No clue.... Haha don't worry about it though, situation doesn't even apply :) lol

I checked my feed back, you did :). Glad you didn't let that stuff get to you


Haha uh yeah that question? That was from forever ago?

You did get my answer though right?


okay a few months ago i wrote on here cuz the love of my life left and i was devasted.okay i moved on(i just think nout hom 24/7) and i had a two month realtionship with a guy who payed no attiotion to me but the other females i dumped him he came running back i take him and he does the same thing.so i broke up with him again okay 2 days later i get together with the love of my lifes(roger) old bestfriend(till he moved)okay the day we get together he tells my that roger is comin back tommrow so i called roger and its true the next day at school i see him and i get real weak and my legs are shaking and my heart is racing and he comes and gives me a hug.the next day i tell him im going out with(alex)he is ok with it but i realy love roger but he just doesnt treat me right and alex does!! and tonight there hanging out roger trying to make alex be bad cause he isnt and idk what to do i LOVE roger soo much but i dont want to end things with alex.and i already told roger i dont want to become to close to him cause of alex but i have 4 classes with him and he is just sooo cute!!! rember he is the love of my life and i love him so muchh!!! thxx

Roger isn't the love of your life and you don't even know what love is, sorry. I don't have to know how old u are to tell you that your in junior high or in your first years of high school. The feelings that you have around roger the heart beating fast and getting nervous is because you think he's cute, that's it.
So my advice is to dump Alex and tell him that your way too immature and naive to be in a relationship and all your going to do is end up hurting him or... Grow up and see that you have a nice guy that treats you right and cares about you and not fuck things up.
You don't have to believe me but I do know what I'm talking about if you think other wise talk to someone older then you who is in a loving relationship and ask them what u should do


okay. sooo i read your advice to this one girl and i really liked it and i\'m about to tell you the entire story of my relationship (7 months) (things i\'m too scared to tell my friends) and i just wanna see what you say.

alright. i am a fourteen year old girl (freshman) and the guy is a sixteen year old boy (sophomore). it all started about ten months ago when i met him. we\'ll call him jack. (not his real name) and i saw him playing baseball last summer and i thought he was cute. when school started we talked because of a mutual friend. one football game he looked at me and smiled and after the football game we went to bdubs and just talked. after another football game (i\'m a cheerleader) he talked to me and asked for my number. we texted and talked and hung out in groups for about three months and then he asked me out.

I was really really really happy. then one night about a month in he told me about a certain time with his ex girlfriend, and how he had fingered her. i was kinda upset by this but i don\'t really think i had a right to be. it\'s just before we started dating i had never kissed or done anything with a boy and i didn\'t want him to expect anything like that from me. he told me he didn\'t and that he valued our relathionship more than the physical stuff. and i believed him. thing is, i let him finger me. i wouldn\'t say he pressured me into it at all. he would try to slip his hand down there every once in a while and i would stop him, until one night i wanted him to do it and he did. things were fine. about anothere two months later, i gave him a handjob. he kind of asked for that... then we didn\'t go a lot farther for awhile but our relationship started to get really rocky. he would be a complete ass to me sometimes and it felt like all i ever did was annoy him or embarrass him and it sucked. when i went out of town he went out to lunch with this girl kacy. nothing happened, but i was still mad cuz he didn\'t wanna tell me about it. she was the one that asked him and there was anohter guy there but jack and kacy used to like eachother and she\'s constantly flirting with him. jack and i would just fight all the time and it sucked. we almost broke up but he said he was gonna try harder and he did. and things were slowly starting to get better. just four days before he broke up with me (he brok up with me on tuesday) he told me he felt so much happier and that he could tell things were better.

But i\'m skipping a part... a week before we broke up i gave him a blowjob. i didn\'t really wanna do it but i felt almost kind of guilted into it. let\'s just say i\'m really bad at handjobs and i stopped giving them. well he kept fingering me and he could make it feel sooo good. he told me we had been dating for six months and that i should be comfortable enough with him to give him a blowjob. that he felt like the physical part of our relationship was completely one sided. And that made sense to me so i did it... i trusted him when i did it and i wanted to make him happy and he broke up with me in a text message a week later. i don\'t even get why he did it when four days prior he told me how much happier he was...

well its been a few days since we broke up. and i found out that after we broke up on tuesday he alrady started talking to this new girl on thursday. that just hurt really bad... i thought i wanted him back but i don\'t think i do anymore. i just gave so much of myself to this guy and i\'m so hurt right noww because it seems like those seven months didn\'t mean anything to him at all.

i just don\'t know what to do... and i would really appreciate any advice you can give me. thing is i can\'t talk about this stuff with my friends because i\'m too ashamed to tell them that we did all that physical stuff... so please don\'t involve the advice doing that. i really don\'t want to.

I didn't read the whole thing over again because I know I've already answered this question; if there was something new in it (u had another question about my advice) send me another question or a message to my email or something


I am 13 years old and I went to a boy who was 14 years oles house and I asked where the bathroom was and he pointed and sayer down the hall then I was pooping and he came in and sat on my lap then he wiped my ass off and put my thongs back on me then he sayed the way he was sitting was GOOD and we should do it longer HELP

He has problems. I don't know how you feel about this guy but if he's still worth hanging out with then you better tell him that it made you extremely uncomfortable and NEVER to do it again. Lucky for the both of us it's really that simple


Does anybody know any songs by a FEMALE singer about being in love but people keep doubting that love? Like they keep insisting it won't last but the female singer says it will?

Please only list any songs recorded between 2000 and 2011.

I like pop, pop-punk, rock, electro-pop, and SOME country. Like Taylor Swift, Cady Groves, Carrie Underwood, or The Band Perry.



Rachael Yamagata- be be your love


Hey so I'm a sixteen year old girl in high school, junior year. I've been dating this guy for 18 months and he just turned eighteen, a senior. Something I've always kind of noticed about him are his very protective tendencies. When we first started dating it wasn't so bad, he was about as protective of me as he was his little sister so I knew it was out of concern and coming from a caring place. As we've continued dating, he's started to verge on the over protective side, and this I don't like. He get's so angry when guys make crude and dirty comments about me to him. Like, obviously joking comments. He plays football and all of the guys give eachother crap about everyone's girlfriend. It doesn't bother me, but it bothers him. And just last weekend he almost tried to fight some kid at a party who was being, I'll admit, out of line with me. The kid was grabbing and pulling me and wouldn't listen to me when I told him to stop and wouldn't let go. I appreciated when my boyfrined came over and told the guy to let go, but I didn't appreciate how he continued to threaten the other guy and how he completely escalated the situation. When my boyfriend does those kind of things I feel like he isn't even concerned abotu me at that point. I feel that it hasn't become about protecting me its become about HIM protection HIS "property". You know what I mean? Like he's doing it for himself and that just bothers me. Not only is it embarassing for me but its a little frightening too. We've had talks about it before but he I don't think he understands what I mean. Does anyone know what I'm trying to say here and how I should say it to him?? If so, please help!!

(Oh, by the way, on a side note. He constantly defends his over protective attitude by saying I'm too small to protect myself properly, which also extremely annoying. I know I'm physically little but that still bothers me that he doesn't think I can take care of myself. Any advice on how to handle that too? PLEASE don't tell me to break up with the kid. We've worked through so many bigger issues together, I'm not ending our relationship over this.)

Hmmm you say that you've already talked to him about this and that he doesn't understand you... well to tell you the truth you dont understand him. Theres two types of guys:
Guys who respect girls, and guys that don't

Unless he has no problem making dirty comments and putting his hands on girls that hes not with then hes one of the few that actually respect girls

He see's it this way; if a guy is going to disrespect my girlfriend ill teach him otherwise and for guys like us its completely understandable and right. YOU shouldn't have to deal with a boy putting his hands all over you or making you feel uncomfortable by the things he says; its childish, stupid, and to tell you the truth makes you look bad. Unless your one of the few girls that overflow confidence and can make a guy back off your boyfriend will defend you.

Let me put it this way.... You go to a party and a group of girls are all over your bf; telling him dirty stuff and touching him. You see that hes uncomfortable but cant do much to stop it. Your really telling me your not going to do anything about it? I dont think so.

The comment about you being to small to defend yourself, well i can see how you feel bothered by it but you shouldnt. Bad things happen to girls all the time (that im sure said the same thing); you think your bf wants to chance that with you?

Ive been through this with my ex but she liked that i stuck up for her, but the two of you are very different. Shes been through stuff no girl should have to deal with; and if she always had boyfriends like me and him she wouldnt have had to deal with it.

Im not saying that your wrong to feel the way you do; im saying your a girl and hes a guy. Theres things you probably will never understand about eachother. At the end of the day you have a good respectful guy and you should try to understand where hes coming from.


I had and sexual experience with a women and like
making her orgasum but I.m very much attractive to men. when I see another women having sex with another women I get really turned on. I went down on a women but she never went down on me. should I experience this?

Well from what you said i think you already experienced it and very much enjoyed it. If your asking if there's anything wrong with it the answer is no.

There are bisexuals who can love and be in a relationship with both men and women and then theres some who simply do it for pleasure. I think that is the real question you have

I think either way its not a bad thing or something that you should try to hide.


21 female

Last night me and my boyfriend started making out, which lead to us both being really horny. I took my shirt off and he started rubbing my boobs and licking my nipples. Then he pulled down his pants and I started touching his penis.

The thing is I've never given a hand or blow job before! So when i tried giving him a little hand job, it basically turned out horrible. My hands were clammy/sticky so my hand wasn't sliding right and it just seemed awful. Then I started feeling something come out of his penis and I thought it was cum, and it went on my leg. I freaked out a little bit because I made it clear I didn't want him to do that on me but then he said noooo it's not that I wouldn't do that to you. So I don't know what it was like pre-cum or what? So I basically made a fool out of myself and stopped.

I am terrified to try this next time. I want to do it so bad but I feel like i failed miserably. Should I use some type of lotion or at least Vaseline to make my hand move more smoothly? How cam I make next time better, I have no idea what I'm doing! :\ A little embarrassing.

Im sorry about that but don't worry next time will be much better. Yes your going in the right direction with using lotion or vaseline, but instead of that you should just use lube. Before the next time your gunna do this again just swing by walmart and get normal ky jelly lube, it works fine and will make it alot easier to give him a hand job.

Other than that i would suggest you watch some porn videos with handjobs seeing as it would be kinda impossible how to tell you how to give a good one and even then it wouldnt help too much. Its funny but true that its like anything else you wont know what your doing the first time and just get better at it.

. DONT try and grab it from almost the tip and go all the way down (unless hes like 4 inches it will hurt ALOT) and vice verca (no grabbing from the bottom)
. If your going to grab on tightish stay in the same area For example if your at the top before his head stay there, if your in the middle stay there, if your at the bottom stay there.

I recommended the lube because you dont have to worry about hurting him, youd be able to go all the way up and all the way down

Ummm i guess the last thing that most girls dont know is which parts are most sensitive (in a good way)
. when hes hard on the underside throughout his penis youll feel soemthign like a thick vein but its not.
. and second would be the underside of his head, if you make sure to hit this spot will you go up and down youll probably make him cum after a couple minutes

You said you dont want cum on you but there is nothing wrong with it, ha it doesnt stain you or anything, so dont worry too much about that


Im 15/F i never understand when people say he didn't finish in me or he used the pull out method. what does that mean!? like im guessing it when you guys fu*k and then he stops but i don't get it?

It means that before hes going to cum he'll pull out so he doesn't get any inside. At your age i heard about it all the time and even then i knew it was one of the stupidest things ive ever heard. Im 19 years old and i definitely know more about this stuff then anyone your age so DONT USE THIS METHOD. If you look it up the most trustworthy site that somewhat recommend it is planned parenthood and when i saw that i was shocked. There are so many other more safe methods to use; for example:
ocp's or birth control pills
the diaphragm
spermicidal products such as vaginal contraceptive film also know as vcf

The types you can pick up from walmart or heb would be:
spermicidal products (i recommend vcf for pleasure, and only should use this if your in a trusting relationship)

I wont get into being safe from stds that'll take too long and you can always look that up


long story short, i have a fuck buddy yea yea i no, neways we tried to fuck 3 times and he wont fit, im really small and he is not that big at all and is my first wen we get it in, wat do you think i should do, we can get it in just we have an inch to go, but it hurts so bad, wat should i do and i want it to work because i lik how me and his situation is goin, long story. and i dont want it to get messed up because im so small, so plzz help!!!

Hmm mostly likely its not that your too small its that he doesnt make you wet enough. So to fix this do some foreplay and tell him what you like, tell him what gets you going. And if you dont exactly know what you like (your inexperienced) then try new things. Alot of girls like being dominated so maybe you should try that, tell him to be rough with you. If all else fails just do oral before you have sex... if that doesnt get you wet then im sorry but hes probably not all that great. And i guess the last thing to do would be use lube. Go to walmart or heb or wherever and start off with the normal kind; then see if you like warming or tinkling. Basically try new things
If u have any other questions ill try to get back to you soon


Ok so i started my period about a year and a half ago adn i haven't had it in the last TWO months!! Of course i'm young so i haven't had any sexual activity... Should i be concerned and go and get it checked out?? Or is this normal for just starting your period??

As long as your not sexually active then you have nothing to worry about. Like the person before me said it can be stress related but at your age it probably isn't. Teens have unusual cycles because they're bodies are going through all these changes and our consistent i guess would be the best way to put it, don't worry


I've never been on this web site before. Anyway. I am 13 and my boyfriend is 13. His brother is tremendously rood.The first time I met him he says hi sexy do you want to be my girlfriend of course I say no.His brother comes(my boyfriend) I tell him what he said to me.my boyfriend was so mad.One day I go to my boyfriend's house and his brother answers the door and I walk in he just starts grabbing my butt and saying I should go out with him. I don't like my boyfriend's brother at all. How should I tell him to leave me alone.

I find it really hard to believe that you told your boyfriend that his brother touched your ass and he didn't kick his. So you should tell him that he does that and how it makes you feel (uncomfortable). Its definitely something you shouldn't have to deal with so you have all the right to tell your boyfriend that your not going to his house unless his brother can stop acting immature and pathetic. That should take care of things, o and one more thing; if a guy touches you inappropriately you can kick him in a "specific" area. This is the second question ive answered today on a similar situation and im going to tell you the same thing.
Stick up for yourself!!!! If you let a guy that you dont want touch you it tells them that your either weak or a slut, and that is exactly why they keep doing it. So show him your not either with a kick to his... well hopefully you can figure that out


I have been sexually harrassed and i want to talk to ther girls who have similar experince with me
when i was on the bus there was a boy thrown condom at me first it looked like a balloom it wasnt. when i was in the swimming pool there is a boy grab my breast and bottom i told him to stop but he doesnt stop. when i got on taxi. taxi driver masturvate infront of me . i dont know how to deal with it and i want to know how it make them to stop

The reason why they do this stuff to you is because you dont stick up for yourself; you really think telling them no is going to work?
You need to get mad; yell and cuss at them, or humiliate them, you can even hit them. Making them feel stupid works the best, ill tell you how you should have handled each situation
1. The bus. You should have grabbed the condom shoved it in his face and slapped him
2. The pool. You should have screamed at him and kicked him in that "one" place
3. taxi. You should have made fun of how tiny he was and got out of the taxi (and obviously not have paid for it).

Your not the only girl that gets sexually harassed, and i have to say more girls do what you do (which is nothing) then stick up for themselves.
Your gunna get a bunch of answers saying to tell somebody but you should know by now thats not going to work, if you can stick up for yourself your going to show alot of confidence and things like this wont happen anywhere close to as much


Can anybody list me some anime shows like Elfen Lied that are dubbed in English?
This includes any similer story lines, romance, nudity, and any possible sex.
Thank you!

I love elfen lied
Well im pretty new to anime so i only know a couple.
. queens blade
. sekirei (one of my favorites)
. girls bravo

My friend who got me into it likes bleach alot so you could also check that one out



Just to tell you a little about my body: 5'9" or 5'10", 132 lbs, D or DD breasts.

When i was about 11 or 12 I was told I had scolosis and kyphosis caused by my vertabrae bring wedge shaped. I went to physical therapy for it, but it didnt really help. It causes me daily backpain and my upper back to slouch, even when i try to stand up straight. The pain and the appearance of it is starting to drive me insane. I think its called Sheuermanns disease from the research I did, and the only good cure was surgury. I do NOT want to do that because of time and money issues. Can anyone link websites for excersizes or other ways to help me? :( thanks.

Ok im sure you understand what scoliosis and kyphosis is but ill just go over it with you just in chase. Your spine is curved in two different ways; you have a side to side one and one in your upper back (thoracic region). You've only gone to pt (physical therapy) which confuses me, you've been to an actual doctor who recommend this right? If you somehow skipped that step its really important that you schedule an appointment.

What i know about these two curvatures is that they're both treated by either a back brace or surgery. So when you go to your doctor ask him what your options are and if he goes straight to surgery ask him about a back brace; chances are that if he does go straight for surgery its because its too big of a curvature for a brace to fix but it doesn't hurt to ask.

I completely understand how this would have a negative effect on your life and you wish it was gone; i see only one way of doing that which is to talk to a doctor about your options.

He's going to do 1 of 3 things
. back brace
. surgery
. send you to a specialist
. Or do some tests if he cant tell whether a brace is an option (probably a scan)

I saw that a neurologist or neuro surgeon was recommended in a previous answer and i would have to disagree; go to your family doctor and have him send you to which specialist he thinks is best. I hope i was of some help and if you have any other questions feel free to ask


I'm a 13, almost 14 yearold girl, going into the 8th grade and I haven't had my first kiss yet. I have a lot of friends, girls and guys. But I rarely hangout with guys, girls more. One if m best friends has kissed a bunch of guys and she won't be 14 for another 6 months. I feel stupid cause I haven't had my first kiss yet. how can I get it? I want it, but I'm very nervous. What if I'm not good? But the question is, how do i get it? Please helpp! All advice and tips are goood! Thanks. :)

Ok... I know your young and you think your first kiss is going to be really great and something your probably gunna remember forever, and yes thats right, IF! you wait for someone you really really like.
I know i could tell you what you need to know to get your first kiss in the next week but i wont.

Im 19 and i had my first kiss when i was 16; i waited for someone that made me really happy and i really enjoyed spending time with. We waited about a month after our first date and the kiss was amazing; it was more than i thought it would be.
While i was your age kids were kissing someone new every week and it never interested; i waited and ive never for a second regretted it.

So you have a choice to make; you can go to a party or kiss any guy that shows some interest in you, i doubt he will be complaining, probably even ask to do it more. Or your can wait till you find someone that makes you feel happy and special; and share that experience together


can i get pregnant if my boyfriend fuck me from back side ?not to my front hole?

chances are slim but technically yes you can get pregnant. Did he "finish"; well if he did it can seep into your vagina and that would be how you can get pregnant. Before doing this i wanted to make sure it couldn't happen so i did some research even asked a friend thats in the health care field and its a yes. If you and your boyfriend want to have anal i would recommend you get on birth control just encase it does seep or he slips (more common than youd think) into your front, or use a condom for both. Be careful and if you dont take my advice and one of those things do happen you NEED to go to a pharmacy and ask for a "plan b" pill; its very expensive (45 dollars) but it has a good success rate


what and how is a easy way to die quick without pain if u wont tell me sumbody else will

Im sure you could have just looked it up, i cant say i know what you would get when you put something like that in google but just encase you are suicidal ill take this question seriously. And if aren't serious and think that it would be fun... well when your older and grow up you'll see there isn't 1 thing funny about suicide.

I dont know what your situation is; if your family smothers you with love or you dont have a family so im gunna leave out the selfishness behind what that would have been, and ill tell you what you have to look forward to in life.

Im not going to lie and say im 50 years old and my life is perfect and ive been where youve been because thats just not true.
I'll tell you that im 19 years old, ive gone through alot of stuff, and the reason why i have never been where you have (suicidal).

I've found my place in this crappy and beautiful place we call earth. Im not leaving here because i havent finished what Ive started. I'm going to be a surgeon in... 7 years. Im not gifted when it comes to school, im definitely no genius but i put alot of work into it. Theres millions of people that dont agree with what im about to say but its the way i live my life.
Im going to spend years of my life studying and working all to save lives, and if i just save one life with all those years i would be ok with that.

Your suicidal, most likely have been depressed for a while but your not alone. Im depressed as we speak and i will be for quiet some time but ive found my place, you need to go find your place. Go find it and when you do no matter how depressed you get you'll never want to do what you said in your question

In the mean time talk to a friend, from personal experience it helps; i know i would have lost my best friend a month or so ago if i didnt spend over 24 hours just talking to her


How do you responde to someone who tell you they love you. I have had boyfriends that say I love you early in the relationship and i dont know what to say because i dont know if i do love him. What do i tell someone? How do i reply to him when he says i love you and im not sure what i feel?

You haven't been in love before and that's alright; so when a boyfriends tells you that they love you you tell them how you feel about them.
That is what they're doing (by saying they love you). So if you really like them and they make you happy then tell them that. I hate to tell you this but when you love someone you know it


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