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on the 5th month of pregant and when you doing doggy style sex in hard way, could it lose baby by havin sex in doggy style postion? or any another postion that clould lose baby? (link)
How about you just not have sex?

hey my name is jessica. i need help looking pretty. i need some tips how to put nice clothes on. when i get my income taxes to go shopping for clothes. do you know any stares that can help me like jc peny and stuff like that. do u know stores in new york or pa that have clothes with skulls on them. thanks in advance and i will rate you help please (link)
My favorite kind of stores are marshalls, TJ Maxx, or, the slightly more ghetto, Ross. They have name brand and designer clothes for cheap. If you like skulls you could try maybe Hot Topic they have the punk emo type clothes. They also have way cool band tshirts. So ya thats where I shop. It all depends on how much money you got.

i can put songs on my ipod but when i try to put my music video on my ipod it says this item cant be found or this itm cant be copied to ur ipod.can someone tell me how to get my music video on my ipod nano (link)
Is your ipod a video nano? And did you buy your music video legally?

K im think i have a crush on this guy but he's in 8th grade and im in 7th grade. i think he's really cute. but i want him to notiest me idk how i dont wanna sound weird! (link)
How often do you see him? Just be chill about it and try to make casual conversation.

Please help me!
Ive been friends with this girl for about 2 years now and all she does is copy me! Im gettin so annoyed because everytime she copies something i do i always have to change just incase people will think im copying her or that we are trying to be twins or something! I really hate her now shes doin my head in, i want to smack her. I know you will probably say 'you should feel flattered' but i DONT! She takes everything away from me!!!
Ive told her i dont like it when she copies me but she still carrys on. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! thanx by the way im 13 and im female (link)
Amazing! I am in the exact same boat as you are! Dont ever tell your friend to stop cause then it would just be weird between you two forever after that. I would suggest just going about yor life and try not to tell her what your up to.

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