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Im stacey im 13 years old. go to sandwich technology school... i like helping people out so any questions just ask :D
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I'm in 8th grade and have a huge crush on this boy. He sits behind me in math and he is very funny, he pulls my hair and jokes around with me too. I have 3 classes with him and he talks to me a lot. I don't really know if he likes me or not. But I told my friends yesterday. We are in a year-round school so we are off this month. So I won't see him valentines day and until March. He talks to other girls too so I am not the only girl that he talks to but as far as I know I'm the one who gets my hair pulled. But I still like him. I think he is funny, so thats not the problem. I really have no idea what to do. Is there any chance that he does like me? I am kinda more of a shy girl so you won't see me going up and talking to him. I usually wait for them to talk to me. I am just confused of what to do. Should I give hints or what? Sorry this was long but please help. Thanks! (link)
Sounds to me that this boy does like you. The only thing I can say is take the effort to go talk to him. It maybe hard cause you are shy but if you really like him then youve got to take the effort to talk to him like he does to you.

Hey .
Okay , well , I liked this guy for a pretty long time. And so I don't have a clue why he deleted me for the second time . Like we talk in person and he came and sat beside me out of all the chairs at the resturant and everything he came to sit beside me and then same thing happened at the movies. We talked a bit and he kept looking at me and stuff. And not long ago hes all hey babe and everything. I just don't get it..

P.S What do you guys think? (link)
Well to be fair Ive just gone through exactly the same thing. The guy is obviously not sure what he wants. Just dont give up if you really do like him. It took me 2 years to get this boy that i liked and now we are happy together. My advise to you is just dont give up and just try and talk to him about it. Just say look you have confused me. There are times you wont talk to me and others your like hey babe. Tell him to decide what he wants or else your going to keep holding ont o somthing that isnt even worth it.

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