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first kiss or best well just kisses lol

Question Posted Saturday August 12 2006, 6:31 am

Well I was wondering if you could share your first kiss or kiss stories with me like what to do during one where to have one etc. I haven't had one yet (obviously) lol but I was just curious to know if you'd share yours please


P.S I'm 13/F

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PerfectionLove answered Saturday August 12 2006, 9:52 pm:
Mine was actually kinda funny.. it happened last summer from my current boyfriend right now. I was about to ride my bike home and he's like "you know i've been waiting to kiss you all day" and I go "yeah me too" and when he leaned in to do it like leaned away hahaha DONT DO THAT. i was like so scared but he rode with me 1/2 way home and he turned around to go back to his house and i was like "wait" cause i knew i couldnt just leave him thinking i didnt wanna kiss him and he's like what? and i gave him a hug and we just looked at eachother and it kinda happened! just dont be scared thats all i can tell you. be relaxed! and definitely have some confidence in yourself.. its just kissing afterall.

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xPunkRockBabex answered Saturday August 12 2006, 4:54 pm:
my advice to you is that when it happens it happens. once your lips meet youll instantly kno what to do and just let him lead and follow what hes doing. But dont rush it cuz when the right time comes youll kno.

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orphans answered Saturday August 12 2006, 2:18 pm:
I was over at a guy's house that I liked. We weren't boyfriend and girlfriend but we had been on a few dates. So we were in his backyard, in his hot tub and we were just talking. And then there was a moment where I just finished telling him something. We were making eye contact and he didn't say anything back. So that's when we started leaning in and we kissed. Actually more. Haha, my first kiss turned into a make out session.

I was really nervous though because he was experienced and I wasn't. I thought I was going to be bad at it but when we were done, he smiled and told me I was a really good kisser :D.

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angelgurlemi answered Saturday August 12 2006, 1:40 pm:
my first kiss was very interesting...and it actually to me wasnt engoyable because i was kinda waiting for it... and when it came i got kinda scared, the key is to just chill and now anticipate it...or else it might land on ur nose...speeking from well hope this helps u!

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sassysara answered Saturday August 12 2006, 12:45 pm:
My first kiss with my husband is actually a funny story and honestly it is the only "first kiss" I remember. We were sitting on the balcony to his apartment and talking and he leaned in to kiss me, my stomach went crazy and just as I closed my eyes his uncle (an older scottish man with a thick accent who was slightly drunk) popped out onto the balcony and asked us to check out the new tomato seeds he had bought. We both burst out laughing and now neither of us can look at seeds or tomatoes without laughing.

When you are having your first kiss close your eyes and let nature take over your body knows what to do so just enjoy the moment and don't worry about anything, he will be just as nervous as you are!

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GateKeeper answered Saturday August 12 2006, 12:15 pm:
well my first kiss was on my first date with my girl, i went all out. i brought her to my brothers wedding. so we partied all night and had a good time, danced to geather and with the drunk hockey players.
well towards then she took me by the hand and brought me to the opposite side of the receptionhall were there was some empty chairs lined up on the wall(the room we were in wasnt being used because it was a two reception hall building, we were in the other)i sat down and she lied her head in my lap, we flirted a bit and talked. then as i was looking down at her i said "i've wanted to kiss you all night, ya know that?" she said yea and we stared at each other she smiled and said "My god, do i have to do everything?" and grabbed me, pulled me down and we kissed each other, no tounge, it was just a sweet kiss. oh yea, and the song in the back round was shake that laffy taffy.
jon a.k.a GateKeeper

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