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I'm just your average 24 year old girl as far as looks can see. I know that I seem young, and let's be honest..I am. However, I've been through a lot of things in my life. Things at one point I thought would ruin my life...but guess what =) I'm still here. I've survived it all and now I want to help others do the same! And it wouldn't hurt for me to meet a few more people too!

If you are looking for someone to say everything that you want to hear, you are probably looking in the wrong direction. You come here to receive advice and I plan to do just that. I will be 100% straight up with you. If you aren't prepared to hear the answer, you might want to think twice about asking the question =)

Please take the time to rate everyone who answers your questions. We, as advisors, like to know if we've been of help to you.

If I can make a difference in atleast one persons life..I feel my time here as been well spent!

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I need names for head characters in the book i'm attempting to male and one female.

I want unique names, but nothing too out of this world. Any ideas? All will be considered =)

Thanks in advance!!

Girls: Riley, Paizley, Alyssa, Kathryn(the reason I like this name is that I like 'Kat' as a nickname), Addison, Kylen

Boys: Riley (could go both ways), Landon, Xander (short for Alexander, but I like just Xander), Jaden

Sorry I can't think of anymore but it's late and I need to jump in the shower lol. Hope I helped a little. Good luck on your book! Hopefully we'll see it on the best Sellers down the road.


15 - f

from the answers i have read from you

i have this big problem and i think you can help me big on this.. but i need to tlk to you thru myspace or like a phone...

its gonna be just for a while

if you dont mind?

i need someone to talk to and i dont really have those "qualitied" friends i can ask for advice.

especially that your 24 --- says that your matured and experienced...

so im asking for your help..

if you need to message me heres my email:

thanks :)

Please let me know if you still need help. I don't mind for a second! I hope all is well.


Over the summer, my half sister took me to a Christian Revival and she introduced me to a boy that goes to my school but hes 16. Hes not gorgeous but hes not hideous and he gives such good hugs! But at the revival he specifically told me that he considered himself to be a Prep. He dressed like it, too. We talked and spent the entire night together. It was great! I heard he liked me from my sister..ALOT
This year hes in my lunch block and I didnt recognize him until he said something. He was all goth er w/e with a fauxhawk, spiked wristbands and everything! I said it was weird so TODAY he dressed.. normal? He has a chasity ring but he doesnt want his friends to know. But his bestfriend actually has a trenchcoat and chains and fangs :/ and i sat with him at lunch one day and his friends talk about really inappropriate things when others are trying to EAT.
But today I felt really bad when the guy tried to hold my hand by comparing their sizes you know.. but I just sort of dismissed it and put my hands in my pockets then he asked for my number but I said I had to go...

And this was more of a VENT session than anything else. But Ive never kissed a guy and its sort of nice to feel so admired.. but I dont want to lead him on. Has anyone else been through something similar? I dont see him until Thursday. But I see his friends.. :/ :[

It sucks when you meet someone and then find out that they weren't themselves to begin with. It sounds like he is wayyy into what his friends think, so you are right to pull away. You are right, it is nice to be admired, appreciated, and looked at in "that way". But know that it will never feel truly 'good' because you know that you don't feel that way.

Let him know that you do not want to have a relationship with him, other than friends. (That is if this is really the way you feel). In the same since, don't let what people would think alter your decision either.

Be friends with the guy. Flirt, talk to, and even eat lunch with him, but you are right, you DON'T want to lead him on. Let him know where you stand as soon as possible!

Good luck hun. Take care and I hope everything works out in the best way for you.


I'm 17 and a female. Sorry it's long. :/

So there is this boy who is 16 and a junior who really likes me and I like him as well. The only problem is that we don't know each other that well and I told him I do not want to rush into things until we get to know each other. A couple of my friends who know we like each other think I should eventually date him. Some of my other friends said he's a player and could possibly have an std. But that's only what they've heard. And my friend who happens to be his cousin says that he's said things to me that he hasn't said about and other girl. He would usually say inappropriate sexual things to her friends. Asking if they would do something with him, or tell them their hot. To me he has told me I'm beautiful, nice, sweet, things like that. He would also pay for the movies which he never has offered any other girl and he said he really likes me and he wouldn't do what my ex did to me. (my ex happens to be his friend and my ex was basically a prude d-bag). I do like him. And I want to take things slow before we possibly date. I just don't know if I should date him because he has a past of having sex with girls just to do it. Sex is something I do not want to do anytime soon. So should I give him a chance or just stay friends?

You seem to really like him and he seems to really like you, so why not give it a shot. One thing you should do (although not always easy) is put everything out there. Let him know that you are not ready for a sexual relationship. That if you all start dating, you still want to move slowly. Tell him if that is not what he wants, no hard feelings. You all can still be friends but it won't work as any more. This way you are respecting what he wants as well as yourself.

I respect you for being very strong in your decision not to rush sex. I wish more people would think that way!!!

I wish you the best of luck girlie! Let me know how it goes.


i told my sister id try to get her tickets to hannah montana's next concert. what website do i go to to buy tickets?

Go to the following website:

Once there, below her picture you will see a button that says "Buy tickets". Click on that and it will take you to available concerts.

Also you can check out this link:

and there is a place to put your email and they will email you everytime new hannah montana tickets become available.

You can also check out the various 'generic' websites and type in her name:

But these websites sale out pretty quick so there maybe none available.

I hope I helped you out a little.


My ex bf of 5 months has some how ended buck in my head. We dated 5 months and now have been broken up for 5 months. Laty out of know where I keep thingking of him and I have had a few BF's after him but I cant get over him. I thought I was but then the other day I herd our song and I have been crying. Everyone says he feels the same but nethoer will talk to the other because I dont htink he does...IDK what to do because I thought I was over him but now he is all I can think about and it makes me cry

A song, of all things, often takes us back into past relationships. My first warning to you is that 9 out of 10 times, the past is in the past for a reason. Try to remember the reason you all broke up as opposed to all the great things about the relationship. If after all this, you still think about being with him, then maybe you should write him or talk to him about it.

I know that it's not easy, especially when you don't know that he feels the same, but you need to find a way to either move on with him or with out him. Worse case scenario he doesn't feel the same and you then have closure. It's easier to get over someone when you KNOW it's over. Best case scenario, he does feel the same and you all can work through your problems.

The best way of course is to talk in person. But I've always found it easier to write. This way, you aren't rushing him to get back with you, but you are letting him know how you feel. Also it's a lot easier to give him a letter than to have to look him in the eye through the conversation. I hope, no I know, that everything will work out for you. Sometimes life takes us places we didn't expect or didn't want, but ultimately it will all work out the way it's supposed to. Good luck hun!


Well, here's my problem. Last year, in 7th grade, my best friend really liked this guy she was friends with. I was so happy for her, because she never likes anyone, and she was always talking about how much she liked him and that he was so cute and whatnot. But THIS year, now the three of us are all really good friends and we hang out a lot. We've only been in school for 2 and a half weeks, and this guy has been growing really attached to me. I keep trying to pull the too closer together, I'm usually good at that, but I'm not sure it's working. So one time while I was walking down the hall with her, I said, "Listen, I'm really sorry, I'm trying to bring you two together, but he's not cooperating." and she said, "That's OK, I don't really mind, and, besides, I think he likes you." And I started to go, "Oh my God. I'm sorry, but EW!" I've talked to her more about it, and she says it doesn't bother her and she doesn't think she likes him anymore. But it makes me feel really, REALLY weird, because it feels like I'm... like, stealing him or something! And the more I think about, it DOES really seem like he likes me. But I just feel so bad. So, can anyone help me out? I do like him, but in a friend sort of way.

First off, I can tell you are a great friend for feeling THIS bad over something you have NO control over. I had a 'so-called friend' of mine hook up with my current boyfriend, so believe me, I respect you for that.

However, you shouldn't feel bad about that! As I said before, you have no control over the way he feels about you or her. The best thing now is to not try and push him any either direction. If he expresses that he likes you, tell him what you told us...You just care for him as a friend. If this conversation ever comes up, leave it at that. Don't bring up that your friend likes him because you don't want him to think that is the only reason. That may then put drama between all three of you.

If he's never come out and said that he likes you, maybe you can talk (in normal conversation) about a guy that you like. You know, kinda drop the hint that it's not him.

Bottom line've done nothing wrong. You are a great friend and both are lucky to have you.

I wish you the best of luck hun! Let me know how things go.


thanks mucho! i am very very thankful for your wonderful advice about the guy . (im the girl who typed about the guy i liked in spanish class)

you know what you made really good points and i actually think that im gonna be the one who'll start it all.

oh and btw, i cant ask him for a pencil because he sits way across from me (but were like face to face, you know?)

today, i was talking to a friend at church . we both go to the same school and we ended up talkin bout guys and i suddenly mentioned that i was crushing on this guy. (the same guy) i had to describe him cause she might kno him. but i never said the name. then she said "is the name *****?" i was like "omg yes!"

so yeah. she knows him and told me a little about him. she told me that he supposedly used to like her (but i dont believe everything i hear). and that he's "immature" i was like "really? why??" (again i dont believe everything i hear) "because he asks me a lot of retarded questions.. like he wants to know every detail... liek about me.." so i was like hmmmm.. im not gonna put that in my mind cuz i'm gonna find out myself. but i was thinking:

1 if he's shy, why would he act like that to my friend? like "immature" and asks a lot of "retarded" questions? maybe he's just different around other people huh. agree/disagree.. comment?

One possibility is that he is different around different people, the other could simply be that you and your friend have different ideas of "immature". Something she may find immature, you may see as being cute. =P

There is good news that comes from this conversation with her. You both know the same person! So what do we have here...common grounds! Use that to your advantage or to start conversation.


I'll tell you one thing that helped with a guy I had a crush on in highschool. This is going to sound a little messed up, but you'd be suprised how well it works:

Pick a girl in a class (anybody). This girl has become your "pawn". Let's pretend her name is Jamie. When you get the chance to talk to him, just casually say "I heard you were dating Jamie". You both know this isn't true and he's going to want to defend himself by saying so. Then this can lead to a comment about common rumors, things people say, etc. Next thing you know you are both laughing about this rumor that's going around (even though it never was). LOL I told you it sounds a bit insane, but it helped me out! =) Not to mention, if you "get the guy", it makes for a great story later on haha.

Good luck girlie! I say jump in there and talk to him. Worse case scenario, you met a new friend. You don't want to see him walking hand in hand with another girl regretting that you NEVER said anything to him.

I hope all is well and promise to keep me updated! I've been in a long term relationship for about 4 years now..I kinda miss the chase! I can live it through you haha.


when is saying "cannot" or "can not" right?

Ok let me try to explain this (although it is very confusing to put in writing).

Basically if you are talking about something that you could OR could not do, then you use to words.

ie. I can reply to your question. OR
I can not reply to your question.

Because you can leave out the second word 'not' then you would use two words.

If you are talking about something that you could not do no matter how hard you try, then you would use one word.

ie. I cannot ever know what everyone is thinking.
I 'can' know what everyone is thinking would be a false sentence. There for dropping the word 'not' makes it irrelevant.

**OK told you it was dificult to put into writing. I'm going to give you a link to a website that better explains it**

Hope I helped!



So school started on Wednesday Sept. 3
And in my 6th period i found this guy -- the first time i saw him, i knew i wasnt gonna keep my eyes off of him. i swear he's my first CRUSH in high school..

The second day-- i was so excited to see him again, he is cute, has nice style, cute voice, i can tell he's a little shy cause when the teacher would call on him its like he wants to hide in his little shell. (HOW CUTTEEE) even though i dont know him, theres something about him that gets me attracted to him... i actually think he caught me staring at him!! haha first question, 1 IF HE CAUGHT ME STARING AT HIM, DOESNT THAT MEAN HE WAS LOOKING AT ME TOO?

The third day (which was yesterday) --
I wasnt really focused on him, but i did look and glance at him every 5 minutes or so . To tell da truth, I'm really intimidated .. well because, i dont know how to act! yea yea "BE YOURSELF!" but you know that feeling when you "like" someone and your shy and dont know what to do or HOW TO ACT round him? Yeaaaa, thats what i mean.

So 6th period ended and I WATCHED HIM WALK OUT THE DOOR. I wanted to see where he was going. I was trying no to seem obvious that i was stalking him (haha) but i did follow him. I pretended i was talking on the phone too . and then he stopped walking so, i KINDA stopped walking and pretended i was waiting for somebody.. but then i just went on and walked to my locker to get my book. i met up with my bestfriend in the locker and while we were walking, i was like "Duuuudeee, he's SOOO CUTE!!" and she was like "haha youve got to show me him someday" and as we were walking outside the hallway.... THERE HE WAS!!! he was talking to this dude.. umm probably 20 feet away from me and my bestfriend. i was like "OMG there he is!" but he was turned around so we couldnt see his face so we pretended we were gonna get something in the student store (he was near the student store) and turned around and tried to see his face..

Then i asked my friend if we could just stalk him for a while.. so we were following around faking that we were gonna get something here and there and then all of a sudden i saw him walking with this chinese girl (no not his type, a lil chubby..) and they were talking .. i was telling my friend "omg go away girl go away girl!!!" and we kept on laughing and then the girl who was about 15 feet in front us TURNED AROUND AND SAID "Hey! He wants to meet you guys! He's just shy!!" at that moment my heart just stopped beating.. i swear i was like ohhh myy gooodd.. its like that moment and i couldnt stop smiling!! my friend and i didnt know what to do, cause i dont wanna be the one who comes up to the guy you know? im a girl!
So he ran to the stairs cuz i guess he WAS shy & of course, a little embarrased!! ----

Second question:
Do you think the chinese girl was serious, and when they were conversating, they were talking about me and my friend? Or was she just talking to him, got pissed off at something he said and decided to embarrass him by saying "Hey!! he wants..." by saying that?

Third question:
If the chinese girl was serious, Do you think he wants to meet ME? since i have him in one of my classes, and he doesnt know my friend, isnt it most likely that he wants to "meet me"? or is it ... me and my friend? i dont know why.. maybe he think.. were pretty? idk. OOORRRRR do you think he just wants to meet MY FRIEND?!? (THAT WOULD GET ME MAD.) But heres the one that i want!! -->
Do you think he wants to meet ME? since i have him in one of my classes, he obviously at least KNOWS ME ; doesnt know my friend, most likely he wants to meet me riiighhtt.

Goshh.. from this tory. whats da deal? what should i do on monday when i see him again? i dont wanna be the one who acts like THE GUY -- i mean COME UP TO HIM, ASK HIM QUESTIONS, SMILE AT HIM, you know-- all those things guys do to get at girls. i dont wanna say i want to be "hard-to-get" but i really dont wanna be the first one to start everything with this guy. but I HAAVE THIS HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE CRUSH ON HIM. i cannnnooot stop thinking about him. this morning i woke up, and thought about him in my bed for about an hour. i couldnt stop rewinding what happened yesterday after school i am currently looking for his myspace right now and CANNOT FIND IT. im not despearate... i just wanna get to know this guy cause obviously.. yeah.. i guess i LIKE HIM.

so im asking you all three CONFUSION QUESTIONS AND PLEASE.. answer the best way you can. it would really help me a lot..

please add some advice, example: what you think this guy thinks of me, what should i do on monday, how should i act, should i smile at him, talk to him after school, etc.

add everything you can!! im suuuuper confuused.. i cannot stop thinking bout this situation.

Thanks a lot.

p.s. he's the first guy i liked in 2 years. yes-- the last guy i had this big crush on was in 7th grade.

First I'll answer your specific questions and then I'll try to add advice that I can.

1. Not necessarily. I mean it definitely means that he looked at you, but not necessarily that he was "looking". I know when someone is staring at me, I can almost feel it. So I'll glance back to see who it is and what they may want.

2. I think that it is very possible that the girl was serious. I doubt that she was saying or doing that to make him mad. My guess is that they were talking and you all passed and the conversation turned to the two of you. There is no true way of knowing without asking him or the girl that was talking to him.

3. I'm not sure who he really wants to meet. I'm with you. I would have to say that since you are in class with him (and if he caught you staring) he wants to know more about you. For what reasons however, I couldn't say.

Now for the advice. I used to think like you do. I never wanted to be the first to 'conversate' with the guy. However..through the years I've learned that if you let that opportunity pass, you may never get it again. You have a big crush on him, right? Then talk to him. You don't have to ask him out, but just small talk. Hell if you have to, start with "Can I borrow a pencil". Atleast then you've let him know that you noticed him. Of ALL the people in the class, you asked HIM. If you truly don't want to talk to him, then make it a point to talk to the girl who said he was interested. Atleast then you can find out what of it was true or not.

Bottom line though..he's shy. Odds are, no matter how much he wants to, he's not going to make the first move. You have to decide which is more important to you: having him make the first move or being proactive and taking it upon yourself.

I hope that I helped atleast a little. Let me know how things go and if you "get the guy" =)

Good luck!


i really like my new boyfriend but when i asked my friend to hang out with us he was really mean to them. he's nice to my pther friends so i don't know why he wasn't nice to these friends. they've been my friends for a long time, but my boyfriend makes me very happy. they both told me they hate each other. i think sooner or later they're gonna make me pick sides. so who's more important? my friends or my boyfriend?

As said before, you are the only one that can decide that. If you are asking how I would handle it then:

First remember that your friends have been there for you for a looong time. Your boyfriend makes you happy. Here's how I feel. Your friends and boyfriend don't have to like eachother, but if they both love you, then they should learn to co-exist. If I love someone, I'm not EVER going to make them choose between myself and someone else whom they love and who makes them happy. Be honest with them. Tell them that you know you can't force them all to be friends, but that you are NOT going to choose. It's their choice now. If they truly love you and respect you then they will be by your side no matter what. Pick your words carefully girlie. I know that this isn't an easy situation! Good luck hun!


So im really shy, its hard for me to start a conversation with boys or girls. Ive tried but i feel like im gonna humiliate myself. And i think my life at home can be pretty boring. MY ex-boyfriend who broke up with me last year always triess to start a conversation with me just says hi and then i say hi he waits for a couple of seconds and he leaves!!!HOw can i become less shy!!?!?!

The first thing that you want to remember when talking to a person is to admit that you are shy. Sometimes just knowing that it's out there makes you less self confident about it.

I used to be extremely shy, and now I'm one of the most outgoing person you'll meet. You need to start by thinking of the things you enjoy. Do you like a certain band? If so go to a concert. If you like arcade games, go play your favorite game. By doing the things you enjoy to do, you put yourself in a setting where there are other people with these same likes. Then what do you have...common grounds (a great place to start a conversation).

Another thing that helped me was complimenting people, but not just any people, strangers. "I love that shirt" "where did you get your hair cut" etc. YOu make people feel good about themselves and you help yourself by learning to approach people you don't know.

You can also go to google and type "SHYNESS TIPS". This will show you some very rewarding websites.

I hope that I helped atleast a little. Let me know how things go!


Okay so im doing Dairy Queen for summer reading and were doing move trailors and I need music to go with the book. Well its based in like the country so it should probably be something coutry and I already have two song possibiltys.
-Shes in love with the boy by Trisha Yearwood.
-Shes a hottie by Toby Keith.

I want something up beat and as little as words as possible. I dont know many country songs so if you could help that would be amazingg

As far as songs with not many words..well that isn't easy in country country folk like to talk. I don't know the entire book, but I know the basic plot. Here are a couple to try

First off, the two songs you picked are great tunes!

**I Still Believe - Hayden Panettiere
**You Set Me Free - Michelle Branch
**Put a Girl In It - Brooks and Dunn
**Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood
**The Story - Brandi Carlile (starts out really slow but the beat picks up. It tells a story)

Here are a few to look into. If you tell me a little about the story and the ending, then I can try and come up with songs more like it.

Hope I helped a little.


ok, never mind that last question, im pritty sure im ready to do this, as you may tell, this is my first girlfriend, so im finding it EXTREMELY hard to do. but i tried typin out what i was thinking, and i thought i would run it by you to see if i did anything that i souldnt have said, because you seem to no what your talkin about so here it is

alright, this is really hard, i mean i always new it would be, but i mean, this is really hard. and i really dont no how to do this. but you remember back on how we agreed on that we would have to stop dating sooner or later, i mean, if we dated forever, you would sorta be in the same spot as your sister, but your nothing like your sister, your way better, im jus saying you wouldnt have very much experience with dating and nowing what people you like if you jus stayed with me until highschool. you get what i mean? and i mean, ive not got alot goin for me, i mean, you could kill me if you wanted, so im really tring not to hurt you. but for the past week or so, ive just kindof stoped likeing you as much as i used to and my mom said that i should never go out with someone that i didnt love, and thats sorta the reason ive not been wanting to talk, i was trying to figure out what to do, and after talking to my mom, she says that i sould stop dating you, BUT i would freaking love it if we could be friends, like good friends, just not dating friends, and i no that your not ready for this, but i am, and weve had AMAZING times together, it may be nice, to just get to be single for awhile. but you are very beautiful and and have and AMAZING personality and im sure that youll end up having more boyfriends than i will girlfriends cuz of that. so please dont hate my guts for this, but i just think that its right, and it has nothing at all to do with you that i dont wanna go out any more, and youu have no idea how hard its gunna be for me to hit that send button...

You did really good! I think that you are telling her everything that you need to tell her. Keep in mind though that some girls look at it as a slap in the face when you break up with them in a letter. They feel that the entire relationship has ended and you can't even tell them in person. I do like that you mentioned you want to be friends. I definitely feel this is the best option for you both! I wish you the best of luck, and yes, you did very good!!!


hey, well im in 8th grade and i started dating this girl in 7th grade and weve been goin out for about 6 months. shes an awesome girl...but shes bigger than me, stronger than me, and can end my ENTIRE reputation of a nice guy. all of her friends are my friends and they are awesome too. but lately ive been feeling that i dont like her as much as i used to...and ive started likeing this other girl. but i dont wanna cheat on my current girl friend. theres nothing rong with my current girlfriend, but i jus dont wanna go out with her any more. we had a conversation awhile ago about how we wont be able to go out forever, but i think shes not ready to break up. but i am. and i would hate to make her mad...also she can ruin me at school. so my question is how to i break up with her without making her outraged and make her go off tellin things about me. any info would be awesome, im jus in a hard spot. thanks

Wow, sounds like you are in a really tough spot! First, you are right, it wouldn't serve any purpose to cheat on your current girlfriend, but at the same time it isn't good to stay with her if you aren't happy. Be straight up with her. Let her know that because you care about her, you wanted to be honest in saying that you don't think you have the same feelings for her that you did before. First, you have to understand that you aren't just helping yourself by ending this relationship, but that you are helping her too. Once you understand that, it will be easier to explain it to her. Whatever you do, don't lie, and don't give her some stupid line like "I don't deserve you, you deserve better, or it's not you it's me". Girls DON'T fall for these anymore! Tell her that you care about her, but only as a friend. Let her know that it would be unfair to you both to continue this relationship when there is not true chance for ultimate happiness.
Last but not least, don't worry about your reputation. Those who care about the way others few you shouldn't matter, and your true friends shouldn't care. I know that in 8th grade it seems that reputation is everything, but ultimately, you build that rep, noone else can. I wish you the best of luck and hope I helped you out a little bit. Let me know how things go and if you ever need to talk.


do you like da brand "covergirl" for makeup?

I never wore makeup that often because I didn't want to look "fake", and most makeup would dry my skin out. I now wear a little, but I only wear covergirl. I like it because it seems covergirl is all about bringing out your natural beauty as opposed to making you look like someone else. It goes on smooth, it doesn't dry my skin, and I LOVE their mascara!!!! So yes, my vote is with covergirl.


17/f. My best friends know a guy (James) who is really cool, a nice guy, and a lot like me. They keep telling me that we will probably end up getting married or something (despite the fact that I have NEVER met him in my entire life... haha). Apparently the other day, James mentioned to one of my guy friends that he hadn't dated anyone in a while... and my friend flat out suggested me. Because of that, my friends arranged a get-together for like six of us on Friday- making dinner at someone's house. The sole purpose of this dinner is for James and I to meet and hit it off... seriously, that is the only reason this is taking place. My friends don't really beat around the bush much... James definitely knows that we are basically being set up (because we're both single and our mutual friends want to see us date each other). I'm definitely not opposed to a date or two in the future, but right now I just want to get to know James. I'm hoping that it will be a funny situation, but I'm worried that it will be really awkward. Like, "Hi, how are you? So, we're being set up." I really would like to become friends with James, and I want it to be fun... how do I break the ice? If you were in this situation, what would you do? Any help is appreciated!

Well first off, get those thoughts out of your head. If you think it is going to be awkward going in, then it will be. Just take a deep breath for a minute and be optimistic.

When you walk in, ask your friends "What's the occasion" and then kinda look at him and laugh. Just so he knows that YOU aren't awkward, but that you are joking about it. The less awkward you are, the easier it will be for you both. I'm sure you will both get a good laugh out of this one.

Promise you girl, this is going to be fine. It's good that you want to get to know him first and odds are, he feels the same way. Look on the bright are starting out with common grounds: you are both being set up, you are both single, and you both share the same friends.

Good luck babe!! Hope I helped a little


how were children viewed in the 19th century. you might consider things such as discipline, workm play, dress, education, love. etc.

Many kids in the 19th century started working between the ages of 8 and 10. Their parents didn't let them play because this was not important to them. When the children weren't working they did chores around the house, many could even cook at the age of 10. Education, as said above, was not as important as making a living (no matter how young). When we talk about love, I think that kids then may have had a much greater respect for the small things; eating dinner with their family, cleaning house with their mother, food on the table, etc. Not like kids today who take that all for granted. They wore dresses, most with matching bonnets. I hope that I helped out a little.


I am an avid coffee drinker. On a normal day I drink one to three cups of coffee at any time of the day and it never affects me. It doesn't give me energy, keep me awake or anything like that. The last time I had Monster energy drink I was sick after literally two sips. I got a terrible headache and ended up spending the rest of the night feeling miserable in my bed. I've only had half a Red Bull, at the most, and it has never done that to me, nor has it given me energy.

It's been about a year or so since my Monster experience and I want to give it a try and see if it will wake me up in the morning. Do you think it will actually give me energy or will it just make me sick?

I got to a point where I was drinking monsters like it was water. Did they give me energy, yes, but after an hour or two, I crashed and burned quickly! If you do choose to drink them, they have a new kind called Java. It consists of about 6 different flavors of coffee (irish blend, original, Loca Moca, etc). Try one of those instead of the regular monster. They are just as apt to give you energy and it will be a more familiar taste to you. I believe the cans are different shades of brown and they are sold pretty much as regularly as the Monster and LoCarb. I hope this helped out a little.


When I was younger (like 5) I had to wear an eye patch over one of my eyes. I don't think it was because I had a lazy eye, but because the skin under my other eye drooped a bit. Well I can still tell that the skin under one of my eyes droopes a little and I was wondering if there was anything I could do. I don't want to wear an eye patch in public haha but I really want to fix it :/ Should I ask my doctor & has anyone had this issue before? Btw no it's not because I don't get enough sleep. I know the difference between having sleepless eyes and what mine look like. I'm 16/f. Thanks (:

I had to wear a patch when I was younger also. Mine, however, was because I was legally blind. I think the best bet for you is to talk to your doctor. Tell him your concerns and ask what you can do to fix them. We can all tell you countless things that "may" help, but he'll be able to tell you for sure. I know that this doesn't really help you, but if I don't know the answer I'd rather not just act like I do. Your doctor will be able to give you sound, professional advice. Good luck hun! I may not know exactly what you are going through, but I know the embarrassment that patch can bring. The sooner you go to the doctor the better, this way you can get it taken care of before it happens to get worse. Good luck and let me know how it works out.


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