:.Hey x3
My name is Emily and blah blah blah.

:.I have a lot of personal, family, and friend issues of my own so a lot of times, I can probably relate to you a lot of times if you have personal, family, and/or friend issues.

:.I can offer a lot of information, help, and advice on family and friend relationships, love lives, depression, stretching/flexibility, weight loss, violin, being organized, dog training, forensics (public speaking), keeping up with school/extracurricular activities, eating disorders, writing (stories and poems), and probably a lot of other random stuff like what to drink when you eat something spicy and why.

:.Although I can help a lot of you guys on the above subjects, I don't tend to take my own advice so it can become quite an awkward/ironic/contradicting situation for me or make myself sound like a complete and utter hypocrite.

:.Hannah Whitall Smith once said, "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right." I agree 100% of it. Advice is advice and it is given when asked for. I give it and I leave it at that. It's up to the questioner/advice seeker to take it.

:.That point leads onto my philosophies in advice giving:
1. Advice is given when asked and no time else, unless your friend is about to irritate a black bear, then you should definitely advice your friend to back away and run for his or her life.
2. Advice is not critical, not judgmental, and definitely not biased. Advice is advice and should remain neutral.
3. Advice is to help, not to get 5s on every answer. As a result, my advice ends up being quite blunt and frank with a hint of rambling mixed in.

If you have general questions on the topics I can be a lot of help in (as listed above), most likely, they will be in my FORUM

If it is not, you can inbox me to request me to put it up.

:.If you want to ask me a question directly...
a)if it is not urgent and can wait a week or so, inbox me.
b)if it is an urgent question such as "I'm being eaten by a shark! What do I do???" first of all, I'm quite amazed that you can type while being eaten and second of all, e-mail me at cancel.life@gmail.com. I will answer you by midnight of that day (or if it's 11:55PM, probably by 3PM the following day).


14/F Sorry this might be a little long.

So there's this girl who's been at our school for awhile now maybe a month or two let's call her L... there's been two new girls after her, so she's not really the new girl anymore... So my friend, let's call her E, has been friends with her for awhile (L was at a school with a bunch of people from our school, so it's not like she doesn't know ANYONE), so she hangs out with us.

I kind of liked L at first, but now she's getting on my and my other friends nerves. She's sort of clingy to us, and she kind of doesn't shut up. She talks about weird things, like how she talks to ghosts and how much she loves her little brother and how much she loves bologna...etc.

Now, I'm not a mean person at all. I'm always really nice to her and I talk to her and stuff, but she seems to ignore me a lot, and she doesn't even know my name still. And no, I'm not exaggerating that, she really doesn't know my name, or any of my other friend's names (except for E). She's also really mean to my some of my guy friends, and two of my girl friends in particular. With my guy friends, she doesn't let them sit at our lunch table and yells at them and calls them creeps. With my 2 girls friends, she picks at their interests/disinterests and is always yelling at them and being a bitch to them

So yes, I know there's really nothing I can do about it. And yes, I also know I might sound like I'm being judgmental, but I'm trying really hard not to be. I always give people chances and I'm really nice to people, but she seems to be passing up every chance I give her, and she's mean to me, so that's not fair.

What I'm asking is, how am I supposed to tell E that no one is really warming up to her? I know E is allowed to be friends with whomever she wants, but I can never, EVER be around E alone or talk to her privately without L crowding around us. E is totally oblivious to her behavior. So I need help on what to do! Thank you so much!

L doesn't sound much like a social butterfly.
If she doesn't want to warm up to people, she doesn't have the right to judge people. And if she's constantly picking on your friends when she doesn't even know them and they have been nice to her, well, let's put it in simple terms: she has major issues. Yes, there are people who are complete oblivious b.tches to those around them unless they get to know a person really well and vice versa--then they might be nice. But sometimes you have to know when to put a break to hostility, right?

You friend E might just be as oblivious with what's happening, or she's just trying to be really nice to this girl.

Honestly, if it was me, I would say something like this to E, "I know you're really good friends with L and all, but she's being hostile to a lot of people around you as well as me. I don't want to sound mean or anything but that's the truth. You can be friends with whoever you want, it's your choice and right. However, since you're on good terms with her, would you please see why she's acting so hostile or at least get her to open up and be nicer to people around her? Honestly, I don't know if I can take much of her anymore and I don't want this to wedge in between us. We've been friends for (x)years and I love you, but she's getting on my nerves and I don't feel welcome around her, but she's always with you. I'm not trying to be nit picky or telling you to ditch her as a friend. Really, I'm not. I'm just asking if you can find out why she's so angry towards people or at least get her to be nice to us."

Good luck.



Things are just spriling out of control right now. I had a group of friends but two of them got into a fight, therefore one of them left to go to another group and the other one is now hanging out with just her boyfriend. The others are just there, but i dont feel as comfortable to hang out with them anymore. They are mostly with themselves now. That just leaves me! I don't have a lot of other friends, other then them. I just came to this High School hardly knowing anyone. What i need advice on is how can i make new friends to hang out at lunchtime and stuff? I am not popular at all..and frankly thats what its all about in high school unfortuntely. I feel so lonely and "lower on the social ladder". Its hard and i really need some advice. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you

Either I'm ignorant or I don't give sh.t about the "social ladder" that may exist in my high school. Sure, some people want to be that popular kid that everyone wants to hang out with. But me, I really couldn't care less about it.

It doesn't matter where you are on the "social ladder" as long as you enjoy high school with the friends you have.

One thing you can do is try and have things work out between the two friends. Or find people in your class. Start up a conversation with them, and in no time, you'll get a good start on making new friends. Find someone you know from elementary or middle school. Say, "Hey! Long time no see!" Blah blah blah. Talk about the past. Talk about what's new, etc, etc, etc. Go to plays, concerts, parties, clubs, etc, and find people you sort of know and strike up a conversation.

At lunch, just find someone you know (doesn't matter if you just met them) and sit next to him/her.

There is no magical way of making friends. It's all different for every person. The only thing is to get a conversation going and be friendly. Don't mind much about where you are or where the person you're targeting is on the "social ladder." Just have fun making friends.

Friends come and go, but that doesn't mean that you can't make new friends and enjoy school =)

Good luck!



Me and my bff have been friends for four years now and we also have a bff who weve known for three years. Well two of those years were fine but Bff 1's other bestfriends started picking on me and threatening to beat me up. When i told her she ignored me and said i probally deserved it but when i talked about them she got super pissed off and stopped talking to me for days. Then we graduated middle school and my bff 2 got put into foster care and then it got super worse with bff 1. She would invite our other bff over for a huge slumber party and not me even though our friend lives three hours away and i barely get to see her as it is. Then my friend started getting mean and rude, usually she was so picked on in middle school i thought she was gaining confidence in her new school that i don't go to. But she suddenly became bff's with three guys who used to beat our other best friend up and so when we all got to go to the mall two months ago and they were there she quickly ran over to hug and kiss them even though my other best friend was so hurt that she forgot what they did to her. Then i got into drama and our other friend did too and they came to one of my plays and then bff 1 said she couldn't make mine but she always goes out of her way to go to our other best friends and after learning about a play, the wizard of oz which is our other best friends fav, she took her without asking me to come. Then bff 1 said shed come to my new play and would be taking our other bff so i was so excited. But then two hours before show time i got a call from a tearful bff2 saying she couldn't go because bff 1 wanted to go shoping with her other bff's and wouldn't pick her up. Then the next day she promised to come and bring bff2 but found out her bf was doing a play and went to that instead. I was so pissed i quit gs and emailed her about all the crap she gave me and she said it was because bff2, blaming it on her and told me that bff 2 was lieiung about getting beaten up because her bff's wouldn't do that. AAnd then i ended up apologizing and she said we'd hang out over vacation. but now i don't know if i want to be her friend anymore after the way she treated me and my bff. What should i do?

That certainly was confusing but I get a gist of it: your bff of 4 yrs is basically making plans and ditching you at the last minute whereas if she made plans with bff2, she'd keep it?

Well, someone once told me that we'd be incredibly lucky if we had just one, single, true friend in life. Because I have to tell you that everyone changes and everyone has their own problems. Throughout life, you're going to encounter people that you feel like you can never live without only to find out that what you felt wasn't true. You and someone else may agree with everything and get along perfectly well, but then the both of you will gradually change in personality and likes and etc. and the friendship may become loose. What I'm trying to say is that keeping and maintaining a friendship is hard and that friends come and go.

To me, they are not even worth stressing over. Let them be friends or do whatever they want to. Be friends but certainly do go out and meet other people. Friends that upset friends and later blame it on someone else for their actions are not worth trying to keep. You will meet new and fun people out there and you'll end up wondering why you didn't meet them sooner or why you were getting frustrated over the two people that you don't need. Trust me, I've had so many friendship problems and in the end, that's what you come to unless you find that true friend. Lucky me, I think I've found one, but who knows, right?



the irony of this is that people normally consider me a good advice giver...
now i need advice of my own anyway back to the point

for years now ive been trying to help people by giving advice but it just does not really work for me anymore
im wondering wats the best way to go about giving advice and what needs to be taken into consideration
basically im asking how do all you people do your jobs...

It's not ironic. Even the smartest ask questions, too. And we are all people. We all need advice, no matter how talented of a advice giver we are.

I give advices on something I can relate to if it's not one of those "You can find the answers on Google!!!" questions. If it is one of those Google questions, I just Google them and give them advice.

Basically I give advice on something I can.
And on something that I can relate to in order to get the most out of my advice if that makes sense.

I take into consideration that judgment of people is a terrible thing. I take most questions seriously. I try to understand the circumstances they are under and what would be the best advice I can offer them. I treat every questions as if they were asked by my best friend. Bias free and seriously taken.

Hope I helped and didn't confuse you =P
Just keep giving advices on anything you can =)



i just started highschool
most of my classes i have at least maybe one good aquaintance or something but i have these 2 classes where i feel so alone. theres this one girl sandra who i feel like im kind of friends with because shes my best friends friend but that doesnt necessarily mean shes my friend
and this guy sam who ive been through a lot with but we dont talk much anymore
sanda and sam are kind of friends
at least more than i am with either one of them
besides them i know nobody.
i sit alone in one of these classes andi just feel like such an idiot
i feel like i should try to become better friends with sandra so that she can sit with me but like than i dont know what happens to sam
and im always afraid that the teachers going to say
and ill just be so embarrassed and i wont know what to do and this can be so stressful and like ill be thinking about it all day until i have the class and at night and stuff
sorry for making this so long
but i really dont want my freshman year to be so stressful because of this
any ideas on what i can do?
thank you sooooooooo much

Okay, well I had no one to talk to in gym class with me last year except for this girl that I've had a really bad past with.

But you know, we all grow up, and we were both over it. I started talking to her and all went well =)

Just start talking to Sandra, using your best friend as a common ground. And maybe you can kindle your friendship with Sam again.

As for partners, there will be at least one other person who won't have a partner. That's when you just approach that person and ask if they would like to be partners with you. There you can start a friendship. Also, your teachers will somtimes partner you guys up or choose groups for you. When that happens, be friendly and talk to them. One of the best ways to make friends =)

15.f Emily


Omg...15/f...my guy friend won't stop asking me for a webcamera session on MSN...what should I do? Nicely...?

If it was me, I personally would've blocked him already, lol.

Try these:
"My cam isn't working"
Reasons: pet bit it/knocked it over or it's malfunctioning or you/family knocked it over and it's not turning on.

"I can't find my cam"
Reason: Your family had another family over and the little kids thought it would be funny to play treasure hunt with your cam OR your parents used it to talk with your aunt, uncle, whoever & never returned it.

"I'm too lazy to set it up"
Reason: you're lazy?

"I can't right now."
Reason: parents in the room & it would be awkward.

"I can't find a place to put my cam"
Reason: surrounding is a mess and you have no place to put the cam on.

"Computer isn't letting me"
Reason: Your computer decided that it doesn't want a cam on its system.

"I don't have my cam anymore."
Reason: parents took it away because...make up something. Or say you lent it to a friend & the friend broke it?

If he doesn't stop bothering you, tell him that no is no and that if he can't accept it, you're not going to accept his IMs anymore *block* or *ignore* him for a while.

Good luck =)


I'm 15 and I'm female

well..I broke up with my last boyfriend on new years and he hasn't be the same so i was wondering what i should do..

he doesnt really talk to me much
my friends tell me he still likes me but
i dont want him to think i like and him and him starting asking me out..but still i want him to know im here but should i talk to him?
or stay quiet?

Ask him through the means of any chatting device or notes or in person:

Are we okay?
We're still friends, right?
I don't want the break up to end in a bad friendship and I hate to hurt anyone. Can we still be friends?

Let me tell you that having a bitter break up SUCKS. Haha. I've been there twice.



Im so scared im not going to have a friend next year, all my friends are going to be in seperate hombases!!!!!!!!!!!! I need tips on how to make friends because its hard in middle school,

I assure you that there is going to be at LEAST one person you'll meet. When I went into middle school, I had NO friends. The friends I had in elementry school all went to a different middle school, thus leaving me completely friendless. I basically made a friend in the first week or something like that. I'm still somewhat friends with her and I believe we were in the same homebase twice in a row =) That was super sweet.

I'm sure that your school has some kind of activities to do during hb or some kind of activity to get you guys to interact with each other. If not...well, you can always say hi to the person sitting next to you or whoever looks amicable. Don't worry. I've been through middle school and freshmen year of high school & I made friends who are seniors, juniors, and sad, but true: most of my friends are sophomores, well, rising juniors now. It's not hard to make friends in middle/high school unless you think/want it to be. Just relax, be yourself, and I'm sure there are going to be people you know or other people that are in the same situation as you are =) Good luck!


what does it mean when you avoid someone whos moving and you avoided them for a while because you were really sad that she moved and you gave her a gbye and a sorry letter why were u ignoring her and when you cried front of them she cheered you up but it didnt work so she left and after those happening doensnt respond IMs and refused to talk to you?
btw she already moved but she still refused to talk to me why is that?

Maybe she's still getting settled in
Or maybe she just needs a break from everything & everyone.
I don't know how long it has been since she moved & maybe she made new friends? Just ask her straight out because that's the most accurate answer you'll get.


Im fucking tired of this. Everythime I try and ask her why she wants to come over she doesnt say and ask if jasons gunn abe home and if i say no shes like oh my mom wont let me or something dumbb like that. And when he is home thats all she doesnt is hangg out with him.

Tell her straight out that if she likes your brother more, go talk to him instead of lying to you and using you to get to your brother.

I'd be pretty pissed off, too, & I'd just say that your brother isn't home every single time she asks =P


My best friend [ which is a guy ] and I just had this huge fight. I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. And he listens to all my problems even if they dont include him. I listen to his too.

So, I was telling him what my boyfriend did to me. Which was kiss another girl when I was sittin next to him. My best friend got real mad at him and said he was going to talk to him. Then the next day my best friend was all " Im not going to talk to your boyfriend. I feel bad for him. He doesnt deserve you. " and he knows that really hurt me. I have no clue where that came from. and now my best friend wont even talk to me...

I dont know what happened.

Um, maybe it's the whole guy/guy thing where they stick up for each other no matter what? I don't know. Sounds cliche.

Well, first I'd like to say that you should breka up with your bf. I don't know if he was joking when he kissed the girl or what but either way, that wasn't a very bf like thing to do to you. And he doesn't deserve you. You're too good for him [that's what your bff probably meant by that]

Hmmm, I don't know. The best thing you can to is talk to him and ask him what he meant by feeling bad for your bf and why he doesn't deserve you. Perhaps he likes you and he's mad at you for still being with your bf even though he kissed another girl. Bleh. But don't assume that fully, okay? Just talk to your best friend and ask him what's up.


ok im apoligizing now for the legnth bc its gonna be like but like I REALLY need advice so if you gave me some ill love you for EVERRRR..

Little background:
alright so my school is clique like no joke ok so i have this one friend emily and the rest of my friends dont like her. like she just doesnt fit like shes a slut, she drinks. and the rest of us just like to hang out and have a good time and thats just not her she'd rather be drinking and doing shit with guys. and we always gett in fights with her. like all the guys and girls in my 'clique' dont like her, and we think as soon as we get in high school (which is where were going this year) shes just gonna ditch us. which wasnt really gonna bother us bc the all the upperclass man HATEEEE our freshman class. bc we have a bunch of sluts. and number one on girls to beat the crap out of is her. and people think because were friends wtih her were like her and were not.

ok so the other night at my other friends house i got in a fight with emily and i told her how nobody wanted to be friends with her bc of those reasons and shes like thats bull and crap and she said how we shouldnt care what other people think and to some ecstent shes right but its high schoool its been that way for howeverlong and were not gonna change it, so. and at first all my firends were like good i hate her now we dont have to be friends with her but now emilys calling like the two girls in my clique that she noes are easy like to get friends wtih her agian bc they havent been friends with her that long and mind you ive been friends with her since second grade. and is like I LOVE YOU THIS IS SUMMER WE SHOULDNT BE FIGHTING. and there like yeah thats true adn now there all buddie buddies with her and like i dont know it pisses me off bc there two faced. and when i say shes all we talk about like im not lieing. it terriable but i dont no

ok so like i no theres no really question in there its just more like what do you think offf the whole decision bc i dont really regret my decision of not being friends with her its just im i dont know. just tell me what you think of everyhting

I'm going to be frank & if you're going to rate me bad, give me a reason other than the fact that I said something you didn't want to hear. Or the fact that I said something I should have that I couldn't possibly answer because you didn't put that bit of info in your question.

If you don't want to be friends with Emily, don't be. If you think she's going to give you bad reputation and effect you in a negative way in the views of people, don't be friends with her. It's all up to you as to what you should do. And about your friends, it's not your business to tell them who they should and shouldn't be friends with. If they want to be friends with Emily, let them. Just tell them nicely that you don't think it's such a great idea to become too close of friends with Emily for whatever reason you have...and leave it at them. Don't force them to not talk to Emily or anything. It's their decisions and you told them what you felt. If Emily gets on their nerves, its their problem and not yours. So I guess I'm saying that it's not your place to tell them who they can/can't be friends with. And about them talking about Emily yet still being friends with her...it's teen years. It's drama. It's the regular phase of teens. Either they like her or they don't and Emily will find out sooner or later.


my friends grandfather died this morning. hes really hurt. but i dont know what to say to him. im scared ill say something wrong. what should i tell him?

Losing someone really hurts and I know because I've lost both my granpas, my uncle, a friend, and a hamster...although I don't think he's qualified as a person...

Basically what I found most comforting was knowing that my friend[s] woudl always be there for me and listen to me not matter what I rant about. And just knowing that I had a shoulder to cry on was a great thing. And so my advice for you is this:

Tell your friend that you're ALWAYS there for him even if you have to stay up until 4AM listening to him. Make sure he knows that you will keep everything he says to yourself if he wants you to and that you're there for him if he ever needs to cry. Just show that you're there for him 24/7 no matter what.

Also, don't try to get him to talk about it or mention something close to it...if that makes sense. I hate it when people try and do that. I enjoyed it when people did stuff that I enjoyed or tried to cheer me up/include me in fun stuff...just do what I enjoy doing.

Erm, me being weird, I feel better by listening to songs I can listen to, although it might not help him...but you're the one to judge whether or not it will be helpful to your friend...

Some songs are:
Welcome To The Black Parade -- MCR
What Hurts The Most -- Rascal Flatts

Erm, yeah. If you need anymore adivce, e-mail me or send me an inbox =)

PS..don't ever say you know what he's going through even if you may have experienced lsoing someone. It kind of just made me angry that someone would say that and I kept thinking over and over again that they'll NEVER know what I'm going through


ok i have a friend i have always called my best freind.. but the thing is she is really loud and she CAN NEVER keep a secret but she says its niot her fault it is really how it is.. like one time she told my girl scout leader i was smokin weed.. who9 does that? but anyway we really are loosing contact like everytime we talk we argue ever since i cheated on my girlfriend with her.. only once and i never told no one.. i just dont know what to do .. should i let the freindship go.. or what?

Well, if she's causing stress and she can't keep your secrets for her life, then you should just let her go. Don't tell her anything you don't want her to tell people and just stay the "say hi in the hallways" friend type thing.


my friend is wanting to run away and commit suicide. she was abused with drugs and is planning to kill herself by them. i am suicideal she stopped me when i tried to kill myself now im stopping her but i cant other than tell her how much ill miss her and everything but if she dies ill die right after because i cant live without her. she stopped me by doing that once and another time from cutting grabbing the knife from me and stopping the bleeding i love her. i realize all id miss but i still am suicideal. i will not go to anyone for this only our friends know and one of our friends will be with her all the time. whoever is when she is trying to run will run away with her but not let her kill herself. she was abused by drugs and physically she went from family to family all when she was very young and were 13 now. i need to help her only by our friends. if i was her id be dead by now. are we right for doing this? how else do i help her? i will not get anyone else involved its what she wants but well stopp her if not ill be with her always.

I know you said you don't want to go to anyone else but your friends but think about this: It's better to lose a friendship/trust than the friend herself.

You need to talk to someone right away. Look up phone numbers for suicide hotlines. You need help and she needs help.

Other than that, you need to keep her by yourself 24/7. Make sure she understands that you need her and that even if she kills herself, there's not gonna be any difference other than misery for her friends. If she dies, she won't be able to laugh or be happy and she won't be able to do things that are unbelievably amazing. Make her promise you that she'll stay alive as long as you're alive. If she dies, she's going to involuntarily kill you, too. And if she truly cares about you, she'll promise. Make sure she knows that she's an important part of your life and she saved you from death and if she dies, you're going to fail and feel guilty because you're going to feel like you killed her.


i recently switched school, because of my group of friends. i came home every single day crying. it was horrible. they were known as the 'mean/plastic girls in school' i liked them, intill, they would start fighting with me. because i was hanging out with other people then the other 5 girls in our group. they then would stop inviting me places, like they didnt invite me anywhere. and i was friends with these girls since 2nd grade!!!

anyways, once i switched schools it was great, i made tons of new ones, i only stayed friends with one from my old school, and we were like BEST friends. but then all of a sudden, shes turning into one of them. her and all of them keep calling me. and saying i said things that i didnt!! and they usually always have done that since i switched, but i didnt care, i just didnt answer.

im so confused! what should i do?

Well, you should definitely ignore these girls. If they call, hang up on them or block their numbers. Block their screen names/make a new one. etc. Just disassociate yourself form them completely. As for your bff, try and keep a good connection with her. tell her that you're the best friend that you're thankful for and that you don't want to lose her to them.

If she turns on you too, don't give her any second chances and move on because she's not your bff if she does turn on you


1.)does anyone know deep life questions?
ex.People say everyone deserves a second chance, but what if you never had a first chance?

2.)does anyone know deep love questions or any websites that has a deep love questions?

ex.Could you date someone who has been only your friend for a long time?

3.)any deep questions about friendship?

thank you so much

1)What is the purpose of our being in life?
Why is it that people are discriminated against just for what they believe, think, or look like?
Why are some people so lucky while some are starving to death?
Do you think there is life after this life?
Do people deserve second chances and do they really get second chances in real life?
Is life fair or unfair? Are things meant to happen for a reason?
2)What/How do you describe love? Is it real?
Do you think that there is such a thing as a soul mate?
Do you think that there is more than one person that you're suppose to be with for the rest of your life?
How do you know if you're in love and if it will last?
3)How do you know if someone is your real friend?
How important is friendship?
Define friend/friendship
Why do you think friends are so important?
How do you know if you can trust a friend?
Why is it so hard to find that one, true, loyal person that will remain honest and supportive for you throughout life?


okay i have this friend named kimberly
ever since she has been going out with this guy that i USE to like
she has been acting so stuck up
she is only in FIFTH GRADE for crying out loud
we don't need boyfriends
she only chases and tortures her boyfriend
and that is what she calls flirting
i told her today at recess i dun wanna be her friend anymore
because i dun like friends that forget all about their girlfriends
for a guy
so until she starts acting right
we can't be friends
she might call me this after noon
what should i say?

Um, are you even old enough to be on this site?
Don't listen to the columnist below. It will just get things to get worse.

Face it, girls are guy crazy and when we get boyfriends, that who we think about one second too much. From what I've read, I think you're a little jealous. When she calls, just calmly dimiss her. Tell her that you are not in the mood to talk right now and that you have to go. Tell her that you're upset with this whole thing because you don't feel like you're her friend anymore.


14/f. Sorry if this is a bit long. I have a group of 5 friends; we sit together at lunch, hang out on weekends, blah blah. Now, theres this girl, 'Jill', who thinks she is the 6th member of our group. We'd be happy to be friends with her, but shes so freaking annoying. She's immature, always copies us, invites herself places.. One time she just showed up at the mall when she heard about it, even though we didn't invite her at all.

The 5 of us try to ignore her, hoping she'll get the message, yet she still sits with us, walks with us, etc. The only problem is, I feel really bad. I think she knows that she is always being excluded in our plans, and she's obviously really upset. She has no other friends besides us.

The question is, should we keep being friends with her? I don't think it's fair to let Jill think her friends are us, when really all we do is talk about her meanly behind her back with eachother. Or should we just be nice and let her sit with us and stuff? She's SO annoying.

Hmmm, well I suggest you introduce her to a new group of friends and dump her on them...


whenever i make plans with my best friend, i'll leave my computer for a little bit and then her away message will be like "out with some friends then sleeping at "jenna's" house. it gets me pissed because i thought WE had plans. she's really nice and we hang out alot but i get sick of her being like "we should chill today" and then she goes and hangs out with other people. don't tell me not to be her best friend because i love her to death and she's like my sister. but i don't know what to do. her phone is never on so i can't get in contact with her. right now she's at the mall with some people when she said to me earlier "i definitely wanna chill with you today" ughh. she usually doesn't do stuff like that but she does it like 20% of the time.


Well, maybe you should be the one making plans. Make it definite. I know that my friends and I say that we should hang out today or tomorrow or whenever but we never really do anything.

So next time you make the decision to hang out when and where. Don't wait for her to make the plans definite.


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