I'm Bekki. I'm 19. Ask me anything! I'll give you my honest opinion. :)


now days its really hard to figure out what kind of girls are into...well, not really. But its hard to figure out if guys like skinny girls.I know that all guys like different kinds of girls, but do you guys out there think skinny girls can be hott? not nasty skinny, but healthy skinny

Skinny girls are always pretty to guys...all males. Fat chicks are NEVER EVER attractive to any guys besides guys as fat as they are.


i was about to send my boyfriend a picture of myself "exposed", but instead i sent is to my ex of a couple years ago that i just recently started talking to.

i denied that the picture was mine and i said that it was a friend that says she'll never meet the guy. (he is out of state)

what in the world do i do next?

Stop taking naked pictures of yourself. If your ex gets caught with that he could get into HUGE trouble and so could you. It's child pornography.


umm........ icut myself and i dont no how hazarddis it is to health can u plz tell me

well, you can die. enough said.


Ok im a girl and i have mastrobated and popped my cherry, am i still a virgin? Also can a guy tell if you are a virgin or not. I want to know because when i decide to have sex i don't know how to explain that i mastrobate.

yes you are still a virgin. A virgin is someone that has not had sexual intercourse. So until you have a penis in your vagina...you are still a virgin. And the term is "masterbate".


I have dark brown hair, an oliveish complexion, and my lips are naturally a little more darker red/pink than most people's. But I really like the whole nude lip thing, but everytime I try it, it just looks.. really.. weird. I've tried pale lip glosses, concealor, I don't know, are there any tricks or anything to keep me from looking like a clowN?

Try to pick a lip color or a lip gloss closer to your natural skin color. If you are darker complected and you try to use a pink gloss, of course you'll look like a clown! Some light complected girls do it and they look like clowns. lol Having "nude lips" means that your lips kind of blend in with your skin so pick a gloss, not EXACTLY the same, but a few shades lighter than your skin color. If that's not possible...you could always try a little bit of foundation (in your color of course) and a clear lip gloss. Just experiment with it :)


I know this is pretty cliche, but I always hear things about how everyone doesn't like Canadians? Why is that? I know someone from Ontario, and she's really sweet. But other than that I know nothing about Canada. What's the big deal?

There's no real way to answer your question because it's purely an opinion. Some people have met Canadians and thought they were very nice. Others have met some not-so-friendly Canadians so they assume all Canadians are rude or whatever.

My personal experiences with Canadians have not been pleasant. They are drunks, who apparently have nothing better to do than have sex and get wasted and they've got some AWFUL tempers. However, not all Canadians are like that..I just met some bad people.

It's just like any other country. You meet some good people and you meet some bad ones. But you can't let the bad ones ruin their entire reputation (although that is what MOST people do...why do you think other countries hate Americans?) Because among all the drunken, nympho, angry canadians I met, there was one canadian girl who was very sweet. Definitely the nicest of the bunch.

People who judge an entire race, country, religion, gender, whatever on just a few bad encounters are IGNORANT.

So I guess to answer you're question..There is nothing wrong with Canadians. They are human beings just like you and me. There are bad people and there are good people all over the world.


When i upload songs from my mixed cds it comes up on itunes at "track 01"
how do i change it?

Ive tried right clicking, but there is no option to where i can choose rename.


right clicking and selecting "get info" will only work if the song has been imported to your library..you can't change the name of the song on the CD.


what does it mean when you say a girl or woman is a gay man in a womans body???

lol i think it's really weird :S

think about it....what defines a gay man?

A male who likes other males.

So saying you are a gay man in a woman's body is like saying guys are lesbians in a male's body.

In this case, it's simply another way to say, "I'm straight, I like guys."


is there a website i could get for free?

half.com is a website similar to ebay, except you aren't bidding. You can get things (especially the sims) there for DIRT cheap. But it is on a first come, first served basis so if you find a good deal on one, I'd snatch it up really quick. I bought a game for the wii (which the games usually run about 50.00) for 35. There was a better deal but someone got there before me. It's not FREE but it's SO much cheaper than buying it from a store.


my borther and i fight constantly and we wont sto pwe can barly wven be in the same room like i love him to deathbut you know icant stand him and his jerkish ways , when his around his friends and our borthers he gets ten times worse like i could almost kill myself becauseof some of hte things he says when i'm home with him by my self and i dont do wut he wants he will threatn me with a knife to slit my throat and it's harsh ..

You didn't give how old you and your brother are but I can tell you from personal experience that my brother used to do the same thing. My brother used to tell me to go kill myself and he once chased me out of our house wearing a scream costume and carrying a butcher knife. He thought he was being funny but I was seriously scared for my life. The good news though, is that my brother was a teenager anywheres from 13-15. He could have even been younger, my memory isn't so great anymore but he's 20 now and I'm 17. He grew out of the whole "kill my sister" mode when we was about 16/17 ish. I still annoyed the hell out of him but he didn't threaten to take my life anymore. So I'm hoping that it's the same with you. Boys will be boys and I guess some brothers just hate their sisters while growing up.

HOWEVER, if you feel things have gone WAY too far, talk to a parent or someone who can do something because he could have psychological problems.. In an extreme case, tell the police. But if he's young and your younger, it might just be sibling rivalry, ESPECIALLY if he's the older brother..they just like to scare us younger sisters. Like I said though, be careful because SOMETIMES that's not always the case....

Please, NEVER EVER hesitate to talk to a parent or some sort of authority figure if you EVER feel uncomfortable. Don't forget that and goodluck.


In 8th grade i got my first period....in reading class we got to lay where ever we wanted to i layed down on the ground.My period was always so light that i barely notice.When The bell ring i got up and felt something wet and sticky on my but.....i felt it and i had blood on my fingers.....i was so terrified i had to tell my teacher(female) and she let me use her bathroom and gave me some shorts.....luckily no one noticed.....now im going into high school and my period can sometimes be heavy.I got my schedule and found out that all my classes are far away from each other and we only got 3 mins to get there. It takes me five min to go to the bathroom with my monthly.I usually go to the bathroom every other classroom....but i feel like the teachers and my classmates think i ditch class or something.....Im thinking of wearing a tampon from morning to lunch...from lunch to after school? Do u guys have any plans for me?Srry this is kinda long

Chances are your teachers are women and they should be compassionate enough and understand. If you don't have enough time to complete your bathroom duties -haha, bathroom. duties :P- then just talk to your teachers. Most teachers are lienient when it comes to females and the bathrooms.

Or you could always wear a maxi pad or a tampon AND a light pad or something. Most importantly, just breathe and relax. Every girl all over the WORLD goes through it.



lots of people have been telling me the my bf wants to take it to the next level..but i keep denying it to them....hes really sweet and really hot...when my friends and i got done with weights we asked if we could get a ride home from him and he said ok so we waited till he was done with weights in the car. It was 10 min to wear i texted him"hurry up plz" and i found out is phone was in his middle department thingy or whatever(the thing between the driver and passenger seat...so i open it and see a condom in there right next to his cellphone!!!what do i do?hes 16

You don't need to do anything. Boys have raging hormones and he probably fantasizes about sex and wants to be prepared incase it miraculously happens one night. But I can tell you one thing NOT to do. DO NOT let him or your friends pressure you into sex. Sex is a very serious issue and I think alot of young girls your age don't fully comprehend the consequences that CAN happen from having sexual relations. Only you will know when you are ready to have sex, you won't be scared or nervous, you'll be prepared. And just because he's wearing a condom does NOT mean you're prepared. It is an emotional thing that ONLY YOU will know when you are comfortable enough to go through with it. And if you DO make the decision to have sex, not only use a condom, but I would take birth control as well. Condoms alone are VERY unreliable. There is always a chance that it MIGHT break and if it does, would you be ready to take care of the baby? If not, you're not ready to have sex. Good luck.


I am wanting to finally leave my abusive boyfriend. Problem is we just signed another one year lease. Also, the only money we have is in an account in my name, which is next to nothing. I have a friend that will give me money to move so thats not the problem. Problem is that he will be left with virtually no money and a rent of 1000 dollars a month plus all utilities. And I do not know how you go about breaking a lease. thanks for the advice

I know absolutely nothing about breaking a lease, I would imagine it would involve some money and possibly court. However, what I DO know is that you should NOT care what your ABUSIVE boyfriend will be left with. HE DESERVES NOTHING if he has the audacity to put his hands on another human being. I think you should "grow some balls" so to speak and up and leave. Period. You don't care what he is left with. He beats you. Think of it as payback.

However, I must say I'm glad you are among the small percentage to wise up and get the hell OUT of an abusive relationship. I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, and PLEASE have no remorse for the pathetic bastard. He beat you. Just remember that.


As much as I hate doing this...I did google it.

I'm looking for two songs, both rap.

Parts I remember from the first:
call the cops, it's getting wild in here
what we gon do? smoke
what we gon do? drank

Parts I remember from the second (it's not called Bay Area):
the beginning goes "bay areauhhh bay areauhhh"
and the chorus is something about diamonds flashing?

Thank you so much!

I haven't heard any of his songs in AGES but it sounds like it could be a Lil Whyte song. His songs have alot of the "Bay Area" bits in it.

Here's a link that might help you out a little bit.


You might have to do a little more researching but I'm almost positive it is a Lil Whyte song. I hope you find what you are looking for!


gender: f
age: 13

so me and my friends have nicknames... and for some reason mine is "bonejumper"
they say that it is someone who looks for hot guys... but i just want to make sure, just in case it is not pererted...
so please tell me what it means

well a "bone" is sometimes referred to as an erect male penis. So when I think of "bonejumper"...to put it bluntly, I think of a person who "jumps" on a lot of "erect male penises" ie. someone who has sex with a lot of guys, a hoe. Thats not a name I would want to be called. Are you sure these girls are your friends?


ok. i have a problem. i used to be the girl who did whatever was cool. you know? but now i've had a boyfriend for like a yr and a half now and i've changed how i look at things. i used to be into rap and pop (what is cool wehre i live) and now im changeing into a hard rock & emo music. and now everyone at my school thinks im weird or something. is there like anything i can do about that?

You cant do anything about the way people perceive you. The only thing you can do is accept yourself for what you are and be confident about it. Who gives a sh*t if kids at school think you are weird. You go ahead and think they are weird right back. Just worry about yourself and focus on wether or not you are happy. If you are...roll with it. Once you graduate, you'll never see those kids again. And dont let the area or anything else make you. YOU DEFINE WHAT IS COOL. Not the kids at school and not where you live. Start thinking for yourself. And if other people dont like it, tell them to f**k off. :)

Good Luck!


Hello. I'm 14 years old and I have never gotten drunk or high. Most of the girls that I know all go out partying with boys, and I feel like such a loser because I don't do anything and they have all these guy friends and I have maybe like 3 really good guy friends who I hang out with. Is this normal? I mean how old were you people when you first got drunk? I know I'm so gay for writing this, but it really bothers me. I'm really afraid of being like 17 and staying in every weekend reading a book by myself because I have no friends. omg i know how gay this sounds i'm sorry!

First of all stop saying "OMG THATS SO GAY" because that just makes you sound stupid. And I don't know where you live, but if it is in the United States, LEGAL DRINKING AGE IS 21! NOT 14. So those other little girls you know are BAD examples of what you want to be like. They are the ones to be teen moms. It is normal to have a few guy friends. I prefer it to having a bunch of guy friends. Guys are usually friends with girls like that for one reason: sex. They are REALLY friends, they are just hoping to get some. And I don't know about you but I would MUCH rather have one TRUE guy friend. And there is nothing wrong with being 17 and staying in and reading a book. Just find a few friends who are setting a good example (ie: NOT DRINKING at 14) and really befriend them. Thats all you need. And please stay away from alcohol until you are 21. And dont think about weed. People who do weed, are stupid and have no futures. I hope you do the right thing.

Good Luck


Sorry, but yeah, it's the "d" word questions: diet.
Sort of anyway.

I'm 15/f, a vegetarian [not for weight lose, mind you], and I want to lose weight in my stomach, thighs, and legs. Up to 20lbs if possible in roughly 40 days [Probably not possible if I go at it the healthy way]

When summer began, I was pretty good about exercising every other day, but my eating habits failed like crazy so my exercising went down the drain. I've gotten lazy and stopped exercising. School starts in September, which gives me about 40 days to exercise. Recently I've been getting back on track with eating healthily.

So this is my plan for the rest of the summer:
7 Days a week, I'm going to run 2 miles and walk 2 miles in the morning. It sounds extreme but it's really easy for me and I enjoy going around my neighborhood 4 times in a row >.> And for 7 days a week, I'm going to do either target toning exercises for 40 min or pilates for 1hr [Exercise tapes] That would be my workout. I might expand on doing a few minutes of jump rope on the weekends. Don't tell me that I'm straining myself because I'm not and I'm enjoying getting more exercise into my life and running/walking gets me out of the house so I'm fine.

For eating, I don't eat junk foods or sodas or sweets or sugary stuff, unless it's a birthday or something. I don't find them very appealing and I can't eat too much or them anyways because I end up getting nauseous. I don't eat fast foods because the fast food places like BK, KFC, McD's, and Wendy's are NOT animal friendly at all & the food's not healthy anyway. My family doesn't eat out much so that's that. I pretty much eat veggies and fruits. Don't worry, I get my protein from beans and tofu and what not and I drink soy milk as much as I can, although I don't really like soy milk, or milk for that matter. I get iron and what not everyday, so don't lecture me. I know my stuff. I usually drink water or tea for my drinks and I don't drink juice [high sugar content] or sodas [again, they make me nauseous if I drink too much & I'm paranoid about rotting my teeth away].

So, I think that's pretty much my plans for the summer for losing weight. Do you think that if I stick with this plan, I'll be able to lose up to 20lbs in 40 days? If not, about how much would I lose in 40days? Can anyone give me a rough estimate? And don't tell me that I'm doing too much exercise or that it's not healthy because I really do enjoy running/walking and I love pilates for some odd reason =P

Thanks very much!!!

Hey I think I just answered your other question! :) You remind me so much of me I could cry :D lol But um, yeah! I think your excersize plan is AMAZING and you sound like you are used to working out alot so if what you have planned is what you do (or used to do) on a normal basis, then your body may be used to it and you might drop just a few pounds. My advice is to go maybe a week or 2 or heck even 3 doing what you have planned and if you notice a subtle weight loss then maybe you need to turn the notch up just a little bit in your excersize routine! Maybe run or walk an extra mile. I don't want to tell you to cut back on eating because you dont seem like one who would eat too much anyways and the food you eat is healthy anyways so I think you should just really focus on excersize and drinking lots of water. Water is a key thing as well. Try to substitue water for soy milk whenever you can. Water is the BEST thing. And never drink water from a tap. It's disgusting! Even bottled water has chemicals in it that is hard for your liver to get rid of. You should invest in a water purifier. They do WONDERS! Hope I helped!!!

If you ever need anything I hope you'll come back for my advice :)

Good Luck!



I'm a vegetarian and have been for a while now, after having begged my mom to let me be one for over a year. I love being a vegetarian and I'm planning on being one until I'm 18, then turn to a vegan. My main, and pretty much only reason, of being a vegetarian is because I'm an animal rights activist [I know what you're thinking. I'm only 15. What can I do?] Well, I haven't done anything yet, to be frank, because my mom would put me in an asylum if I joined or led a demo in front of KFC or at some crowded event. I have my goals set to be a renown animal rights/gay rights activist later on in life, though. Anyways, most people think that I'm a vegetarian because I want to lose weight, and while I DO want to lose weight, that's not what I became a vegetarian, as I've stated above. My family hassles me about it almost every day about how I don't need to become a vegetarian to lose weight *sigh*.

I've tried to get through to them that what they do in animal factories is just f*cked up and I don't support it and I don't believe I'm so greatly important to have an animal killed everytime I'm hungry and that people can live without meat and blah blah. But most people don't care/don't know about what really goes on in animal factories and what not. They don't really care, so even if I do try and get it through to them, they don't believe me or they stand by their justification of dying if they can't eat meat.

What should I do? I'm sick of people telling me that being a vegetarian is another reason to be anorexic & people putting down vegetarianism/ veganism. I've had some lady at a store tell me that being a vegetarian is another reason to be anorexic and another lady at a market saying that veggie burgers/patties are nasty and what not.

Just any reply would be great =)

I'm a new vegetarian as well and I couldnt agree more with you. You took the words right out of my mouth. I dont understand how people can say vegetarianism is another reason to be anorexic!! THAT MAKES NO SENSE! A vegetarian just simply doesnt eat meat. We find other ways to get protein.

I'm sorry that your own family cant even support you. My mom wasn't too fond of the idea for me at first either. I made my decision just days before Thanksgiving. HA! How well do you think THAT went over? My grandparents who think they know everything had to question why I'm not eating meat and what not. If I told my family that I am an animals rights activist, they would probably look at me like I am so weird. ANd do you know what I hate? When someone else starts lecturing you on how you need protein and calcium! Its not like I dont know that you know? JEEZ! Sorry I'm getting off track here :)

As far as what I think you should do, well I cant help you there because I'm in the same boat. Maybe you could tell people who critisize what we are so much to actually try it sometime! Not all veggie burgers are gross. I eat Morning Star right now and they have a full out vegetarian line of bacon, chicken nuggets, burgers, sausage, ground meat, chicken strips, even hot dogs!!! And those are all SOY products and fully vegetarian. I think they are absolutely delish! But anyways, getting back to the discriminators. People are always going to have something negative to say, and those people are the ones who are too close-minded to accept new ideas. We as vegetarians just have to struggle to get ourselves heard. If only people really knew what goes on behind closed doors you know? Simply put, people who put down being a vegetarian or a vegan are simply ignorant and it shows their lack of education and heart.

Anyways I wish you the BEST of luck in the future and if you ever need a buddy to boycott KFC (or anything else) drop me a message...I'll be there in a heartbeat! :)

Good Luck!

I forgot to put on here how proud it makes me that you want to go on to be an animal rights/gay rights activist when you get older. Thats AMAZING and the world needs more people like you. Dont let other people's negativity get you down! You just have to prove them wrong! Christopher Columbus disproved that the world was flat and proved that it was infact round! Why did people say it was flat? IGNORANCE. People's minds can be changed. And it can be done so in a manner that is not forceful. It just takes time. You are already on your way :) Just keep your head up and remember all of your fellow vegetarians are backing you up! :D


on myspace, people always do those bulletin surveys...does anyone know a really good site to get those?



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