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Hi, I'm 19/f and my boyfriend is 18.

He is currently living with me and my parents. We have been together for a year and two months. He's been living with me for almost 4 or 5 months.

Since he's moved in. I've noticed a change in the way I act with him. I'm not as affectionate. We rarely have sex. I get so irriated in everything he says or does. I'm not even sure why. The littlest things he does, just irriates me. We have little agruements, and than we will kiss and make up. Sometimes I am affectionate, and whatnot.

I just don't get it.

I like to have my space. But sometimes he just leans all up on me and it drives me crazy. Am I loosing feelings for him or something? Should I end it?

I really don't want too. I mean despite everything, I love him very much. When he's gone to work, I miss him.

Does this mean, I just like the thought of someone being there, or what? He thinks I only like the thought of having someone there, but I know I love him. I can't even think about losing him, or it hurts. Silly sounding, I know. But its true.

I'm just so stresed. I feel so guilty for even asking this question. Any advice on what I should do?

I also think, that one reason why I'm not that affectionate, is because I don't want to come off disrespectful to my parents. They don't like to see us all over each other; it was one of the rules when he moved in, along with sex, or he'd get kicked out.

I dunno. I'm just torn.

You're probably both frustrated because your not used to spending that amount of time together, and need more time spent alone or doing other things. This is not necessarily related to how much you love each other. No matter how awesome your relationship is, if you are spending all of your time together it is going to be frustrating.

Talk to your boyfriend about how you are feeling or how things are going. Perhaps you are not ready to move in together yet, or perhaps you need to plan on spending more time alone or doing other things.


What does it mean to "rub your clit"? Where is that?

This is something sexual that feels good for many women. The clitoris (the full name for it) is a small pea-sized pleasure organ on the top of your inner labia (the two inner flaps of skin around your vagina). Here is a good place for more info: http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/with_pleasure_a_view_of_whole_sexual_anatomy_for_every_body

control or command F and type "clitoris"


im 18 yrs old, female

so to start from the begining, i just went back on birth control pills after starting college. i had only been taking them for 3 days, when on the fourth day i forgot to take one. it just so happens that that same night i had unprotected sex with this guy. i always use a condom, but this one time we were drunk and it was spur of the moment. anyways he never actually came because we got interupted, but i was still worried about his pre-cum because i know that can get you pregnant. so to be on the safe side i took plan B the very next day. i took it, and about 3 hours later i felt really sick and threw up. on the box it says to call your doctor or whatever if you throw up within 2 hours of taking it, so i was kind of figuring i would be okay. it has been 2 days since having sex, and 1 day since i took the Plan B.

so my questions are
A.) Was I still covered by my birth control even though i forgot to take it the night i had sex (im back on schedule with it now)

B.) Do you think he couldve gotten me pregnant even though he didnt actually cum.

C) Do you think the plan B will still work even though i threw up 3 hours after taking it.

I appreciate any and all answers. im just pretty confused and stressed thinking about this all. thanks in advance!!!

You need to take the pill for at least seven days before it is effective, and it is recommended that you take it daily for a month before having sex.

Precum is unlikely to get you pregnant, but it is still possible.

At this point only time will tell, but it does seem pretty unlikely you are pregnant. Please use a condom, though, for the next month you try out the pill!

For more info on the pill, I recommend this link: http://www.scarleteen.com/birth_control_bingo_the_combination_pill

This link is one I find helpful for pregnancy scares: http://www.scarleteen.com/article/body/chicken_soup_for_the_pregnancy_symptom_freakouts_soul

I wish you all of the best!


Female 14
Kay I know InuYasha The Final Act came out on adult swim about a year ago but i missed EVERY EPISODE! sad right? well I've been looking everywhere for that version of it i know it was in High Quality because if it wasn't then they wouldn't show it. but i cant find that version anywhere else other than Veoh. But that includes downloading the Veoh video player and I'm not allowed to do that. does any one else know where i can watch High Quality videos that's not Veoh?

It's all on youtube, which is the same quality as veoh but you don't have to download anything


i am a 13/f and i have had period for like 8 months now. i have tried tampons THOUSANDS of times!! i can never get it all the way in and it hurts!!!! and also if i wear a normal flow Always brand pad will people be able to see it through leggings or yoga pants?? HELP!!!!

Tampons are tricky in that they won't go in if you are scared or not relaxed. As a result the first time can be pretty tricky. My advice for tampons would be to try inserting them at a 45 degree angle on the toilet with your legs propped up (on the seat or a footsool). Use one with an applicator (but not kotex because theirs doesn't work), slide it in, and then push while relaxing.

If your pad is thick and juts over the edges of your underwear and you open your legs at people wearing leggings it will show. Otherwise probably not.


I'm sixteen. It's junior year, and it's time to get cracking on looking for colleges and everything.

I'm so upset because I feel like I will never ever be happy, or good enough for myself. I try so hard. I am lazy and unmotivated, and lately I've been getting yelled at by my parents. "You're sixteen, you should know how to do this!" It really upsets me because I feel so let down and stupid. I'm sixteen and I don't know how to do certain things. My parents have never taught me to be independent, and not that I'm putting the blame on them, but when I was a kid, they babied me, and now that I'm grown, I know nothing. They barely talk to me about this stuff, and I'm so scared of amounting to nothing when I go out into the real world.

I make decent grades, but they're not good enough for my parents. I try my best, but I constantly feel like shit all the time. Any advice?

Your parents sound like they are being pretty hard on you, or at least, like they expect a lot. That, coupled with your own internal pressures, can understandably make you feel like shit.

Stop evaluating where you are right now as good or bad. You are where you are, and by identifying certain areas that you can fix or improve, you will get better at life. Try breaking down areas in your life that you are unhappy with into small chunks that are easy to solve, as opposed to beating yourself up for not being good enough which is a large, vague problem with no clear solution.

What specifically are your parents unhappy with? Sometimes when parents are critical, it is easy to project a general aura of "I have failed" into their words, or project our hardest tasks into their expectations. When you are all feeling calm and are in good moods, approach them with specific things they would like you to do. If you agree and they are reasonable, break them down into easy steps and go about doing them. If your parents are being unreasonable, it may be the time to start disconnecting yourself internally from their wants and expectations.

In terms of the whole what you will do about colleges and careers, that is something that most people are not totally sure about at sixteen. Or even if they are sure, it is completely common for someone to switch schools or majors halfway through, or to take time off in the middle before going into a completely different direction.

Picking a place that is right for you can be based on how strong the school is academically, price, location, how good the school is for your major (if you know what you want to study), the ability of your school to get you internships and professional connections, the extracurriculars offered, and the atmosphere of the school (ie do you feel like you fit in with the people there). How you pick your school is going to be unique based on what you want. It might help you to talk to a guidance counselor. I have also heard that books such as "The Princeton Review" are helpful. Remember that whatever you end up applying to, you can't possibly know now everything you will need to make the "right" decision, but that's okay. Three years into your degree, you might want something completely different. Remember that none of these decisions are set in stone or unchangeable. You are simply doing the best you can with the information you know at the moment.

Your question was a little vague, so if you have any more specific information about universities or independence etc, write it in your evaluation and I would be happy to answer more questions by editing this answer.



This will be a little long not very long.
Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and like half of this year weve had unprotected sex. This was because my family is having financial problems and cant pay for birthcontrol anymore. So yeah we have sex every week up to 3 times every week. Well for the past last 5 months ive been fine on my period but this month i was suppose to have my period 5 days ago. And i didnt but for like 2 days i was spotting and yeah it was time for my "real" period. I have a pregnancy test. Is there a chance im pregnant? When should i take the test?? Help asap pleaseee:)

Whenever you have unprotected sex you risk pregnancy, which is much more costly than birth control (unless you live somewhere that pays for abortions, but still, not a great alternative).

Go to your local planned parenthood, gynecologist, or family doctor to ask about methods of birth control that are less costly. Apart from condoms and the pill, there are actually zillions of options out there, all with different costs and effects.

In any case, if you need some spending money, have you considered getting a part-time job? The pill is not dirt cheap, but its costs would be easily covered by babysitting every few weekends, even more easily covered if you worked regular hours. The summer is coming up, and although the general consensus is that it's better to hire people over 16, many places would not mind hiring someone slightly younger.

While all of this could be easily done by you, where is your boyfriend in all this? Is he aware that you are off the pill? As it takes two to have sex, he should also take responsibility in paying for birth control. Until you can figure out a way to pay for your half, tell your boyfriend that he has to come up with the money to pay for some sort of birth control method or you will not be having sex (also remember that it takes about a month for the pill to kick in). A few weeks of abstinence is nothing compared to the worry involved with abortion/adoption/raising a child.

Which reminds me: you take a pregnancy test about a week after you miss your period (this may vary on the brand). Two days from now should be about right. If you are in fact pregnant, I suggest abortion or adoption since it seems as though you are not ready to raise a child yet. While some people are morally against abortion, it would be easier on your body and mind to not have to go through with the pregnancy... and there are ways, if you live in the states and it is not funded by the government, to get it funded through a non-profit.

Good luck with your pregnancy test... and please stop having unprotected sex.


A few days ago, my boyfriend (of over 9 happy months) asked if I love him. I told him I don't know, mostly because I'm 17 and know that I am naive about relationships (he said this was a "smart" answer for a teenage girl). When I asked him how he would have answered if I had asked him first, he said that he wouldn't have answered because he'd be afraid of scaring me away. Does this mean he does love me but didn't want to come on too strong, thinking I might not feel the same? Are there other ways to interpret his answer?

It probably means he loves you but is
a) like he said, worried about coming on strong and scaring you away
b) he may also be concerned about being too young/naive to be in love, given his reaction to your answer.


im 18/f & my ex-boyfriend is 19. we dated for two years but have 3 years of history together. we're each others first loves, planned to get married, everything. well we broke up back in march because problems started to arise. he changed from making me feel like the most important person in the world, always showing & telling me how much he loved me, wanting to be around me all the time, everything, to not showing any emotion and just acting careless about everything because one of his former "good" friends came back in the picture and suddenly he was always with her. so, we fought, we yelled we cried, i threatened to leave several times if he didnt get his shit straight, he still acted indifferent, so we broke up. a week or two later he feels bad and asks for another chance and said he'd change and just wanted me back. i said fine prove to me you we can be like we used to and things should be fine. didn't happen. things continued as they were so i said forget it i'm done. fast forward to now. we've been in contact again. and after seeing me the other night he apparently had an epiphany of how much i mean to him. he texted me literally begging for another chance, saying he loves me more than anything & i'm the best thing in his life and and he'll do any & everything he can to make things right again.

i dont know what to do though. i've been talking to different guys since we broke up. nothing serious. just a little flirting, kissed a few of them and that's it. i dont want to be in a relationship with any of these guys, but i like the freedom and don't feel like i want to be all serious and tied down now. at the same time though i do love this guy, i know he loves me despite our troubles, but i also feel like we're at a dead end. we obviously didn't make things work before, so why should we know? he said its because we cant say we honestly tried, but i just feel like we would come to break up again and i dont want to feel that hurt so soon again.

another thing is i'm going to college 4 hours away in the fall, so we'd inevitably break up. if not when i left, then sooner or later. so i sort of feel like we should hold off, but then i'm afraid we'll never be the same and lose our chance for good.

i think the problem is i know i dont want to be in a relationship right now, but im so scared im going to lose him forever. we've never felt the way we feel about each other before, and i honestly could see myself with him for the rest of my life, but then again we've had such difficult problems recently i feel like it's just too much trouble.

i dont even know what my question is. i honestly love him, but after all we've gone through i feel like being with him and trying to work it out is a hassle. i want to be single for awhile, but then with college approaching and me leaving, it leads me to think we've come to the end of our line. any input here?

From your question you sound like you are finished with him and ready to move on; you are just intimidated about doing so given all the history. If the bigness of the break is keeping you back, but you are fine with the breakup itself, then you should go for it.

If you feel like you would inevitably break up again, like you guys are at a dead end, and you don't want to be in a relationship right now, it would be really difficult for you guys to be together, no matter how huge is epiphany. You would ultimately be prolonging the inevitable.

It really sucks that things are changing, that you lose the connection you once had, but truthfully, from the way you phrased this question, it seems as though it is already lost.

Probably a better way to think about it is that you guys had some good times together, but now that they are over you would probably lose more by ignoring how you feel about this situation and trying to continue living in the past.

It seems hard to think about now, but love is a persistent emotion. You will have the chance to feel that incredible attachment to someone in the future, it just won't be with him (hopefully it will be with someone who doesn't start acting like a jackass).

Explain to him what you wrote here, that things are not like they were before, and to you the relationship has already ended. It will be tough to make the break official, but better for you in the end.


i went to the bathroom and saw blood in the toilet when i was ready to flush. i thought i was on my period when i realized that the blood was in my feces. is this an illness?

Blood in one's stool is usually a sign of some sort of internal bleeding; you need to contact a doctor right away!

None of us would be able to tell you what is wrong on such limited information (and without a medical degree). Call a doctor, and they will be able to run some tests to figure out what's up.


I think i am pregnant and i have only been with this guy for 2 months. We havn't even said I love you to each other. He means the world to me and I can see us together for a long time and so can he but I think I am pregnant and I told him he said it was a good thing and that he would be there for me and the baby, but I am only 16 and he is 17. I dont want his life to go down the drains because of me he had a life planed out and now I screw it up like this. On top of all that I jsut made a huge mistake. I took off my birth controle 2 weeks ago just incase I was pregnant and we had sex again with out a condom. I dont know what to do I am head over heals for him but dont want to rune his life like this.

First of all, calm down and wait until your next period. If you miss it take a pregnancy test. It's possible that you have nothing to worry about (and if it's still the day after sex without the condom, see if you can get some plan B).

If you believe yourself to be pregnant but don't want to "ruin your life" as it were, you should seriously consider abortion or adoption. It's great that he'd be supportive of you should you have a baby, but even so you probably would have a hard time raising it given the stage of life you are in.

If you are morally/personally against abortion, I would suggest you look for others that would be better able to handle a baby. There are plenty of couples that would love to have a kid but can't conceive; you could be helping them out by taking a difficult situation off of your shoulders. There are also options of open adoption if you feel bad giving away a kid of yours completely. This way you would still have the option of being involved in your kid's life without having to actually raise a child.

If you are not morally against abortion, that would be the easiest solution. There are many people that perpetuate information that abortions may cause cancer or infertility; this has not actually been proven (I believe there are studies that prove both). And while of course there is some emotional/physical pain involved, it would be a lot less than the physical pain of birth or the emotional pain of giving away a newborn child.

Take a deep breath and discuss these things with your boyfriend. Hopefully, the pregnancy test will come back negative.


My friend is twelve and she wants to have sex without a condum .She does not have her period and is a virgin.Can she still get pregnant?

If she is not getting her period, she is not ovulating. Without ovulation, there is no egg inside her uterus, ergo, the sperm will have nothing to fertilize and a baby cannot be made.

There is a very slim chance that if she ovulates for the first time before having sex she could get pregnant. It probably won't happen, but if she keeps having sex without knowing whether or not she will get her period in the near future, the first time she ovulates could result in pregnancy (instead of having a period, the usual result of ovulation).

Being a virgin has nothing to do with whether or not sex will result in pregnancy.

Keep in mind, if her partner has had sex before he may have an STD, so a condom would not be a bad idea.


Alright, ill just cut this short and get to the point:

Well i am 15 years old, my boyfriends 15 years old. We both go to the same school. Started going out about 7 months ago + have been since then. We have one of the best fricken relationships i have ever witnessed in my life. I do NOT know what i would be like without him in my life. I love him with all my heart, so much that no one can understand that except me + him. But i have been grounded and havent gotten to see him on the weekends at all for about 3 months now. (Except i see him at school, but still) And usually if that happened with someone else, they would have broken up with me cause they cant wait for me to be ungrounded. But him, no, he has been with me through this all and has stuck with me through it, and still loves me and acts like he always does. And it just makes me so fricken happy that hes like that. Cause of him, i am able to trust people more, and i dont know..i just get this wierd feeling thinking about him all the time..but a good wierd ;) And it feels SO good to know that he loves me and that i have nothing to worry about with him, cause i havent been with him on the weekends cause i usually always am. But in the past, my ex-boyfriends have cheated on me, lied to me, and almost every bad thing you could think of. And thats where i got my trust to dwindle down to almost nothing. So when i met him, (Dominick) I thought this would all happen again and i didnt trust him AT ALL. But once a week or so into our relationship, i got a big wake up call; I realized that he was the only one i could trust and that he was just the right one for me. It was so wierd though, cause i just got this really good feeling and i just realized all this. It was actually kind of cool if you ask me. Like i realized that he was the one i want to spend the rest of my life with + i just love him SO MUCH! But yeah, my real question is..would you call this love? I KNOW im in love but i just wanted some opinoins out there.
Thanks for taking your time to read this + sorry for the length. But thanks ahead of time!

You sound like you're in love based on the tone you used to describe him.

I think there are many ways to define love. Some people say it's a feeling and you just "know"; others say it's an action.

I personally think love is when you know all of the person's flaws but want to be with them anyway, and when you find yourself thinking not of yourself but of that other person.

I also like the bible definition from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Have fun!


I'm 19 years old. I grew up with a very stable life. My parents are happily married, always have been. I'm close with both of them. They spoil me, care about me, and love me more than anything. I'm from a upper middle class family, pretty, smart and have a lot going for me.

The thing is, alot of guys have realized that and I have had attention from them ever since middle school. I lost my virginity at 14 and loved sex ever since. I refuse to count the number of guys I have slept with but I'm sure it is well over 30.

This is my deapest darkest secret and lately it has been eating away at me. nobody knows about this and I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know why I've slept with so many people...it just, happened and felt right at the time.

I want to know what is wrong with me or at least how I can get over this shame. I can't tell my boyfriend, my best friends. I've been tested so I don't have stds...but knowing that over 30 guys can go around saying they have had sex with me just kills me.

why would a stable girl be such a whore? how do I get over this?


Let's get the terminology straight - a whore is someone who gets paid to have sex. Ergo, you are not a whore. There's no point in slut-shaming yourself.

You are making your consequences out to be way more than they are. If sleeping with these guys felt right at the time, there is no point in feeling ashamed of yourself! Really. There is so much pressure on girls to quell their sexual desires while men are encouraged to increase theirs. And it doesn't make sense. So why the hell would you beat yourself up by adopting such an ideology?

It is very possible that there is no hidden psychological reason why you are seeking sex (ie to feel loved, needed, whatever). You could just like having it. And that is totally okay!

Stop imagining what the guys you slept with say behind your back. It is not doing you any good. And if you hear anything like that, it's going to be hard, but you'll have to just shrug it off. Besides, if they had a drunken night with you, they probably have done the same with other people. If they try to shame you for being promiscuous, you could probably do the same right back.

When it's awkward around guys you have hooked up with, you could try either distancing yourself from them slowly, or just acting really non-sexual around them until it calms down.

All this being said - you feel like the consequences here are less shame based and more actual problems arising (ie things are awkward with guy friends is one), a good idea to curb the promiscuity would be to try getting less intoxicated (maybe buzzed instead of drunk), going to less parties where you know you are likely to hook up, and trying to set some clear mental boundaries for yourself.

Regardless, stop calling yourself a whore. Just because you had lots of sex, doesn't mean you should feel ashamed.


Okay... so my breasts hurt really really bad normally about a week before I start my period... I should start my period sometime this week and they don't hurt hardly at all..... I had sex a day after i got off my period but we used a condom(didn't break), he did not cum inside me, and we used spermicidal lube.... should i be worried at all????

You are not pregnant. You used a condom that didn't leak or break as well as a backup method!

An irregular period or randomly not-sore breasts would be a bagillion times more likely than pregnancy.



Are there other ways to get pregnant besides having vaginal sex?

My boyfriend and I were messing around. Clothes were on. And I didn't know if possibly his sperm could go through clothes. What if he fingered me and had his sperm on his finger? Could I get pregnant then?

I know that abstinence is 100% safe way of not getting pregnant. But I'm just curious of other ways someone could get pregnant besides vaginal sex. Please and thanks :)

You can't get pregnant if you are both wearing clothes! I mean, yes, maybe if you are both wearing sheer underwear, this is possible, but with normal clothing/underwear this is not going to happen.

You can get pregnant in ways other than vaginal sex. Yes, it is less likely, but whenever sperm comes into direct contact with the vagina, the possibility is always there.


my boyfriend and i are having sex, and yes we're using condoms. but i am aware that condoms are not 100% effective (like everything else in the world) we are not at the financial level to be ready fr a baby if any slip up occurs and if I were to get pregnant i would be all for an abortion. He is not in agreement with me, he wants to keep the baby if something happens despite our lack of money and maturity. what should i do about this delema

If you were to get pregnant and want an abortion, your boyfriend is both legally and morally not in the right to stop it. For nine months, that fetus would be a part of your body.It is you, not him, that would have to carry it in your body with all the physical effects. Regardless of how much he would want you to have that baby, without you it is nothing, ergo the decision falls to no one but you.

If this bothers him, he is frankly being a little controlling of your body, the thing that would be incubating this potential baby in the first place.
In any case, to actually keep the baby, forgoing both adoption and abortion, would not seem to be the most responsible decision. Keep in mind also that it is one thing to say these things, another to be faced with this kind of dilemma.

Talk to him again, in the meantime, it never hurts to get some back-up protection. Spermicides are easy to find (ie the vcf strip), or you could talk to a doctor about going on the pill. As well, most of condom slip-ups are caused by user failures (ie, using a non-water-based lubricant, using two condoms), and if the condom does slip off, there is always plan B.


My boyfriend and i were together 11months, we were in love and everything just seemed perfect. We were best friends before we started going together and then we did, things just started to slow down kind of, i think we wanted to see what else was out there as 11 months is a long time. Since then he's kissed other girls n tht at clubs but i've not. Thing is when we're out we still act like what we did when we were together just without the sexual part of it. At his 18th when i said goodbye to him he told me he loved me and naturally i said it back.I hate it becuase i feel like we're in love and want to be together but we're only 17 so have like live our lives. But i really do feel we're meant to be and when we are out together we just act like normal with no awkwardness.
However i don't no if its just me that feels this way or even reli what i'm feeling. I'm too scared to ask him incase he doesn't feel the same or if he does i don't want to get my hopes up about getting back together.

Any ideas what i'm thinking or whether i should talk to him and what i should find out about him?


Who the hell cares if you are going to be "meant to be" or not? If you are enjoying each other's company, stay together; if not, break up, but don't go for the "plenty of other fish in the sea" crap if you are perfectly happy the way you are!

If you are feeling like you want him back, you need to talk to him. It is true that you have the rest of your life to meet other people; all the more reason to enjoy your time with him now.

What you need to weed out is how much he wants to be with you, and how much he was just looking around for something better with the security of having you there, waiting for him, if his life dating others didn't work out. For openers, introduce the idea that you may have missed him, and see how he feels. Try to figure out if he wants to be in a relationship at the present moment (from your post, it sounds like this is what you want), or is actually just wanting to date around.

It's going to be really scary to bring up these feelings, and of course you will face rejection, but unless you risk this things probably won't go back to the way they were. Good luck!


can vaseline be used as a lube? .. is it safe to rub it on my clit?

As far as I know there is nothing in vaseline that will be harmful for your clit (though don't quote me on this).

Used in conjunction with condoms, however, is a terrible idea, as vaseline is an oil based lubricant and will cause the condom to thin and potentially break. DON'T DO IT!


so im 5'3, 17 years old, 120 pounds. im trying to get to about 115. anyways, ive been doing cardio almost everyday probably 6 days a week, and lifting weights about 2 days a week. i eat about 1400 calories a day. sometimes at night i cant sleep ill be rolling around in bed for about an hour seriously it sucks. so ill get up and watch a little tv and eat a snack. usually something about 200 calories worth. then about an hour later ill finally beable to fall asleep. is this okay? will i still lose weight or will this make me gain weight? this has been happening about twice a week lately.. i really want to lose this 5pounds quick and im working out a lot so i wouldnt think this should affect it much but what do you guys think?
also what are some tips of foods to eat to lose this 5 pounds of fat fast ?

Although it's generally not a good idea to eat right before you sleep if you are looking to lose weight, I doubt that 200 calories would really be enough to make a difference. If you are concerned about your late night snacking; however, I would advise you to eat more during the day. With 1400, it's no wonder you are getting hungry! That is usually not enough to feed anyone, especially a teenage human being.

My best advice to give would be not to think about losing 5 pounds fast, but to adapt your diet/life to become healthier in general. Then, if that weight really is extra, and not a healthy weight for you, it will drop off.

Looking to lose pounds quickly usually ends up being a short term solution, or an unhealthy one. Continue exercising, eat lots of healthy food, cut down on junk, and for God's sake don't starve yourself. As a side note, it is better to work out in the morning if you are looking to burn fat. If you work out in the evening or after eating, you will be burning the sugar in your bloodstream; whereas if you work out after waking up your sugar stores are used up, and you would be directly burning whatever is on your body.

Aerobic exercise is probably better than strength training for weight loss, though both are good for your body. Remember also that regardless of what you do your actual body weight may not be the best indicator of becoming slimmer/whatnot as muscle weighs three times as much as fat.


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