels good, and that's the only reason why he "likes you as a girlfriend"


I recently got hit with a big challenge to overcome in my life and that's the problem of having a child. I would love to support a child but I feel I dont want a kid to come into this world without me having the right financial and living situations to support it with. My girlfriend is 16 and has been experiencing high syptoms or pregnancy but it is not for certain and I could be wrong but if so would it be possible if I can go through abortion procedures without parental consent on her side of the family? and if so HOW?!?!?!

Some pregnancy tests can tell as early as 4 days after the unprotected sex, if that's your time period then find one of them. If its been over a week than any should work. Tell her to read the instructions and if one come out positive to take a couple of them.
Regardless of the outcome it's time to be more responsible, let me show you how since your a child who just proved he's not responsible or mature enough to be having sex.
1. Negative. If the tests come back negative next time you have sex your going to use protection. Condoms are easy to use but not all guys like them. Birth controls pills are safer (excluding the side effects, and stds), you can get them for free as a minor from planned parenthood so tell her to make an appointment. If you decide to use condoms and they break or pop go immediately to your nearest pharmacy to get "the morning after pill"
2. Positive. You are way too young, immature, and irresponsible to make a decision on whether to KILL someone or not. I know your scared whether you admit it or not but your going to have to grow a pair and tell your and her parents; let the adults handle it



My girlfriend and I have been going out for about 7 months now. She is 16. The last couple of days I feel like I am not interested in her anymore. I am not sure if it is some sort of "hump" I am going through. Sometimes I feel like i see her too much, we have been hanging out a lot as of late. Sometimes things she does makes me feel annoyed or bugs me. Things that use to never do that to me. She has put me through a lot this past summer and that is when my feelings seemed to have changed some what, i kind of got "numb" to her but when she got back from her vacation (which is when she treated me terribly and stuff) i regained some of my feelings, she lied to me though about some stuff and hid things. I forgave her and stuff. This past week or two some days I wish i wasn't with her.

I thought I loved her, lately i'm not sure. I don't get the same feeling of happiness when she calls or texts me or anything like I use to. Maybe that just goes away after some time? I question if I want to be with her but I don't know how to even bring that up with her cause it would crush her. She has lost a lot of friends and I am almost all she has. I don't know what to do. Sorry if this is confusing just trying to keep it short :p

Thank you for your help

I understand, your falling out of love with her. Just because you forgive someone doesn't mean that all that person did goes away, you just accept it. I've gone through the same thing; I tried really hard to get those feelings back and make things work but I couldn't. Eventually I told her what was happening and as you put it "it crushed her". I'm sure you've heard it before "sometimes the right thing to do is the hard thing to do", and in this case it is.
I don't regret doing it at all because if I hadn't I would still be in that loveless relationship instead of with my soul mate :)


I hooked up with a guy a like a month ago and we haven't talked since. NOTHING went wrong at all we just haven't talked.
I want to text him but I don't know what to say!
Should I be mean like Why haven't you called??
Or be nice?? Or not say anything...

Depends what your looking for
1. You wanna hook up again.
Ask him if he wants to do something (at night)
2. Your interested.
Not gunna happen, he's already had you so you have about a 1% chance. If he was interested he would've waited a day or 2 to call you.... Not a month.
3. Just a friend.
Then don't annoy him with "why haven't you called"; he won't talk to you very often if you do. Act normal; ask him "what's new" or "how've you been"



Sorry this will be kind of long. I was on multiple anti-depressants for about 6 months after a tramatic event that unfortunately happened to me. I wanted to get off of them so I took a pill to slowly get off the anti-depressants. After going off them I realized I gained 20 pounds in a month. I was concerned because that did not seem normal to me I was a size 3 and I am 5"6, I went from 135 pounds to 158 pounds and a size 11. I went to my gyno and she said 3 of the anti-depressants I was on were proven to gain weight as a side effect she said it was normal but to go to weight watchers if I wanted to lose weight.Great. I am a college student, so I walk everywhere.For almost 2 months I have been watching what I eat,as a snack I eat fruits or a handful of nuts. I work out 7 days a week for either 30 minutes to an hour. I walk almost 3 miles and then I go for an hour i split the time between a half hour on the eplliptical machine and the last half hour on a exercise bike. I am now a size 7 but I still am not at a size 3 that I have been since I was in 10th grade. I do not look chubby, my legs are not "fat" they seem to have become muscle now and I had a "pancake butt" before but now it looks more toned and lifted. I also take a womens multivitamin everyday. My question is what is wrong? I feel like I am doing something wrong and I get so upset with myself that I start to cry because I am not at the size I used to be. Is it because my body is changing and I am getting older? I dont know. If anyone had any suggestions or might know what is wrong please let me know thank you!

You just said it; you gained the weight because of the pills you were on. Yes, now your no longer on them but don't expect to cut 20 pounds in a month, nobody can do that ( well not the healthy way anyways). Keep working out as much as you are and as long as your not over eating you will lose the weight. Be patient; getting the body you want the hard way (eating right and working out) takes time.
Lastly if your worried about muscle weight you should be fine; your workout is cardio based so if u gain any muscle it'll be on your legs and should be noticeable


I was talking with my best friend about my boyfriend and told her that I had sex with him and that the condom broke. She then said I was becoming a slut and that she was gonna ask my mom to get me help. I was so upset and dont kno why she would say that she made me cry. Why would she say that? It really hurt my feelings and now she wont talk to me.

Your friends a moron, tell her to look up the word's meaning before she uses it. A "slut" is a girl who has sex with many different guys and has low standards. You had sex with your BOYFRIEND, one guy.
Yes 13 is a very young to be having sex:
1. You have no idea what your doing
2. You cannot deal with the consequences
Meaning you would be a horrible mother ( your immature and don't have a career, your still a child yourself)
You dont know if your ready for it; if you did you wouldn't be here worried about who might find out and what they'll say

If your going to be having sex I suggest you stop before getting to home plate (oral at the most). You might also wanna read up on stds


Im 19 and my boyfriend is turning 20 soon.. And He's been treating me like SHIT..,:( what kind of boyfriend would lock a girl up in his car without air? He didnt even bother to open the window who would do that?!! He never heared any complains about how he treats me. I tried to confront him but he never listen he only thinks what he feel.:(( the most painful part is he told me he never care what i feel., and he doesnt need me.,:( it hurts me so bad :,( i told him if am i ugly or not pretty enough? I did mu best to e his best gf :,( i never talked looked at other guys., i never told him
How im in pain right now :,((

Your boyfriend doesn't control your life and can't make you stay and put up with his crap, that would be you. It's very simple; you want to be happy? Break up with him and find someone that actually cares about you; I can tell you from experience that's what you need to do. I'm sure you care about him but you'll find out the hard way that it's not going to work out if you continue like this, Gl


I'm sorry this is so long, but I want to give you all the full story! THank you so much for reading!

I recently started dating this really wonderful guy named Tim who is the sweetest, nicest person to me and I am extremely grateful that I met him. I've never had a boy treat me the way he does.

That being said, when I was in high school, I dated a boy I liked for about 3 months. I had gone through 4 relationships (this one being my second) in my high school career, and I can basically boil them down to petty, short high school relationships that were fun while they lasted. However, this one that I dated, we'll call him Carl, was someone that I just became so connected to. I liked everything about him and he and I were into the same things and got along so well. Then, he broke up with me because he didn't have enough time to be in a relationship. I know that when we ended things, he still liked me and I still liked him. 4 years later, and I still miss him from time to time. We remain good friends and catch up every once in while. We even live in the same area now but he has stopped getting in contact with me. I found out through a mutual friend that he has a new girlfriend and that is probably why he stopped speaking to me.

I still miss Carl a lot but I don't know if it's that "you'll never forget your first love" kinda thing or I'm ignoring something bigger.

I hate that I miss someone who has been so rude to me, while Tim, who I can tell cares for me so much is right here. I feel like I am being unfaithful to Tim for thinking like this.

Please, anyone with advice help me figure out what's going on!! Thank you guys so much :)

Carl didn't dump you because he didn't have time for a relationship; he just didn't tell you the real reason. The reason you still think about him is because you wonder how things would have gone if he "had time". The answer is they wouldn't have
There's no such thing as not having time for a relationship; it's just another way of saying you don't mean enough to me to spend time with. I've been in 2 different relationships while being a full time college student who works every day and does at least 2 other things on a daily basis; I made time for them.
Focus on your relationship now with Tim. Find out if he's someone you see yourself with for a long time and if he's not then end it because youll just be wasting both of your times


i have this relation fr 5 yrs so we had physical relation too i first hated sex bt now even if he touches me i am all hot i am nt virgin when i was 18 he broke my seal i was nt all aware of all this until my mum gt to knw tht my bf has done this .My dad is thinking of my marriage to sumone else and sooner tht guy wud find out tht i am nt virgin which will be disgrac e fr my family and i really love my dad .I am horrified if he got to knw he wont be able to take it my mum thinks we have done sex 1 time .i want to tighten my uterus need advice

Not being a virgin isn't the end of the world, anybody that thinks so is immature and so are you for caring. You had sex and now your trying to lie to this guy that's going to be your husband? Don't even bother because if your not going to be honest he's going to divorce you if he knows what's good for him. If not you both can just keep lying to each other and live through a loveless marriage.
Tighten your uterus? Are you kidding me? You mean tighten your vagina muscles which can be accomplished my kegal exercises. You can do them all day it still won't bring your "seal" back ( which is called a hymen!). Which doesn't matter either because u don't have to have sex to break it


my last period stopped about 3 days ago and today me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom ripped x:
i'm going to get the morning-after pill tomorrow.
is this going to help? and i think the chances that i'm pregnant are pretty low anyways because i havent eaten anything in two days and my last period just stopped ._. furthermore my boyfriend was a little drunk while we had sex .. x:
but what do you think?

The morning after pill works very well but next time go get it right after the sex, the chances of it working are even better. The bigger problem is your eating habits; not eating for 2 days at a time is going to catch up with you and your not going to like it


Ok so im 15 and my boyfriend tried to finger me last night and it was just embarrassing because he couldn't even get his finger in really! I have orgasmed before by just rubbing myself and have tried fingering myself but i cant even do it. I am mentally ready to have a sexual relationship and im not nervous but i just dont know what to do! He has eaten me out becasue he tried to get it more wet down there but that still didnt help. I know there is a layering you have to break but people have told me that some sports will make you break it with out sexual activity such as cyclying or horse riding. Well iv been riding horses since i was 4 and i guess that didnt work ahah; so please just some advice would help. And please dont give any advice on my emotional ready-ness because there is really no point.
Sorry for the grammar issues in this i typed fast aha

The only thing you can try is using lube. If you use tampons instead of pads your hymen should already be broken; if not then it could still be intact and the problem. It is rare but some hymens are so tough that they have to be surgically cut in to, if that's the case then looks like you won't be doing much (don't try anything stupid like using a knife, you'll only hurt yourself).
I suggest you or your boyfriend goes out and gets lube and you try it alone first. Use as much as you need, gl


im 19 nearly 20 female

i went to the hospital on thursday bout why i have been blacking out ( i loose my sight and hearing, i go very weak i cant stand up without support and i go very pale so a friend has told me but i can recall everything that happens) he got concerned and sent me for an ECG which he wasnt happy about, he now wants to do a 24hour ECG, an MRI scan and an EEG (brain scan), i have looked this up and it has come up as 'arrhythmia' im scared with this i will loose my independance like driving and going places on my own. i only think this because since then no one will let me do anything like lifting a 2litre bottle of cola or a small pile of baskets (i work in shop)...now my mum wont even let me move my bed by my self but i need to so i can clean it i dont want her help i can do it... what does this all mean and where do i go from here? i am loosing more sleep over this plz i am in desperate need of someones advice thank you x

Your questions a little confusing but I think I have the idea. You were feeling sick so you got some scans and tests done that resulted in an arrhythmia diagnoses? Arrhythmia is basically a irregular heart beat which can be caused by many things; you having one isn't the bad thing, that would be the cause (some are fixable, others you have to live with). So until your doctor has found the reason for your heart condition there's no reason to worry. A good friend of mine had two episodes where he got dizzy and completly pass out because of is heart, but they only happened those two times in high school, he's been fine since.
Try not to worry and in the mean time you may be able to help your doctor by trying to find out what caused it yourself. Maybe you were stressed out, skipped a meal, anything that you do before you get dizzy and lose your hearing


driving in a air conditional car immediately after exercise, what health risk does it have,cos i hear its not good.Please enlighten me.

It's not bad as long you don't have it so cold that it hurts or makes you feels bad. It's not good because for the entire time you've been working out your bodys been trying to keep your body temp down (sweating), and now your changing it back drastically by having it too cold. I like having my windows down all the time so I just do that instead of putting the air con on, but If I do because there dirt in the air of its raining I'll keep it at a little under warm temp.
So don't worry it's fine as long as you don't put the temp very low


Last week I was on vacation and gave a guy a blowjob. It was pretty stupid looking back since I hardly knew the guy. I do know you're supposed to use condoms when actually having sex to stay safe. But is it the same for a blowjob? I guess it's too late now...but I was still wondering!

Yes your suppose to use a condom. Stds can be contracted through oral, vaginal, and anal sex. You should go ahead and get tested, women are less likely to get visible signs of an std since they're sex organs are mostly internal. Since you didn't know that your suppose to use a condom I'm also going to guess you didnt know stds frequently cause infertility in women so when I say go get tested Its not to scare you it's to make sure you don't take any chances


I currently stopped taking my sprintec (birth control pills) a week ago. I was wondering how long it would take for my system to properly regulate itself, as well as how long it could take for me to get pregnant. I've only been on it for 3 months, and we decided it is a good time to try again, (we lost a previous pregnancy, about a year ago, and I wanted to wait to try so I decided birth control until then) Information as well as advice from women who were on this same birth control and obtained pregnancy after they stopped using it is more preferred. Thank you for your time.

It's not exactly that complicated. As soon as you stop taking birth control you are able to get pregnant (why Girls freak if they forgot to take it one day), getting the effects of the birth control back is another story (taking 2 pills the next day and regularly after that for some pills). So to answer your question, immediately.
Having problems getting and staying pregnant is a whole nother story where it does get complicated. Miscarriages are more common than you may think (in both healthy and unhealthy women). If I remember correctly the statistics are between 1/5th or half of all pregnancies result in miscarriages. If you feel as if you have a problem getting pregnant you and your boyfriend should sit down and talk with a physician about your options (there are many options your probably not familiar with). First there would be testing to see if there even is a problem, second (if there is) you can start working to fix it.
One last thing you need to know is to never give up hope on having a family if that is what you really want, gl


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