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well my name is emily and i am pretty dran kool! well not really but just go with me here!XD ...yea...well i just really like to help people and i give pretty good advice! so ask away!
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I'm going into 8th grade this upcoming September and this year I really wanna be all like stylish and stuff. like last year i always had my hair up and was pretty simple. i don't know what to do with my hair or makeup for the first day. i have very thick and VERY wavy dirty blonde hair. i don't want to straighten it because that's too boring for the first day. It's also kinda frizzy, no matter what i put in it. it goes down to like the middle of my back. whenever i scrunch it it always dries up and comes out very poofy and EXTREMELY curly, when i just want that 'wet' look. help please!! also -- for my makeup i have very big green eyes, they're pretty but i find them too big, i want them to stand out but with like thick dark lashes and make them pretty. lol.

suggestions on hair and makeup please ! (link)
ok for the hair maybe some thing like this
and as for the make up i would recamend like a shimmery silver color.. not a very dark one like i light one that will not stand out as much... and eye liner should probly either be a dark brown or dark green... to show the color of your eye... as for mascara you want some thing that will really pull out your lashes... so just get a good brand.. i use avon and it is great! cover girl works too but its kinda exp[ensive

hope ths helps!

ok the first day of school is in september wich is soon. my mom doesnt have much money, so im probally gunna get barely any school clothes and i have like no pants that fit me. any idea on how to make my old clothes new? or how to get a job to make money for my own clothes? im 13/f.

also, i want an idea for makeup i have kinda chinky eyes light milky skin.. green eyes thin lips any ideas?

also, any ideas for hair i have long hair its blonde, i want to cut it but i want somethign different any ideas? (link)
for the cloths, if you have a sowing machine or know how to sow i would say you should sow some different disigns on them.. like swirls and stuff.. but also my friends did this is with a pair of her pants... you take a pair of jeans or what ever and you take any color paint, my friend did white because it is nutral, and you take a brush and splatter paint on them in random spots, it is totaly fun and looks like you payed alot for them!!

as for makeup you should get a very light colored blush...that will just bring your cheeks out if you have really milky colored skin, for your eyes i would recament a colored eye liner.. i use a dark blue and it is soo cute looking, but with your eye color i would probly use a dark green to exadurate you eyes. and for your lips... i light color like a glossy pink or some thing.. nothing too dark cuz it would make your hair look to light then...ok o yea one last thing i would NOT recamend and foudations.. they look stupid if they get wet and you have to have the perfect color or else it looks too ark...ok!

ok i really dont kno what your you have layers? because if you dont i think that would look pretty kool and it would make it look thicker (if it is thin..i dont know!)

hope this helps!

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