Im Adri. Im 14 and my friends say im the go to person when they need help. So. I decided to make a advice thingy and see how that works. I go to WBHS and im in 9th Grade. Ask Me ANYTHING you need to know


Is anyone else out there completely in love with someone who is far away for a while? This is so hard I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 19 and we only had a month to get to know eachother and fall in love. I have never met someone who made me feel the way he did. Hes away figuring out his life and getting a job he plans on being with me afterwards but its so hard. Im scared that this will break us apart.

I'm in a long distance relationship too.
I'm fifteen, my boyfriends sixteen.
We had a little longer to get to know eachother,
but he distance still does really suck.
Actually, It won't break you up.. if you both
really want to be together. Its all about how
much you really want to try. Because it is pretty
hard. My boyfriend just visited this weekend :D
I live by this quote :
"The best thing about long distance relationships
is that every kiss is like this first"

I thought that was so cute.
If you two really should be together.. then it'll
work. And if he is really committed.. isn't at
all interested in any other girls. Just ask him
to visit as much as he can. It hurts, but its
worth it when you see them. :)


me and my best guy friend are both 14
i really like him, more than i've ever
liked a guy before,i've liked him since
like last december over the summer though
he came out to me and told me he was gay
i still like him though, and i really need
to get over him, what do i do?
& @ age 14 do you really think he could
be gay??

oh and i cant ask my friends, cos im the
only one that knows hes gay

and guess what?
i'm going out with the guy i liked,
the one who thought he was gay.
don't give up. really.
he might just be upset, or confused.



i think i developed bulimia around last november. ever since thanksgiving i've been throwing up like everything i eat. i used to binge but i stopped and i try to only eat when i absolutely have too. but today i ate some chips, freaked out and purged and i threw up some blood. i'm scared. it's never happened to me before. what happened? what do i do? i don't think i can stop i really can't. if i do i'm afraid i'll get really fatter.
i'm like 5'6" and last time i checked 121 pounds. normally i check everyday but i've been afraid to lately. i don't know what to do. i'm scared. my mom kinda knows about it but she's only said something to me twice. i don't get how i could overcome this. how?

any advice?

thanks so much.

alright, i'll be real with you.
a year ago, i was in the same situation
as you are. my best friends mom is a nurse
and she walked into the bathroom when i was
throwing up.
great huh?
its a bad thing to go through. i'm 5'2"
and i weighed 88 pounds at the time.
i'm 15..
if your vomit had blood in it.
thats really bad.
when you throw up, it can cut the inside
of your throat.
you really need to talk to a friend, or
a doctor, or someone thats close to you,
that you can trust.
i'm serious.


But the guy i want to do it with is 10 years older than me what should i do

well, depending on your age, it could be illegal.
meaning, big trouble for both of you.

ever heard of statitory rape? yeah.
not so good.

i, personally, think people should wait til
marrige. til you find someone that you love,
and that you know you'll be with for the rest
of your life. why waste your virginity on some
old guy? wait until you find someone you can't
live without. it'll be worth it. you won't
regret waiting. i promise.

it is your choice. but if your asking about
it online, to random people, well then i'm
not so sure you're ready. just give it time.
if its supposed to happen, it will. just
don't let your guy pressure you into anything
you don't feel ready to do. thats messed up.

hope this helped :]


hey, im going into ninth grade and i need a new backpack or something to carry my stuff in, my old one is lost. so i was wondering what are like the styles. is it messenger bags or backpacks or what. so if you could give me some ideas or links of cute bags that would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks!

victorias secret, and hollister,
all have pretty cute bags.
if your going into high school,
and you're gonna have alot of books,
then you'll want to have something you
can sling over your shoulder.
having alot of weight on your back
can make it hurt, alot.


okay so i have just recently gotten side bangs and during the school day i notice that they start to get greasy and kind of separate. it is pretty gross. any way, are there any tips or products i can use to prevent this from happening? thanks in advance! =]

i've had side bangs since seventh grade,
i have the same problem.

you need to get used to the hair
in your face.
if you touch your bangs alot,
the oils from your hands get into
your hair.
causing them to seperate, and get

so try to clip them back sometimes.


This question is just to get opinions:
If someone you knew told you that they cut themselves, what would your first reaction be? Would you think they were crazy, would you try to help them, would you be scared of them, or what?

most of the time. people do it for attention.
they're just normal people that are going
through a hard time.
so, help them. don't yell at them
don't control them.
talk to them.

now, if they're cutting in places,
less noticeable,
like their legs or body,
then, that could be serious.

cutting on the wrists, arms, etc
[noticeable places]
is a cry for attention.


ok so im always getting wet and its like gooey clear stuff and i want to wear thongs but i cant even wear underwear without a pantyliner on. what is wrong with me

totally gross, but totally normal.
they have special panty liners for it at local drug stores.


ok. can anyone come up with a convincing way to get my mom to let me have a myspace?

tell her that you can make it private
and that people cant see it unless you CONFIRM their request to be your friend
tell her you wont put your real adress town city etc.
you wont put your real name, put like a nickname
and tell her if she wants she can check up on it every other month or so?



what do you think a girl does when she likes you? Like, what does a girl do that makes you think that she likes you (if that makes sense)... and what do you do to show a girl that you like her.

also, what are somethings that you dont' like a girl to do, or what you find unattractive.


im a girl
but one of my friends, hes in college
he was talking to me one night
and telling me that
some turnoffs for him when it comes to girls
are things like drinking and smoking
and hooking up with a bunch of diffrent guys.


i am 13 and the kid i like is 17 his name is will. we made out about 3 months ago. it was just a one night stand. =/ but ever scine then i can never stop thinking about him. like ill just be in class and ill day dream about him. at first i thought ill get over it. but it had been 3 months and i still havent. i only see him once every 2 weeks. whenever i see him i run up to him and hug him so tight. and some times he sleeps at my friends house with me. but latly he has been mean to me. i didnt do anything. i just want to stop thinking about him. anyone have any advice?


honey hes seventeen.
my friend is in your exact position.
just be friends with him
dont make it more then it is.
but ask him why hes being a jerk.
and dont hook up with him agian
that wont help you get over him at all.


I'm 15, 5'1 and I weigh 85 pounds.

No, I never had an eating disorder.

I really want to gain 15 pounds.. Because I can't fit in a size 0 or 1 in jeans. I would like my hipbones not to stick out.. or my shoulder blades..

I want some fat on me. But I dont know what foods to eat. I know fatty foods, but list some meals. I'm going to do a milkshake a day. Or close to every day. (Is that healthty?)

I have a very high metabolism.. I heard, you should eat at night or before bed because you won't burn off the fat or something ?

If people think losing weight is hard.. gaining weight is even harder.

I've been struggling with it for 2 years.

me too!
im 14, 5'2 and 90 pounds.
i totally understand how you feel.
i ate alot of cheetohs and stuff.
and like junk food. but eat fruit too.
i usd to weigh 82 pounds like 6 months ago.
ive always struggled with being underweight.


ok. so homecoming is coming up. and my dress is teal. and up to my knees and a halter top. i just dont know what color of make up i should wear. i dont think teal would be good...tahts just to much and will most likely look terrible. so i guess im just asking for some ideas. im kinda tan. kind of olive-ish colored skin. brown eyes.


try brown eyeliner
and maybe some gold eyeshadow
shimmer dust or somthing liek that


Is it appropriate for my 12 year old 7th grade sister to wear a little makeup for when she cheerleads at football games. If so, what kind?

try light light blush maybe?
clear mascara
and some clear lipgloss.


So, today is my 19th birthday, and since I live in Canada that means I can drink! The funny thing is that I really don't know where to start buying since I'm not much of a drinker. Can anyone tell me what the makings of a good basic liquor cabinet are?

I've already got vodka and Kahlua... but I don't know where to go from there!

i cant really tell you were to purchase these things
buut mix kahlua with coke or milk and its SO GOOD.


ok so
im suppose to be getting my period soon
and i have a party to go to on friday
and my friend has a hot tub
and im not one of those people who like tampons
i just never wear them
and when i try to put them in they hurt
either im doing ti wrong but i dont think thats it
or do i have like a problem?
or is it just that my "down there" isnt used to it at all

theres diffrent sizes.
try playtex slimfit.


14/f/8th grade
I went to the dentist not long ago and they said I might want to get braces because one of my teeth were starting to overlap another, and I have a slight overbite. I don't really know if I should get them or not though. I don't want to be known as Metal Mouth all through highschool. But then again they will just get worse from here and I could have them off before my senior year, right..? But I have a boyfriend and you know we makeout and everything. Well we dont 24/7 we go to the movies and do other fun things. But can I kiss (not with my mouth closed) with braces?
Please help. I need to have some answers soon. I have to got back in a few days and I want to think these anwers over.

i got braces last spring break
and i just started ffreshman year
this like week
and i havnt heard one person crack
a joke about them
if your teeth get messed up
and you dont get braces
youll regret it.


Iwas just wondering if stuff like nail polish remover and permanent markers could get you high?
If they can.. dont you think its kind of dumb to have products such as that when they could probably easily develope something that isnt harmful?

permanant markers and nail polish remover can get you high.
its dumb yeah, but when they invented them they werent thinking of that.
[also.. the air in the whip cream bottle before the whip cream gets you high.]

they really dont think of this when they create products..


ok well the thing is ive been going out with this girl for 6 months. im 15 so is she! i want to finish with her as she is too clingy and does not give me any room to breathe. the problem is she loves me more than anything and she might do something really stupid. ive also taken her virginity and is o broke up she would brand me as a user. how do i go about breaking up with her but not hurt her?

not sure if your gunna be able to break up with her with out hurting her, but i guess your best approach would be telling her you need your space.
and if she says stuff about you then fine. shes bitter and immature.
dont go out with her just bcuz you dont want to hurt her.. trust me. ive dealt with this same thing before. :)
hope this helps.


Has anyone tried the dangerously straight shampoo and conditioner by herbal essences? Do they actually make your hair straigh? or is it for people who have straight hair? my hair is kinda wavy and im looking for a product that will make my hair straight. i already have a flat iron. and i use that alot..so i was looking to find another way to straighen my hair. so if any of you have any ideas..let me know! thanks!

it worked on my hair for like 2 weeks, and then it just worked like normal shampoo and conditioner. but ijust bought the hello hydration stuff and it makes my hair SO soft. so if you straighten your hair and stuff, then get the hydration one so your hair doesnt get fried.


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