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well my name is emily and i am pretty dran kool! well not really but just go with me here!XD ...yea...well i just really like to help people and i give pretty good advice! so ask away!
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I just ganed a little weight and I was wondering how you can work out your abs and thighs?? Please help! (link)
running is probly the best solution becuas it pretty much works all your magor mussles, like abs, bicepts and thighs so i would recamend that, you should probably start small like half a mile and as u getbetter keep adding half miles untill u get to like 5 miles or some thign you feel is good, you should do it six days a wek becuase that is the quickest way becuae your body needs redt after a week, hope this helps!!!

when someone is like tense and stuff or whatever, why do people say "he needs to get layed."? (link)
people say that because it kinda make a person more comfortable because they get used to having people close to them and stuff... ho[pe this helps

I am looking for a breed of dog (mixed is fine) that is especially good for children, and it would be great if it did not shed much. Thanks for any suggestions! (link)
ooo!! a black lap! they are adorable, loveing and they arent supposed to shed, unless it is a mixed breaad, hope this helps!

If a gurl is 17 in her boyfriend is in his 30s is it still rape! Dont answer if you are not sure!! (link)
yes it is rape because you are not old enough to give consent to sex, u must be 18, then u can have sex as often as you want, i hope this helps

I'm a columnist on here and have been for about a year or so. I've noticed hundreds of questions dealing with depression. While I understand that it seems to be more common in teenagers now, why is it that it is mostly girls? Is it the way they are raised? Is it imprinted in DNA? I'm interested in the psychological aspect of it and hope to major in it someday, but I've looked it up everywhere online and can't find a reliable source. Anyone know the causes of this or where to find it? Thanks. (link)
ok, depression is a very tricky ting, it can be caysed by some thing that happened to you, stress and it can come from your blood line, if boith your parents have it you are more likely to get depression, but some times people dont get it, i think that girls are more depressed then guys is because we live in world that reallymakes girls feel crappy, you turn onthe tv and there are advertizments for skinny people and sex and girls usually think more about thaose things and we get confused and some times then a girl gets depressed, at least that how i used to feel,all and all, the best way to deal with depression is to just get out of the house and situation and just get active in your comunity and make friend that will encorage you to be a better person, and if need be some times people need at take a medication to boost there endorphins and make them happyer, well i hope this helps!

its almost been a week ive been sad. and he still ignores me. i found out another reason... he thinks i like another guy, and he thinks i flirt wit' him... and its pretty much natural rightt? you flirt when you dont' know that you are... but he should've told me to change, or told me, or asked me if it was true. Instead of saying "its over." and leaving me there.. thenn some of my bestfriends is on his side, and im like "we have sides now?" and hes still ignoring me.. he looks at me.. but he doesnt takl to me, im trying to straighten things out wit him.. but he wont listen to me. its nearly impossible to get his attention. if i told my friend to tell him he'll say "so?" in a mean way. if anyone wanna know what else happened.. aim me.. i need ALOT of advice. As for it.
he seems happier than i am right now. my life is messed up at the moment, idk what to do.. im sad, im stressed out.. i cried yesterday.. i felt like crying today..
the things i wonder; if hes sad too..
if he regrets it.. [but hes hiding it.. not sure]
if he still likes me.
lemme guess you must be wondering.. "why do you even give a shit about him ?!" maybe because i still like him.. and wondering if he feels the same. i want him back at the moment. its like nothing .. or nobody can cheer me up or get my mind off of him.. HELPP ?! ADVICE.. ?! (link)
ok firstly you need to get one on one with him, and if he wont listen to you you might have to trick him into that, have one of your friends invite him to a movie for you and tell them to meet at her house, make sure it is one of the friends that is on YOUR side, and have them help you out as you talk to him. secondly you will need to plan out WHAT you want to say to him, personally i think you should start with some thing like "im sorry for flirting with guys but it just come natural to me" and work from there, because it is always best to tell the truth,every thing, and after youtalk abou that for a while ask him if he still likes you, if he says yes, ask him out, if he says no then dont let it get you down, your young on you have your WHOLE life to search fpr that some one you really love, hope this helps , byes

I have had my tongue pierced for almost a month and its a little swollen att he bottom but not usually... But everytime when i wake up its swollen... It does go down though

Whats up with this? (link)
im not reallyu all too sure but i know that bacteria build up in your mouth over night, do you brush your teeth at night? and make sure you clean your peirsing? because over night all that bateria will just sit there and mutiply and infect your peirsing, and make sure u clean it when you wake up too, well i hope this helps!

EmMi the answerer

well im 13 and wanted to know what are good jobs that higher at that age if any. (link)
wellu could get a peper route and get it regisestered under one of ur parents (thats what i had to do) or u can wait a yeaqr and become a busser (pewrson who cleans tables) or dish washer thats what i do and it really isnt that bad

what are some things that turn a girl on like nibbling her ear, licking boobs, that kind of thing, stuff that willturn her on and make her have a better time (link)
kissing her on the neck (with tongue) running your fingers down her body (finger TIPS!) just be touchy feely and go every where o yea and tickleing helps too

Hi my name is Vanessa. I live in the UK although all of my family are in South Africa. My husband is English and we have a little boy who is 14 months.

Where to begin. My husband and I have been having A LOT of problems over the past year. The birth of our son has put a lot of strain on our relationship to the point that we no longer have a relationship.

I no longer want him to touch me, we fight all the time. He is constantly calling me names. I am constantly putting him and his family down.

I have always been a little unstable. I have a history of drug abuse (3 years ago now) I was anorexic for a few years (5 years ago) I am slightly depressive and latley, I can feel myself getting more and more unable to cope.

I am in a lot of debt and that brings about a lot of financial stress. Instead of supporting each other, we use each others problems as ammunition when we argue.

I am very needy and I desperaly want someone to love me and touch me and look after me. I would not be able to cope on my own and moving to South Africa is not an option because of the debt that I am in the UK.

I need a realtionship where I am supported but I know I will not get it from my current husband. He will not go to a therapist because he can not open up to people. He says that I have made him that cold and suppressed. I don't think that is true.

We are both unhappy and have needs that are not being met. The solution would be to move on but how can I with a small baby and no friends or family in the uk??? I think that I would fall apart on my own. I think I would drive myself mad. I have done it before.

I have thought about therapy but I can not afford a therapist! I can not go on the NHS (free medical care) because that will go on my record and my husband has told me several times that he will fight for custody for our son and he will use my instability against me.

I love and cherish my son. He wants for nothing. I give him everything he needs and everyone I know says that I am an unbeliveably good mother who lives for her son. I would never in a billion years hurt him. I do fear that my husband will take him away from me if I see a therapist on the NHS.

I need a solution. Some advice. Someone that can put themselves in my situation and help me to figure out what I should do next.

I am desperatly unhappy :( Please help :)

Thanks for your time!

omg i dont even know where to start... firstly i think you should talk to yur family and tell them what is going on is there any way u can do that? because your family should always be there for you, secondly you definatly need to devorse your husband, i mean if you really feel that you cant work it out, but only do that as a last resort, you also should try and have an adult conversation with him, no yelling, no fighting, just talking, just sit down and say i really need to talk to you about this and make it clear that you dont want to start a fightas for the money issue i dont know what to say, i am sorry but i do think you should some how get involved with your comunity, join a club or something, when you are out of your house it will be easyer to think and you wont be so sad, and who knows you might even make some freands:) well thats all i amve rite now... i really hope this helps you

I'm going into 8th grade this upcoming September and this year I really wanna be all like stylish and stuff. like last year i always had my hair up and was pretty simple. i don't know what to do with my hair or makeup for the first day. i have very thick and VERY wavy dirty blonde hair. i don't want to straighten it because that's too boring for the first day. It's also kinda frizzy, no matter what i put in it. it goes down to like the middle of my back. whenever i scrunch it it always dries up and comes out very poofy and EXTREMELY curly, when i just want that 'wet' look. help please!! also -- for my makeup i have very big green eyes, they're pretty but i find them too big, i want them to stand out but with like thick dark lashes and make them pretty. lol.

suggestions on hair and makeup please ! (link)
ok for the hair maybe some thing like this
and as for the make up i would recamend like a shimmery silver color.. not a very dark one like i light one that will not stand out as much... and eye liner should probly either be a dark brown or dark green... to show the color of your eye... as for mascara you want some thing that will really pull out your lashes... so just get a good brand.. i use avon and it is great! cover girl works too but its kinda exp[ensive

hope ths helps!

I really need help. Ok there's this guy I like and i'm not sure if he likes me. Well, I think he likes me because his friend told my brother that he likes me. And all the signs are there too. But there's something telling me I shouldn't like him. I don't know why though. I mean we're friends, his brother is friends with my brother, he's really nice, cute, funny, and a great athelete. But I have a feeling that something bad will happen if he finds out that I like him and we start going out. What should I do?

P.S. I'm 13 (link)
hmmm sounds interesting.. well if in your heart you feel that you really souldnt go out with him then i would trst that.. i had a feeling about a gut like that befor and it turned out he cheeted on me.. but if you just cant get over him maybe you should go for it, life is all about trial and error... hope this helps!

Ohk i ahd answered a question on here && the person rated me a 5 for the advice.

I come home today && someone left something in my inbox saying the adivce i had given was crap & i shouldnt of given them the advice.

The question was About should i have sex because my friends are having sex && its Causing me to want to have sex. And she asked for stories about our past experiences. I left stories about why not to have sex. & that you shouldnt have it because of pressure or because of friends.

Why do People bother leaving something in your inbox telling you that your advice sucks if the person you gave it to liked it.

well it hink your right, but they do that because they have different views then you... they just have a different opinion and a stupid way of showing it.. egnor them or file a complaint cuz you did the rite thing... hope this helps!

ok the first day of school is in september wich is soon. my mom doesnt have much money, so im probally gunna get barely any school clothes and i have like no pants that fit me. any idea on how to make my old clothes new? or how to get a job to make money for my own clothes? im 13/f.

also, i want an idea for makeup i have kinda chinky eyes light milky skin.. green eyes thin lips any ideas?

also, any ideas for hair i have long hair its blonde, i want to cut it but i want somethign different any ideas? (link)
for the cloths, if you have a sowing machine or know how to sow i would say you should sow some different disigns on them.. like swirls and stuff.. but also my friends did this is with a pair of her pants... you take a pair of jeans or what ever and you take any color paint, my friend did white because it is nutral, and you take a brush and splatter paint on them in random spots, it is totaly fun and looks like you payed alot for them!!

as for makeup you should get a very light colored blush...that will just bring your cheeks out if you have really milky colored skin, for your eyes i would recament a colored eye liner.. i use a dark blue and it is soo cute looking, but with your eye color i would probly use a dark green to exadurate you eyes. and for your lips... i light color like a glossy pink or some thing.. nothing too dark cuz it would make your hair look to light then...ok o yea one last thing i would NOT recamend and foudations.. they look stupid if they get wet and you have to have the perfect color or else it looks too ark...ok!

ok i really dont kno what your you have layers? because if you dont i think that would look pretty kool and it would make it look thicker (if it is thin..i dont know!)

hope this helps!

I listen to pop/rock and I was just wondering if snyone had any good artists for these genres. Anything would be helpful! Thanks! (link)
oOo i can gelp u i think! i love music.. for rock i have- the red jump suit apparatice, greeen day, seether, fall out boy, staind and godsmack... and i cant think of any thing else rite now...and for pop i have nothing.. sorry...but i hope this helps u out!

i'm a 16 year old girl who has never done it or had even had a REAL boyfriend.
is this abnormal?
cause my friends are all off doing it and they think im such a nerd. (link)
when u are comfortable you can loose your verginaty... dont get pressured into doing it because your friends did it!if you do you wil regret me

So i am going to my bf's tomorrow and we want to do something out of the ordinary. What would be a fun activity for the two of us to do that we wouldn't normaly do? Thanks in advance (link)
ok it depends on what you "normaly do" are you sexualy active? because i dont know! lol sorry about that just clearing that up....ok when im with my boy friend i like kiss him in that corner of his guys like that...i think you can figure ot why lol

Well I was wondering if you could share your first kiss or kiss stories with me like what to do during one where to have one etc. I haven't had one yet (obviously) lol but I was just curious to know if you'd share yours please


P.S I'm 13/F (link)
my first kiss was very interesting...and it actually to me wasnt engoyable because i was kinda waiting for it... and when it came i got kinda s\cared, the key is to just chill and now anticipate it...or else it might land on ur nose...speeking from well hope this helps u!

ok for some reason whenever i sign onto my aim screenname, it says someone else is also on it. I always kick the other user off, but I just want to know how to stop this from happening. DO NOT say to change my password because ive already changed it 3 times in the past 2 days. Its not working. Thanks ♥ (link)
id say change your pass word... its proly a friend who just dosnt kno when to stop...i had the same problem with msn...just change ur pas word and they cant get on

I went to the doctor yesterday for a sports physical. I play alot of soccer and I run a ton and stuff.(hey that rhymes lol) Anyway, when I got weighed I was 113 lbs. I am very athletic and have alot of muscle on my legs. But for some reason this weight makes me think I weigh more than I should. I also am like a 5 in juniors jeans. I have never had to worry about my weight. For the longest time I was on of those girls who was really skinny and had no boobs, and could eat whatever they want with no consequesces. But now im 15 and going into my freshman year, and I feel like.....I weigh too much or I am fat. I know this isn't true but I still feel like it. Are there ways I can get my weight down? Or am I healthy the way I am? By the way I am about 5'6" if that helps. Is it normal for athlete's to weigh more? Thanks alot
ok... if you wieigh 113 pounds and your 15 that is damn good! i am 14 and i weigh like 145...and i am athletic too! muscle weighs more then fat and average weight for a person your age is like 130 or so so you definatly dont need to loose weight.. even ask your doctor....

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