:.Hey x3
My name is Emily and blah blah blah.

:.I have a lot of personal, family, and friend issues of my own so a lot of times, I can probably relate to you a lot of times if you have personal, family, and/or friend issues.

:.I can offer a lot of information, help, and advice on family and friend relationships, love lives, depression, stretching/flexibility, weight loss, violin, being organized, dog training, forensics (public speaking), keeping up with school/extracurricular activities, eating disorders, writing (stories and poems), and probably a lot of other random stuff like what to drink when you eat something spicy and why.

:.Although I can help a lot of you guys on the above subjects, I don't tend to take my own advice so it can become quite an awkward/ironic/contradicting situation for me or make myself sound like a complete and utter hypocrite.

:.Hannah Whitall Smith once said, "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right." I agree 100% of it. Advice is advice and it is given when asked for. I give it and I leave it at that. It's up to the questioner/advice seeker to take it.

:.That point leads onto my philosophies in advice giving:
1. Advice is given when asked and no time else, unless your friend is about to irritate a black bear, then you should definitely advice your friend to back away and run for his or her life.
2. Advice is not critical, not judgmental, and definitely not biased. Advice is advice and should remain neutral.
3. Advice is to help, not to get 5s on every answer. As a result, my advice ends up being quite blunt and frank with a hint of rambling mixed in.

If you have general questions on the topics I can be a lot of help in (as listed above), most likely, they will be in my FORUM

If it is not, you can inbox me to request me to put it up.

:.If you want to ask me a question directly...
a)if it is not urgent and can wait a week or so, inbox me.
b)if it is an urgent question such as "I'm being eaten by a shark! What do I do???" first of all, I'm quite amazed that you can type while being eaten and second of all, e-mail me at cancel.life@gmail.com. I will answer you by midnight of that day (or if it's 11:55PM, probably by 3PM the following day).


In more recent times, the business that I have been working for has been firing employees every day, because sales and new contracts have been low and they can't afford to keep them around.

Unfortunately, because they don't want their unemployment payments to go up, they've been firing people over the smallest of reasons.

Now they're going after my job, for NO reason. I have no written warnings, never had any workplace performance problems, and up until now was actually rewarded for my skill at what I do.

So... I'm in trouble. I might be getting fired, for reasons that are complete lies.

What should I do? And after I'm fired, then what should I do next?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

My dad's company fired 75% of its employees, but at least they got "repayment" money. My dad was one of the last several to stay behind and when the company closed, my dad didn't get a single penny.

Instead of focusing on the now, focus on the later. Start building a resume and post it up and send it to whatever company you can, even if it requires you to move. That's the best advice...


ok i didn't know which category to put my question in, i thought etiquette would be right because having neat eyebrows is part of it. Anyways, i don't know how to do my eyebrows, i usually over tweese and its just bad.. So some instructions or advice would really help.. I don't have any beauty parlours near by so i cant go to any professionals unfortunately..

For now, let your eyebrows grow out fully to where it was.

AFTER they have grown, follow this guide:

Before you even tweeze, get an eyeliner that will show up if you draw on your eyebrows (i.e. if you have dark browns, white eyeliner. if you have light brows, black eyeliner). Using the picture guide, draw the outline (literally) of what you want your eyebrow to look like. Then tweeze only the hairs OUTSIDE the line.

However, I don't know how old you are, but if you're still in your teens and not over mid 20s, you shouldn't tweeze your eyebrows but rather get one of those eyebrow shaving blade things. This is because if you start tweezing at an early age, by the time you get to mid 20s, your face will have changed shape so your eyebrow outline that fit your teenage face won't with your adult face and you might end up with a scanty supply of eyebrows when you get older from all the plucking.


I have a difficult time remembering who has the right away when I'm driving. Can someone list as many as you can and explain who has the right away?

Check your local DMV (place or online), but this is the general rule:

Pedestrians/bicycle riders always have right of way...then

Cars going straight have right of way...then

Cars on the major road have right of way...then

Cars turning right have right of way...then

Cars turning left have right of way (pretty much, left turning cars don't have a right of way. they'll always be last ot go)


i am a male of 20. i have been going to gy for a while (3 years). after a lot of efforts i succeeded in gaining muscle mass as i ama eggetarian(no flesh) and it prooved harder then i thought. as a source of protein i have been having cheese in adequate amounts and some eggs to but not daily.but this winter i gaines weight around my belly and chest which i hate.the thing is if will try to cut my diet a bit then i may loose my hard earned muscles but i want to loose excess fat without loosing the muscle mass. shoul i continue having the cheese and eggs stuff while i am under the weight control period ar are they too fat increasing in nature that they may make t\my efforts to loose weight gain go in vain. please help me and even with additional tips if u can.

That is a link to see how much of carbs, fats, and proteins you should consume. From the protein list, limit nut intake and try to consume foods like tofu or lentil that are very filling and way low in fat content.

One mistake that people make (not saying you are one of them) is that they stick to the same exercise routine for long periods of time. Eventually, your body will adapt to what you're doing, which in short will bring you little to no results. So I suggest you do a lot of circuit training that is switched up every 2 weeks. You could focus on a different part of your body each day and every 2 weeks switch up the order. You could work out your entire body, just switch up what you do to work out your body every 2 weeks. Get it? Awesome.

If you want to gain weight but lose fat and keep your muscles, keep going with your weight training. Muscles are not like balloons: you can't pop them up with a blow. Genetically, we are all different, and while some people may be able to build up muscle in like a month, there are others that can take much longer to build up those same amounts of muscle. Also, we are all different in physique.

Keep in mind that in order to have your muscles showing, you need to get rid of the fat covering up your muscles. So getting rid of excess fat will take time, building up muscle strength and endurance will take time, then comes the muscle toning to make it show, which will take quite a time. Just be patient and keep up with training.


Okay so I've asked this question before but I didn't exactly word it right so I didn't really get good results, so here it is. I have a huge crush on this boy ( let's call him dave ) and he's told me he likes me, but made it clear that now is not a good time for a girlfriend, I don't really know how to explain our relationship, its pretty confusing but my friends call us "the couple that isn't dating" so that's kind of what's going on there... Anyways, one night dave and I were talking and we got onto the subject of this other boy at our school ( lets call him mark ). Now dave and mark aren't exactly friends but they are friendly, if that makes any sense. So I told dave that I didn't really like mark all that much, and dave seemed kind of surprised by this, and he asked why. Then I told dave how things went between mark and me. See, mark can be a jerk sometimes, I feel like he can be really nice and sweet but he hits on girls a ton and sometimes he takes it a little too far, which is what he did to me. At lunch he started grinding on me and pushed me against the locker, I didn't tolerate it. I tried to push him off, I couldn't, but he got the idea and stopped. I told him how out of line he was and we haven't had an incident like that since, but it still makes me mad and he continues to hit on me. When I told dave about this incident, I told him the story as an explanation for why I wasn't very fond of mark. But then dave said something that really pissed me off, dave said "mark is just tring to have some fun." now I know this is just a comment, and maybe im over sensitive but it really made me mad that dave saw the situation like that. What mark did was disrespectful and not only was dave seeing it as no big deal, but he was acting like it was okay that mark did this to me. Sorry, but I am not a toy, I get enough crap from mark and it upset me that dave would defend him like that. Dave has always been so respectful and sweet to me, so I couldn't understand how he saw the situation like that. After dave made that comment I was about to argue but dave said it was late and that he had to go. I've let too many days go by so I don't think I can really bring it up again but I don't know if this should concern me that dave said that or if you think I'm making a big deal out of it. That attitude didn't seem like the dave I know, and I don't want him to see me like that...

I honestly don't want to sound like a slut-b.tch over here. Just giving you my point of view on this.

I have a guy at my school that is a complete, 100% horndog. He will hit on any girl anytime, regardless of whether he has a girlfriend or not. Me, I'm a pretty chill person and I'll admit that I'm not a 100% prude, pure minded person. When he does stupid, slightly perverted things aimed at me, I just go along with it jokingly, and if he takes it too far, I just push him away and call him a manwhore. But after that, I don't take offense because I know he's just that kind of a person, he didn't mean anything honest "I want to get in your pants" thoughts and he didn't mean to deliberately invade my personal space just because he thought he had the right to. He's just fooling around being the immature boy he'll eventually (if ever) grow out of.

And, yes, there are some people that are very protective about getting respect from guys. There was nothing wrong with you defending for yourself and being offended by Mark's actions. There is nothing wrong with you not having the best of relationships with Mark because of that incident.

However, I believe that a person can believe whatever he or she wants to. Dave, I'm sure, is a very nice guy, but let's face it: he is a guy. Think about it from another point of view: you had a girl friend who is a wacky person and she does a wacky thing to your guy friend and he takes offense. It's human nature to side with your gender. You're going to think (Or at least I think) that the girl just did something wacky because she's a wack job.

Dave is entitled to his opinions and as a guy, it doesn't surprise me at all that he would side with Mark. It really doesn't matter if he's the son of some divine power: he's a guy. I have a guy friend that is way too prude for me to even understand. He is the 100% gentleman that is always responsible, nice, sharing, and kind to everyone all the time. And if I were to go about complaining about the first guy to this nice guy I know, he (honestly) would say: he's just being him and thinks it's funny.

Now, your Dave might have not meant it like "he's trying to have fun, he has the right." He might have meant, "That's what he does for fun, don't take it too seriously." I don't know what tone he said it in, but sometimes what one person says can be translated different, blurred by what you were thinking and have engraved in your head concerning Mark.

Sorry this is so long. In short: Mark is a guy, Dave is a guy, it's human nature to stick with same genders. Mark is just that type of a person so he did what he usually does. Nothing was wrong of you to take offense. At the same time, I don't believe Dave meant anything suggestive when he said, "Mark is just trying to have some fun." If you just take a breather and place this situation and you stand in an outside point view and think through it carefully, I'm sure that somewhere in your heart, you will realize that Dave really, really honestly didn't mean to sound like a horndog himself or suggest that you were being too prude or anything offensive.

So just forget about this ordeal (after you think it through from an outside PoV) and go on with your daily life like this never happened =)


14/F Sorry this might be a little long.

So there's this girl who's been at our school for awhile now maybe a month or two let's call her L... there's been two new girls after her, so she's not really the new girl anymore... So my friend, let's call her E, has been friends with her for awhile (L was at a school with a bunch of people from our school, so it's not like she doesn't know ANYONE), so she hangs out with us.

I kind of liked L at first, but now she's getting on my and my other friends nerves. She's sort of clingy to us, and she kind of doesn't shut up. She talks about weird things, like how she talks to ghosts and how much she loves her little brother and how much she loves bologna...etc.

Now, I'm not a mean person at all. I'm always really nice to her and I talk to her and stuff, but she seems to ignore me a lot, and she doesn't even know my name still. And no, I'm not exaggerating that, she really doesn't know my name, or any of my other friend's names (except for E). She's also really mean to my some of my guy friends, and two of my girl friends in particular. With my guy friends, she doesn't let them sit at our lunch table and yells at them and calls them creeps. With my 2 girls friends, she picks at their interests/disinterests and is always yelling at them and being a bitch to them

So yes, I know there's really nothing I can do about it. And yes, I also know I might sound like I'm being judgmental, but I'm trying really hard not to be. I always give people chances and I'm really nice to people, but she seems to be passing up every chance I give her, and she's mean to me, so that's not fair.

What I'm asking is, how am I supposed to tell E that no one is really warming up to her? I know E is allowed to be friends with whomever she wants, but I can never, EVER be around E alone or talk to her privately without L crowding around us. E is totally oblivious to her behavior. So I need help on what to do! Thank you so much!

L doesn't sound much like a social butterfly.
If she doesn't want to warm up to people, she doesn't have the right to judge people. And if she's constantly picking on your friends when she doesn't even know them and they have been nice to her, well, let's put it in simple terms: she has major issues. Yes, there are people who are complete oblivious b.tches to those around them unless they get to know a person really well and vice versa--then they might be nice. But sometimes you have to know when to put a break to hostility, right?

You friend E might just be as oblivious with what's happening, or she's just trying to be really nice to this girl.

Honestly, if it was me, I would say something like this to E, "I know you're really good friends with L and all, but she's being hostile to a lot of people around you as well as me. I don't want to sound mean or anything but that's the truth. You can be friends with whoever you want, it's your choice and right. However, since you're on good terms with her, would you please see why she's acting so hostile or at least get her to open up and be nicer to people around her? Honestly, I don't know if I can take much of her anymore and I don't want this to wedge in between us. We've been friends for (x)years and I love you, but she's getting on my nerves and I don't feel welcome around her, but she's always with you. I'm not trying to be nit picky or telling you to ditch her as a friend. Really, I'm not. I'm just asking if you can find out why she's so angry towards people or at least get her to be nice to us."

Good luck.


alright, i weighed like 158, and now i weight like 168, because of xmas. i really need some help getting on my diet, im trying to ween myself off of the junk food and eating too much, its just really hard. Any fast ways of doing this??

i serioulsy need to get back where i was so i can look good in a bikini

1) Set a LONG term goal (e.g. lose 30 lbs by 2010)
2) Set SHORT term goals (e.g. lose 5 lbs by February)
3) Set ways to achieve your goals (e.g. I will exercise for 10min everyday)

In simplistic terms, you need to burn more than your caloric intake to lose weight.
3500 calories is 1 lb of fat…
If you eat 500 calories less than your BMR everyday, you can lose 1 lb per week.
If you eat all your BMR and exercise off 500 calories everyday, you can lose 1 lb per week.
Better yet, if you divide those 500 calories between eating and exercising, you’ll lose 1lb per week.
Find a way to get rid off those 500 calories from your caloric intake everyday. Controlled eating + exercising is the best way – not one way or the other.

Exercising: get at least 30min of exercise in 3 times a week and at least 10min of exercise in 4 times a week.

Don’t follow the same set of exercises every week! Change it up every week so that you’ll burn more calories. Try exercising in the morning on an empty stomach…it’ll get your metabolism up higher for the entire day.

Eating: have someone at school criticize your for eating artery clogging foods. Tell your family at home your plans so that you don’t run into brick walls with them.

Try to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day so you keep your metabolism going and not slow down. These smaller meals should consist mainly of lean protein, veggies, whole grains, and fruits. Avoid any creamy dressings/soups instead go for clear dressings/soups. Avoid junk food (duh) including diet sodas (they trick you into thinking you can eat more since you had 0 calories and eventually, the fake sugar will be taken in as real sugar by your body, thus countering the effect of a 0 calorie sugar).

IF you want more advice, inbox me or email me =)


I need to lose weight fast. I think I look gross and I think my boyfriend does too.

1. Dump your boyfriend for being such a .sshole
2. Dump the idea that you need to lose weight for your "boyfriend"
3. Dump the idea that you can lose weight fast because you can't.

I don't know what your current stats are so I can't help much. I don't know how much time you're willing to put in, how much effort you are willing to put in to changing your eating habits.

The general rules:
3500 calories = 1 pound of fat. cut 500 calories from your caloric intake everyday for a week = 3500 calories...oh look, you lose a pound.

eat healthy foods - not including diet sodas, sodas, high sugar juices, junk foods, etc.

exercise 3 times a week for 30-40min OR 6 times a week for 10-15 min.

If you want more tips, inbox me or go to my advice column and click the link to my forum (given in the right column)


I really hate doing crunchy's and sit ups and ab workouts.. Is there any fun ways to work out your abs or different ways.. Thankss!

Hula Hoops
Belly Dancing
While studying (seriously...make flashcards. make yourself do 5 crunches for every card you miss. You get studying time + ab workout)



worth it?

Honestly, I never use a curling iron anymore. It never holds, it always gives me weird, unwanted curls, and they can be a little hassling to use.

I use Revlon 1" straightener to curl my hair. Yes, I use a straightener to curl. It works, I like it. It has a range from heat 1 to heat 25, it heats up in 1 min (no joke), and the cord rotates 360 so that it doesn't tangle around your hand or come unplugged. And the best thing is that I got it for $20--a straightener and curler for $20???!?! Unbeatable.

http://www.nextag.com/Revlon-1-Inch-Ceramic-531720332/prices-html?nxtg=9ecf0a28050c-B82CD30F0F7CBF16 (straightener)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQzOYXq14a8 (proof you can curl with straightener)


1 what do you girls put on your face before putting on all your make-up? (i mean .. like some kind of moisturizer)

2 what do you put on your hair to keep it healthy? (like.. how you maintain healthy haiiirrr :)

1. I wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil then I put on Neutrogena moisturizer (oil-free). Some days I put on sunscreen, but a lot of days I just forget. Then I put on some eye and lip make up. I don't really use any powder/foundation/concealer/blush stuff.

2. For my hair, I take a shower with something from Bath & Body Works OR Head & Shoulder...it changes depending on which one is closer to my reach. Then maybe once a week I apply Fructise conditioner, brush my hair through, and leave it in my hair for a few minutes. Then I rinse and at the end of the shower, I rinse through my hair again with cool water. I rarely blow dry my hair. When it is dry, I put some Fructise Sleek & Shine (I think...it's the one that controls frizz) in my hair. Then I'm done.


When you lose a lot of weight, do your feet shrink at all? Like if you weigh a lot and then lose a bunch of weight. I mean if you have wide feet and then lose weight could you possibly not have wide feet anymore?

If you're overweight and you lose a lot of weight, yes there may have been some fat that have accumulated on your feet gone -- thus changing your feet size a little.

However, you may not see too much of a change.



I have to do this coursework for english.
So, any ideas for a 3/4 a4 page story thtat either,

a) ends with the words, "I know she knows. And I don't care."


b) has the title, "Looking Back"

Thanks, x


Reading through that (or skimming through) will give you a better sense of how to approach your paper.

Going against my ideals of -writers should write what they can think of/what they want- I'll give you some help.

a) Maybe someone who has been living a lifestyle limited by the fact that the person was concerned with what a girl ("she" in the sentence) thought of him/her

b) Anything with childhood memories. It can be a grown adult looking back on his/her life, whether it's a regret, happy memories, or realization of something.



Does anyone know any korean romantic comedies? Movies such as "He Was Cool" or "Temptation of Wolves"? I want a movie where the characters are still in high school and stuff, thank you!

Well, these aren't high school based characters but I loved these dramas:

Fantacy Couple
My Girl
High Kick (not really romance, love based)



14/f. I'm a freshman. I want to find a sport. I'm not like good at anything. I want a sport I feel like i'm wasting my life. I can't think of anything. I used to run so I can run long and short distance. I don't want to do track or cross country. Been there done that. I like football, not that great. And i'm a girl. So yea. I know I could still do it but it'd be harder you know? sport suggestions?!?!

All I can tell you is to get your physicals done ASAP. Your school will have certain sports for certain seasons of the year.

TRY OUT FOR ANYTHING you have mediocre skills for. (tennies, soccer, softball--they seem like okay choices).

At our school, unless you suck horribly, you're in the team.


i weigh 165 and i really needa lose more weight than i already have. i'm at a plateau. i dont know what to do. i don't have any more time for exercise.

can you PLEASE help me out?! anything is appreciated. and i know that i have to "maintain a healthy lifestyle" and "eat healthy" but i really need support, help as to what i should eat, or YOUR STORY ON HOW YOU LOST WEIGHT =]]

Detox diet/fasting = bad idea. It'll just slow down your metabolism and you'll gain all the weight back within 5 days.

Find at least 15min to exercise everyday. 15min!!! Even if it's just watching TV, jog in place. IF you're waiting for something, stand up and wait. There are lots of adjustments you can make that are minor and not time consuming that will burn more calories.

Eating should of course be regulated daily to a healthy meal. Junk food elimination. Eat 5 times a day (or 3 small-medium meals plus 2 healthy snacks in between).

If you go to my forum page (you can go there by going to my page and clicking the link for my forum provided), there should be topics I posted about losing weight.

I think my major weight loss was during the summer after I got my braces. I couldn't eat much stuff so I ended up cutting out like 80% of all junk food. Also I woke up 90% of the time at 6AM and did an hour of exercise that came on TV in the mornings...and if I didn't feel too lazy I too a run (1.5 -3 miles).

I think that the biggest problem with losing weight is that we set too high of a goal and then get discouraged and fall back into bad habits.

What I suggest is to set small goals (like lose 3 pounds in a month)--that way you're more likely to achieve them and feel more motivated to go on to lose more! Don't let a silly plateau break all that hard work you've done so far. Just find 15 minutes every day to take a brisk walk, jog, etc.--even dance around like a maniac!


Hey guys i'm 17/f. i have Normal-Dry skin that is VERY VERY Sensitive skin
I have Acne beside the nose, on the chin and forhead and about 80% of the acne is under the skin. I have tried just about every acne product in stores. (Pro-Active does not work for me)
Products either leave my skin dry, oily, or doesn't effect me at all. I used to have like breakouts every now and then but my acne started to get bad around March 08. I do feel very very stressed a lot and i know that can play a roll in causing acne.

Is there medication like pills or something that a dermatologist can give you to clear up acne that refuses to go away? If you've ever heard about it or have it yourself i would greatly appreciate it if you told me about it!! because i'm begining to think that nothing will get rid of my acne.
ALSO; Has anyone used skin ID..does it ACTUALLY work?

Personally, I never got good results from ANY medicinal products out there. They either irritated my skin, dried it out, made it peel, enlarged my pores, or did squat.

I got for homemade masks which work so much better and are NOT AT ALL irritating for my skin. Wash your face with CETAPHIL (gentle skin cleanser)and warm water. Pat it dry. Make a mask mixing two or three of any of these:

*Aloe Vera Gel (organic ones that are 97% or higher all natural).
*Cucumber mush
*Egg yolk
*Green tea (from a tea bag that's organic)
*All purpose flour

I a lot of times do milk + honey + flour; honey + flour + egg yolk; oatmeal +milk + honey (+banana sometimes); cucumber; green tea extracted in warm water + flour.

Remember to leave these on for 10-15min MAX. Wash off with warm water (and don't scrub it off either!). Also, don't do more than twice a week. It also helps if you put a warm/hot towel over your face to open up the pores before putting on the mask. After washing, at the VERY END splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

Oh days you don't do the mask: wash face twice a day. Every night before going to bed, put a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your face. wash off the next day.

*try changing pillow cases every week as well as face towels.
*keep your hair out of face
*maintain healthy diet
*sleep a lot (hopefully be sleeping from 10PM to 2AM)

Good luck


My hair is naturally very wavy and frizzy and gross. I straighten it everyday. If i DOnt straighten it everyday it gets greecy,if i scrucnh it ,it just looks bad and basiclly anything that dosent burn my hair dosent work. I put heat protective spray in my hair which also doesn't do to well consdiering my hair is very dammaged from the iron. My mom won't letme get it japanessed straightend because she thinks it will ruin my hair more and is so mcuh money. THey repair shampoo and conditioner dosen't work either. Any ideas of what i can do? thank you so much:D

I like home made treatments to fix a lot of problems. I just don't see the point in putting more chemicals in my body when I don't even know if it will work.

Well, the first thing I would suggest you do is cut off as much of the damaged hair as you will allow to be cut (aka get yourself a short-as-possible haircut). For the next few days (weeks would be better) wear your hair in a pony tail, pony tails, braids, etc. so that you won't have to straighten it. While doing that, use avocado mush, egg whites, honey, or olive oil hair treatments. Mix any of the two of the following, leave it in your clean hair for 15min (use a shower cap to cover your hair) and rinse with warm water. Also, be sure you're not using hot water when you shower as this can also damage your hair. You can try and buy an overnight/leave in conditioner, leave it in your hair over night (with a shower cap over your hair).

And the next time you straighten, use the spray and/or Fructice Anti-Frizz Serum.



(this WILL be long)

i'm 15 f. turning 16 in december.
katie just turned 14 [but shes in my grade]

Okay, last night my friend was having problems with her boyfriend.. he refused to drive her home or anywhere so i asked my boyfriend to go and get katie.

after helping her and listening to her bash on and on about her boyfriend, my mom comes upstairs and asks what we want for dinner. we dont want anything because im not hungry and katie had food at her house.

after katie and dave talked and worked everything out (via text message & phone calls) he said that he'll pick her up to talk it out more and in a more mature way talking face to face. okay..

katie offers for me to sleep over. i say okay, but my moms asleep. ill leave a note. well, right when were about to leave [and get into katies boyfriends car] my mom is coming upstairs. i whisper "shit, katie, hold my bag!" my mom says to katie & I, "what are you guys doing?" i said "i'm sleeping over katies house tonight i dont have any plans (this is like at 10 at night)". my mom was like whos driving? Well, you should always tell the truth because in the end itll just come out bad. "katies boyfriend". my mom went off the walls. she was like "I'm not allowing katie to get in the car with a boy. laura, you're staying home. katie, get your mom on the fucking [sorry for the language] phone!!!" i go "MOM, WHAT THE FUCK, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" i text my boyfriend saying "i'm sorry we cant hang out at katies tonight".

katie maturely gets her mom on the phone on her cell phone. well, my mom goes. HANG UP THE PHONE. i go.. "what the fuck mom you either want to talk to her or you DONT!" katie is like "karen, this is the only way i have to get home, so i need to take this ride. i'm getting in that car, my mom knows about it, please, chill out" my mom starts to argue with her! "katie get your mom on the phone, write down her number right now! i'm not allowing you to get in the car with a guy when i dont have your parents permission." while im just sitting there watching my mom flip a shit at my friend.. i'm getting heated as shit.

my mom calls katies moms cell phone, because her mom was out to dinner with family. "it went to voicemail and it only said please leave a message, now i dont know who the fuck i called". yet again.. im getting more and more heated. and so is katie. katie says "here, ill give you my house number" my mom calls and no one answers because yet again, THEIR OUT TO DINNER!

well, katies boyfriend shows up and he calls "katie, im here come outside please its cold" she says to my mom "well, hes here, dave hold on a second". my mom goes "who the fuck is DAVE?" she goes "my boyfriend" my mom goes "how old is he?" she says "17" i go "MOM SINCE WHEN WAS IT YOUR FUCKING BUISNESS HOW FUCKING OLD HE IS, MOM GROW THE FUCK UP (my boyfriend calls and i ment to press scilent but i accidentally answered) SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SERIOUSLY GO FUCK YOURSELF. I FUCKING HATE YOU MOM YOU'RE EMBARISSING THE SHIT OUT OF ME. HONESTLY, I WANT YOU OUT OF MY FUCKING LIFE RIGHT NOW, THATS THE HONEST TRUTH." well, my mom didnt even answer that. so katie goes "hes waiting outside, i have to go" and she just walks out. well, now becuase of her actions, im grounded. i cant go out for a week. my mom is offically physco and says "whenever you go to a friends house, or whenever they come over here, i HAVE TO TALK TO A PARENT!"

it's like my mom doesn't trust me anymore! what do i do, what do i say to her? i honestly did NOTHING! i dont even know what I! did wrong. last night i was about to kill myself, im not even kidding. it's like my mom cant accept that im growing up and that i WILL make mistakes, [oh btw my boyfriends turning 18 in november.] and she doesnt approve that my boyfriends 2 years older then i am. what ever happened to the saying "age doesnt matter?" do any of you know where im coming from? suhfiauh i need so much help, PLEASE

Okay so basically what I'm getting from this is that Katie was rambling about her boyfriend. At 10PM she was going to get picked up by her bf and you were going to go along for a sleepover. Your mom flipped about getting a ride from a boy and a heated argument started.

From a parent's point of view, yes it's understandable. 1) She doesn't know who this boy that is 17 is, 2) she doesn't want to be held reliable for anything that goes wrong to you or your friend, and 3) she's just being protective.

From Katie's point of view, she's probably thinking, wow.

From your point of view, you're thinking 1) I hate my mom, 2)what's so wrong with getting a ride from a friend's bf?

Personally what I think is that you should've just woken her and asked or just have slept over some other time when you could have gotten permission by your mom directly. You're still a minor and your parents are responsible for you. They don't want anything bad to happen to you and just the fact that you were planning to have a sleepover at a friends house without them knowing right then and there could have upset your mom. Also, the world isn't always "perfect" and there's this thing called drugs and rape.

Sure, it was a little out of bounds for your mom to be screaming at Katie. She could have just calmly said why she doesn't want her to get in the car and offered her to sleepover at your house or until she could reach her parents. She could've just stayed up for another hour and let her bf in the house until it Katie's parents gave an OK. But at the same time, you shouldn't have screamed what you screamed at your mom no matter how angry you were. (Nor should you be blaming Katie for getting grounded because you being grounded could solely be from what you screamed).

Right now you're only 15, which to you may seem mature and old enough to handle everything. In reality, you're still a minor which means that until you're out of the house, you're parents will always be overprotective of you. If you want your parents to trust you, start cleaning up your acts, watch what you say, chill out and think about why your mom would be doing this or that.

Bottom line: parents will always be overprotective and paranoid to a degree until they know you can handle things by yourself. In order to show that, you have to act like a mature lady that doesn't blow off at parents whenever she is angry.



I have this huge crush on this one guy and I don't know what to do about it. People tell me that they think he likes me, but I don't really know for sure. He doesn't go to my school, but we talk online and stuff almost everyday. How can I hint to him that I like him more than a friend? Would asking him to go a movie be too forward of me? Or should i wait for him to ask me? I'm not sure of what i should do.

Well, one thing is that no one ever knows if the other person likes them or not unless that other person directly says, "Hey, I like you."

So since you seem to have a good friendship type of thing with him, why don't you suggest he comes with you to a school dance or a movie (like you said). Or if you think those two will be too forward, suggest going to the mall, bowling, movies WITH your friends and his friends. After a while, if you think you feel comfortable enough to ask him a one-on-one "date," do so.

Or, you know, there's this thing called direct confrontation, which I never liked =P



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