Hello, my name is Mary. I'm a 21 year old student, studying to be a counselor. I'm still young but I feel like I've had enough life experiences to answer any questions you may have. I still have some things to learn, but feel free to ask me anything, don't be shy! I'll answer as soon as possible, and I'll try my best to give you the best advice!

Hakuna Mata - It means no worries, for the rest of your days. :)



I've been dating a guy for three months. We've also only known each other for three and a half months. I don't know anything about him "under the surface." I don't know how he generally is, personality wise. I only know about what he does for a living, what he likes to eat, etc. Nothing that I can actually really connect with. In other words, we don't have many deep conversations.

Since we've been dating, we have not discussed whether or not we were exclusive. We were both aware that we would not be happy if one of us were seeing other people other than each other. Here's the thing, we met online. Ever since I met him, I stopped going onto my profile but he was still on it. Recently, I noticed that he has been getting on it more frequently. Speaking about it has gotten us nowhere. He just mentioned that he has been chatting with a few people but he has not been seeing them.

I will admit that I have brought in some of my trust issues from my previous relationships just because they have turned out terribly due to trust. I have been doing what is called "mirroring", whatever he does, I do. If he texts me, I text him. If he calls, I call him. He went on his dating profile, I go on my dating profile. Whenever he finds out that someone has been chatting with me, his mood changes and he becomes quiet. I sometimes notice that he would glance at my phone whenever I'm on it next to him. I'll admit, I do the same thing sometimes.

Other than the fact that he's been getting on his dating profile more often, he has not given me any reason not to trust him. He has not lied, he has been completely honest with me, he talks to me everyday, and he tells me about what he did that day. What could be wrong?

I can't help but be insecure or suspicious of him seeing someone else. I think of the worst scenario and it drives me crazy. I'm worried when I shouldn't be worried. Help?

It's already a list of red flags here. He doesn't seem to be exclusive with you. If you're insecure or suspicious, I would listen to your gut.


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my friend is to friendly with my boyfriend their relationship makes me uncomfortable i always tell my boyfriend of three years that it makes me really mad that they always seem to be flirting and it needs to stop and the things my friend says pisses me off to no end like i feel like he is her second girlfriend and some things she says is like what why would you say that? like his birthday i had the idea of having balloons all over his room when he woke up she said that she was going to leave him balloons by his door and surprise him???!!! i dont know but thats wierd like she says stuff like that to me! one day i was mad at my boyfriend and i asked her to ask him if he was ok and dont talk to him about why i was mad and yet she texted him and asked to meet somewhere private just them two to talk. i was like why would you say that and my boyfriend was like oh sorry im busy not now like he said it was wierd. so talking to him about this is uncomfortable he gets mad about it so i dont know who to talk to about it or how to stop it with out us getting into a fight i think its okay that they are friends but when your doing stuff like that it makes me mad and uncomfortable like what do i say to her to let her know it makes me mad and if i do she would tell me that i have nothing to worry about because she doesnt like him like that but i dont care if she does or does not i want it to stop i dont like having the constant look on my face like why would this happen and why would you say that?! i feel like im overreacting but then again im not because if it bothers me then obviously it needs to be said to her now ive said my peace to my boyfriend and now i have to let her know. if im wrong explain how i can control this cuz i want to like bitch her out for this and yah i need to talk to her about it but i dont know how if we fight over it cuz i dont want to loose a friend.

Girl, I'm telling you this now.

TALK TO HER! Or else what if she steals him away from you? I think, first off.. Talk to her. I don't care how, I don't care if ya'll fight. Because it's not supposed to end up into a fight in the first place. I think you & your friend should meet up face to face and talk. Tell her you don't like it. That she's kind of crossing the boarder line. He's YOUR boyfriend, NOT hers.

If she has a problem with that. I think it's best that you guys aren't friends. Because FRIENDS DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get THAT close with boyfriends. If she does, I think it's obvious... She likes him. She doesn't wanna change? Drop her. Afterwards, I would tell your boyfriend not to talk to her for a while, until SHE accepts the fact that HE'S yours, and to move on.

It'll be hard, it'll probably create some hatred for a while, but just telling you... At the end, it'll be worth it. Your boyfriend should be loyal about it, you should tell him as well.. "hey, I don't really like it when you're TOO friendly with my friend. It seems like you're flirting with her."

I know you don't want to loose a friend, but there would be plenty of friends out there, who could do a better job and know her space and where the boarder is when it comes to friend's relationships.

Best of luck.


i am a 20 year old female that is in love with my highschool sweetheart and when i met hiim he was the sweet shy guy and even though we are 3 years apart we are still together after 7 years. unfortunatly all we do is fight. and it is over stupid stuff he tells me all the time "i love you to death but god you drive me insane and sometimes i really hate you" it makes me feel ugly and not worthy of anything. i completley ignore the words "i love you" when after that he tells me he hates me. :( HELP!!

I don't know why, but I feel like this kind of reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. He was a verbal abuser. I think what you should do, is talk to him. Tell him he's hurting you. That you don't like it when he says, "i hate you" and "you drive me insane." If he really did love you, then he would consider your feelings instead of saying it out of anger. He should be able to control his rage and fix up his attitude and change. It may take a while, depending on anybody at all. It may be days, a couple of weeks, months, who knows?

If you already did, and he's continuing to do it. Sorry sweetie, then I think it's time for you to move on! And get someone who will appreciate you more, and is able to be a MAN and change FOR you. Someone who will not say such horrible things.

Hard for you to hear, but it's true. I hate seeing people go through the same things as I did... Best of luck!


My friends think I enjoy drama. I'm always in the middle of things, even if the drama isn't my fault. I swear, I'm only involved when my friends ask me for advice. In fact, I get asked for advice a lot. And I'm such a pushover, I always end up helping them out. And I get involoved in so many issues, and so much is in my head, sometimes their secrets just slip out. I can't help it, its like- my head is too full.
For example, one of my closest friends was dating one of my other closests friends. She just broke up with him, and hes absolutly wrecked. Hes been talking to me almost constantly since that night, trying to figure out how to deal with it. Oh, another very important fact- I have a huge crush on him. So to be honest, I'm completly keeping this advice going so we can get closer. I didn't wanna admit it, but thats kinda it. And now I'm starting to get a little angry with him, because he can't move on from this girl.
But I love it! I love how people go to me for help, I love how all my friends can trust me, I love how I'm the one people go to. But sometimes... its too much, you know?
Ok maybe I'm asking for more than just advice on if I'm addicted to drama. Just... what do I do with all this? I'm sort of lost right now. I feel like its kinda screwing with my social life in general.
Thanks so much :)

Uhhh... It's kind of hard for me to organize everything that you said. So, let me just summarize this. Basically you like your close friend's ex boyfriend, and he's one of the people who's coming to you for advice. But because there's so much you're hearing and so many people coming to you, you're telling other's secrets on accident? But you like the fact that people go to you, and you're trusted, right??

I know you're asking if you're addicted to drama, but you also sound like you're wondering what you should do about your close friend's ex boyfriend. First off, I was in your position once, everyone was coming to me for advice as well. I had a best friend who broke up with her boyfriend, I didn't like him. But for some odd reason, he came to me for comfort and advice. I was so trusted by other people, but this one time. A secret slipped out to him, and guess what? Drama. At the end, I lost all of my friends and I only had 1 or 2 of them, and they lived so far away from me. Almost the whole school turned against me, and the bad word was coming across the school. Just accidentally letting out one little secret... Who they didn't even say it was a secret.

My advice to you, is that you're not addicted to drama. I think you're just too caught up with liking your friend's ex-boyfriend. Even though she broke up with him because he's 'absolutely wrecked' did you ask her if she still liked him? Does she know you like him? If you were a friend, and you care about her feelings, you would ask her before you just go for it.

It's good that you feel good about feeling trusted, but just warning you. That trust will soon disappear if those little secrets keep slipping out. So make sure to think before you speak! Because drama, will not come out pretty. There will be tears and everything will go downhill.

You're feeling frustrated with him because he's not getting over your friend right? Well, you can't MAKE him get over her. It's good you want to get closer to him, but having you try to make him like you while he's depressed about your friend, doesn't that kind of make you the rebound? I mean, that's just the way I see it. I tried doing that once, but I think time is medicine for him. All you can do is just to be his friend. So this is what I think you should do:

1. Ask your friend about her ex-boyfriend. If she still likes him. Is it okay if you like him? If she still likes him, I hope you know what to do. It'll kind of be backstabbing if you went for him if she still wasn't over him. Just do it just in case!

2. Have more patience with him. If your friend is okay with it, you can be his friend. Cheer him up.

3. Try to keep other's secrets out of the conversation. How would you feel if someone accidentally spilled your secret?


is there anything you can eat or drink or anything that can make you smell better when you get wet. i mean its not like i stink like nasty like fish or anything, but i just dont like the smell, is there a way to make is smell better. like if my boyfriend were to eat me out or something im scared it will be disgusting just because i dont like the smell. and is there a certain way you can wash down there or shave to make it really smooth and stay smelling and looking nice. cause i get self cautious of myself down there even though i already do wash it and shave it. but if anyone else has any more advice please please please let me know as soon as possible. please and thankyou and by the way im an 18 year old female

Tomatoes make it smell. Pineapple makes it smell good.


Hi i am 18 years old and my boyfriend and I want to have sex but I am afraid that we might get caught by both of our parents where is the best place to have sex without getting caught

my boyfriend says:
shower "pretend you're showering by yourself"


First off, I just turned 14 and Im a virgin. Im trying to stay a virgin. Its not a religious thing. I just heard its better for girls to be virgins because its easier to find a husband that way. Like Im afraid if Im not a virgin, future men wont like me. When I ask guys about it, they tell me it doesnt matter and that the more sex you have now, the better Ill be at it later which makes sense but I dont know who to believe anymore.

I sort of went through puberty early so Ive dated a few guys especially older guys. When I was younger and we would kiss it was nice but I never wanted more. They would want me to kiss or touch their dick but I would always so no. When I was 12, one of my boyfriends kissed my breast which felt so good so I let guys do that which my friends say is second base. I dont think its that big of a deal so sometimes I let my guy friends kiss my breasts and sometimes they rub their dick between my breasts. Then this older guy showed me this thing his older brother told him about. He put his tongue on a very specific part of my pussy and it felt so good. I told some of my guy friends about it and they wanted to try it so we tried it and it felt good too.

Well last spring towards the end of school, my girlfriends got mad at me and told me that I was a slut. Im still a virgin so how can I be a slut???? I think their just jealous that all the guys pay attention to me and want to be over at my house.

Alright, first off... I'm going to be straightforward here, your actions are what a slut does. Just because you're a virgin doesn't mean you can't have the name 'slut'. Do you really want to be known as that to guys? Guys are most likely wanting to be at your house, because they would receive sexual contact with you. It's not sex, but it's similar to oral sex. Which is not second base, it's 3rd. 4th, is homerun. You're a base away from it. Even if you're a virgin, you're doing those actions, would probably not make your 'future husband' happy.


I had sex and the condom broke some time but we didn't realize it until we were finished. How much sperm comes out when a condom breaks anyways? I want to know how worried I should be I guess LOL thnx

Most likely you should take a pregnancy test. That kind of worried. You're probably prego in your ego.


Okay so with me and this guy Angel it's a long story. I knew him since 2nd grade, he moved, then 6th grade he came back, and we started dating, I fell in love with Angel! we dated all the way to 7th grade, thenn he cheated on me and I found out and well he denied it of course. I didn't want to kiss him after because it was just hard, but a week earlier I told him I was over it. So he got mad and broke up with me!

I didn't take him back but I was still in love with him!
I dated other guys and of course he dated other girls! Then last summer he wrote me on myspace and he wanted another chance, so I gave it to him. Like two weeks later I found out he cheated on me again! I just gave him his last chance, Buut like a month or two later he broke up with me because he didn't want to "hurt me" anymoree.

when he broke up with me he was at my friends house with her and her boyfriend, and I guess when he broke up with me [Over a txt] he cried, he said he wants to be with me but hes not ready, He still wants to mess around, and still be able to call me his girl but he knows he can't do that, and he doesn't want anybody else to have me! So when he broke up with me he kept txting me after saying sorry and all that bullshit, I didn't wanna forgive him because he hurt me AGAIN!
But it was hurting me to not be able to talk to him, so like 3 days later I txted him and say I forgive you. Then he called me and told me hes sorry and he loves me, And I told him we could just be friends! So we were, he started dating other girls "playing them" of course. And I started dating other guys. And me and him were still kind of like messing around. We were still having sex. And we were like bestfriends, we knew like everything about eachother! I trusted him and he trusted me!

But then he moved to Seattle. We stopped talking for like 2 months. Then he comes back and he calls me out of no where and tells me to come outside! I went outside and there he was!(: I gave him the biggest hug and we went to his friends house to like kick it.

Months past and we kinda like stopped talking because he was too much into messing around with different girls so I was just like I'm done with him. So we stopped talking. Then the last time we had sex, I ended up getting prego!

He was hearing it from everyone, and I was at my friends house and he was laying down next to me and he asked me and I said yes, then I can't remember what he said but he said something and I puked! Haha,

But anyways he was around but then he went to juvie. Then like a month or two later he gets out and he talks to me and he heard I was drinking and so we started fighting, Then I ended up having a miscarige! :(

I tried to talk to him to tell him what happened but he already kneww and didn't wanna talk to me!

Now he lives right across from me it's kinda creepy! ha.

But theres this guy manuel, and he lives kinda by me and I always see him, He dated my sister before but I liked him first and when he liked me Angel told him that we were dating when we werent and I guess angel was the one that got them talking. So anyways manuel and angel are friends, and he knows me and Mauel are dating now! But before me and mauel started dating he was telling me that angel would always talk about me and call me a bitch and stuff, and when Mauel would talk about me angel would tell him to shut up!

But i asked manuel what happened with him and my sister and he told me, then he was saying shes a hoe and stuff, and he started naming guys she had sex with, he said ANGEL! i started cryinggg! I felt ughhhh! like one of my friends just had sex with a guy that I reallllyy liked and now I find out the guy I'm in love with had sex with my sister! Like what the fuck! So at that point I was like I'm soooo done with him!

And he kept trying to talk to me, like to say hi and stuff and i would just walk past him and feel like crying! But anyways me and manuel are dating
and the other night we were on the phone,
and angels sister samantha keeps tryna go out with manuel, and he don't like her, and I guess he showed angel the txt messages from her,
But anyways when we were on the phone she started txting him, and like 5 minutes later Angel txted him and was like "Fool why the fuck are you txting my sister" and mauel was just like Stfu, You already know she wants me and I already got a girl I don't need her!

And angel was just like who chelo? and he was like yeah, and he started freaking out saying manuels fucked up that they are suppose to be homies and manuel was just like whaat and he started saying that he was gonna drop all his bitches for me and that I'm always gonna be his baby and shit, and he was just going on and on,
Then i guess manuel got him mad because he said "Neta wey I'ma Treat her better then you ever did, I got one girl and that's all I need, I don't need putas on the side, And i'ma treat her like a lady, not no bitch. Unlike you." and angel was just like "you know what fool fuck you puto, I messed up I know but I was gonna change for her, your suppose to be my homie wey and your dating MY GiRL, That's my baby so we'll see wassup tomorrow"

Anyways manuel wasn't even txting back and angel kept txting! Then he got REALLY mad because,
Manuel was like "fool I gotta go cause I'm on the phone with Chelo and your ruining the connection, Alratoz" Then he got helllllaaa mad!

And Now I realllllyy don't know what to do!
I'm still in love with Angel and I always have been! I love him more than anything! but he had sex with my sister and I'm gonna have to live knowing that! ughhhh! I have no idea what to do!

That's total BS. You should totally stick with Manuel and forget about Angel. I know it's going to be hard to forget about him, but know about the fact that he's just all talk. If he constantly cheated on you and has all these 'bitches' he's going to continue doing that if you guys continue on dating. Manuel, he's a good guy. He told Angel straight up he's not giving you up. He's not going to cheat on you, he's not going to hurt you, he's protecting you, you're in his care. Forget about Angel. Simple. As. That. Don't lose something that'll probably something you'll regret losing. I'm not talking about Angel here...


My girlfriend and I have been dating for 7 months, and had a great summer living together, but once we got back to our normal school routine, and she got a new place with new roomates, she started to seem really distant. We started having way less sex, and she would sometimes seem like she had a coldness to her that I cannot really explain. She always said she was "tired" but sometimes admitted her depression, but didnt ever blame it on me or us. However, I could tell our relationship dynamic was part of the problem. The sex never really picked up to be what it used to. We continued loving each other very much and still did romantic things together, but for some reason she continued to seem distant, close, distant, close, distant, close, etc etc

She asked if we could take a break. We took a break for about two days before she said she couldnt stand it any more, so we started spending time together once again. Things seemed to be working out great at first (the break seemed to help), but after some time she again started to lack the same emotional connection that she had with me before.

It was really starting to effect me. Our relationship was making me depressed and effecting my school work. She started criticizing me way more frequently, pointing out my faults more than usual. I wanted so much for things to be how they were and for us to be connected in the same way, but they couldnt seem to get back on track. Finally one day I saw her and she didnt seem at all affectionate and in fact seemed to not really want me around. That day in class I couldnt focus at all, and I decided that the best thing for me to do is break up with her.

I broke up with her by saying that I want her to be happy, and that I think to do that she needs to be free. So I said I think we need to break, and that I need a break. She said she thinks its the best thing too, but asked, "can i come back?" She cried and kissed me and hugged me and I could tell she was sad. Then she left.

I really do not want us to seperate. I just want her to be happy and to get her life back so that we can be happy together again. I know she needed this because she really needs to fly. She was feeling like a trapped bird...I know it. What should I do? Should I not call her for a while to give her that space? Or would that ruin my chances of getting her back? I know she loves me and I know I love her. But I want to do the right thing. I want her.

Already Tried:
I have asked several places for advice. someone said I should tell her we should cut off contact for a few weeks while she sorts things out. I did just that and she said she doesnt understand why we need to do that. I am afraid that if we talk and end up getting back together, things will end up the same lacking physically and emotionally. However, I am also afraid that If I continue to cut off contact, I will lose her completely. She called me last night (the night after all this happened), in tears. I know she loves me and I love her but I dont know how to get her back. It really sucks not being able to see her.

Alright, obviously school has gotten her stressed out. I mean you said that when ya'll were living together everything was great and fine. Then when school started she acting all distant and cold. She's stressed out, she can't balance out having a relationship and schoolwork. I would say that you did the right thing, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't lose feelings for you. Just give her some space, let her organize herself and afterwards, ya'll can start again. In the meantime, don't let it effect your schoolwork. While she focuses on hers, you should focus on yours. Everything will be fine.


whenever my friends and i hang out, they'll be talking and i'll listen. but then i'll try to talk about something that happened to me and they won't act like they're listening or they'll say something else that happened to them immediately after. it even happens with my boyfriend. its not like i'm quiet and awkward, these are people that i've known for years and years. how do i get people to listen to me? its causing me to be stressed and upset and i'm tired of feeling like no one.

Alright, first off... If they were your friends, they would actually listen. I mean, are they at least sitting there quietly while you talk? Not talking over you? If they're silent, most likely they're listening. Maybe they just don't get the point that you need their advice or their response to what you're saying. If it bothers you so much, be straightforward about it, sit them down and say, "hey, I feel like you're not listening to me." And start from there. I did that to my friends, and yeah, surprisingly they listened.


im almost 16 ive never had a girlfriend im worried
my penis is quite small i dont know if any girl would want to be with me what can i do to make it bigger? will i be able to satisfy a girl?

size isn't what it matters... it's what you do with it. you know there's something that's been tested.. even if you had a one inch penis, it can feel good? LOL... i never tested it, but that's what has been found out, it's not the size the matters. there's nothing you can do to make it bigger though.. you're young.. it'll still grow. (:


I dont know how to flirt at all.
i need help.
and part of that makes me not know how to talk with guys. please help me learn how to flirt. tell me what i need to do.

i think you should just let yourself open up towards guys, like you're with your girlfriends in a way... just different gender. LOL, i flirt with guys without knowing it, i just be myself. and laugh alot but not TOO much where they think i'm just retarded, just laugh at their jokes or because they're cute or some sort. smile alot, give them hugs, or whatever you think the time is right to give them a hug. go up to them when you see them.. and start off a conversation. it's like small shy flirting, where you can barely tell.. but then, guys can get a hint of it. you don't need to be a huge flirt. (:


The one person I have ever loved, who I lost my virginity to (huge mistake), bared my soul to, shared my future goals and dreams with, and who I planned my entire future with, doesn't want me anymore. He broke up with me today after 3 years of dating. I really thought we were going to get married and have a good future life together. This completely came out of the blue. Just yesterday we went out on a little dinner date and he bought me flowers. Today he told me that he's thought about things and just doesn't want me any more. I didn't see this coming. How can I cope? I feel like my entire world has been destroyed.

How can I get through this pain? He told me he doesn't need time to think about it or anything. He is very certain that this is the best decision. I can't stop thinking of what we had together and what we have gone through. I keep thinking about how STUPID I was for losing my virginity to him and trusting him with every ounce of myself. I am so lost. Please help me figure this all out!

hmmm.. i've been through this before. except mine lasted a year. if he said that he doesn't need to think about anything, then maybe it's time to let it go. but what happened with my boyfriend was that he regretted it later, because he was actually clear on what was going on. and he wanted me back, did your boyfriend say why he wanted to break up with you exactly? i think you should talk about it, and then take it from there. if it's a stupid answer.. let it go, it's not worth it. because then you'll know that you should be with someone that you can really trust and wouldn't do that to you. i know it is really hard to cope, but you have to let time heal you. just know that, you can fall in love more than once. i know i did, i fell in love with my current boyfriend.

hey, i'm young.. but i've been through many experiences, especially after watching my sister go through things too.. trust me on it.


I dated this one guy for almost a year and felt so trapped and left out of my social circle I just froze up. I totally stopped talking to mark. Finally after about two weeks we talked and cut it off. Its been almost four months and I finally decided to apologize. I tried repeatedly to gert him to meet up with me so we could talk in person about the whole thing and he refused. After a while I just gave in and did it over text. He then told me he forgave me but wanted me to leave him alone for good. He told me I could never fix things and we could never be friends because I hurt him so badly. I see him every sunday at chuch and he won't even look at me. He won't let his friends even be nice to me or let them even say hey. I want to fix this. What should I do?

oh wow.. i had a boyfriend like that too! mine was like bipolar. but anyways, it's obviously that he's stubborn and won't get over it. he'll get over it on his own time. my ex still isn't over it, but then that's his fault for treating me like that. and that's the same for you. i mean, if he doesn't want to be friends... what can you do? you can't really force him right? i would just say leave it alone.. and let him get over it, and he'll be the one coming back to you to apologize.


Ok so my bf has a female friend whom they are close they go to school and work together..the thing is i never met her or anything so when she was texting him about her personal life i would get really mad about it..yes im very jealous...! one day she text him and i told him to tell her not to text you nomore so he simply repiled back and said "please dont text me" she den said ok..The next day i was on the phone with my bf and he said that they are no longer friends becoz i guess she took it to the heart she started igging him at work and all that stuff..the thing is now that my bf is mad at me beoz they are not friend anymore & dey were close...I feel happy coz she put me through alot of arugements with my bf & lots of stress..mind you we been together for more then 4yrz..Now i know they have nothing going on becoz he told me & i trust him. But now he is mad and idk what to do..was it selfish of me? i dont think so becoz i dont want no female texting my man espcially if i dont know her..i know he would get over it, but was i right for doing this im so confused??

honestly, that wasn't right... but you should feel happy because obviously, you know that he cares about you. but it was wrong to break him and his best friend apart.


My boyfriend and I just had a baby in July (I'm 18, he's 24). Ever since we've been together he's always seemed like he was more interested in going out and having a good time at bars and stuff rather than being with me. But if you really love someone don't you want to spend as much time with them as possible? I thought maybey when I had the baby he would stop going out all together, but that hasn't changed. I just feel like I'm at the bottom of his priorities. Every Thursday he goes over to the bar across from my house for a concert they have there, and yesterday(thursday) I told him I didnt want him to go..but he didn't care. He said he'd only be an hour but ended up there for 2 1/2..I confronted him when he got home and just said "if youre going to say an hour, then I expect you home in an hour"..and he started getting all pissy and ended up sleeping on the floor. But I was completely calm and nice about it so he had no reason to over react that way.
Today he acted like nothing was wrong.
I'm just sick of wondering if he really loves me. He says he does all the time - but actions speak louder than words. He wants to get married in January and then have me and the baby move with him where he's stationed (because hes going to the marines).. and I'm afraid to marry someone who's not 100 percent set on making me happy. Isn't that what marriage is about? Advice?!

if you're not sure, you should just go talk him about it. and if you're really not sure about marrying him, then don't. because basically marrying that person is making a commitment to him.
but, it's just like my sister's best friend was going through, they had a baby.. and all he does is go out and doesn't come back til late at night, they argue all the time.
they're still together but then they just don't live together anymore... but he does take care of that baby and stuff. you should really talk to him about it.


i love my boyfriend so much and i don't want to breake up with him ,but i am feeling he's breaking up with me .help me please

you must feel paranoid.

i get that feeling alot, what makes you think like that exactly? i would honestly, just talk to him about it. i mean, you don't want to make any assumptions before anything happens. i would just try to correct things before it actually happens. you should just talk to him about it, and tell him why you would think that way.

if he really is, then yeah.. you can't do much about it, but you should know that there are plenty of fish in the sea.


well my boyfriend broke up with me because his mom said i was too young for him.. but then last night i talked to him and he told me that there is another reason why he doesn't want to date me.. he said that school was around the corner and that he didn't want people to to talk shit about us because he is small and I'm thick....he tells me he loves me but he doesn't want anything to do with me in public .. does he really love me?

first of all.. what the heck? sweetie, i honestly think you can do better than him. he sounds like he's ashamed to be with you, not to make it sound bad or anything. if he really loved you, then he wouldn't care what other people thinks and just be with you. it's about you and him, not anybody else. you deserve someone that would appreciate for who you are and wouldn't be ashamed being with you in public.


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