:.Hey x3
My name is Emily and blah blah blah.

:.I have a lot of personal, family, and friend issues of my own so a lot of times, I can probably relate to you a lot of times if you have personal, family, and/or friend issues.

:.I can offer a lot of information, help, and advice on family and friend relationships, love lives, depression, stretching/flexibility, weight loss, violin, being organized, dog training, forensics (public speaking), keeping up with school/extracurricular activities, eating disorders, writing (stories and poems), and probably a lot of other random stuff like what to drink when you eat something spicy and why.

:.Although I can help a lot of you guys on the above subjects, I don't tend to take my own advice so it can become quite an awkward/ironic/contradicting situation for me or make myself sound like a complete and utter hypocrite.

:.Hannah Whitall Smith once said, "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right." I agree 100% of it. Advice is advice and it is given when asked for. I give it and I leave it at that. It's up to the questioner/advice seeker to take it.

:.That point leads onto my philosophies in advice giving:
1. Advice is given when asked and no time else, unless your friend is about to irritate a black bear, then you should definitely advice your friend to back away and run for his or her life.
2. Advice is not critical, not judgmental, and definitely not biased. Advice is advice and should remain neutral.
3. Advice is to help, not to get 5s on every answer. As a result, my advice ends up being quite blunt and frank with a hint of rambling mixed in.

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Okay so I've asked this question before but I didn't exactly word it right so I didn't really get good results, so here it is. I have a huge crush on this boy ( let's call him dave ) and he's told me he likes me, but made it clear that now is not a good time for a girlfriend, I don't really know how to explain our relationship, its pretty confusing but my friends call us "the couple that isn't dating" so that's kind of what's going on there... Anyways, one night dave and I were talking and we got onto the subject of this other boy at our school ( lets call him mark ). Now dave and mark aren't exactly friends but they are friendly, if that makes any sense. So I told dave that I didn't really like mark all that much, and dave seemed kind of surprised by this, and he asked why. Then I told dave how things went between mark and me. See, mark can be a jerk sometimes, I feel like he can be really nice and sweet but he hits on girls a ton and sometimes he takes it a little too far, which is what he did to me. At lunch he started grinding on me and pushed me against the locker, I didn't tolerate it. I tried to push him off, I couldn't, but he got the idea and stopped. I told him how out of line he was and we haven't had an incident like that since, but it still makes me mad and he continues to hit on me. When I told dave about this incident, I told him the story as an explanation for why I wasn't very fond of mark. But then dave said something that really pissed me off, dave said "mark is just tring to have some fun." now I know this is just a comment, and maybe im over sensitive but it really made me mad that dave saw the situation like that. What mark did was disrespectful and not only was dave seeing it as no big deal, but he was acting like it was okay that mark did this to me. Sorry, but I am not a toy, I get enough crap from mark and it upset me that dave would defend him like that. Dave has always been so respectful and sweet to me, so I couldn't understand how he saw the situation like that. After dave made that comment I was about to argue but dave said it was late and that he had to go. I've let too many days go by so I don't think I can really bring it up again but I don't know if this should concern me that dave said that or if you think I'm making a big deal out of it. That attitude didn't seem like the dave I know, and I don't want him to see me like that...

I honestly don't want to sound like a slut-b.tch over here. Just giving you my point of view on this.

I have a guy at my school that is a complete, 100% horndog. He will hit on any girl anytime, regardless of whether he has a girlfriend or not. Me, I'm a pretty chill person and I'll admit that I'm not a 100% prude, pure minded person. When he does stupid, slightly perverted things aimed at me, I just go along with it jokingly, and if he takes it too far, I just push him away and call him a manwhore. But after that, I don't take offense because I know he's just that kind of a person, he didn't mean anything honest "I want to get in your pants" thoughts and he didn't mean to deliberately invade my personal space just because he thought he had the right to. He's just fooling around being the immature boy he'll eventually (if ever) grow out of.

And, yes, there are some people that are very protective about getting respect from guys. There was nothing wrong with you defending for yourself and being offended by Mark's actions. There is nothing wrong with you not having the best of relationships with Mark because of that incident.

However, I believe that a person can believe whatever he or she wants to. Dave, I'm sure, is a very nice guy, but let's face it: he is a guy. Think about it from another point of view: you had a girl friend who is a wacky person and she does a wacky thing to your guy friend and he takes offense. It's human nature to side with your gender. You're going to think (Or at least I think) that the girl just did something wacky because she's a wack job.

Dave is entitled to his opinions and as a guy, it doesn't surprise me at all that he would side with Mark. It really doesn't matter if he's the son of some divine power: he's a guy. I have a guy friend that is way too prude for me to even understand. He is the 100% gentleman that is always responsible, nice, sharing, and kind to everyone all the time. And if I were to go about complaining about the first guy to this nice guy I know, he (honestly) would say: he's just being him and thinks it's funny.

Now, your Dave might have not meant it like "he's trying to have fun, he has the right." He might have meant, "That's what he does for fun, don't take it too seriously." I don't know what tone he said it in, but sometimes what one person says can be translated different, blurred by what you were thinking and have engraved in your head concerning Mark.

Sorry this is so long. In short: Mark is a guy, Dave is a guy, it's human nature to stick with same genders. Mark is just that type of a person so he did what he usually does. Nothing was wrong of you to take offense. At the same time, I don't believe Dave meant anything suggestive when he said, "Mark is just trying to have some fun." If you just take a breather and place this situation and you stand in an outside point view and think through it carefully, I'm sure that somewhere in your heart, you will realize that Dave really, really honestly didn't mean to sound like a horndog himself or suggest that you were being too prude or anything offensive.

So just forget about this ordeal (after you think it through from an outside PoV) and go on with your daily life like this never happened =)



I have this huge crush on this one guy and I don't know what to do about it. People tell me that they think he likes me, but I don't really know for sure. He doesn't go to my school, but we talk online and stuff almost everyday. How can I hint to him that I like him more than a friend? Would asking him to go a movie be too forward of me? Or should i wait for him to ask me? I'm not sure of what i should do.

Well, one thing is that no one ever knows if the other person likes them or not unless that other person directly says, "Hey, I like you."

So since you seem to have a good friendship type of thing with him, why don't you suggest he comes with you to a school dance or a movie (like you said). Or if you think those two will be too forward, suggest going to the mall, bowling, movies WITH your friends and his friends. After a while, if you think you feel comfortable enough to ask him a one-on-one "date," do so.

Or, you know, there's this thing called direct confrontation, which I never liked =P



So I lived at apartments. And I would always hang out with this kid and I liked him but I was scared to ask him out, so i never did. We both moved out of the apartments. And I havent talk to him in like two years. I found his myspace like a week ago and we have been talking a lot. and I found out that he liked me. And I'm starting to like him all over again.

but there is this girl. She is a year younger than me. I use to be friends with her. But i got into the BIGGEST fight with her so now we hate eachother. And she does anything to find drama with anybody, especially me.

And she is friends with this kid i like. And she has been making up stuff about me and telling it to him. And when she told him this stuff he kinda stopped talking to me.

I dont know if he doesnt like me or what.

I need help cause I'm so confused!!

PLEASEEEEE help me!!!

If you ask me, this is what I would do:

Ignore this girl (if you aren't already) and don't stoop down to her level. Talk to this guy, ask him what's up because you miss talking to him. Ask him directly if it has anything to do with this girl. If he doesn't open up then, go ahead and tell him in a calm, mature way the history between you and this girl. Tell him that you're sorry if she's been bugging him or something like that. Do NOT however put him in the position where you're asking what she's been saying about you. Ask him that if he's having any doubts about you and your innocence, just ask and you'll be more than happy to answer or settle his questions/doubts because you don't want a friendship that you really like going down the drain because of some words a girl said.

If he still doesn't respond to that, I would just walk away. He's not worth the trouble of playing "stay on my side" over and over. If he won't believe a long term friend and back out of the friendship because of a few petty words he can't support to be true, he's not too great of a friend nor will he be that great of a "my significant other!" guy. In the future, he'll realize that he lost a long time great friend that he liked because of a few stupid words. That's his loss, no point in your stressing over something that he ultimately will decide himself.


okay well i need some ideas for something to do for my boyfriend. i've done letters, dinner, photo album, picnic, coupon book, and movies. i cant think of anything else. so if you got some ideas that would be awesome. thanks very much.

Bake him cookies =)
Give him a teddy bear
Make something cute and special and give it to him
Couple ring?
Plan a guys night for him
Buy him tickets to go see something (movie, sports, etc) that he really likes.

I don't know how old you are soooo...


What do guys find attractive in a female not only in the way she looks but also the way we act what kind of personality and what kind of personalities do lots of men dislike?

I'm not a guy, and I hate to tell you but not a lot of guys on here will answer this question simply because there is no one answer to this question.

I conducted a survey not long ago to guys of all age groups and they all had different answers. Some said they preferred looks vs intelligence, some said they preferred intelligence. Some said they like shy and quiet girls while others like loud and bold girls. Some like introverts, some like extroverts. Some want hot/sexy girls while some wanted cute/innocent looking girls.

As you can see, all guys have different preferences in females. Or what kind of a world would this be? All the guys would want one type of girl and all the girls would be one type and vice versa.

We can't say that most guys like this and don't like this because 1)it can be seen as sexist, 2)we can't clump guys into one interest, and 3)it'll be unfair to say this and that.

So what I'm saying is that if you're eyeing a guy, get to know him. If he likes you, he likes you and that's great. If he doesn't, well too bad. You're not going to form yourself into a girl that the guy you like (that doesn't like you) then the guy will only be liking you for the mask you've created yourself, not your true self, and I can tell you right now that relationships like that won't go on a remotely long ride.


well there's this boy i like, and one of my friends thats a boy, gave me the boy i likes number. i am goin 2 call him but i dont know wat to say becuz i never talked 2 him b4, just like good job at things in track but i dont wanna talk about sports or school because its the summer so what do you think i should do

It'll be kind of awkward if this boy doesn't know you have his number/didn't give you his number. Besides, talking to someone on the phone that's an aquaintence is awkward if it's the first time.

Have this guy friend of yours three way this boy then you'll have a reason as you why you're talking with the boy & you can casually ask what the boy's number is.

Another thing is plan a friend get-together with your girl/guy friends to go to the movies, bowling, etc. Then casually ask this boy if he wants to join. If your guy friend knows about your crush, clue him on it so he doesn't ruin anything.

Good luck =)


ok well i met this guy a while ago.he is really cute and i really like him he is about to turn 17 and im about to turn 14(3yrs).he had a girlfriend before and then he broke up with her and one day i went to go talk to him and he was like hey how old are you and i told him and he kinda looked upset and said damn i cant mess with you unless i wanna go to jail =[.well then i saw him back with his ex-girlfriend like two weeks later.now when i see him he is always lookin at me and smiles he also comes by me sometimes.i think he thinks me but im not sure.my parents dont seem to mind when i tell them i think cuz they are about two and a half years apart and all my friends think it would be cute and that the age isnt a ig difference.and one day he also called me his snowbunny which if you dont know is a fine,curvy white girl who likes colored guys and im not quite sure if it was kinda a joke or not.i would like to date him cuz he is like the perfect guy for me.anyway how can i tell if he really likes me or not and like what are ways to like get him to notice me more as more then a younger friend? thank you

You know, by the fact that he said, "Damn I can't mess with you unless I wanna go to jail," & that you were his snowbunny, I can't help but get the feeling that all he wants is to get in your pants.

In my state, two people that are 3 years apart in age having sexual relationship with each other can land the older one in jail for statutory rape which I believe is a felony...

As far as telling whether he likes you or not...no one can except him. You know, the only thing I can tell you is to wait until you are 18 (because if he turns 18 and you guys have some sexual stuff, it'll be a longer jail sentence for him because you'll be a minor & he an adult) and if he still wants to go out with you then, well, there's your answer.

As for him looking at you as a younger friend, I'm not sure. I'm not the best one to keep friendships from turning into more than friendships.

Good luck



i have acne all over my face and now im getting it on my back.
ive never had acne until now (and im nineteen years old)

ive tired a lot of products, and nothign seems to be working for me.
it just causes more acne then scars.

should i see a dermatoligist? and how much does that even cost?

i would appreciate any cleaning products that 100% work for people.


Okay, here are the natural things you can do:
Sleep from 9PM if you can
Eat healthy foods
Try to not stress out much
Drink green tea =)

Clean and Clear Acne system...or something like that. It's working out pretty well for me so far.

Face pack type of thing you can make at home:
1. Mix honey, milk, and flour. Heat in the microwave for 20seconds. It's going to be hot so be careful when you apply to your face!

2. Green tea + flour

3. Oatmeal + banana + honey

4. Soybean powder + egg yolk + flour + milk (optional)

*** Note that you need to wash your face before. Keep whatever mixture on for 10-15min only. Wash with warm water. Don't do them every day. Maybe 2-3 times a week max. Don't apply lotion or medication on after...The amount for each ingredient--you can eye it...make it as thick or liquid like as you want it to make it.

Oh, another thing. If you don't like using medication, use Cetaphile face cleanser twice a day and at night, apply a thin coat of Aloe Vera gel to your face and other troublesome spots. Make sure the Aloe Vera is organic and natural, though. You can find it at Ukrops =)


i usually have trouble starting striking conversations with my GF and i need help like avoiding akward silences or breaking them or just shownin my GF i care help?

Ask her how her day/weekend/class/break has been.
If that doesn't work, tell her simply about yours--hen I say simply...I don't mean tell her every excruciating detail of your day...just the basics---she might have something to add on.

Ask her upcoming events like a concert or a game or what not.

If all that doesn't work, just talk about whatever. She may just need the time to let the ice melt.



billy has a girlfriend of two years, but he hasn't always been the best with not cheating.
and this past weekend we hung out alone and he made a move, so i kinda responded.
we didnt get in each others pants..well..
but we did make out and ever since then it hasnt been the same so im not sure how to act.
he said nothing was going to change and he doesnt "like" me but wants me..and im not sure how to take it.
i mean i havent told him how i feel about him( i like the boy, pretty stupid yeah..i know) b/c im afraid to lose his friendship.
but i cant seem to forget about that night.
and i wish we had done more and he knows that..
so im aware he's completely playing me and stuff, but i just cant force myself to stop talking b/c we're soo close.
any ideas or just anything negative or not would help.

Well, in my opinion, cheating guys are .ssholes. I don't care if he's the nicest guy in the world. Cheating is cheating and it's not tolerable and should not be tolerated by anyone.

Yes, he may be a good friend, but I think you need to distance yourself from him right now.

1)He just wants to get in your pants in my opinion. He doesn't like you but wants you?
2) He has a girlfriend!

I know that you said you guys are close friends, but tell him straight out that you think you guys need to back away and cool down a bit to get some logical thinking as to what's going to happen.

Good luck1



The boy I really like comes to my b ball court everyday.If he kissed another girl,what would that mean?This didnt happen to me im just wondering because i dont want him to kiss another girl because I REALLY like him alot!

1) He has the right to kiss any girl he likes, whether or not you like him/not like him.

2) If you're so worried that he is going to use his right of liking other people, why don't you go and ask him if he wants to hang out or casually ask if he wants to go see a movie with you?

It's not the end of the world if he starts to like another girl. It's cliche, but there are lots of fishes to choose from =)

Good luck!



ok so theres this guy hes so cute but what i dont get is how to start talking to him i dont no how girls do it do i just start talkin to him a little but hes kinda shy so then what i realllllyyy realllyy like him i dont no what to do when i instant message him it kinda seems like im the only one trying to make conversation ahh i dont no what to do!!

I know a guy exactly like that.
He's gorgeous and seems incredibly nice, but he is extremely shy and he will never start a conversation with a person and won't say something to keep a conversation going--he would just stand there and create some awkward silence.

Just say, "Hey, what's up?" or if you see him at the mall, say something. The next day, ask something about the mall: example: "Did you have fun at the mall?" or "Did you do anything fun after I left?" or something like that.

Don't try and force him to talk with you. Just say a short greeting or a short convo starter when you see him and leave it at that. Eventually, one day, he might say something to you first =)

Don't get too hung up on this guy, though. You don't really know him and if he doesn't want to talk to you very much, then lay off a bit and nonchalantly greet him once in a while. If he doesn't seem to make a slight effort to carry on that conversation you started and tried to maintain for ten minutes straight, well, call it a day and tell yourself that this guy isn't worth the trouble in your mind.

Good luck!
Emily 15/f



Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and i have NO clue what to get my boyfriend. almost everything i, or my friends, can think of, doesnt work because a) he wont use it b) its impersonal or c) its not "him". i think he'd be happy if i got him something gay, but i want it to have sentimental value, you know?

-we've been dating for almost a year now.
-plays lacrosse and football
-hes a little bit of a partyer
-kinda preppy but not mega preppy
-doesnt like to shop much

so thats that. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
and i have to have it by christmas, cause im eating christmas dinner at his house. :/

thank you for any help!

Get him his favorite CD (that he doesn't own preferably)
Matching bracelet/ring or a necklace that he might like.



Okay, I have two questions. One is this one girl is soooo annoying me, spreading rumors and starting crap. I have tried my hardest to be nice to her, giving her Christmas cards, telling her that I like her accessories (I have to wear a uniform), and many other things. But she still doesn't like me, calling me a bitch behind my back and saying things that were not true. One day I just lost it, 'cause she was saying that I couldn't talk to my friend Crystal because she was her friend. So now, if I even see here, I wanna punch her. What should I do?

Second question is about the girl's boyfriend. I am the new girl at my school, and I was hearing that her boyfriend was saying that I am cute and that he liked me. This is probably where things went wrong with me and that girl. Because, I didn't know that she was dating him, and Crystal said that he does still like me. BUT, he has been saying that he doesn't like me and he doesn't treat me like he likes me, in fact, he treats me quite the opposite. He hits me, and says rude things to me. I don't who to believe. What should I do?

Okay, the guy -- he is not worth worrying about. If he likes you and is too stupid to realize that being rude to you and hitting you shows that he likes you or won't stand up for himself, he is just a little kid that needs to grow up.

The girl that spreads rumors about you is just really jealous of you because the boyfriend ordeal. Just flat out tell her that you don't like your boyfriend and that he doesn't like you (whether or not either is true). If he does like you, then go take it out of him, not you. If she doesn't accept the fact that she's being a complete moron, ignore her. Just take her out of your life and she'll get tired of herself listening to herself talk one day because everyone's going to get sick and tired of what she's saying once they realize that she's a chain liar. If things really get out of control, just go to the counselor.

And in the meanwhile, just make a lot of friends. Be really nice to them and friendly and act innocent. If they say something like "I heard (the girl) says you've been a complete female dog to her" or something like that relating to the girl's rumors about you, just saym "I don't know why she's saying that stuff. I really don't. I've been trying to be nice to her but she still keeps on making up all these lies about me. I mean if people want to believe it, then fine. But I just want people to know that what they're believing is a lie." (Say it in a sad, sweet way. Nonchalant as well).

Anyone who will believe the girl solidly is an idiot. They're just believing the words of some girl that has no support for her lies.



I sit next to Adam in reading, forced to but if we had the choice I probably still would. Well for the past week of sitting together, we've flirted. I wasn't sure at first, but the nudges.. pinches.. Footsies!.. and just what were talking about. Becky even called it flirting. Then PJ Stamas, the most rudest ignorant JERK ever asked "Are you going out with Katie???" Looking directly at Adam, because im not the best thing to look at.. and Adam didn't say anything so then Pj looked at me and asked if we were and I said No were not because were not. So Pj said oo and looked away. And me and Adam went back to flirting.. =D Wellthat was Thursday. Friday at lunch because I sit next to Adam because we are friends.. some random girl I couldnt tell you her name to save my life asked HOW LONG we've been going out..! Then today DJ didffrent annoying kid asked if we were.. Well I dont see why Adams not going "Gross kid! No I am not going out with this Hella Fat cow!" But all 3 times he hasnt said anything.. i've had to correct them. The Steven goes around telling Adam that he's all I ever talk about which soo isn't true!
Adam said something to me I forget, about "us."kinda and I was like ahh not now Adam later.. just joking around and he was like yayyy now i have something to look forward to and It was funny and I laughed and stuff and I guess I have a laugh AND a giggle. Ive heard this from my Best Budd in the whole world Becky. Well I dont control it. because I dont know I even had a **gigle...
Well, Beckys made a huge deal out've reading and me and Adam flirting. I say its not.. even tho it kinda is.. I mean Im not the number one girl Adam could have! He's funny, Smells delish!!! no joke, and i donno everything about hims awsome. He has more options besides ME. I stayed back, im the Godzilla of the grade.. because im fat and im just al around not pretty. But people tell me other wise.. but ughh tuff subject.
Then today Adam at lunch was playing footsies.. and i was laughing and stuff when JJ tried making fun of him and started with my other foot COMPLETELY AKWARD btw when Adam stepped on his foot with FULL FORCE like as hard as possible!! Well all I can say is JJ wont do that again =) But the weird things is afterwards, Adam didn't stop. He continued holding me knee.. and playing with my foot. And in reading, he rubs knee\leg and we talked about how waffles are better then pancakes, lipgloss is better then lipstick (haha funny funny!) and if i looked better with or without glasses and he said eitherway..=) And I dont know what it's called but he keeps stepping on my hel when im walking and it kills SOOO much lol and Friday he hurt me and he was like Oh my god im sooo sorry and hasnt done it since.
Well, I didnt want to admit i liked him because he couldve been flirting with me on a bet or date, Ive seen those movie! or to just fuck with me. And I dont wanna make a big deal outa this if he doesnt. I dont wanna look like an idiot.
Well I kinda wrote this is my profile.
So Maybe I Do Talk To Much.
About Him.
I might as well go to the tallest mountain..
And Scream It To The World.
"I Can't Lie."

After me and becky Had a talk about how I suck at lieing...

What do I do??

Wow. That was a lot to read.
From what I can tell, Adam is
a)Flirting with you
b)Flirty overall
d)Are good friends with you.

I say that since he seems kind of shy and he has not said no to the "Are you going out with Katie" question, there's a big chance he likes you.

Slyly ask if he wants to join you and Becky for a movie or bowling. Just incorporate him into things you and your friends do. After you feel comfortable that he likes you, ask him out without your friends tagging along =)



Ok me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and one week, he asked me to marry him April 17, i said yes. Now today on Saturday, November 03,2007 he tells me he cheated on me the first week we started going out, what do i do? How do i take this? Will this change my feelings for him? I am a female and Im 15 My Boyfriend or soon to be husband is 17 we started dating when he was sixteen. Thank you
If you need to contact me my email address is darkmagicalmoon@yahoo.com


First of all, let me just tell you that you're going to hate me for saying the following.

I'm 15 and I can't imagine myself being engaged.
I would rather have a much better time being free, in a relationship, or just flirting with people.
Not being tied down by something so heavy as an engagement.

And let me tell you about guys that cheat.
Sure, they have really big guts to reveal they cheated. I give them kudos for that.
But the problem is that guys who got away for so long w/o his main girlfriend noticing WILL do it again.
He will, I promise to whoever I believe in, cheat on you again.
Who knows how many times he has cheated in the past?
Is he all clean? How do you know?
You can't.
Once he's cheated, he'll know he can do it again without any consequences if you decide to forgive him for that and marry him.

My advice for you in short words:
You're only 15. Please call off the engagement. He may seem like the whole, entire world to you and the best thing that has happened to you right now...but he's not. At least wait until you guys have both gotten into college and have a solid educational foundation to get married and build a family upon.

But I wouldn't suggest giving this guy a second chance.
Once they cheat, they'll cheat again.
No matter how sincere they look or how apologetic they sound.

Call off the engagement and see what happens from there on.

Sorry if this sounded more like a lecture than an advice. But I'm just trying to help in my own way. If you have anymore questions, e-mail me at emilylee_92@yahoo.com in the future to gt a quicker response.



I HAVE A HUGE ISSUE. Ok well,this ex boyfriend I dated for 4 months is now dating one of my friends.
They talk very perverted to eachother and one day me and my friend (the one dating him ) went to the movies and she had to go to the bathroom,so she had me hold her phone and i was just looking throught her inbox and outbox not looking for anything specific. But then I saw that my ex's name appear in a text with her saying she wants to get pregnant with his baby and marry him, and run away etc... (she just turned 13,and he's 17). It hurts me really bad that she would do that to me. i thought i had no feelings for him but one day he texted me saying he still loved me. we haven't talked since then cause i know he was playing both of us. ( i dont like him,but shes going to get hurt...shes going to wind up getting pregant and he is going to leave her)
heres some stuff about him
1.has a kid
2. was married.
3.only 17
4. a big player.

heres stuff about my friend
1.just turned 13
2. was pregnant 2wice already.
3. is a slut..

I dont know what to do.
She still don't know that i know they're together.


Okay, well first of all, if they ever do anything intimate and/.or sexual things, then that boy is going to jail.

Your friend needs a reality check and that is where you come in. Sit her down (I know, cliche), and talk to her. Say you're really sorry but you looked through her phone that night and saw the message. Tell her that you don't know if she was saying that seriously or jokingly, but either way you're not happy with her going out with your ex not because you still like him/jealous of him, but for these reasons:

Age difference will land him in jail.
Who knows how many STDs this guy might have
Who knows how many girls he's knocked up/have played/is still playing.
If she really wants to handle being pregnant AGAIN and/or handling a kid at age 13.
Him having a kid and being married already will result in the same for her.

Ask her what she finds so attractive in him...
Really, guys who have been married, have a kid, and is a playa doesn't appeal to many.


I'm in 10th grade, 15/f & we'll call him Joe. Joe is in 11th grade, 16/m.

Background on Joe: He's very sweet,nice,caring, and a cheery person. 2 things that he does that note that he REALLY likes the girl are: talk about her a lot to everyone & leave a [(Name of girl)

Seems like I pressed "Answer this question" instead of "Add additional information" thing.


how to i get a girl to like me if she doesnt know i exist?

Do little things to just get her attention, which will basically give off the feeling that you like her.

If she's standing like 5ft away from you and doesn't notice, go up to her randomly and say "Hey, what's up. Don't talk to you much."
Or something like that.
Wave/smile to her in the hallway if she sees you.

Do you guys have lunch or classes together? AT lunch, talk to her and sit next to her if you want. In class, sit next to her if you can and ask her if she wants to partner with you or if she knows the hw for that classs (this is when you get home after that class that is) Get her AIM or e-mail and just be friendly and talk to her often. But if you get the hint that she's busy or isn't interested, don't linger on her and try to make conversation because it'll just piss her off in the end XD

Good luck!


My friend I’ve known my whole life I guess we were like best friends. We always told each other it but never did anything out of school except email aim and talk. Then we liked each other a little a lot. Everyone tried to get us together as in dating or alone together. Then there were a lot of mishaps at parties. Many good time so many bad times. Old games like truth or dare and zap. Our relationship fell apart. Im friends with a lot of guys and most are older than him. I am always with them. I don’t like any of them but him and another guy. I’ve never dated because I always fell for my friends and I never wanted to loose them. Four guys like me that I know of right now but I cant do it I’d miss him to much. They know I won’t date because of all that’s happened. My friend says he’s afraid on what id think, my friend told me. Doesn’t seem to like the guys I talk to anymore. We always talked, now almost never except at school a little. We always had silly little arguments on kinds of donuts and stuff always talking. He always gave me high fives or would do anything to hold my hand even for a second and then every time we saw each other he’d give me a high five or we arm wrestle or play games like red hands but he never wanted to hurt me. We used to really care for each other now we do a little but it’s falling apart. He talks to my friends more than me now. But I just don’t know what to do anymore. Im even to nervous to talk to him I’ve never been nervous for any guy. I don’t know what to do??? 13 about 14 femalee

I'm sorry to say but this was written out pretty badly and I only got little bits of this whole question. So you have a guy best friend, let's call him A and you guys liked each other but didn't go out because you guys were afraid to lose the friendship? And you have 4 other guys that like you but you don't go out with them because they're your friends as well? And now you're losing your friendships with all these guys and they're getting friendlier amongst themselves without you?

If that's the case: guys are hard to keep as best friends when you're a girl. It just so happens that guys make friends with guys and girls with girls. Not many guys are willing to hold onto a girl that is a friend as they grow up. Especially if the guy likes you and you don't want to go out with him. If he really did value the friendship and/or you, he'd stick with you no matter what but if the friendship didn't go as deep, then he might just lose interest in you and have moved on. Just go out with whatever guy, even if he is your friend. If he's a true friend, even if you guys end up breaking up, he'll still be your friend. If he isn't, then he'll leave if you don't go out with him eventually or he'll not likely be that good of a friend after breaking up. Life is all about taking chances and you should indulge in chance taking. Who knows, something might work out. As for keeping the friendship, just be acquaintances and maybe something will work out. In the meanwhile, making new friends can't hurt so go out there and try to find some other friends. You're only 13 (or 14?) and you'll have more guys to and girls to choose from to be your friends.

And if I interpreted your question incorrectly, don't give me a bad rating because I tried as best as I could and it is not my fault for wording out the question as you did so. Just send me another inbox message with a question typed out more clearly =)

Good luck!


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