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im still sad

Question Posted Saturday August 19 2006, 11:35 pm

its almost been a week ive been sad. and he still ignores me. i found out another reason... he thinks i like another guy, and he thinks i flirt wit' him... and its pretty much natural rightt? you flirt when you dont' know that you are... but he should've told me to change, or told me, or asked me if it was true. Instead of saying "its over." and leaving me there.. thenn some of my bestfriends is on his side, and im like "we have sides now?" and hes still ignoring me.. he looks at me.. but he doesnt takl to me, im trying to straighten things out wit him.. but he wont listen to me. its nearly impossible to get his attention. if i told my friend to tell him he'll say "so?" in a mean way. if anyone wanna know what else happened.. aim me.. i need ALOT of advice. As for it.
he seems happier than i am right now. my life is messed up at the moment, idk what to do.. im sad, im stressed out.. i cried yesterday.. i felt like crying today..
the things i wonder; if hes sad too..
if he regrets it.. [but hes hiding it.. not sure]
if he still likes me.
lemme guess you must be wondering.. "why do you even give a shit about him ?!" maybe because i still like him.. and wondering if he feels the same. i want him back at the moment. its like nothing .. or nobody can cheer me up or get my mind off of him.. HELPP ?! ADVICE.. ?!

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angelgurlemi answered Sunday August 20 2006, 9:59 pm:
ok firstly you need to get one on one with him, and if he wont listen to you you might have to trick him into that, have one of your friends invite him to a movie for you and tell them to meet at her house, make sure it is one of the friends that is on YOUR side, and have them help you out as you talk to him. secondly you will need to plan out WHAT you want to say to him, personally i think you should start with some thing like "im sorry for flirting with guys but it just come natural to me" and work from there, because it is always best to tell the truth,every thing, and after youtalk abou that for a while ask him if he still likes you, if he says yes, ask him out, if he says no then dont let it get you down, your young on you have your WHOLE life to search fpr that some one you really love, hope this helps , byes

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PANiCxATxTHExDiSCO answered Sunday August 20 2006, 12:57 pm:
Do you have his e-mail address? e-mail him. he can't ignore an e-mail. He'll read it, but he might not respond, but at least he'll know how you feel. Just tell him this in the e-mail:
(the guys name), I don't like (the guy who he thinks you like). I promise I don't. Why would I be going out with you if I did?? I'm sorry for making it seem like I liked him. I wish you would have told me what I was doing because I would have realized it and stopped. I'm really don't know how sorry I am. Please forgive me. I'll do anything...I really will. I haven't smiled once for even a second since we broke up. You are the only one who can cheer me up when I'm sad and you are the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever ask for..I mean it. I don't know what I'm going to do without you...I miss you so much. (His name)I love you.

Or leave him a message on his cell phone saying that.

You could also just write him a letter and find a way that you can give it to him.

Yes, it's natural to flirt like that. I do it all the time and I don't even realize until someone asks me if I like the guy.

Most likely he regrets it. He probably still likes you but is confused and being stubborn like most guys.

Try to find something fun to do. Go see a comedy at the theater like talladega nights. I'm really hard to make laugh but I actually started laughing during that movie. It's hilarious. Avoid listening to the's evil. They play way to many sad love songs. Go shopping with some friends...that always cheers me up for some reason.

Good luck!

[ PANiCxATxTHExDiSCO's advice column | Ask PANiCxATxTHExDiSCO A Question

lilstef1992 answered Sunday August 20 2006, 11:35 am:
i have a friend that had a guy ignoring her but its a another story. what i think you should do is go up to him and ask what he thinks 100% about you and tell him that you still like him and care about him. tell him that you wouldn't do anything to lose him. and if he's still blaming for things just say sorry. even if you didn't do anything. (just make sure you don't do the begging sorry.)

i really hope it works out.

[ lilstef1992's advice column | Ask lilstef1992 A Question

batteredxdreams answered Sunday August 20 2006, 2:14 am:
Well, from what you tell me, he's overreacting and just being a complete immature jerk.

There might be something going on with him that you don't know, but i doubt that.

If he really cared he would've asked you what was really going on and unless he has some reason why he shouldn't trust you, he should believe what you're saying.

I don't know what happened before this, but if you wanna talk to me about it, feel free.



[ batteredxdreams's advice column | Ask batteredxdreams A Question

hannahd answered Sunday August 20 2006, 1:32 am:
Don't feel like you're the only one who understands your situation. I do. I know what it's like for someone from the outside to easily say "get over him! he's not worth it!" But to you, it's not the easy; there's too much to hold onto. The only way you'll get your answers is by talking to him. I know he's ignoring you now, but give it some time before you attempt to talk to him again. If he continues to be a jerk & ignore you after you allow some time for things to cool down, then you really do need to move on. If he doesn't care about your feelings, why should you care about his? The truth is, you're 13. Guys your age just shouldn't be worth it. You have plenty of time & other opportunities to meet other guys in the future. Don't stress about someone who you aren't serious with & won't matter next year. Don't ever give respect to those who don't respect you. Cheer up, girl. Go out with some friends, eat a huge ass bucket of icecream, & listen to music. Do the things that make you happy & just try to keep your mind off of him until enough time has passed. Good luck & keep smiling! :)

[ hannahd's advice column | Ask hannahd A Question

kaitX3 answered Sunday August 20 2006, 12:08 am:
let me start off by saying i know exactly how you feel.
maybe you can try calling him and talking to him so then he'd sorta have to listen.
or write him a note and explain everything and hand deliver it to him.
let him know that you still like him and that you're sorry you flirted with another guy.
make sure he knows you're willing to change.
and that you want the two of you to have a second chance at the relationship.
more than likely though he over reacted about the whole thing and now realizes that.



[ kaitX3's advice column | Ask kaitX3 A Question

StarryNightSkies answered Saturday August 19 2006, 11:42 pm:
yeah its very natural to flirt with guys even ones you don't like... if you are ever dating a guy you should never change yourself for them because that just means they aren't happy with who you are and they don't deserve you... i say you should talk to him and tell him that even if it looked like you were flirting you weren't girls just act differently around guys than the opposite sex

hope this helps

[ StarryNightSkies's advice column | Ask StarryNightSkies A Question

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