:.Hey x3
My name is Emily and blah blah blah.

:.I have a lot of personal, family, and friend issues of my own so a lot of times, I can probably relate to you a lot of times if you have personal, family, and/or friend issues.

:.I can offer a lot of information, help, and advice on family and friend relationships, love lives, depression, stretching/flexibility, weight loss, violin, being organized, dog training, forensics (public speaking), keeping up with school/extracurricular activities, eating disorders, writing (stories and poems), and probably a lot of other random stuff like what to drink when you eat something spicy and why.

:.Although I can help a lot of you guys on the above subjects, I don't tend to take my own advice so it can become quite an awkward/ironic/contradicting situation for me or make myself sound like a complete and utter hypocrite.

:.Hannah Whitall Smith once said, "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right." I agree 100% of it. Advice is advice and it is given when asked for. I give it and I leave it at that. It's up to the questioner/advice seeker to take it.

:.That point leads onto my philosophies in advice giving:
1. Advice is given when asked and no time else, unless your friend is about to irritate a black bear, then you should definitely advice your friend to back away and run for his or her life.
2. Advice is not critical, not judgmental, and definitely not biased. Advice is advice and should remain neutral.
3. Advice is to help, not to get 5s on every answer. As a result, my advice ends up being quite blunt and frank with a hint of rambling mixed in.

If you have general questions on the topics I can be a lot of help in (as listed above), most likely, they will be in my FORUM

If it is not, you can inbox me to request me to put it up.

:.If you want to ask me a question directly...
a)if it is not urgent and can wait a week or so, inbox me.
b)if it is an urgent question such as "I'm being eaten by a shark! What do I do???" first of all, I'm quite amazed that you can type while being eaten and second of all, e-mail me at cancel.life@gmail.com. I will answer you by midnight of that day (or if it's 11:55PM, probably by 3PM the following day).


Hey guys i'm 17/f. i have Normal-Dry skin that is VERY VERY Sensitive skin
I have Acne beside the nose, on the chin and forhead and about 80% of the acne is under the skin. I have tried just about every acne product in stores. (Pro-Active does not work for me)
Products either leave my skin dry, oily, or doesn't effect me at all. I used to have like breakouts every now and then but my acne started to get bad around March 08. I do feel very very stressed a lot and i know that can play a roll in causing acne.

Is there medication like pills or something that a dermatologist can give you to clear up acne that refuses to go away? If you've ever heard about it or have it yourself i would greatly appreciate it if you told me about it!! because i'm begining to think that nothing will get rid of my acne.
ALSO; Has anyone used skin ID..does it ACTUALLY work?

Personally, I never got good results from ANY medicinal products out there. They either irritated my skin, dried it out, made it peel, enlarged my pores, or did squat.

I got for homemade masks which work so much better and are NOT AT ALL irritating for my skin. Wash your face with CETAPHIL (gentle skin cleanser)and warm water. Pat it dry. Make a mask mixing two or three of any of these:

*Aloe Vera Gel (organic ones that are 97% or higher all natural).
*Cucumber mush
*Egg yolk
*Green tea (from a tea bag that's organic)
*All purpose flour

I a lot of times do milk + honey + flour; honey + flour + egg yolk; oatmeal +milk + honey (+banana sometimes); cucumber; green tea extracted in warm water + flour.

Remember to leave these on for 10-15min MAX. Wash off with warm water (and don't scrub it off either!). Also, don't do more than twice a week. It also helps if you put a warm/hot towel over your face to open up the pores before putting on the mask. After washing, at the VERY END splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

Oh days you don't do the mask: wash face twice a day. Every night before going to bed, put a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your face. wash off the next day.

*try changing pillow cases every week as well as face towels.
*keep your hair out of face
*maintain healthy diet
*sleep a lot (hopefully be sleeping from 10PM to 2AM)

Good luck


I was reading the other day in a magazine how to make your own facails and what not.
annd, sadly, I lost the magazine.
I did however look it up on google, I got a number of references the only problem is, I don't really trust them compared to some random people willing to give advice, hahah :].
so, does anyone use anything special for facials? doesn't have to be home made but, if it is, it's a plus.
hur, hur.

Pure green tea. Get a bag, put it in hot water, let the green tea cool to room temp, and splash it on your face.

Mix any of the following:
Milk (softens, whitens sort of)
Honey (kills germs)
Green tea
Egg white
Egg yolk
Aloe vera

Make sure to wash your face before with a gentle cleanser, leave the mask on for 10-15 min, and gently wash off with warm water. Don't put anything else on your face and wash with gentle cleanser (i.e. Cetaphil)


so what can i do to lose my fat under my stomach? I NEED IT TO WORK THOUGH.

what did you do or something?

You know, it really sucks that we can't decide where our fats go and don't go. But since we can't, instead of complaining about it, we should all do cardio or aerobic workouts to burn off those excess fat we don't want.

It's really hard to get rid of that fat on your lower stomach because that's usually the most stubborn of all places to flatten. So yes, it's going to take time, dedication, and patience.

I'm not going to promise you that this "workout regime" will work in a week because usually, if you lose something ( a lot of it) in a week, you gain it back in a week and more.


Read the advice I gave to the questioner.
In addition to that:

You can do all the crunches you want but make sure you're doing them in a healthy and safe way. If your neck or back starts to hurt, stop because crunches are not the thing for you.

You can go into a crunch position but with your hands with the palms flat on the floor next to your sides. lift your entire lower body up (legs and butt) and curl the knees towards your chest. If this still hurts your back, don't do it.

Stand up, legs shoulder width apart and arms bent above your head so that the palms are touching the back of your head. Bring one knee to the opposite elbow and yes, you can bring your elbow to your knee as well and yes you can curl your abdomen--that's the point. So in short, bring your elbow and opposite knee together. Do this 8 times slowly than 8 times fast 8 times slowly 8 times fast...then do the same on the other leg.

If you need to get rid of something on the side...
Stand with your left leg in front and slightly bent. Your right foot should be directly behind your left foot and about a foot or two away from your left leg to the side. Hold your right arm straight up and your left arm can hold onto something for balance. Lift your right leg up to the side (straight!) so that you're sort of making an upside down "L" shape with your legs. While you're brining your right leg up, bring your right arm down so that it's parallel to your leg. Go back to previous position. Now do the same except this time your leg is bent at the knees and your arm is bend 90 degrees. Do this 6 times and on the 7th one, hold your leg up and bend at the knees and straighten then bend, hold for 5 seconds and let your leg down. Now repeat on the other side =)


whenever i do situps i have a hard time breathing i dont know why and it really effects the point that i wanna lose my tummy
anyone help?

1. Curl ups is a bad exercise if you have back problems and 2. curl ups is a bad exercise if you don't do it properly.

If you want to lose stomach fat, do a cardio or aerobic workout continuously for 30min--then you'll see results. Curl ups just target your ab muscles, which means that it will tone your muscles but won't do squat for your fat.


so im getting my nose peirced for my birthday
and i live in illinois
and i was wondering what are some good places around here?
thankssss :]

I don't know where in Illinois you live so I can't tell you a place near you...for all I know, I can give you the name of a place 5 hours away.

All I can tell you is to avoid any piercing places in a mall. Make sure that it's a body arts place that only does tattoos and/or piercings!!! Those little stands at the mall are extremely unclean and you can get infected or get an incorrect piercing, especially if you're getting a nose piercing.

Go to yellowpages.com and type in "body art" "body piercing" "piercing" or something of those sort in to find a store near you.

Make sure the place is clean, make sure *THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!* that they are wearing gloves, open NEW packages of piercing material, and that they pierce you with a hollow/piercing needle and NOT a piercing gun!!! Piercing guns are meant for ears and to pierce a nose, it takes more strength because the nose is thicker and harder than your lobes. Piercing guns cannot be cleaned so there is more of a chance of infection as well. So remember, have them use a needle! (This applies for any piercings you may get in the future)


im 15 years old, about 5'5 and weigh about 165lbs.
Ive always had a large frame, and i know I am built bigger and I always will be. But I do want to lose weight. So far Ive lost about 5lbs. in 3 weeks with weight watchers, and I want to lose 20lbs. I would really like to weigh 150lbs. by the end of July. I exercise everyday for at least an hour, I guess my problem is that I like to eat. But ive dieted before, and I know what to eat and such, it's just that it's hard being a teenage when I can't like eat anything! But I'm on a summer swim team so I will be swimming like 3-4 days a week and doing abdominal exercises and I have friends in my neighborhood to ride bikes and jog with. But any suggestions? There are times when I want to quit because I'm not making any progress..and i think about food wayyy to much, which is suprising because I'm really active and invloved with school and 4-H and alot of other things. And if you have any advice for like cravings or like any food advice of dieting please help! I really want to meet this goal so badly! thank-you!

Well, I have a million things that I know that can help you, but I can only give you basics because 1) I need to sleep, 2) It's too long, 3)I don't know if what I say will register/not confuse you, and 4)I don't want to say stuff that won't help you because I bored you with it lol.

So, I'll give you the link to my forum and topics you should read & other helpful links.


Topics you should read:
Losing Weight
[Target] Exercises
Am I The Right Weight?
Protein, Fats, Carbs, wtf?
Diet Pills

A really AMAZING site [caution: use common sense and don't eat less than 1200 calories each day]

If you want more tips (I have a whole lot more) or if you don't want to read all that stuff but they intrigue you or if you have confusions/questions, feel free to e-mail me (I check my e-mail more than this site so it will be more beneficial for you if you e-mail me)

Good luck!


I am very stressed out at the moment, to the point where I am continuously having trouble falling asleep, focus when I really need to, keep myself motivated, etc., etc. I am preparing for one of the most important exams of my academic (and professional) life, the dreaded LSAT, and the stress is, of course, doing absolutely nothing to improve the situation; it's debilitating in a way. I understand that most people who have to take this exam are stressed- the whole law school application process, along with this exam, is enough to drive more than a couple people berserk. But the thought that everyone in this boat goes through this is doing nothing to help.

I thought I'd ask for some advice on how to manage stress...it could only help. For anyone (and I imagine it's lots of people) who has had test anxiety, stress of any sort, actually, what are some good (and healthy) ways to manage the stress and keep focused? It's getting in the way of everything...so any advice is appreciated.

Well, these are the only tips:

xRant to a friend. It helps somewhat.
xExercising helps you get your mind off thing (running, yoga, pilates, stretching)
xTake mini breaks from studying (study only 20min at a time then take a 10 minutes break because your brain can store up to only 20min of what you study in one sitting)
xDedicate 3-5 hrs of a day once a week to just chillaxing. Hang with friends, watch a movie, etc.
xCleaning always helps me. (Laundry, bathroom, room, fridge, organizing shoes and books, etc).

On the day of your LSAT:
Eat chicken or any other form of protein for breakfast or whatever meal you have before. Take Pepto Bismol (lol) so you don't worry about having to go potty during the exam. Eat a banana or two (beta blocker..keeps you calm) but don't eat too much or it can have a soporific effect on you. Breath in a out and think about what you'll do tomorrow or what you'll do after the exam to celebrate.

Also, I don't know if this is true...but while you study, eat mint or chew gum. And then when you take the LSAT, eat or chew whatever you were doing while you were studying. Apparently, the brain will remember more when you repeat the same situation? I don't know if it's true or not.

Anywhos, good luck!


ok. well i weigh about 120-125. and im 5 foot 5. bu ti still have a little tummy and UGH! it bugs me so much and i wanna loose weight, so now i started only eating salads and not eating anything for dinner. i also eat breakfast. lets just say i stay off the junk now for a week. and i run and do exercises i saw in magazine with weights. when should that help me? in a month? 2 weeks? i really wanna loose 10 pounds in about 2-3 weeks. will that work? and if so, what can i do to loose that many pounds..im TOO FATTT!

Oh my gosh. I can give you a lot of information on how to lose weight, but it's going to be really lengthy here and I doubt you're going to enjoy reading it.

If you e-mail me, I'll give you the most descriptive information on how to lose weight & a whole bunch of tips. More than my forum topics can provide you. But for now, you can go to my forum and click on topics that will help you lose weight (click anything with exercises or food related stuff) After reading the materials (or if the materials intrigue you but you don't wnat to read all of it) & you want more tips, e-mail me at cancel.life@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help a lot more than just give you a link.

Good luck!


so i ate really bad stuff today (fatening wise) so a while after i ate it. like a couple hours later, i tried to throw it up. nothing would coem out after a lot of tries of jabing my finger down my throte. just this heavy thick white salivia. what is that?

Um, there are a couple of reasons...

e-mail me and I'll give you reasons but I don't want to give anyone ideas that they will use as tips or anything...




ok well For a year now I really wanted to go to the doctor for some anti depressant pills because of many things but as one of my friends have said, they don't know what to do with me because I'm too emotional and it brings people down. I suggested it to my dad once but when he started giving me a lecture of why do I need it, and that I should be thankful that I'm not starving in Africa, I couldn't talk, like I choked and started crying non stop and then after that I never talked to him about it again because if I did, I would just start crying before I even said a word.

My dad always talks us to the doctors, and it's his decision whether or not he gets this or that so I can't just go in privately and expect him to pay up for the prescription to drugs that I'm taking when he doesn't know what I'm taking them for.

Please help me, I don't know what to do anymore but I just think that they'll help. I'm all against drugs and stuff but this one really seems to work.

I can't tell you that you have whatever form of depression, but I can tell you that I know what you feel like.

I have major depression. I've been like this since I was in like 3rd grade before I even knew what depression meant. My best friend, who has be diagnosed with major depression is being treated and she's gone through numerous amounts of different anti-depressant pills and these ones are working fairly well. But anywhos, I told my mom about a year ago...or 10mo ago about this. She just pushed it off as being a teenage stage (like a teenage starts when you're in 3rd grade?)But I've found that it's somewhat helpful to channel your thoughts out whether it's through writing, drawing, dancing, or talking.

I write poems and stories in my spare time and I tell some stuff to people...but not really. And rest of the time I try and keep myself distracted with school and outside activities.

I know it's not the best advice but that's the way I'm trying to deal with my depression.

Again, I'm not saying that you have depression and I am in no position to medically diagnose with depression of any sort, but when your parents aren't listening to you about what you believe you need, one thing you can do is just get it out in one way or another (healthily hopefully) or ignore it by keeping yourself occupied 24/7

If you need anyone to talk to, my email is xethereal.imbalance@yahoo.com



i wanna get an industrial piercing but i have a couple questions:

1. what is the age limit to get that in texas?

2. does it hurt? how long?

3. where could i get it done?


1)I don't know the exact age limit in every state, but in most states, it's either 16 or 18. Below that age, you must get your parental permission and one of your parents there with you.

2)It's like a helix piercing. It will hurt a bit more than an earlobe piercing because the layers of cartilages. It will take approximately a good 6months to a nifty year to heal.

3)I say get it done professionally at a doctors or a body arts shop. Don't get it done at Claire's or anywhere that uses a piercing gun. Make sure that the place you go to will use a piercing needle. Do some research on Google. For example, a piercing shop where I live is River City Tattoos. Go to a renown, sanitary, and licensed place that uses needles and not guns!



ok so this is a bit personal and awkward but i really need an answer...
i usually do personal examination by myself for breast cancer and also down under for any unusual signs...

recently i noticed that i have a light skin mole down there... the reason i checked is because i've been having an awkward feeling of pressure in that exact specific area and i thought it was just ingrown hair since i wax... then i noticed that the tips of the hairs are white or loosing color (my hair is black) and it's not just a couple....

could there be something wrong with me?

on a different note...
i've been diagnosed with PO and a slight mess up in my hormone levels (i get lazer treatments every two months for facial hair) since i've been having irregular periods ever since i had my first one (about ten years ago) but the meds didn't seem to work (after 2 years. i tried aldacton and birth controls) so i went to a different doc and he said to stop them ... my periods were still coming normally as they were with the pills but were back to being irregular in a matter of 6 months or so (a week late a month late a week early a month early .... you get the picture) anyway so now it's been about a month an a half or 2 and i still didn't get my period...

could it be my anxiety pills??
my weight?
cervical cancer? (i'm still a virgin btw)
the winter?
the change of countries? (lived in egypt for about 4 years then moved back home to vermont)

i am really worried because i think there is something seriously wrong with me but i don't want to go to more doctors before i have an idea of the possibilities are....

please help

As the columnist said below me:
There are no medical doctors on here that can give you accurate diagnosis. Most of us on here are teenagers and we usually do not know much about these types of thing, assuming that we know some at least.

Please go to the doctors and prevent possible chances of whatever you may have gets worse and spreads.

Best of wishes



if you only smoked a few times, do you think the dentist could tell you've been smoking?

i haven't, i'm just curious about that?

Well I hope you haven't been smoking at all nor will you plan to do so in the future.

A few times, no. More than a few times, yes.


I know that its really bad for my knuckles but i cant help it. whenever im trying to think or something...i crack my knuckles. I have never hearrd of anything tht u can do 2 help it... so anyrhing goes i guess
thanks! =)

Well, there is no 100% certain scientific research that has been done that says that cracking knuckles are bad for you. However, I assume it will because you're doing something to your body that is wearing away something.

Anyways, cracking knuckles is a habit like biting nails and whatnot. Biting nails are easier to stop because you can put nail polish that is deliberately make really bitter so when you put your mouth on your fingers, you'll stop yourself before biting. Cracking knuckles is a harder on, though.


The user cracks her knuckles, too. Or used to anyway. And I think she gave a pretty neat response.

Also, try to get a new habit. Wear a string bracelet around your wrist and mess around with that when you're thinking instead. Gently tap your legs to a rhythm or something. But even though it was suggested to tap in that link, don't. You'll bother a whole lot of people around you and they'll get really annoyed with you, thus discouraging you from tapping, which might discourage you from stopping th habit of cracking your knuckles.

Anywhos, that's the best answer I can give you...



I heard if you eat 4-6 tablespoons of peanutbutter a day, you'll lose weight and won't be hungry.

Is this true?
and if it is, and I try it, do you think it'd be ok to have a snack every once in a while and drink alot of water, and exercise.
yeah I'm trying to lose weight.
So does this sounds ok?

Are you saying eat ONLY peanut butter?

Eat that amount of peanut butter to healthy meal?

Eat that amount of peanut butter with your regular routine?

Seriously, where are people getting all these myths and "100% guaranteed" tricks on losing weight?

Let me tell you now that if you plan to lose weight eating only peanut butter, water, and a little snack + exercise, you are:
1. Malnutrition yourself
2. Starve yourself
3. Make your body go in shut down mode
4. Damage your body

Okay, let me start with this: Do you know what all those Atkins diet and all those crap don't work? Because your body goes back to its original state BEFORE the diet, thus gaining a lot of, if not more, of the weight lost during the diet. If you plan to survive on peanut butter for the rest of your life, you're lying to yourself.

This is cliche but oh so true: the ONLY way of losing weight SAFELY is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle, which means regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Exercising and eating healthy only to lose weight is NOT a diet. It's a lifestyle you adapt to as you do so losing weight. Like right now, I'm so used to not eating junk food and stuff. I just eat some cucumbers and low-fat thousand island dressing for a healthy snack. Junk food makes me feel really bad and nauseous sometimes nowadays.

This is a topic about losing weight.
This is a topic about what and how much of what you should eat.
These are some tips you might want to follow to lose weight.
These are some target exercises.
These are some stretches (yes, read this. It's important)
And just in case you were looking towards the diet pill sections (which I know you won't *cough cough*)

Those are a lot of links and you might not want to check them all out. But you really should if you really want to lose that weight. So, to answer your questions:

I figured

Good luck and please tell whoever you heard this myth from to recheck her sources. It is not at all a healthy or effective way to lose weight. I'm sure you don't want to live your entire life eating only peanut butter. And a few snacks. And water.

If you need more advice, a more effective way to contact me would probably be through my e-mail (xchoke_on_dead_hopex@yahoo.com)

Good luck!


Hi my bestfriend smokes all the time, and sometimes drinks I think, well use to, but she smokes almost everyday, and probably 5 or more a day, and she's done it for a while.
I'm so scared for her, cause I know she's gonna have health problems in the future..but do you think something might happen soon since she smokes so much and so many a day..she's only 14. and I want to tell someone but I think her grandparents let her! and when she's with her mom, she sneaks when shes with her.

What do you think I should do?

I'm sXe--no tobacco, alcohol, drugs.
And I try not to associate much with people who don't really follow the sXe ideals.

I've already lost 2 grandfathers and an uncle from the effects of long term smoking, and my dad smoke. Great combo, huh? So maybe that's one thing you can slip to her in a conversation. Say that a friend has lost 3 family members and the cause of death was from smoking effects.

Right now, she'll get excessive phelgem [sp?], bad breath, and smell, yellow teeth and nails, and she'll need to make her whole body work harder to do something simple like walking down a hallway than a non-smoker would.

This site has a lot of good effects of smoking.
Look at the right column links that leads to more information and how you can help your friend stop smoking.

Addition to that, tell her that smokers get yellow teeth and nail, bad breath, bad smell overall, and that many guys are repulsed by female smokers nowadays. Make a compromise with her on how to cut down on her smoking. (i.e One smoke per day, 3 per week, 1 per week, 5 per month, 1 per month, then none at all) Tell her that you're not trying to nag her or anything. You're doing this because you care about her and that you don't want her to get sick or get cancer from smoking. Tell her that it's not other people's story about getting cancer from smoking. It could easily be her story too. Tell her that you want her to stop because you're afraid to lose her and that if she's mad at you for talking to her about this, tell her that you'd rather lose a friendship than a friend.

If she still doesn't get the point to stop smoking, your best bet is to go tell a counselor. It really is better to lose a friendship than a friend. A friendship you can revive. A dead friend, you can never revive again.

Good luck and if you need more advice, I'm here to help =)

xchoke_on_dead_hopex@yahoo.com is my e-mail, which is probably a faster way to contact me.



I was recently diagnosed with Anorexia. I went to the doctor because I haven't been getting my period. It is most likely from my very low estrogen & other hormone levels. What do they do to fix this?? I think birth control was mentioned. If so, how does it work & what type would I get?? Before judging the type of person I am, I have to say that I never wanted to get this thin. It is a problem & I've been working extremely hard. Before I went to the doctor, I basically ate around 800-1200 calories a day, if that. Since my appointment, I've been eating 1500-1600 calories. I know I need to gain weight & I'm mentally struggling to do so. My blood pressure & heart rate is very low which can cause heart problems in the future. I do not want to be unhealthy, so I'm trying to do my best & gain a bit of weight back. It's going to be a struggle & I know that, but I need a few tips. First of all, I'm 5'7 and weigh around 114 lbs. I was thinking of starting to gain 6 lbs. I want to be around 120 lbs or so. The thing is, I'm not quite sure how to go about it. If I up my calorie intake, & after a few weeks I hit 120-125 lbs, how can I stay there?? I'm not ready to go past that yet. I'm afraid of just gaining more & more weight & having to stay my jean size. I would like staying in the same jeans. To maintain 120-125ish, do I reduce my calories by a certain amount?? If so, what amount?? I am forbidden to exercise right now because of my heart rate/blood pressure. They think it would cause more problems if i did & I would burn more calories & I need to gain, so the calories need to be without exercise. Also, if I do hit my goal weight, can I start exercising again?? I don't like junk food at all whatsoever. People think it's because of my eating disorder that I dislike it, but I truly dislike the taste of it & how it makes me feel after I eat it. What are some healthy options in gaining weight?? I want good, nutritious meals, not fatty foods. I want to still eat lots of fruits/veggies. Any ideas or opinions?? Thanks.

Well, first of all, congratulations on getting help =)

And the BC was probably mentioned to regulate your period. There are 2 colored BC pills in a packet. Let's say one is purple and one is white. They would have you take purple for 3 weeks then the white ones for a week. When you take the white ones, it'll let you have your period during that certain week. It's usually given to people with really irregular periods to help them regulate it. Now, that was just an example. The pills can be any colors.

Okay, at to maintain a weight that you're achieving to get:

Everyone has a different BMR. A BMR is what your body burns everyday to stay alive, i.e. breathing. Say that you have a BMR of 2000. You'd have to eat 2000 calories everyday to maintain your weight. Not above or below.

I have a more thoroughly written topic about this in my forum. It's titled "Lose Weight" http://www.advicenators.com/talkaboutmetopic.php?t=365&userboard_id=35415

Another topic is about fats, carbs, and protein. http://www.advicenators.com/talkaboutmetopic.php?t=372&userboard_id=35415

That should help you greatly with figuring out how much of each category you should eat. And a list of healthy foods are included in there, but note that it is not limited to that list of foods.

Good luck and stay healthy =)


I skipped my period last month, and have not been sexualy active for the last few months. Is there an explanantion for this as its the first time this has happened. Can an infection causes this as well?

These factors can cause you to skip period:
Low body fat
Lack of sleep
Food deprivation
Vigorous activities
Sports [Regularly]



well, i have less than 2 weeks to lose wieght i have a stomache and its not very small.. and not very big.. well just to let you kno im in egpyt so its not like america where i get to run around in the street and work out and so much diffrent here.. i have a treadmille at home i use it everyday for about 10 minutes and we barely go out so i eat at home alot and i stay up and eat becuz i cant sleep but now that schools starting i wanna go to bed early so i have that covered., the problem is i wanna go back to school skinny.. so please help me out
tell me what else i should do,i also do sit ups, and yes i feel the burn lol
but i need to lose wieght faster please dont say protien bars becuase i dont eat those + we are in egypt.. its pretty hard to find something like that here..
thank u=]
by the way
im 13./f

Sorry my dear, but you can lose up to only 2-3lbs in those 2 weeks. Otherwise, it will be unhealthy, hard to keep off, and result in rapid gaining of the lost pounds.

Go to my page and click the link that says "forum"
Better yet, just click the link below:

I have tips on losing weight. And replace the running with running on the treadmill since you said you couldn't run outside. *Wishes that I had a treadmill >.>*

Lose weight
Toning exercises
Carbs, protein, fat, wtf??? [Or something like that]



What does hot stuff do to your face? like on commerical these girl's like put their face over steaming water and stuff. Does it really do good for your acne?

The hot temp and steam basically opens up your pores so it would be easier to get dirt out. Although it doesn't really get much of the dirt out. On the other hand, cold water makes your pores close.



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