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Question Posted Friday September 1 2006, 2:29 am

Iwas just wondering if stuff like nail polish remover and permanent markers could get you high?
If they can.. dont you think its kind of dumb to have products such as that when they could probably easily develope something that isnt harmful?

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holahayley56 answered Saturday September 2 2006, 9:31 am:
Yeah it can get you high, alot of things can get you high. But, its only for like a brief second, you have to keep enhaling it & enhaling it, & then you'll also, lose brain cells. So, don't do it, ever. I don't really nesscarily think its dumb, because its not really 'that' harmful. I kinda figure it as, the people that enhale it are pretty dumb. The manufactors arn't responsible for peoples stupid descisions, yano?

[ holahayley56's advice column | Ask holahayley56 A Question

orphans answered Friday September 1 2006, 9:37 pm:
yept they make you reall high. they can give you permanent brain damage and possibly even kill you. well you arent really supposed to be getting high off of it,so itsa ok to sell them. its the buyers responsibilty

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

adviice_whore answered Friday September 1 2006, 8:59 pm:
Yeah both of those things can make you high. When they were first made no one really thought of that though. But if your really concerned about getting high from those things just try not to breathe them in alot haha. ♥

[ adviice_whore's advice column | Ask adviice_whore A Question

adrifacee answered Friday September 1 2006, 8:57 pm:
permanant markers and nail polish remover can get you high.
its dumb yeah, but when they invented them they werent thinking of that.
[also.. the air in the whip cream bottle before the whip cream gets you high.]

they really dont think of this when they create products..

[ adrifacee's advice column | Ask adrifacee A Question

LM answered Friday September 1 2006, 3:33 pm:
Yea, they can make you high. Whoever said permanent markers doesn't make you feel high has never tried it =D.

And they make these products because they're useful to people. Plus, peopel can get high off of pretty much anything.

Take the smell of new shoes. It's basically plastic and man-made products releasing chemicals. And I love that smell. Now, wouldn't it suck if they stopped making new shoes because I go to that store to smell the air? Exactly.

So yea, I suppose polish remover and such IS dangerous, but so is going to school everyday and eating the "food". Life is all about taking risks. =]

[ LM's advice column | Ask LM A Question

Jodieee answered Friday September 1 2006, 2:16 pm:
Yeah they can get you high if you inhale enough of it.
Dont do it though, its really really not good for you.
You can find lots of things now a days that you can get high off of.
Its impossible to make something that works without the smell of it.
example: gasoline..people get high off of that..sometimes they die..but people still need gas, its just the teenagers are messed up and need help because they have a bad bad addiction.

[ Jodieee's advice column | Ask Jodieee A Question

ductape_n_roses answered Friday September 1 2006, 9:42 am:
Permanent markers can't get you high but nail polish remover, house cleaning porducts and such substitute as inhalents to teenagers these days.

And it's basically imp[ossible to make it impossible. If they add water and nothing else, then it wouldn't get the job done.

Even the smallest product can get kids high so just keep that in mind

[ ductape_n_roses's advice column | Ask ductape_n_roses A Question

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