I'm Kelly. I'm 15. And I have experienced a lot in life. I love helping people, so i decided to get one of these a while back. I don't come on a lot, but maybe I will start more often. I also answer questions with honesty, and how i would work things out. I have delt with a lot, and i probably have had a problem similar to yours. So, why not give me a try, and hit me up with a question?! If you want to actually talk to me - feel free to IM me, to ask me a question or just to chat- I'm pretty much always on.


well the guy ive been going out with for a week .. he says he really likes me but he doesnt make an effort. before when we werent going out like 2 months ago we hooked up and afterwards he called me alot and replied to my messages and came to see me and had time for me, then when we started going out he just never called me .. he would promise he would call and then he wont. and he never replied to my messages, and he never has time for me. hes always with his friends. i would be like Hey come visit me when i finish work and he would come during work and be like Yeah i wont be able to see you because im going out with mates etc. i got so sick of it and yesterday i told him and im like I cant go out with someone that i only see once a week and he was like Im really sorry i didnt realise i was confused because it was straight after a relationship but now im ready i luv you i just dont want to lose you and im like Okay ill give you one more chance etc.
so today i saw him and hes like Ive started to reply to your messages more have you realised and im like Yeah youre making an effort aye. ok so 10 mins later hes like Yeah im just going with my friend to the shops quickly to get something ill be back. so he comes back in 5 minutes and then he goes for a smoke with his friends, and then comes back and im like to my friend I bet he has to go somewhere now. and guess what? he comes back and hes like I have to go blah blah and im like Yeah i knew it.
im really confused because i dunno what the hell is wrong with him if he wants a relationship with me WHY CANT HE JUST DO IT?
please help i dunno what to do :(

try talking to him about it. straight up tell him "i want you to give us more time" or "i want you to give me more attention". as a girlfriend, you deserve a good amount of attention from your boyfriend.. i mean you guys are dating. plus you should be totally open with him, and let him know when something is bothering you- especially do this extent. he might feel that before you were dating, he didn't "have" you like he does now, so he felt he had to work for you and keep you there.. but now that you're actually dating, he might feel like he doesn't have to work at it. you should play hard to get and make him work around your schedule and your time.. not the other way around and he'll get a taste of his own medicine. if he doesn't get the message, i don't think he is worth your time.. sorry girl.

good luuuuck


I've been with me boyfriend for 2 years now and i love him a lot..He has such a hold on my heart and he just doesint know how bad i love him..instead of believing i love him he tells me i dont and gives me so many examples of why i dont..it just hurts when you know you love someone and they just deny your love...ANy way i wanted to know how i should i handle my boyfriends controliveness..he gets mad when i get dresses for school and say that i dont get dreesed for him the reason why i dont get dresses for him is beacuse when i do he says smart things like what! you wear them tight jeans to school or yea you like wearing that tight top to school huh? so i stopped getin dresses for him to prevent his comments..so now he gets mad when i dress for school...what do i do what should i say to him???

girl i know it feels right to be with him, but eventually he really is going to hurt you. i used to be in a similar relationship, where he was so controlling. it ended horribly when i found out he was talking to one of my best friends. anyway, i'm not saying that your boyfriend would ever do that.. but you just have to watch your back. i know things just feel so right when you are with him and you almost can't imagine not being with him, but obviously this makes you unhappy and you obviously hate it. if you try talking to him about it, he will probably just get upset.. but it might be worth a try. if you want to wear dresses to school, then just tell him you felt like dressing up that day. who cares. he shouldn't be getting mad over that.

good luck, :)


i need advice..
so im 14/f and sometimes things between me and my boyfriend are awkward. we'll break up if things keep going this way so i am trying to fix it. just.. i dont know how. we've been going out for a month and we still havn't kissed. is that why it's awkward? i hardly ever get to hang out with him but when i do things are great. it's on msn and at school things sometimes are weird. we both really like each other and we both don't want to break up. do you have any suggestions as how to make it not awkward? anything will be greatly appreciated. :)

talking online might seem like the easiest way to talk, but it can lead to wierd and awkward times in the relationship. when talking online, you can't tell emotion or how someone actually feels. people also seem to be more open online because it often feels easier to talk. they might slip up on something they don't necessarily want you to know. i think you should try cutting back on how much you talk online and start talking more in person and try to hang out more. the more one-on-one time you spend with eachother, the more comfortable you guys will get and there probably won't be many, if any, awkward moments. it takes time to get to that point in a relationship with someone though, so don't expect it to happen the next time you hang out. and just because you haven't kissed doesn't mean that is why. that is one of the stepping stones in trusting the person you are with and getting to know them better. don't push for the kiss unless you are ready for it and you think he is too. it should come natural and you should both go for it, otherwise that could be another very awkward moment. good luck and i hope this helps, if you have any more questions, feel freee to ask! :)


Well i was suppost to start around the 12th or so , because Last month thats when i did . Me and my boyfriend had sex like a couple of days before i was suppost to start but i havent had my period yet , the condom didnt bust or anything . Could it just be a late period ?

late periods always seem to come at the worst times. it sounds like that to me, but you never know. periods take up to like two years to become totally normal, and then they can still get off sometimes. maybe you should get a pregnancy test just to be sure. next time try and be more careful though.

hope this helps! (:


my hair is naturally thick and wavy. if i don't blow-dry it, it gets kinky and weird and frizzy. the same thing happens if i don't straighten it. i really want soft, shiny, straight hair but i'm worried about heat damage. any tips for how i can achieve this? i want to stop using my straightening iron because of the heat damage, does anyone know how i can achieve the same effect without the iron and make it more natural?

besides chemically straightening it, you could get it thinned at the salon. then it is easier to manage and probably less frizzy. it also wouldn't take as long to do. to minimize heat damage, just don't use your iron a lot. if you don't use it like everyday, then your hair should be fiiine.
good luck


ok well ive been having stomache aches every afternoon for about a week and it doesnt hit until afternoon....any ideas on what it could be?

just an idea, but you could change your breakfast habits or what you have if anything. if something is too much sugar or something, it will cause you to have a stomach ache. it also might be the time you have lunch, if you do. try and keep it on the small side, but enough to get you to last until dinner. and try to keep it on the healthy side, nothing/or very little of fried foods and whatnot. if you try changing your eating habits, then i would probably see a doctor. good luck,

hope this helps!


ok so me and one of my oguy friends arent talking anymore. he said he wants space from me and i cant stand not talking to him.
are there any ways to know that he is thinking about me too?
he texts back when i text him, but its not the same like it used to be. im going crazy here

if he asked you to give him some space, then you have to respect that. i know it might not be the easiest thing, but you have to. the more you text him now, probably the more time he will take. if you stop texting him, he will probably wonder why you aren't and come to you first. he is responding to your texts because he just asked for space, he didn't say he was mad at you or anything. if you guys really are that close, then he should come to you with his problems, and just make sure he knows that he can always talk to you, but don't push him into telling you. just calm down and let things take their course. it will all work out.

hope this helps! :)


Ok, so, last night I finished the last pill of my first month on Yaz. Well, I've been having breast pain. They've been really sore. [I know it can't be because of my period, because it's never dont that before, and it wasn't even close to time for me to start] At first I thought it was because of the pill or something, but, they were sore at the beginning of last month, before I was even on the pill. Should I see a doctor? I'm 15, if that might make a difference for anything. Do you think they might be getting ready to like, grow or anything? Thanks!

being on the pill can increase your boob size, as it can make you gain weight and a billion other side affects. the tenderness of your boobs is also normal. it can be due to it growing/swelling, or due to just the fact of being on the pill. it also could be a new side affect you get from your period, some go away with time and some unfortunately start. the tenderness might not go away any time soon though, which i'm sorry to tell you. if it becomes a hassle and a pain, then consult your doctor and see if they can switch which pill you are on, which might help.

good luck! :)


Like three days ago i gave my bf a bj and after he wiped the cum off of his hands with a paper towel. I'm not sure how soon after, but after that he fingered me. Is there any chance at all of me being pregnant?

sperm dies really quickly when it reaches the air. plus, when he wiped off his hands, it is even smaller of a chance. i highly doubt you are pregnant, but next time, just be more careful :) good luck!


okay so im the girl who was 16 (im actually 15...shhhh...almost 16 though so i figured meh why not, and no one needs to know my real age on the internet right?)
so anyways i was the one who asked the question about her best guyfriend who shes totally in love with and you said that it warmed your heart so im keeping you updated.

so last week he and i were talking on the phone at like 3 am about things we've always wanted to do
and then i said that ive always wanted to kiss someone in the rain
and we kind of ended that subject and that was that

it was pourrringgg rain.
seriously. i was outside waiting for my mom and i just felt like being drenched. after 2 minutes it lookedl ike i hate taken a shower
and he came up behind me and poked me in the side and i turned around and he smiled at me and then said that hed see me tomorrow
and i didnt even say anything. i was staring at him really weirdly and awkwardly. even as he walked away i still had a blank expression
and he was almost to the skibus to get his snowboard because they canceled skibus
(and he looked so cute and drenched and everything)
and he was like 10 feet away from the bus when i dropped my backpack and started sprinting toward him
and he turned around and i just flung myself around his neck and kissed him soo intensely.
and he kissed me back
then like 20 seconds into it i was like WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO so i ended it and his eyes were still closed so i just turned around and walked away
by now im sooo freezing
yeah well. that was that
he didnt even follow me
except an onlooker said he looked kind of dazed and just watched me walk away
if that doesnt give him the idea i dont know what will
today was thursday. i didnt talk to him. the whole day.
and i feel insanely weird about it
and im freaking out
andddd i dont know what to do
im really nervous to talk to him

girl, that is adorable. he probably just doesn't know how to react about the situation. if he kissed you back, then it wasn't really like he was trying to get you off him or fight you off. see how things work out. text him tomorrow and be like hey, how was your day? or something. just make small talk. see if he brings it up. i probably wouldn't bring it up, cause if you do it could be awkward for him. but if he is thinking about it, he will because you made the first move. good job girl, i give you kudos. not many girls could build the courage up to just run up to the guy they're in love with and kiss him. goood luck.


ok well ive only been fingered a fwe times now and i just masturbated a few hours ago and well there was some sick brown stuff on my finger ya what is that?? it was never there before could it be from me having my period a few days ago??

its most likely from your period. it probbly would have come out on your underwear or something, but you just got to it first. as long as you don't hurt or feel different now, then i really don't think its a big deal. no worries :)

hope this helps!! :)


my best friend is a boy
we're 16
we've gotten really close the past 3 years
and ive completely fallen for him, even if ive promised myself i wouldnt
hes amazing
i cant even explain it
and i dont know if he feels the same way about me
but whenever he sees me in the morning his face lights up
and everyone says that hes the happiest when they see us talking
and he listens to absolutely everything i say
he takes care of me. not just the giving me his jacket in the rain type thing, or covering my eyes and holding my hand during a scary movie, or the carrying me like a princess when i hurt my leg type thing, but its also the staying on the phone with me for 6 hours after i had an argument with my mom on vacation, and walking 6 miles to my house in the pouring rain to visit me when i was sick.

i was talking to him about my english class, and how i didnt expect him to ask me to homecoming because there were a lot of people thatd be mad about it (his other friend, this girl who likes him, this guy who likes me, some of his friends that he isnt really close to but get mad at him for hanging out with me, all of which are in my english class) so i told him that i didnt expect him to ask me because of all those people. and the next day when i was sitting in english class and he appeared with my galpal with this huge banner outside the window saying janie. homecoming?
and i was so happy
and i didnt think i had fallen for him until i was sitting in the library doing my hw and i saw him walking over out of the corner of my eye but pretended not to and he put his hand on mine and i looked up and he looked into my eyes and i looked into his and even though all he said was "hey" really softly i just knew

i love this guy
and i dont know what to do
i want to tell him
but i dont want to freak him out
what if i totally destroy our relationship?


i know how hard this situation is. i've been through it, and i was really scared. the truth is, because he is your best friend, you should tell him anything. no matter what, and i'm sure you do - besides this. why make an exception now? just be totally honest with him. if you aren't comfortable, then don't just flat out be "i love you", but say like " i think my feelings for you are growing more and more, and i think i'm startinf to like you a more than a friend" or something. ease into it, but also be straight to the point. you don't need him confused too! haha. girl, he is your best friend. its not going to ruin a relationship wiht you guys. good luck, and no worries, everything will turn out fine. by the way, reading this, it was the cutest thing ever.

hope this helps!! :)



alright so me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on nov30 and i was suppose to get my period dec4 and i didnt.. and so i took a pregnancy test on new years day and it came out positive.. and then on jan4 i got my period and i had it for 6 days so i know it was my period and so my boyfriend told me to take another one today and i did and it said negative.. so how is that possible do you think the first one i took was just wrong? or do you think i really was pregnant and it just died? but i dont drink or smoke so i dont know how it would die? im just so confused. help? any advice is great

a lot of times, tests get false reads. thats why its said to take a couple, just to be sure. if you got your period, you aren't pregnant. you probably could have just gotten a false read on the test or something. also, like the person before said, they often get "flushed away". no biggie,. if you are really worried though, then consult a doctor. but i think you're fine.

hope this helps!! :)


lol i'm really sorry for asking this..16/f..i have a bf and he wants to kiss me..ive never been kissed..

is it like all slobbery and stuff?
just a pop kiss..maybe longer

kissing is just a fun thing. its not going to be slobbery or anything, and your first couple kisses probably won't be that intimate, or long. just relax and let your tounge do the talking. have fun girl, its not meant to like freak you out!

hope this helps!! :)


hi im 15 f,

ok well i like watching people having sex like n theintenet n stuff and rent porn movies with people well doinit does that mean im bi or gay? and if im not what am i?

plzzzzz help.

Porn is watched by basically everyone. It has nothing to do with your sexuality, as already stated. Whether the porn is gay or not, it still doesn't matter. So many people go through the curious phase, or the "what if" phase, and it is totally normal. Don't stress out about it. You'll either grow out of the phase, or you're gay/bi, and even if you are, then who cares!

hope this helps!! :] ♥



I met a guy online (very stupid idea, I know.) and well...we started talking on MSN (he's 18) for a couple of months. and then he starts telling me he cares for me. then in a week, he loves me and he has a major crush on me.
I'm like...wait wait...hold up..WHAT? You don't even know me..!
My question is....is it possible to actually feel love online?

He keeps on insisting it and I don't know if he's bullshitting me.


He might be "in love" with you, from the online phase. But it isn't real love (in my opinion). To actually love someone, you must spent time with him, not just chatting away online. Who knows, he could totally be bull shitting everything he says to you, or vise versa (not saying you are a liar or anything). I understand the chatting to him is just for fun, but if he does make you uncomfortable, then you should probably stop. I mean, you probably won't meet him anyway (and I think that would be the best option). Like stated before, he could be a major predator. Just watch your back, and don't give out your whole life story.
Hope this helps!! :] ♥


I was dating this guy who is in college and im a senior in highschool. We dated through out the entire summer and then up until about half way through october. Since we broke up nothing has changed... neither of us really wanted to break up, but it was just hard for the both of us to trust each other. Also it was really hard for me to deal with the distance, i probably got to see him about once or twice a month. So we're broken up, but nothing has changed...but last night i made the mistake of kissing another guy while i was at a party. I told my ex right away, i didnt want to lie.

now he's giving up on us, even though we were talking about getting back together. he's coming home on tuesday...what can i do to show him that i still care? and that i realize that i made a HUGE mistake.

It was really good for you to tell him right away and not lie, because that shows a lot. It shows that you think of him as more than just an ex, but more like a best friend. You have to let him know that it was a mistake, and that it didn't mean anything to you. Tell him that you wouldn't do that if you guys were in a committed relationship, like over the summer and make sure he knows you are totally truthful about it. The biggest thing in a relationship is trust. To be totally honest with you, I'm not quite sure if you get together now that it will do anything. You will still have the long distance, and problems trusting eachother. Just a thought, none of my business. Good luck, and I hope all goes well!
Hope this helps! :] ♥


yeah, i just got one cause im going to be a freshmann. i ahve a myspace, are they similiar at all? like can you have a layout?????

can someone please explain to me like how it works? and what to do?

(im already in my schools networkk)

Facebook and myspace used to be very similar. And lately, Facebook has becoming more and more similar to myspace (Top friends, songs, etc) and those are called applications. You can add as many, and take off any whenever you want. You can't have a layout on facebook, and you can't add the pictures on your actual site. You can add them on 'View more pics' just under you main picture. With facebook, when people add pictures on it, they can "Tag" you in them, which means they will show up on your "view more pictures" as well. It sounds kinda confusing, but you get used to it. Instead of commenting, like on myspace, its called posting on the wall.. and you can view Wall-To-Wall with any two people that are your friends. It just shows what people say just between them, back and forth. It could be considered an invasion on privacy, but oh well. It also shows your last ten actions, with anyone. So whenever you post on someones wall, edit something, comment a picture, or add someone new, then it shows up on your main site. When you click home, you get a bunch of notifications showing thigns that are happening between friends and with you. It all comes with time, and you learn to work with it, just like myspace.

Hope this helps!! :] ♥


theres this boy, and him and i like eachother, but were not going out yet, becuase well he thinks young relationships are dumb, but he wants to do all the things boyfriends and girlfriends do.

should i?
or shouldn`t i, becuase were not dating.
and its basically taking advantage. idk.

Agreed. I don't think you should. Sounds like he doesn't want commitment, and he just wants to use you. The problem with this is that it is just like friends with benefits. Someone always falls for the other, and gets hurt. He probably doesn't want to be tied down with one girl, and/or have a girlfriend over summer. I know a lot of guys that do both of these things, and it never turns out well. Good luck!

hope this helps!! :] ♥


Do i really need love? I mean all my friends have at least kissed one guy and I haven't kissed, hugged or made physical contact with any of my past bf's. My first bf only touched my leg. My 2nd one was too creepy to do anything. My 3rd one never talked to me. How can i get a good boyfriend? HELP. I'm not enjoying being single much anymore. Please, i need emergency dating tips! PLEASE! I want ot date again. Sure my first experiences sucked, but still... Not all guys are shallow, right? HELP!

Oh. You are cute. You don't need love. You need to be able to be stong and happy by your self, and then love comes in as just an extra thing. You don't need someone to complete your life; but rather someone who will live it with you. You have a lot ahead of you, and I can't talk much, cause I am not much older. But I do know that you just need to be yourself and be confident. A bunch of friends are better to have then one boyfriend and that is it. Also, it isn't my place to say who you are dating, but you probably shouldn't want to be dating someone who is creepy or someone who doesn't talk to you. Your boyfriend should be like your best friend, that is when you know you have something real. Have fun this summer, and meet people from everywhere. Go crazy, and enjoy life. Don't worry about a boyfriend. Good luck!

hope this helps!! :] ♥


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