hey. my name is christina. cool people call me X. so can you. kelly is my best friend. you can see her column on KELLY ELIZABETH i absolutely love basketball, shopping, and friends. stupid question=stupid answer. go ahead, ask me anything! dont be shy!


so my dance is on friday i want to go with this guy and we have gone out like twice this year already but i really want to go with him but i am tired of waiting! so i was wondering, do guys think its creepy if a girl asks them out??


i'll rate high

hey. i do not think that it would be weird if a girl asked a guy out. im sure that they would be very happy because then they dont have to do it! go ahead and do it! hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


This probly a really stupid question.

But what are Cankles and how do you know if you have them. And i was watching this show and a few guys on it said that they wouldnt date someone that had cankles.

THx so much.

hey. cankles are where it seems like your calfs and ankles blend together. they arent that attractive. here is a pic for you:


hope this helps!! :] &hearts:-X-♥


So, I'm sixteen years old, going into Junior high, and haven't lost my first kiss. Honestly, is this a good thing or a bad thing in guys eyes? I've had chances to lose it, but i feel its really important. Help. :\

hey. a guy could have mixed feelings about this. they could be turned off because you have no experience and you may not be that good at kissing. a guy could see this as a good thing because he knows that you are saving it for the right moment, and for a guy that you really like. the best thing to do is to just go with the flow. if you have an oppurtunity to do it and it feels right, go ahead. hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


male/13 i like this girl at my school. im pretty sure that she likes me. but how do i tell her that i like her?????? thanks in advance

hey. if you want to tell her, but not make it so obvious, you can drop little hints. you can compliment her a lot. tell her that she is pretty and stuff. and ask her to sit by you, she will get the message after a while. here are some sites for you:



good luck! hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


What are the lyrics to Elvis Presley's song Long Black Limousine?

hey. here are they lyrics:

There's a long line of mourners
Driving down our little street
Their fancy cars are such a sight to see, oh yea
They're all rich friends who knew you in the city
And now they've finally brought you
Brought you home to me

When you left you know you told me
That some day you'd be returnin'
In a fancy car, all the town to see, oh yea,
Well now everyone is watching you
You finally had your dream, yea
You're ridin' in a long black limousine

You know the papers told of how you lost your life, oh yea
The party, the party and the fatal crash that night
Well the race along the highway, oh the curve you didn't see
When you're riding in that long black limousine

Through tear filled eyes I watch as you pass by oh yea
A chauffeur, a chauffeur at the wheel dressed up so fine
Well I never, I never, never, never
Oh my heart, all my dreams yea, they're with you
In that long black limousine

Yea, yea, they're with you in that long black limousine

Yea, yea, they're with you in that long black limousine

hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


Who sings that new song "Temperature"? Its a rapper of some sort I think but I dont know who...

hey. sean paul sings temperature.

The gal dem Schillaci...Sean da Paul
So me give it to...so me give to...so me give it to...to all girls
Five million and forty naughty shorty...
Baby girl...baby girl...Sean da Paul sey...

Well woman the way the time cold I wanna be keepin' you warm
I got the right temperature to shelter you from the storm
Oh lord, gal I got the right tactics to turn you on, and girl I...
Wanna be the Papa...You can be the Mom....oh oh!

Make I see the gal them bruk out pon the floor from you don't want no worthless performer
From you don't want no man wey can't turn you on gal make I see your hand them up on ya..
Can't tan pon it long.....naw eat no yam...no steam fish....nor no green banana
But down in Jamaica we give it to you hot like a sauna..


[Verse 2:]
Bumper exposed and gal you got your chest out but you no wasters cause gal you impress out...
And if you des out a me you fi test out,Cause I got the remedy to make you de-stress out....
Me haffi flaunt it because me God Bless out...And girl if you want it you haffi confess out...
A no lie weh we need set speed a fi test the mattress out..


[Verse 3:]
Gal don't say me crazy now, this Strangelove it a no Bridgette and Flava show..
Time fi a make baby now so stop gwaan like you a act shady yo...
Woman don't play me know, cause a no Fred Sanford nor Grady yo....
My lovin' is the way to go...my lovin' is the way to go.....


[Verse 4:]
When you roll with a player like me...with a bredda like me girl there is no other
No need to talk it right here just park it right here keep it undercover
From me love how you fit inna you blouse and you fat inna you jeans and mi waan discover..
Everything out you baby girl can you hear when me utter...

[Chorus (repeat)]

hope this helps!! :] &hearts-X-♥


Hello herbivore... I was reading your friend KELLY_ELIZABETH's column....what does she mean by "surgery?" It says so in her important dates that today she has surgery. If it's private, then it's okay.

hey. i think it would be okay if i told you :]. durring the track season this year, while jumping over a hurdle, kelly tripped over one and fell on her knee. it was a really bad knee injury. she tore her ACL (some tendin in the knee). she was on crutches for about a week and then she found out that she had to get surgury. she will be off of school for a week and then be back just in time to graduate! hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


Thanks for offering to IM you, but I can't. I have internet explorer, and our instant messaging system doesn't work. It's a good thing I apologized to you, you were about to go on my unwritten list of people I hate. If I never realized that you didn't actually make me get banned, Kelly Elizabeth wouldn't have been one of my fav columnist, and I would've held what you did against me! :-{

hey. oh sorry we cant communicate thought IM, my email address is herbie1110@yahoo.com if you want to send me an email to talk or something, you can also just talk to me here! well i am happy that i didnt go on your unwritten list of people you hate. that would have been bad :[. alrighty ttyl ♥-X-♥


how do you make those little hearts by your name when you are asking or answering a question?

hey. &hearts with a ; is how i make mine.


Yep, that one with KELLY_ELIZBETH was mine. I got suspended for that too. Apparently I was violating the "Account Whoring" rule as Advicenators calls it, because I "advertised" my column on hers. Oh, and you don't have to feel sorry that my account was suspended. I'm suspended until June 10, at 6:02 p.m.. And I thought I wasn't gonna be able to see my column until then, but kelly elizabeth put me as one of her fav columnists, so I clicked there, and I can see my column. Just see it, you can't even ask a question now. But thanks for liking me. When I can go back to my column logged on, I'll also put you as one of my favorite columnist.

hey. okay. well that is good that you get your column back! im glad that this whole thing worked out alright. (well i mean almost alright ;]) i added you to my favorite columnists and we should talk online sometime! yay! okay sn again is xmarksthespot43. ttyl! :] ♥-X-♥


Does anyone know of any good break up songs?

hey. here are a few songs:

Back to Your Heart - Backstreet Boys
Don't Speak - No Doubt
From the Bottom of My Broken Heart-Britney Spears
Hardest Thing, The - 98 Degrees
How You Remind Me - Nickelback
I Need You Tonight - Backstreet Boys
It's Tearing Up My Heart - N'Sync
My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
Song for the Dumped - Ben Folds Five

i got most of these songs from this site:

hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


This was the message I sent you."Ur pretty. Very, very pretty. Don't worry, I'm a straight girl. Your little friend Kelly Elizabeth has encountered me already. I shall shower you with notes of how pretty you are. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the girl on the right, right?" Does this message sound familiar? I sent it yesterday.

hey. nope not at ALL. but i like cant get over how nice you are! :] i would have remembered that!! sorry, it is not something that i read though. ahh too bad my pic got deleted too. ;]

i just saw this:

Hey Kelly Elizabeth. I'm the same girl a long time ago who wrote "Ur 13? You look like a full grown adult. You look hot and spicy. You look modest and angelic. Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you. I'm a straight 13 year old female. I just like to give compliments though." Like your picture, but I like the other one. Yeah, well you're one of my fav columnists on my column, which I recently made, I call myself Triple g. Just wanted to chat, bye! Oh, and can I use you to get more visitors? Thanks! Hey people reading Kelly's column, if you want, try seeing my column, which is Ask Triple.G.


The other day i saw a commercial for this curling shampoo, im not quite sure what brand or anything it is, i was wondering if anyone knows what i am talking about and if they have ever used it? because i have pretty straight hair and i want my hair wavy, but not curly curly.

hey. there is this stuff, John Frieda Frizz Ease shampoo that may work:


hope this helps!! :] ♥ ♥ ♥


Wait... are you sure you never got my message? Because when I logged on, I was informed that I got suspended. When it showed me the question, it was the one where I told you that you were pretty. Very pretty. I am a girl, but I like complimenting. It told me that the columnist does not know me, and that the columnist finds it creepy. It told me that I'm not here to tell people "how pretty they are"

hey. yeah i dont think that i got the message. hmm. i looked at my last 4 pages and i didnt really see anything. when did you send it? that could maybe help me. i dont think that i would have rejected it if you were complimenting me! weird. well i dont know what to do? could you maybe send me the message and i will see if it sounds familiar. that is weird that they would suspend you for that reason. again i am sooo sorry about it, did you try getting a new account? send me the message okay?? and thanks so much for the compliment. you are so sweet! ♥ i wish that it didnt have to end up this way!! ♥-X-♥


HELLO STINA!! This is ur lovely friend Jenn saying i just got an advice column so u better be asking me questions and adding me as a friend

much love

oh how i love my friend jenn! i love her so much. and i want her to know that i will deff. ask her questions and add her as a friend! much love! ♥-X-♥


How do you get a picture so big to fit on your column? I tried, and it always says "You tried to download a picture, but it was too big"

hey. i didnt know how to do this either? but i did a little research and asked some people for you. they said that you have to use the Paint program. when you are there you have to load your picture onto it. then you have to pick "image" on the top bar and then go to "sketch skew". it will be at 100 percent and you just need to make the percentage smaller. if its too big or too small just press undo. save it then go to the site and click edit column. ( i think that is it). then go down until you find the picture thing, then click brower,then find the picture and that should do it! good luck! hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


Heey guys :D
HAPPY 666 (6/6-06) HAHA :P

Okeey, here's the thing, I just got a new bulletin board to my room, and I wanna make it cool!

What can I put upexcept pictures (already done that) is there anythikng else, any ideas to make it look cool??


hey. you could paint funkny colored stripes on it, or just paint anything on it. or fill it with sequins, or those really cool flat bottom glass marble thingies. (http://www.notmartha.org/tomake/marblemagnets.html) you could maybe do something like reapolster the wood with some cool fabric that matches your room. good luck! hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


My friends always tell me im pretty and that im the skinniest out of all of us whenever i say im fat or that im ugly or hate my hair and things like that and i dont know if they are doing this to make me feel better or not? what do you think?

hey. i would trust them. if they are your friends then you should believe what they say. they could be telling the truth but then exaggerating it a bit to make you feel better. you just have to use your judgement and see if they only give you compliments when you are complaining about yourself. hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


how long is a half a mile and a mile? and how many calories do you burn running half a mile and a mile?

hey. a mile is 5280 feet. then a half mile is 2640 feet. about the calorie: it all depends on how fast you fun the mile/half mile and how steep the incline is, and what the terrian is like. here is a site that may help though:


hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


does anyone knows a great slow jam songs?
can u please give me a 10 at least and thanks a lot =)

hey. here is a list of songs:

1. Slow Jam - Midnight Star
2. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
3. Lady - The Whispers
4. Turn Off The Lights - Teddy Pendergrass
5. The Whole Town's Laughing At Me - Teddy Pendergrass
6. How Can Yo Mend A Broken Heart - Al Green
7. As We Lay - Shirley Murdock
8. We Both Deserve Each Other's Love - L.T.D.
9. Cry Together - The O'Jays
10. Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore
11. Sideshow - Blue Magic
12. Never Let You Down - Maze
13. Sail On - Commodores
14. You Are Everything - The Stylistics
15. You Are My Lady - Freddie Jackson
16. I've Got Love On My Mind - Natalie Cole
17. I've Got So Much To Give - Barry White

hope this helps!! :] ♥-X-♥


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