:.Hey x3
My name is Emily and blah blah blah.

:.I have a lot of personal, family, and friend issues of my own so a lot of times, I can probably relate to you a lot of times if you have personal, family, and/or friend issues.

:.I can offer a lot of information, help, and advice on family and friend relationships, love lives, depression, stretching/flexibility, weight loss, violin, being organized, dog training, forensics (public speaking), keeping up with school/extracurricular activities, eating disorders, writing (stories and poems), and probably a lot of other random stuff like what to drink when you eat something spicy and why.

:.Although I can help a lot of you guys on the above subjects, I don't tend to take my own advice so it can become quite an awkward/ironic/contradicting situation for me or make myself sound like a complete and utter hypocrite.

:.Hannah Whitall Smith once said, "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right." I agree 100% of it. Advice is advice and it is given when asked for. I give it and I leave it at that. It's up to the questioner/advice seeker to take it.

:.That point leads onto my philosophies in advice giving:
1. Advice is given when asked and no time else, unless your friend is about to irritate a black bear, then you should definitely advice your friend to back away and run for his or her life.
2. Advice is not critical, not judgmental, and definitely not biased. Advice is advice and should remain neutral.
3. Advice is to help, not to get 5s on every answer. As a result, my advice ends up being quite blunt and frank with a hint of rambling mixed in.

If you have general questions on the topics I can be a lot of help in (as listed above), most likely, they will be in my FORUM

If it is not, you can inbox me to request me to put it up.

:.If you want to ask me a question directly...
a)if it is not urgent and can wait a week or so, inbox me.
b)if it is an urgent question such as "I'm being eaten by a shark! What do I do???" first of all, I'm quite amazed that you can type while being eaten and second of all, e-mail me at cancel.life@gmail.com. I will answer you by midnight of that day (or if it's 11:55PM, probably by 3PM the following day).


Okay, theres this guy, and he's like...really annoying. Normally i'm not a mean person, hurting other peoples feelings, really makes me feel sick. But this guy....oooo, its like, first, he's constantly hitting on my friend, and then when he finds out that she's not interested, he starts talking to me. And i dont think its as more of a friend talking to kinda thing, but it gets really iretating. I just dont really like talking to him, he makes me just mad. He gets really angry really easily, and then like, refuses to IM me. of course, that just makes me happy, but he doesn't know that.

well, heres the problem, since we have diffrent classes i dont normally have to see him at school, but next year he's also going to be attending my other school, (i go to two schools each day), and i'm going to have to deal with him...EVERYDAY! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HELP, I DONT KNOW HOW TO PUT UP WITH HIM!

Sorry its so long

Much love,


Well, this guy used to STALK...I seriously mean STALK my friends and when I was in 8th grade, he basically stalked me. He would sit next to me, follow me in the halls, come to my lunch table, STARE at me, give me things I said I didn't need, try and touch me. It was so effing creepy. (He even BEGGED my friends to let him sit in their seats(they were sitting next to me))

Before your situation escalates to a stalking situation, just tell him straight out. You're not interested in him, he's not your type, and you don't know if you can put up with someone who has a quick temper.
This is what I did with the boy that stared at me:
Stay away from him in classes and surround your seat with your friends. Find different routes to hallways. Inform your friends on what's happening so they can make up excuses for you when he talks to you. Have them save a seat away from him, etc.

Just isolate yourself from this boy and if you don't feel comfortable telling him to stay away, give him clues (and if he's not smart =X uh oh)

I don't think a restraing order will help here... the best thing you can do is tell him to stop bothering you and that you don't put up with people who have bad tempers


I have like 8 questions so its all in one so..

My uncle has cancer.He has for a couple months and he has had kemo and just the results and it didnt help him.And i know that he is ganna die because there is no cure for cancer.And everyone is acting like im dumb and talking queity around themselves like i dont know what there talking about and when i ask questions they look at me like what and there dumbfonded!!I am curiose i wanna know how long he has before he...and i know my questions are hard to answer but atlest they can lie to me and make me feel better but no they dont answer me and i kept in the dark i stay up late at night trying to answer my questions myself cause no one else will and my aunt yells at me saying that i shouldnt say up late at all hours of the night.And im close to this uncle i love him cause all my other family memebers like aunt and 1 other uncles are either dead or major jerks and i only see them and christmas.And ive been spending alot of time with my uncle and his wife asks me ohh why are you here???wonder why right but i only wanna see him cause my last aunt had cancer and the last time that everyone went to go see here i wne tto my uncle pooches cause she was too sick and i was only like 6 or somthing and i never saw her again.Well school is starting and i stayed back and if i dont start getting good grades people highly doubt that im ganna grauduate high school and im only in the middle but i want good grades i wanna be like yeah suprised im smart ohh but im scared that im ganna get the news that my uncle is dead in the middle of school and start crying infront of everyone i hate crying ifront of my own mother cause she gets worried so i havent cried yet.Cause i will breck down cause i love my uncle and ive tried telling my closest frineds and there like its only your uncle great thing to say to someone right.I am also over weight in wiegh i think almost 200 pounds and im 14 so i wanna go on a diet so and i cant go to the stpore and buy fruit and my mom dont so i was thinking of eating a little of bad food cause its all i got.and i also eat anytime i wantso i want that to stop so when should i stop eating at night and start in the morning....and hoiw many meals and snacks...i know it super long but please help i need it....

but my actual name is katie and tootsierollsweet999

I know what you're going through. I moved around a lot and except for my family, all my aunts, uncles, grandparents they all live in Korea.

My favorite uncle was diagnosed with Cancer. I was seven then and I didn't know what was going on. (I was in Malaysia then) My parents didn't tell me anything about it and I really wish they had so I could've at least wrote him a letter. I found out that he had cancer when he died and I still miss him.

All the other uncles I have aren't really your typically friendly uncles...they're bleh.

And now my grandmother who is 83 lost all the teeth and it's too late for her to get dentures, can't eat and is having digestive problems and she might pass awya soon. The worst part is that I'm half way around the country and no one is there to take care of her.

My parents won't tell me much about any of these stuff so this is what I do: When they talk, I go into the next room and pretend I'm doing something else in there (read a book, listen to music, etc) and I just listen to them.
I know that evsdropping isn't a nice thing...but hey they won't tell me.

I'm 14 too and I think you deserve to know what's happening to your uncle. Just straight out tell them (if yoou want) that you deserve to know what's going on and that you would want to know everything that's going on. (Add in a few tears..maybe the guilt will work ;) Tell them that you're old enough to hear and understand the situation and to not look at you like a 5year old kid who is wondering around clueless.
Prove to them that you are mature enough to be included in the conversations.

And your friends probably don't know what heartache this is bringing you because they themselves haven't been caught in this situation. So don't blame them for being insensative.

Crying isn't a bad thing at all and if you do break down in school, explain to them that your dear uncle passed away (although don't think about it yet. Your uncle may survive cancer. Pray and hope for a miracle.)
I rarely cry in front of my friends and family but when I do break down in school, i steer AWAY from guidance counslers and adults. They are nothing but a hassel.

Anywhos about dieting. Dieting like crash diets or such are harmful and in the end can make you gain weight.

When you don't eat over a period of time regulary, your body starts saving up the fat instead of using them because no more is coming in! Plus it makes your tired, cranky, and such. So going ana or bulimic isn't the way

Here's a healthy way to live.
Eating--Eat healthy. Stay AWAY from junk foods like chips, ice cream, candies.

Eat a healthy breakfast like a bowl of cereal or scrambled eggs and toast. When you eat toast, apply jam and not butter or penut butter. They're all fat fat fat. eek.

In between breakfast/lunch & lunch/dinner eat a small snack. Maybe half a cup of baby carrots and some ranch dressing (don't dunk them) Or some fruit like an apple or banana. This will help you control you from over eating at meals or reaching for that evil second plate

The key is if you want to drink something, stick with water. Soda? Make it diet soda. Milk? No choco milk or anything. 1% Lowfat milk is better.

Stay away from sugary fattening food (Poptarts, candy, ice cream, cake) and microwave meals/frozen meals because they contain a lot of bad fat.

Tell your mom that you would like to be healthy and not die from being overwiehgt in the future. Have her buy fruits and vegetables that you can munch on as a snack.

Never never never skip a meal or overeat in one sitting. Eat slowly and don't gobble everything down. It takes your brain at least 20min to think that you're full.
Try not to stress because stress alone can fatten you.

For exercise, take a walk for 30min every other day (at least 3 times a week)with friends, pets, family. Or do jump rope for 15 min every other day. Switch it up every week to make your body work harder. Do pilates or yoga...well I suck at yoga but pilates is good.

When your watching tv, stay away from food and do little crunches on the floor while watching. Just move around. Standing burns more calories then sitting and if you move around while standing, better.

I hope your uncle will over come the cancer and good luck on losing weight. I'm glad you are planning to go healthy =]



I need some advice on how to lose weight quickly. I weigh between 147-150 pounds and I'm almost 5'5. I really wanna be as skinny as possible before school starts in a week. I only need to lose about 5-7 pounds, but I need a weight loss plan that will work super quick!


Everybody has a different body and has different reactions to workouts.

What I suggest is to NOT skip a meal and eat helthy with exercising

Never skip a meal because it sort of slows down your metabolism and etc, etc.

Eat a healthy breakfast--Toast with just jam and low fat milk or scrambled eggs or cereal.

B/w Breakfast and lunch/Lunch and dinner, eat a small SMALL snack such as baby carrots and ranch (don't over dip) or an apple. Just make sure it's healthy and small. This will help you fight off cravings for a second dish or over eating.

For lunch, eat like a ham and cheese sandwich, or chicken nuggest (baked in the oven at home).

Just make sure not to over eat at each meal. If you think you're full, don't eat anymore even if there's food left on your plate. Eat slowly and resist gobbling everything down b/c it takes the brain at least 20min of eating to think that you're full.

Don't eat junk food like chips, ice cream, cake, etc.

When you exercise, listen to your body and don't over do it because it will be harmful rather than helpfull.

Take fun walks with your pet, family, or friends for at least 30min or jump rope for 15min each day.

I don't know where you live but where I live, there's a work out show in the morning on Lifetime at 7AM and 7 30AM It's called Denise Austin Morning Workout I believe andshe really pumps you up.

Do some pilates or aerobics they help you lose fat, feel great, and keeps you going all day.

Have fun in school and no matter how much you weight, you're still beautiful so do NOT stress over it for it too makes you gain weight


okay, well i'm 14/f. and i have this guy friend that is 15/m. he's like freaking out because he got into a HUGE fight with a girl that he really liked, but she didn't like him. now he's thinking about commiting suicide. i am soo scared, what can i tell him?

I know that telling on your friend is a hard thing so I won't make the whole "Go to a trusted adult and seek help for your friend" as the main suggestion.

Why don't you sit down with him and talk to him FACE TO FACE.

He's only 15. The girl if not worth his life. As his life goes along, he will notice that there are many many more other girls out there for him that will return his feelings.

So what, a girl doesn't like him. This is all a part of life and sometimes we have to deal with it and suicide isn't the way.

Every 18minutes, people commit suicide in this country and every 19 minutes people find their loved ones taken away from them.

Suicide won't resolve anything. Because he kills himself, the girl won't like him. It will just cause grief and guilt among people who knew him.

He still has a bright future ahead of him and don't let a stupid girl ruin it. It's not wirth his time, thoughts, and life.

Tell him what I just above and I hope everything goes well for you and your guy friend.


Alright.....so I'm in the 9th grade and I'm 14. I'm friends with ALL guys.3 of them tease me about my boob size. I'm a 32B and they all say I'm small and I don't know what to do anymore. It gets really irritating and I just freeze and can't think of anything to say. Can anybody relate and give me a little advise here???
Thank You So Much!!!

Ah, don't worry. I'm the same and even my girly friends tease me about it. Just ignore it and say thanks and just smile it off. Never let it get on your nerves. If you want them to stop, ignore it and move on with it. don't make a big fuss about it and just join in the joke (although you may not like it)

Sooner or later, they're gonna get tired of it.
If they don't, find some people who are mature..


can you admire a person and like them at the same time?For instance, my sis's friend told my sis that she admired me,does that mean that she likes me as well?

And is there a difference from liking someone to loving someone?

Yes. If you admire God, that doesn't mean you hate him. You still like/love him and worship/admire him. And if you're not a Christian, sub God for your role-model.

And frankly, it's hard to tell the difference from liking someone and loving them.

Would you stick with them no matter what? Would you die for them? Would you give up your favorite possesion for them?

Don't compare the feeling you have for someone with the [love] feelings you have for your family members, boyfriends etc. because there are a lot of way to love someone.

Just remember that you will most definately know when you're in love. But don't rush into saying it to random people. I mean you can without really meaning it...but if you do think you're in love, think about it before saying to someone cuz it might totally freak them out =P


I really want to know how to make layouts and stuff. The people on myspace say " dont ask me how to make them". im really creative but no one will tell me how to make them. can you help? also i dont know anything about html or w/e it is... any advise ?

&heart's; kayla

Well, there's this a cool site with a bunch of myspace things


idk if i got it right but i'm pretty sure that's the site. there's a page where you can decorate your own page all by yourself. it's easy simple and cool since you know that no one else will have the same one.

you can decide the background/box colors. pick an image for the background and have them repeat or not put it in a corner. etc.

it's really cool and you should try it out



where can i buy two nice rings for me and my boyfriend. I only have 80 bucks

Well, Claire's always have the pretty rings..but it's not dude material. Dont pours buckets of money over him though..he's just a boyfriend. I don't know where you live so I'm not gonna be much help but ask your parents and see where they got their rings and see if they know a place where they sell cheap rings. Ask around where you live.


i have a friend and she had sex with her bf and then everyone found out that she did that and know i barley have any friends cause they thought that i was the one telling everyone witch i wasnt! it was someone else now im kinda scared to go to highskool cuz i think everyone going to talk shiznit that im the "RUMERER" and i had allot of friends know i only have about 4 so cana help a sissta out pizzz??

Wow, that is HARSH. You need to have a talk with that friend. Try and found out who was spreading the rumors in the first place.

Don't be afraid to go to high school. Hold your head up high and face them. You can't runaway from it so just face it.

If people won't be your friend for something they can't prove, don't waste your time on them.

We are lucky to have even one true friend in our life so having 4 is good.

Remeber, don't yell, get mad or anything when someone says something like rumorer to you or something. Just state what you know in a CALM manner.

Being CALM is the key and if you dont, the people will just twist that fact to make you look bad.

Remeber high school is full of drama and cat fights. Just keep yourself out of it and you'll be fine.

and do not do not go around spreading or saying bad stuff about your friend or anyone else because they'll grab the false info about u saying something to use against you and its a big big ...ahhh

just stay calm and don't get yourself caught up in the drama


Whenever I come back from a vacation with my family, my one friend (Jaime) always has these inside jokes with my other really good friend in her profile and websites and stuff. I don't get it cause she never does that when I am home but when I am away, she does. Why does she do that? Is she trying to make me jealous or something? Cause when all three of us are hanging out she will say an inside joke and I will just sit there cause I'm not part of it. Should I talk to her about it?

Instead of getting upset with it (Because it may be nothing), just create a few between you two.

Also you should talk about it if that doesn't work. You shouldn't let this problem get into a big fight.

Just try and create some inside jokes with her so you won't feel left out. Also if you're still not satisfied, talk with her so this doesnt turn into a bad fight


I really like this boy...and when ever i talk to him i dont know what to talk about it always ends up in an akward silence. i need help on things to talk about cause i really like this guy. thankss a lot.

Just talk to him as if it was one of your friends. Don't get nervous. (just don't mention girly stuff like tampons and such) What does he like> Music? Talk to him about the new CD. Just make sure you be yourself around him. If you change yourself to fit his wants, it won't ever work.

Here are the rules:
1)Never get too friendly and become one of his buddies. It'll be tough to advance onto being his girlfriend.
2)Be yourself. Don't change yourself to be his wants

If he doesn't want to be your bf, resepect that. Instead just focus on being his friend. Friendship is much more valuable then a relationship


My friend and I are creative people and we want to start our own clothing line (but we don't know how to sew or much of anything)...any advice? I was thinking maybe we could start an accessory line instead but I don't know. Any advice is appreciated.

Don't rush into it and spend a bunch of money to open up a business that you don't know will work or not.

Make a small site that is free and hand out the links to people.Or if you have something like Tomatoe Festivals or Carnivals or such, see if you can set up a little shop to sella few items. Maybe start off by making bead/thread necklace, bracelete, etc. See how that goes and choose what you will do from there on.


Hi, I have this best friend that told me he was gay when I was 10. It like really freaked me out. But it's been 4 years and I'm cool with it then all of a sudden just out of the blue he tries to kiss me while we are riding the ferris wheel. I really need advice on what to tell him. I like him but I like him only as a brother and I just found out that he had got into a fight with my boyfriend just the other day. I really really need some help. I'm desperate. I want him as a friend but I don't want to hurt his feelings of being let down. Please.

When he was 10, he could've just felt weird feelings and declared himself gay. Now that he's 14, he's puberty is probably greeting him. Who knows, he may be bi, straight, or just experimenting.

Just tell him or let him know this:
You love him like a brother and like him as your best friend. You just can't see yourselve being in a relationship (plus you have a current boyfriend, right?) You'll probably have hurt his feelings by what I've said. But give him the reason. Friendship is long lasting. Nothing can come between. But when they go out, the relationship will be broken and then what? Go back to being best friends? I don't think so. Tell him that you value your friendship dearly and it's an important factor of your life. You dont' want anything to ruin it by going out.

Even if he says that it won't affect the friendship, stand your ground. Ask him how he can assure his statement. Once you move up, you cant move back. It's too awkward and weird.

I hope this all works out and remeber to value your friendship


MY mom is like super emotional and my dad is horrible to her. He yells and screams at me and her. I have nightmares about him and I'm like really scared of him. please give me some advice, he is very mean to us. One time I ate an apple that he told my mom not to touch and I didn't know it was his but he like screamed at my mom and all. Then he went to slap her so I told him it was me. I got a big beaten. Help!

Get yourself OUT of the house right now. I'm sensing a domestic violence here and this can advance to a far more dangerous situation. A yell can go to a slap. A slap can go to a bruis. A bruise can go to a broken bone. A broken bone can go to death. It may not elevate to such levels but there is a chance.

Your dad seems to have anger management problems. does he drink or smoke or do drugs?

I don't know but I'm afraid for your safety. You and your mom should leave your dad no matter how much it will hurt. Stay at a friends when the violence is starting. Just get out of the house and don't try and get in the way of the fighting. It will increase the chance of yoou and your mom getting hurt.

The National Domestic Violence hotline can be reached by calling (800) 799-7233.

Don't be ashamed or embaressed. Remember his anger can quickly rise to a life or death situation


Is it slutty to give your boyfriend a hand job and letting him finger you when you're only 13?

I wouldn't say slutty since you're not jumping from person to person giving strangers hand jobs. But you are to eager to get sexual! You have already lost your virginity at the age of 13. What would people think of you? Although people who are older won't think of you as a slut, if the word got out that you and your bf had have been doing what you guys are doing, it's going to be really bad. If it got out in school, it could get to the counsler, your parents and yikes. It becomes a big mess. I think that you two are way to eager to have sex and the next think you know, you two will be having sexual intercours! Did you know that even if he doesnt penetrate you or you don't put his penis in your mouth, you can still get STDs? What will happen then? Mom, I'm 13 and I have syphilis. What if you got pregnant? Did he come on your hand? Did you wash it throughly? His sperm can somehow get into your body and boom, you're a 13yr old mom! It takes more than $100 for diapers. $50 + for formulas. And oh so much more. To take care of a baby (not including daycare) it can add up to $700 a year!! For ONE baby.


So I have these two friends, Shelly and Gina. You see, when I hang out with Shelly and Gina separately, we have alot of fun and there's no problems. But, whenever I hang out with them together, like all 3 of us, i totally feel like the third wheel and they leave me out. They're always walking away without me, hugging each other, and telling each other they're each others` best friends. Sometimes it feels like they don't even know I'm there! For example, we were shopping at Old Navy awhile ago and they kept trying on the same things and telling each other what to wear, but when I said I was gonna try something on or I liked something, they either totally ignored me or walked away. Also, people always seem to associate them with each other and invite both of them to things, but not me. I'm pretty sure Shelly is doing it purposely, but Gina probably isn't. This is really making me feel bad. And it's not like I can move on and hang out with my other friends, or hang out with them separetely all the time, because i take dance with them 5 days a week and that means we're all together ALL year long. Any advice on what I should do? Thanks.

This is the same problem I have. I can have the most fun time with both of my best friends seperately. But when we are all together, I become invisible to them! They keep hugging each other, playing games for only to people, telling each other secrets and not me, etc. I would just tell Shelly what you feel and if she gets angry at you and decides to ignore you and ditch you/call off the firendship, she's not being a true friend. Try suggesting games for three people or that all of you guys can enjoy in. When they start to leave you out, say (jokingly) Did you guys forget about moi?

The only other advice I have is to sit down with them face to face and tell them what you're feeling.

If you have sleepovers, don't invite just them and rick the chance of getting left out. Invite other friends and have fun with them while Shelly and Gine have their own fun.


My ex boyfriend broke up with me and I know he still likes me but it is a sticky situation. Long story short his ex wont go away and he does some stupid stuff that hurt me.

1st question - how can I not give in so easy. He did something that hurt me bad but when i saw him i couldnt help but love him and want him and he kissed me which he hasnt kissed me sense we broke up! but ive only seen him twice sense we broke up. I dont want him to think he can walk all over me i want him to kno its me or nothing and that when he makes plans he has to keep them

2nd question - I dont have much money but i want to dress and do my makeup (not to much makeup) and hair a little more sexiier / prettyer. I just want him to be like WOW when he sees me and i also want to feel better about myself so i am more confident around him. what sorta things can i do with my look to make him begggg for me backk?

3rd - what can i say to him to make plans with just me and want to come and have him come to me so i dont take the risk of getting ditched.

please help i rate high!

Tell it straight out to him. I don't intend you to just come and take advantage of me. If you want me have me but no other. Don't fool around with me because I have feelings to and I won't allow you to walk all over me.

Remember, he is your ex for a reason. If you keep letting him take advantage over you, you're just making a longer road for him to walk all over you. I'm sure you can get better guys than him! So maybe it'll be just better if you were off without him.
Go bargan hunting with your friends. It's fun and cheap. Try on all colors (red, green, blue, pink, yellow) Ask your friends which color looks the best on you and stick to that color. Want to look cute? Go for a summer dress or cute shorts with a cute tank top. Wanna look sexy? Get a skirt and a sheer blouse and wear a cami underneath.
Also, NEVER buy hair products such as gels and stuff from the stores. They will destroy your hair in a snap. Never cut your hair by urself (unless you're a professional) and go to a salon. You don't have to have a dramatic change. I can tell you what look will look the best on you if you send me a really current picture. otherwise, I can't help you on the appearance part.
Be mysterious. Don't say what you're gonna do straight out. Just give him bits and pieces. If you want to have fun, be flirtatious. Keep things interesting. Plan way ahead so he can't make up an excuse to not have time. Find what keeps him attracted and what will keep his attention. Once you do, use it to hook him and never let it go.


so, my bf and i dated for over 2 years, and he broke up with me because we needed "space" and he just wants to hang out with his friends. i don't know what to do to get over him, because i don't have as many friends as he does. what are some things i can do to get over him?

This is a great time to meet new people. Don't dwell over the people you don't have. Have sleepovers and spend quality time with your girls. Make more friends and look for a boyfriend. I know that it will be hard to do but you have GOT to get this guy out of your head! Who knows?, you may meet a guy that is better than your ex. Remember, you can't dwell on him because he is now your ex for a reason. Use this time to get back to your normal life. I hope everything works out for you and HAVE FUN


i really need advice. Me and my sister always argue and sometimes it gets phisical, like punching. I really try not to argue with her and it doesn't work. I've tried talking to her about it and that doesn't work. I really want to stop arguing with her. I've talked to my parents about it and they say to ignore it, but i tell them that doesn't work but they won't listen. What do i dso to try and stop??
Thanks sooooo much

First of all, if it gets physical, get out of the way and just lock yourself in your room. Talk to your parents calmly and in details. Don't say my sisters beating me up and she's being mean. Say Mom, I really don't want to argue with her but I don't know how. I've tried to ignore her and that doesn't work. I've tried and talk to her but she won't listen. And if they still tell you to ignore her,have you, your sister, mom, and dad sit in one room. Sit across from your sister and look her in the eye and talk to her. Don't yell, don't scream, just talk to her calmly. Set the rules up in the first place: You will take turns talking. No interrupting. Have to listen. No yelling, shouting,etc. Get the rules? Then take turns talking and listen to one another. If that won't work and/or your parents don't do anything about it, go to your guidiance counsler. Hope everything works out well.


Alright basically i was diagnosed with anorexia two years ago. Now my question isnt about me being it cuz i know im not ive been keepin an average menstration cycle. My question is should i go on a diet or do you think that would be stupide becuase if i restrict i might become anorexic again. Im weighing at 115 im size 2 and small - medium in shirts..so im not huge but im not very very thin..im 5'3" if that helps you get a vision of my boy type im fit but i wonder if itd be okay to limit my foods. Im supposed to be at 124 but 115 is okay to..id like to be down to 112 im 16 years old. alright now that ive rambled on what do you think?

PLease promise me that you won't go on a diet! You're underweight! 112lb is unhealthy and 115 is on the verge of being unhealty. If you diet, make it a healthy one. Always, always eat breakfast--it will help boost up your metabolism. Eat a small, healthy snack b/w breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner to prevent from over eating during meals. And always exercise. Take your dog on a walk or go on a walk with your friends for at least 30 min. 3 times a day. Switch the next tday to 15min of jump roping 3 times a day. Just eat healthy and exercise. =]


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