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well my name is emily and i am pretty dran kool! well not really but just go with me here!XD ...yea...well i just really like to help people and i give pretty good advice! so ask away!
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when someone is like tense and stuff or whatever, why do people say "he needs to get layed."? (link)
people say that because it kinda make a person more comfortable because they get used to having people close to them and stuff... ho[pe this helps

If a gurl is 17 in her boyfriend is in his 30s is it still rape! Dont answer if you are not sure!! (link)
yes it is rape because you are not old enough to give consent to sex, u must be 18, then u can have sex as often as you want, i hope this helps

what are some things that turn a girl on like nibbling her ear, licking boobs, that kind of thing, stuff that willturn her on and make her have a better time (link)
kissing her on the neck (with tongue) running your fingers down her body (finger TIPS!) just be touchy feely and go every where o yea and tickleing helps too

i'm a 16 year old girl who has never done it or had even had a REAL boyfriend.
is this abnormal?
cause my friends are all off doing it and they think im such a nerd. (link)
when u are comfortable you can loose your verginaty... dont get pressured into doing it because your friends did it!if you do you wil regret me

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