I'm 21 years old, have had my share of different types of relationships so I enjoy answering love life questions. Whether it's about getting closer emotionally or physically don't hesitate to ask, hopefully I'll be able to help. I also love the medical field and will be a registered nurse soon. If you have any questions regarding a recent medical diagnosis (don't ask for one please, not a doctor) I can help you better understand it and the treatment as well


I raped someone I want to turn myself in immediately. Tell me what I need to do. I need to be punished. I will not say how it happen and why. I can't make up any excuses. I was drunk but it doesn't change anything. The person who was hurt doesn't want to do anything and prefers to just forget and move on, but I can't . I need to be punished and I want to turn myself in. The person wouldn't have to worry about trial or publicity. I just need to know what I have to prepare for.

Going to jail for a couple of years doesn't make things right. you hurt someone in a way that you'll probably never be able to make up for, but you should atleast try, how are you suppose to do that if your behind bars? make things right with her; start off by apologizing for the really stupid and hurtful thing you did and then make it up to her. It's not going to be easy but it is possible


will god forgive me and will I still go to heaven when I follow through with what I'm about to do. I figure if I'm going to loose everything I'm going to loose it on my terms. I am going to jail for driving under suspennsion and I,m on disability and I'll loose everything I'm already living my life in a wheelchair from a motorcycle accident. I already have my mind made up

Nobody can answer that question
Jail time seems to be the least of your problems; why aren't you doing anything with your life? A wheel chair is the worst excuse I've ever heard so don't give me that, get your life together. Do your time, get out, and do something with your life that "god" gave you.
I don't believe in god but if I remember correctly suicide is forgivable the only thing that isn't is rejecting god. As for getting to go to heaven that depends on how much good you did in the world


My father took everything of value and left us.
My mother is mentally ill and now has no insurance(so she's off her pills).
My sister is a major suck up to our mother(Favorite child).

Were stuck in an Extended Stay hotel and,its sucking up all the income we have.We have tried all "free" places for medicine and help.But our income is too high,but its not enough for us to live on.

I barely make $150 a week from my job and, its considered part time.I'm at my job all day from 10AM to 4PM and,they don't consider it full time.So because of the time and all the work,I can't get a 2nd job.We have no car,so we take the public city bus everywhere(which is $1.50 there and back per person).

My problem is my mother.She's always been an mental abuser and only to me.She says that "I'll never be anything","I'll never go to college,and even if I did I'd fail it","Ill never be anything in life,or have a husband let alone a boyfriend"... That was just this week.

She said that to me because I told her to "hold on one moment" while I was filling up water bottles,and she wanted me to look for a phone number for her.It only took 2 minutes and I couldn't look away or I'd have water on the floor.

My sister is a major suck up to our mother.She sides with her even when moms wrong.She won't stick up for anyone and can't even keep a job that long.she keeps calling out at work and lying to them about why.I tell her to quit it and I get screamed at by mom (mom encourages her to call out).

Right now I got no friends,because I don't have time.I got no other family to go to,and right now mother plans on leaving with my sister.They plan to go to grandma's and I can't come.she made that clear.Were all old enough to be on our own,but we weren't ever encouraged or pushed to go on our own.Our mother was one of those ones that did everything for you,even when you didn't want her to (tried getting her to stop,but that only made her mad and she'd guilt me into letting her).

So where do I go?Do I leave my job and beg my deadbeat dad to go,live with him in another state?
Or do I take my chances on the street?If I do that I lose everything I own.

The best thing to do is go find a full time job. The job you have right now even working full time isn't enough to support yourself, unless you live somewhere you can find an apartment for less than 400 a month.
Once you find a full time job you should start looking into a career to better support yourself. If you want to go to college go; when you don't make very much money you can apply for financial aid and chances are get it, if you don't then you can always get a student loan ( only if you know you can do it and know what you want to be). If college isn't for your then there's other careers out there that you can get through other types of schooling such as the techs that work in hospitals, some get certificated in less than 6 months, police, armed forces. There's a lot to choose from all you have to do is ask yourself what is realistic for me to achieve and then go do it, gl


I didn't know what to expect so I looked at the clinic's website. It listed a bunch of tests and screening they were going to do to you. Like, a pap smear, mammogram, cancer screenings, weight management, dermatology, etc… I have insurance under my mom. I get one free physical every year until I’m 26. So I went. I was told that if it was a regular checkup it's free but if I asked her about anything else I would be charged. They only took my blood, height, weight, and that was it. The doctor came into my room with a male intern. I told her I was uncomfortable with male doctors examining certain areas of my body. I don’t think she got the hint. She started asking me about a previous diagnosis I had and I explained the basics to her. I told her I already saw a primary doctor for it and was prescribed medication. I already had an appointment to see a specialist next month. They are all in the same building and correspond with each other. She suddenly prescribes me the same medication I already have but in higher dosage. I told her no multiple times but she stated that I needed it. I was so upset that she disregarded my words and forcing me to pay the copay when this visit was supposed to be free. I asked her about the pap smear, mammogram and she suggest I wait until I’m 30 to do them or else they would come back abnormal. I’m 23. Was that how a physical exam should be like? I feel like I was given poor or half services. Besides the blood drawn, nothing else was done. They didn’t take a urine sample or any. Should I have gone to another place?

Adviceman did a good job of answering the question I'll just add a feel things
1. Don't hint at things; if you told her I don't want an intern in the room then she needs to tell them to leave. You have the right to refuse all and any medications, it doesn't matter what any doctor says don't sign anything if you don't want to take it.
2. Pap smears should be done at 21 years of age once a year
3. Mammograms should be done at 50 years of age once a year unless you have risk factors for breast cancer (mom or other relative have had breast cancer) , if you do have risk factors then you can talk to your ob about getting tested when he or she believes is more appropriate, 30 years old with no risk factors is not.
That's pretty much it; try not to feel uncomfortable around professionals though, I never heard anything inappropriate coming from students about patients at my school


Dear Vikki

I'm 24 and from South Africa. I have been in a relationship for almost 7 months now and before that we were only friends. I love him a lot and care about him a lot, but at times I feel that my insecurities gets in the way and it ends up in us having an argument about something small and stupid. See we have a long distance relationship at the moment and it is mostly when he cannot have decent conversation at night because his busy and then I start thinking "maybe he doesn't want to talk to me" , "maybe he doesn't find me interesting anymore and he will leave me for someone else" and I do know that he cares for me a lot and that he loves me and as soon as I think I have these feelings under control, it creeps in again. I don't want to lose him, because I was insecure and clingy. I never was like this in the beginning. I was cheated on before and most of the times it is when I'm away from him, when we are together, I don't have it and because of this it makes things hard for me. I care about people real fast and they can actually hurt me with words. How do I get past this? How can I get past my insecurities and not be clingy when I feel like these emotions are creeping in? I'm not jealous when it comes to being his girlfriends, because I know what type of guy he is. I know he will never cheat on me, but because I don't always see myself as beautiful, I'm sometimes afraid he will leave me for someone more beautiful than me. The guy that cheated on me used to say to me, that I shouldn't think that someone can love me, because there feelings will change. I was so deeply hurt.

Is there any advice you can give me? Guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to that I don't know personally!


Insecurities stem from low self esteem, low self esteem comes from not thinking of yourself worthy or good. Get a piece and paper and a pen and start writing down things about yourself that you don't like. This is my list:
. I don't look as good as I want to
. I'm not as smart as I can be
. I haven't been being a great boyfriend
As you can tell I have very good self esteem, not because the size of the list but how I word them. I work out 5 times a week for the past 5 years to be stronger and get the body I want, I study a minimum of 3 hours a day to become the very knowledgable health care professional I soon will be, I try and do little things for my gf even though my days have been busy for a good while now.
Once you have your list written out work on those things to become better and feel better about yourself. Everything can use improvement, strive for great not just good enough.
Once you've improved yourself you'll start to think differently about the relationships your in. Gl


I am so confused. I dont know what to do anymore. I am depressed all the time. To the point where all I want to do is cry and at times it takes all I have not to. I feel so alone. I have been married for 8 years but we never talk and lately he and I have been sleeping in separate rooms. We dont even argue we just dont talk. I know I am not happy anymore and I havent been for a long time. But we have children together and this is the only serious relationship I have ever had. To top it all he is controlling so I have never had a job and I dont know if I can support myself or my kids without him. I dont want to be miserable forever but I am terrified of life without him. I dont know how to survive without him. And I have absolutly no friends not a single one because my high school friends and I have drifted apart and I am not allowed out to have any. And I have no family I grew up in foster homes. So without him I am completely alone. I have no one to turn to. No one to stay with til I get on my feet. Am I being selfish by wanting a life of my own. What do I do? Where do I go from here?

Life is too short to be unhappy. It's up to you if you want to leave even though you have kids together. I'm sure it was hard growing up without parents, but it's also going to be very hard on your kids if their parents don't stay together.
Marriage is a partnership; no one person should have complete control, that is why it's not working out for you to. If getting a job is what you really want to do then tell your husband that your going to get a job, that it's important to you to be capable of proving for yourself and the kids. Stick to your decision and tell him what's on your mind. You don't wanna live in a loveless marriage and want to try to make things work. Not all men are mature enough to handle being told no but it needs to be done.
Be confident not aggressive; get what you need to be happy, as long as it's nothing unreasonable your husband should support you
Reasonable: having a job, having friends, having fun, having your own life.
In my opinion they are all neccisary but not everyone shares my values
Nobody finds happiness easily; good luck


Im a guy, i sent a fake picture of a **** to a girl to try and get pics back:/ im a bad person i know. but she saved the picture and is threatening to send those pics to all of my friends. now if i dont do what she says. she'll sned them to everyone. help me please

Act like you don't care. Yes they will probably make fun of you but if you act like it doesn't matter then they'll feel stupid and stop. And lastly never send your junk to a girl, they send you pics, you never send them any unless you're together


So I am only 17 and was was dating this girl who happened to be christian for two months until she broke up with me. The reason we broke up was because I am agnostic and she couldn't take it anymore, even though I told her I was in the first place. In this relationship she never gave me a blowjob but only handies but she said no sex and no bj's while we were dating and I was totally cool with that untill... when she broke up with me she almost immediately had a thing with another her guy and she sucked his dick after she was supposedly against it. She came back to me a 2 weeks or so after she gave the other guy head and she told me everything that happened and was extremely sorry and I took her back. She said if she could go back in time she would definately change what happened. She told me she now did blowjobs and here we are five months later and I haven't even gotten a handjob, I only finger her which ive done about 10 times since we've been together again. So my question is should I talk to her about giving me head or just anything sexual? Or am I just way overreacting and I should leave this whole thing alone. She's really in love with me now and I almost broke up with her about a month ago because of what happened right after our breakup. One thing about this girl is that she has been fingered and gave hand jobs to plenty of men in her past and it just bothers me that I never get anything in return.

Break up with her
I'm telling you from experience your wasting your time with her and your gunna regret it. Your 17! Nobody should be holding you down, especially not some idiot that calls herself religious and blows some guy she's not even with. She's one of those girls in high school that's just a waste of time. Break up, date someone else who isn't fake, you won't regret it


Once I have anal sex and it didn't slipper to my vagina, am I still a virgin? (Stressed)

Depends on what you think being a virgin is. Some girls think oral and anal don't count, which I think is pretty stupid because it's called oral "sex" and anal "sex", once you've had sex your not longer a virgin right? Well like a said it depends on the person. If you belong to a religion chances are your no longer considered a virgin either. You shouldn't be stressed because it doesn't really matter, nobody cares if you've had any kind of sex before, at least anyone that's mature


I am a girl,age 23. my father has died in 2009, my mom is alive but she never take care of me. i live with my elder sister,she has 3 kids. she always quarreled with me. if i don't do any household work, she got angry with me. i have boyfriend,who never let me cry,he love me so much.i didn't meet with him for last 3month because my sister never allowed me to meet with him. i stay my room whole day lonely.nobody of my family call me or ask me anything. my study is also hampering day by day. for my condition my boy friend also feeling very bad for me and his study also destroying day by day.i cant tolerate this anymore.it is seem to me that my death is the nice solution for all.my family will get rid of me and my boyfriend will get a better life.i have no way to live.what should i do beyond this?

Death is never the solution, suicide is making sure the problem is never dealt with, not solving it.
The problem is that your lonely and tired of the way your sister treats you
The answer is get a job which will allow you to get your own apartment, you are 23 years old and your sister isnt required to take responsibly for you
By study I take it you are in college; your question makes me think you still haven't made your mind up about what career you want to get out of it. Decide what you want to do now, if it's what you really want then it should be worth putting up with your sister unless you are able to live on your own and attend college as well.
I wouldn't recommend looking to anyone else to fix your problem (including your boyfriend) as well. In a serious relationship you tackle problems on your own before asking the other to help with it, this prevents one from being dependent on the other.
I think your going through a rough time; with the loss of your father, the stress of family, and the stress of college. I'm not surprised that your considering suicide as a way out, but you shouldn't do it. Find healthy ways of relieving stress, make some goals for your future and work everyday towards them. Gl


I was wondering if anyone or someone they know has any suggestions for books that help with CMA exams.

I bought 2 anatomy books already and then I have one that I got that has 2 sample tests included but after I bought it, numerous people have given reviews that some answers in the book are incorrect. But then before I take the test, I figure that I can then use that book and test myself to know exactly what's right and what's wrong. So I'll use that later. The book only covers exams and explanations. But I need something else.

I just got into the program at school and I won't be done until next May so I figured I could go ahead and study now instead of later which is why I got some things now.



I got this from a practice exam website: The CMA exam covers the following topics:
General: Medical Terminology, Anatomy and physiology, Psychology, Professionalism, Communication, Medicolegal guidelines and requirements
Administrative: Data entry, Equipment, Computer Concepts, Records Management, Screening and Processing Mail, Scheduling and monitoring appointments, Resource information and community services, Maintaining the office environment, Office policies and procedures, Practice finances
Clinical: Principles of infection control, Treatment Area, Patient preparation and assisting the physician, Patient history interview, Collecting and processing specimens; diagnostic testing, Preparing and administering medications, Emergencies, First Aid, Nutrition.
- See more at: http://www.practicequiz.com/Certified-Medical-Assistant-Exam-Prep#sthash.kQWR6Ows.dpuf

I'm not really familiar with what medical assistants do; but by the looks of the information you need to know for the exams you'll need special course textbooks to learn most of that, or a teacher that makes there own power points.
I recommend only using one anatomy and physiology book and buying yourself a medical terminology book that tests you (usually small and cheap). Read a chapter a day of each, and continue to review the chapter until you feel confident that you've retained the important info (structure and function usually). Sometimes authors make powerpoints for there text books, It would be useful to find some print them out and write notes on them while reading the chapter (print 4-6 slides per page front and back)
Other than that just try and get your hands on those special text books that your teacher will be using and read what they will be going over in class (always show up prepared, having read the chapter before class day)
If you have any questions about anatomy and physiology that you can't seem to find the answer send me a message and I'll try and get back to use as soon as I can, gl


I'm 23 he's 22. We got into a fight because he sent me a text that obviously wasn't for me. When I said something he told me I was stupider than shit and always acting like a bitch. He doesn't respect me so I just blocked him and said bye. Well he tried calling about 50 times afterwards but I ignored it because I refused to be disrespected. Well I didn't talk to him for 4 days and then when I was calm I unblocked him and decided to try to talk about things. Well in these 4 days he moved on apparently and wouldn't have anything to do with me. He blamed me for everything and kept saying it was my fault for acting that way and it's my fault that he is talking to someone else. Really? It took him 4 days to move on from our 2 year relationship? I begged him to stay but he didn't care. I'm so depressed he's done this before I just never thought he would do it again. Do I move on? Or just wait for him to realize that were suppose to be together? Or does that make me pathetic?

Doesn\'t sound at all like a healthy relationship, or one that will make you or him happy. I say you take it as a learning experience like you should all failed relationships and move on. In the next one you won\'t make the same mistakes and in the mean time you need to think about what you need your next boyfriend to have to make you happy. Some people will call it being picky but at your age you don\'t have anything to worry about. For example: my girl has to be smart because I don\'t want to be annoyed by my own girlfriend ( stupid people annoy me), has to be fit and go to the gym consistently; I don\'t want someone that\'s going to get less and less attractive, make sense? The list goes on and thankfully I\'ve met someone who I\'ve been with for 2 years and will be purposing to.
My point is don\'t set yourself up for failure and date someone that doesn\'t have the qualities you need; make a reasonable list (not someone that is better than you yourself are) and stick too it, you won\'t regret it


So, I'm a 14 year old girl and I honestly can't cope with the way my parents tell me to live, I feel like I am trapped in my home and I can't do anything!
They have these rules that I cannot go on my iPad/phone until 8pm every night, even at weekends I'm not aloud to use them. They say I'm to antisocial and I need to get out more, I go almost everywhere with them! I do go to town with friends aswell. They won't let me out of my town, I live in Barnstaple, devon and I'm not even aloud to Exeter or Bristol to go on a shopping trip with friends which is only about 2 hours away. Also I'm not aloud to be friends with a few people I know, one of them because there is a rumour going around that her mum is a prostitute and the other one who is my best friend and I still hang out with her secretly because she said something rude on Facebook like 2 years ago! It annoys me how I can't be friends with who I want to be friends with. My parents won't let me go out after school and I always have to be back home at 4pm if I go anywhere, which means I can't go out in the evening or at night and have a laugh :(
They also won't let me use social networks other than Facebook and Twitter, I want to be able to use snapchat, Instagram and tumblr but I'm not aloud to have it on my phone, another thing is that my dad still reads my texts and my messages with friends online!!! I'm 14 and I literally have no privacy! It's really annoying I want to just tell him "no, I won't give you my phone" or just not tell him the lock to my phone but he always makes me! :(
This is really annoying me now how I feel like I am stuck with nothing to do and no privacy at all :(
Anyone know what I could do?

I understand where your coming from because I remember having friends at your age (girls), whose parents were just as overprotective. At 14 you see the world much more differently then you do as an adult. You see the good in everyone, going out at night could never deliver a bad consequence or a situation you can\'t handle, talk to anybody on the internet, date whoever you want. This is how you and every other girl in high school thinks and unfortunately gets them into trouble.
I\'m not saying that what your parents are doing is right because it really isn\'t, what I\'m saying is that you need to show your parents that you are more mature than all your friends. You are capable of making adult decisions; working (when your of age) who to trust and who to stay away from, what type of conversations to be having with people over the internet, prioritizing.
To do all the things that you want to be doing with that amount of freedom you need to become an adult, a child who\'s day revolves around hanging out with friends, texting friends, thinking about how to make more friends is not mature enough to have the freedom you want to have.
If you know what is important in life already; studying hard, looking into what college to attend, working towards goals you will meet in the future then you should be allowed that freedom because you won\'t make dumb mistakes that could hinder them.
Think about it; teens your age make every mistake in the book, you are not an exception to that rule unless you are the person I described above. At 14 I wasn\'t that mature, neither did I know anyone that was, but at 18 when I was working hard and not getting the respect I wanted from my parents we butted heads until I got it, pretty much through telling them how hard I work and not talking to them Until they started looking at all the responsibilities I had and not at my age. It was a tough fight that lasted a long time but now we get along very well.
When you truly deserve that kind of respect from your family you fight for it, you don\'t complain about it


Hi i need some advice i want to find god i'm 13 male and have had a few family problems and feel lonely sometimes and i do want to become a christian a couple of months ago i started going to church i go every week i pray to god twice everyday i feel good after praying god has really helped me i have started reading the bible i want to give my life to god what else do i need to do to be a christian?

I\'m not as familiar with Christianity as I am Catholicism, but I\'ve heard they are very similar.
My family is catholic (not me) but as a child I would go to church every Sunday and on Wednesday for Ccd which is a church class where you are put with other teens your age and are taught by a parent or someone else who has belonged to that community for a long time and is very knowledgable
Although a lot of your fellow students will be forced to go by their parents or otherwise wouldn\'t be there, it\'s still something I think you would enjoy and help you feel closer to god.
If your church has a office that is where you go to sign up, good luck I hope you find what your looking for


If a doctor checks if a girl is a virgin can he tell if she has had anal sex or will he only see vaginal sex?

A doctor cannot tell if a girl is a virgin; vaginally or anal, and is never the reason for a scheduled vaginal exam
Exams are done to make sure that the tissues are healthy; muscular wall of vagina and cervix as well, he will check the muscle by touching to make sure it's of normal thickness and will do a Pap smear to check the cervix. It's important to get yearly Pap smears to check for cervical cancer; the doctor inserts a device into the vagina and scraps at the cervix to look at the cells under a microscope to see if they appear normal or abnormal.
Those are the main reason for yearly visits too a gynecologist; other than of course if you have colored/ foul smelling discharge, unusual bleeding, painful intercourse or urination, etc
Sorry if I put extra info but I think it's important to know what the doctor is checking for
A doc cannot tell if a girl is a virgin because anything can cause your hymen to break; say if you masterbate or use toys, it could break the hymen but you'd still be a virgin right? On the other hand if you've had a child before, then my answer is yes the doc would be able to tell because the cervix loses it's smaller circular opening, instead it has a jagged slit like opening.
I hope I helped; if you have any other questions, especially medical let me know

So t


I'm sorry, shallow jerk who thinks she's better than everyone else because pathetic losers worship her,I don't need to have the “queen b" notice,I only put the B, standing for something, say I'm cool, and have approval by others. I prefer my 5-8 real friends, than 45-69 friends who really don't like me. I read the blurb for a middle school guide, just for some help, but found out it was just about how to be popular. Please, people, what is the point? What is your deal? I'm not saying that if a popular girl who seems nice offers to sit with me at lunch, I'll say no, in fact, I'll say yes. But why try so hard with bitches who don't want you?

I understand where your coming from, for me it also didn't make much sense and often wondered why some of my friends strived to be popular in junior high and high school. I learned in college while taking psychology courses as well as my recent nursing ones that it's a normal phase of psychosocial development.
Simply having many friends gives them a sense of belonging. There are many odd things children do before growing up into adults that don't always make sense but most of them are considered normal as long as they don't persist after a certain age.
I don't know how old you are but it's good that you understand that having a few friends that you are close to is better for you than having a 100 that don't know you. Don't worry too much about the other people at your school, they will found out for themselves


Hey guys. 19/f
Okay so the title is self explanatory. Tonight we were all out for one of my girl friends birthdays.
I have recently started college in September and made a bunch of new friends. One such friend is *Kevin who is gay and who I have become very close with.
Anyway we were all messing about and having a good time getting a bit tipsy etc. Then one of the girls and Kevin kissed joking around. We all said we would kiss him then just for fun because we know he is gay. I joined in not thinking anything of it at the time. The thing is I have a boyfriend!.. I know. I feel like an absolute skank. It was our three year anniversary last weekend and everything. I feel so horrible. All of my friends were trying to reassure me that because he is gay and because we are such good friends it doesn't mean anything and it's not a big deal. It would be like if I kissed one of them..etc. But for me it is a big deal. I've never kissed anyone else in the whole time i've been with my boyfriend. I feel like i've let myself down and him down. What do I do? Do I tell him about this? My friends say I shouldn't because Im causing him unnecessary hurt. I don't want to make excuses for myself or anything but I was having such a good time I completely lost my mind. That's NEVER happened to me. No matter how many guys have hit on me I've never entertained it. Am I over thinking this? Am I being too hard on myself? What would you do? Should I tell him or leave it be? I know he'd be very weird about it. Please help.

It's pretty simple; put yourself in his shoes, would you want him to tell you? I think the answer is yes; you really messed up and if your not honest with him your changing your relationship from something based on love and trust to secrets and lies.
If he takes it well I suggest you get rid of your bad habit, it will only cause problems for your relationship.


Okay so basically i want to try hookah, I'm of legal age and everything but I 'm scared. A lot of the people i hang out with do it, but they have done it before. Some of them have also done marijuana so hookah isn't a big deal. I really want to try it though. My question is...if I do it once, am I going to get addicted? How addicted? If i do a couple puffs what will happen? Does it have an effect on you? Also, is it going to burn? And how do I avoid not coughing my lungs out when I try it? haha, thank you so much! and please don't try to convince me not to do it, thank guys!!

Hookah is the same as smoking moron
Take it from doctors; you'll be talking to them a lot when u get
One of the many forms of cancer smoking causes :).
Ps nobody wants to kiss a smoker, it's disgusting so you can say goodbye to that already


My name is Chris. I've loved this girl since last year from the very moment we kissed. Something about that kiss really made me attracted to her and want to pursue a relationship. I love her personality, we really get along well. We ended badly in the summer. She hurt me by ignoring me and as a defense I said some pretty hurtful things. We didnt talk all summer but we ended up in the same highschool class. At first we didnt talk but I would catch her staring at me and I determined she still had feelings for me, as I did for her. My bestfriend got us talking again and ever since, things have been even better than last year. I played my card out right with this girl because I felt i got a second chance at her heart, and i dont want to mess it up. We do not go out (yet). I dont want to get back with her yet, I want to wait. She sits next to me in class and he just cuddle or hold hands or she lets me stroke her stomach or thighs sometimes. We show each other HUGE amounts of affection but in a very subtle way. She is jealous because she found out a girl in my class also likes me, and she feels intimidated, in a way. But recently she has been flirting with another guy in front of me, calling him her boyfriend...she starts having an attitude when i touch her leg or even ask her a simple question. I realized that this new dude she seems to show interest to STARES at me. He does things, like kisses her cheek, and then looks directly at me as if TRYING to get me jealous, and as a scorpio, i am VERY jealous and this kind of stuff makes me go crazy. She knows she is driving me insane, I told her that I didn't mind if she spoke to a billion people (she's not mine and theres nothing I can do) but i just dont want it done AROUND me. We agreed on that but the next day she did it again. And she also seems to have a worse and worse attitude. I know she doesnt seem to great of a person, but she truely is and that is why I'm trying to find out how to handle this. I love this girl a lot. But i can't tell if she's trying to get me jealous or not. The guy she flirts with has a girlfriend. So I dont know exactly what the hells going on here...but I dont like it. When I started flirting with the girl that likes ME she over heard and told me she resents me. I smiled because I was hoping to get her jealous too, a taste of her own medicine, you know? She told me that "im literally crazy because she likes to flirt a lot" and i know she's the shy type. I felt like that was a rehearsed answer ..i feel like she planned all of this out. But how can I throw her off? If i seem unbothered, i feel like she'll just continue. When I do seem upset, she seems happy. Jealousy shows a person cares about you, but she's being immature by extending it for the past few days. She hasn't even texted me, I feel it's best to pay her no mind, but I'm obsessive. I'm going to WANT to talk to her so bad when I see her, we're complete. Should I flirt with other people to get her mad? Will that make it worse? Should I ignore her? Should I just be very serious with her and give her no reason? My goal is to make her regret what she's doing .

I'm just going to say it; there is no hope for your relationship. Both of you are way too immature to handle one, you'll just end up ruining it.... Again if you can't grow up! I guess it's normal for kids in high school to do that kind of crap but that's also why those kids have a new bf/gf every month.
So here it is; if you want things to work out with this girl you need to come out and say that you want to be with her and your TIRED of all these games you keep playing. If she says yes then act like adults and stop flirting with anyone, it's not cool, wont help your relationship and pretty pathetic.
If she says no then MOVE ON; if she's not willing to grow up there's no way it's going to work and your just going to end up wasting your time TRUST ME, I'm saying this out of experience.


I really like this 13 year old boy, I am a 11 year old girl but he likes me too(bf, gf way) he grabs my ass and wants to kiss, he also puts my hand on his dick. Should I make out with him? Only problem is other 13 year old boy likes me too and we all live on the same street and hang out alot. What do I do?Also please don't give me any of that choose who u like and follow ur heart junk!

If your not going to pick the one that you like then it obviously doesn't matter who you pick. It's not a surprise that "follow your heart" doesn't make any sense to you, your 11 years old after all and in my opinion we shouldn't even be having this conversation. You should be doing what you know how to which is being a kid and having fun (the clean type), not deciding on a boyfriend from a bunch of guys you have 0 real feelings for.
I don't have to know you personally to know you probably won't take any of what im saying into consideration so go on ahead and do what he says; he is the one that kissed you, grabbed your ass, and told you to touch him.
See he's 13; the age where guys just start doing this kind of stuff because it actually feels good, and that's the only reason why he "likes you as a girlfriend"


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