"We make war so that we may live in peace." -aristotle

"If you judge someone right away, you will not be able to learn to love them."

I'm Hayley, I'll try to help you as best I can. I'm 18, and a senior in high school. I like art, music, and clothing. I'm a vegetarian abd have been consistent with it for four years. I have two dogs a westie named misty and a Maltese/poodle mix named mally. I know a lot about dogs because any time
my dogs get a scratch, I research and call the vet haha.


What are bath salts drugs? bathsalts, like body scrub, salt? Or is the drug something different?

Are the "Bath Salts" that the man snorted in Miami an actual type of a drug all its own (and calling them "Bath Salts" is just a street name)... or did this man just grab actual bath salts (the substance you pour in a bath to make the water and your skin softer) and snort them?

It is a street name I believe, but you can actually get high or whatever off of actual bath salts as well. (i believe its the ones that fizz in the water) i've heard of people doing this, & it is very bad for you. obviously...


Hi, I asked this question a few weeks ago
I've eventually come to learn that I need a graphics card/need to replace mine with a more powerful one.
I have no idea how to go about this or what I'm looking for. I'm going to list as much information about my computer that I can find so hopefully somebody can help me. Thank you.

Manufacturer: SYX
Model: SYX-H61M-E23
My monitor is HP vs17 and I believe I have Windows Vista. I also believe I was told my monitor is on the highest resolution.
Please let me know if anybody needs any other information.

Actually, to me it doesn't sound to me like you need a new graphics card. It sounds like its more of a computer/bug issue. Not graphics.

But first, please check your disc for any possible scratches. This could be causing major damage.

Have you tried updating the sims 3, & your computer? Are you running other programs while playing sims 3? If you are, you probably should close those. Will make quite the difference.

Please make sure your computer is completely up to date. On my computer, I have a little symbol & it tells me when new updates are available. If you don't have this, you can find updates in control panel->system security->windows update->check for updates.

I am not a big fan of custom content, EVERY time i download it, it messes up my game. even when i think its really safe. i just don't trust custom content, & my advice is to always remove it.

You can also try backing up your game, & then uninstalling all of the games & reinstall it.

if this doesn't work, then you should try contacting sims 3, they are quite helpful & have fixed my game a few times.

if this doesn't work, you may have to reset your computer.

then, if this still doesn't work, you need a new graphics card :)

I hope this helps, I've been playing the sims forever & have come across my fair share of problems, but simple little things usually fix them :)


I'd like to get the iPhone 4s for Verizon but I just have a couple questions.
-Do I NEED to get internet/data plan?
-What's the smallest possible data plan?

Yes, you do need to get the internet/data plan. The smallest data plan is 30 dollars. Plus like 10 dollars for insurance..

I have the iphone 4 & thats what I have. I love the iphone though :)



x= ?
y= ?

you just have to get y by itself.

so add -3x to both sides.
-3x+5y=3 becomes 5y=3x+3
then divide 5y to get y by itself.
5y=3x+3 becomes y=3/5x+3/5

& then just do the same with the second one.

the answer is y=-3/4x+8

you then probably have to graph these & see where the lines intersect. then you will get (x,y)


Ok so theres this guy in my class that i think likes me. There's this one incidence were i was talking to friends and i saw him look at me. When he comes into class theres a garbage not to far away from me but its not infront of me its on the other side of the room and he walks infront of me to the garbage and when i was talking to my friend he was looking at me and then walked away but he doesnt do this all the time. It's rarely.

Maybe, or maybe he is just looking in your direction. Don't think about it too much. Next time he looks at you, smile. This if you like him. If he smiles back or even looks surprised, you know he was looking at you. Then, things will go from there :)


What age do most girls loose their virginity? i am 13 is that ok?

13 is far too young. There really isn't an average (that I know of), but I know personally a lot who did after High school. It wil seem like a lot will lose it in high school, but it really isn't as many as you think. It doesn't matter what the average is or when who does what, it's when you feel most comfortable, when you are with someone you really care about and feel a deep connection with.

It's not good mentally or physically unless you care about the person.

If you are planning on having sex, please educate yourself about all forms of birth control & everything else.


I reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllly want a pair of miss me jeans, but they can range from 80-110$ does anyone know of any places that sell them cheaper?

i love miss me jeans & they are the only jeans i wear. you should ask your mom to go half with you. thats what i do.

also, buckle has layaway. all the time. so you can like put 20 dollars down, and then for three months pay them off. so that is nice. they also give you 10 dollars off, for ever like 100 or 200 you spend? which is so easy to do in buckle..

i've never found miss me jeans cheaper then 80. buckle has the largest selection. they are well worth the price. all my miss me jeans fit me perfectly, they never stretch or anything!

plus i love all the sparkles :)


Hey there(: I have been having this problem for a while now. It used to work just fine like when my sim turns into a young adult gets married and moves out and I don't chose them to be my active family, the story progression is supposed to go on as I marked on options, and I used too and they would have babies on their own. And my active family sims would become grandparents. Like I would be playing with my elder sims as my active family and their daughter and her husband moved out well I would be playing with my elders, and just randomly look at the family tree and their daughter and her husband would have children. Well it did that for a long time with all of y family's but now it won't for some reason. After my non active aims move out on their own they still age but never have kids married or not. I don't know why and it really disappoints me because I thought It was so cool! I have looked online for answers but couldn't find anything that mathed my situation so please help thanks(: (:

it's probably just because of your sims personalities. some sims don't want kids, especially if they have that hates kids trait. haha.

if their lifetime wish is like have 5 kids, they will usually do that. (or at least try)

i usually like to rotate with my families & like go and have a baby, & name them, and then switch to another family. & if you play with them & like in the romantic option->get frisky or whatever, they have sex all the time.

also, sometimes families won't have kids if you have a lot of people in town. that has happened to me.

hope this helps!

try giving them traits like nurturing and childish & such


Okay so my boyfriend and I have finally found our first house! The actual outside of the house looks great (the inside needs some work) but the backyard is AWFUL! It's fenced in and actually pretty spacious, but the whole thing is uneven and it looks like nothing but weeds have been there for 20 years! How can I even begin to renovate this and maybe start a garden? Or are there any helpful websites or books I could refer to?

HGTV is an EXCELLENT channel to watch for redecorating your home and yard. they give great advice, & how to do things cheaply. i love that channel. all of the shows are super helpful. check it out.

also, i know my parents did this with our front yard.. you take a picture into petites and they have like garden designers who design it for you...for free. so, even if you don't have a petites near you.. maybe ask your other floral or home improvement stores.. i feel like lowes does it as well, but i am not entirely sure..?

hope this helped!


Hi,I'm 13/f,and I'm a vegan/vegetarian.I've been one for some years now.But there's only one problem.My parents hate it.My mom said my doctor said that's not healthy for me,cause I need the protein,but she doesn't wanna hear the other ways I can get protein,while still remaining vegan.My dad just flat out says no,without hearing me out.I'm also a Peta supporter.How do I tell them,and get them to hear me out,and agree with me?

Have you ever just tried talking to them about like "look heres the reasons why.." just say it calmly don't be yelling or anything.

I have been a vegetarian since about your age. I know what its like. Just stick to what you want explain why, an they'll warm up. They probably just think its a phase. My parents thought this too. My mom even made all these foods I reAlly liked that had meat in them!

However, I don't think you should go vegan. Just yet, anyway. Wait till you can buy your own foods. Being vegan is incredibly difficult and takes a lot to know all of the right foods and make sure you really are getting good nutrition.

Make sure you are going vegetarian for the right reasons. Loving animals is a good one, but parents don't necessarily... Respect that one..? I dont know how to word that right, but hopefully you get what you mean.

I'm a vegetarian for my health & the environment. Maye those are something you could look into and see if you agree with them..?

It reAly just takes sometime getting used to, honestly.

Morning star and yves make some really tasty fake meats & they have lots of protein in them. Really great when you are just starting out.

Hope this helps! Shoot me an email if you need any more advice. I've been a vegetarian for 7 years!
Merry Christmas!


I'm going to be 14 years old in a month, and I just weighed myself, and discovered that I weigh a whopping 115 pounds!!!!! I'm 5'2"...is this overweight? How can I shed 10 pounds?!?!?!

That isn't overweight at all. That is perfect.


so im thinking about becoming a vegitarian but im a bit scared that it might be unhealthy cause ive heard that your brain needs certain vitamins to grow (im 17) which arent in meat replacemnts...
so is it okay at my age to stop eating meat. i dont eat a lot of meat in general so it wont be hard for me im just a bit worried about my health..

I'm a vegetarian and have been ever since I was 13, and I'm about to be 19 now. It is actually better for you to not eat
meat, and that is why so many people go vegetarian is for health reasons. I'm not saying meat is bad for you, if you eat organic meat and in moderation, it's agreat way to get nutrients. But, organic meat is way more expensive and not sold everywhere.

It is quite easy to get nutrients from other places. Protein is in a lot of things. Cheese, nuts, bread, potatoes, ect. Most people actually consume too much protein usually.

Morningstar, amys, and boca make some great vegetarian entrees. They all have many great nutrients that you need. It is also a great transition from real meat to the fake stuff.

Good luck:)


im 13 years of age i am a female and i know this boy lets say G.we have been bestfriends for a few months now.he finaly said he liked me but he wont date me.he said we had to be friends before he dates me.he says he doesnt wanna lose our friendship but i have no idea how to explain to him that i wont let that happen any advice possible please and thank you

I agree you shouldn't rush it. I have been in this situation twice. The first time, he was my best friend for a few years And we always liked eachother but we didn't want to mess our perfect friendship up. Well, it did, and after we broke up we never talked to eachother again. But, the second time this happened to me it ended a little better. We remained friends for a little while, we still talk on occassion.

You can't say you won't let that happen, because you never know what the future holds. I think you should wait another month or atleast few weeeks and then maybe start dating. You're young and you have plenty of time :) I think you need to decide if it's worth the risk.

Good luck :)


there is this girl who follows me everywhere and i dont really like her but i dont want to hurt her feeelings what should i tell her or say to her because shes allways following me in school

I had this guy follow me around, constantly ask me to hang out, text me, etc., it was really annoying and I didn't want to hurt his feelings either. But finally, I just said "hey, I just want to let you know, I'm interested in someone else, and I hope I never gave you the wrong impression" and just be nice. Obviously, you dot want to be mean but it's not fair to you or her to have this happening.

Don't lie either, like make an excuse you have a girlfriend. I've tried to this, thinking it'd be a nicer way to let him down, but he still didn't give up. That's why you just have to be honest and nice and tell her the truth.

I hope it goes ok! :)


When I visited San Diego a few years ago, one of the highlights was the opportunity to enjoy the ocean au naturel on the famous Black's Beach.

I would love to have the opportunity to do that again, but closer to home. Is there any place in the northern part of the "Buckeye State" where skinnydipping is legal, or at least tolerated?

Well, I live in northern Ohio as well, and I don't know of anywhere. I don't think lake Erie has any..?

However, I looked it up because I was curious and tottally down to skinny dip, what I found is someplace called Caesers creek but down by Dayton area. I've what I found, there was some other places but all in western Ohio & the
cincinnati area.

I just found a few other places called green valley, Paradise gardens, and cedar trails. They all seem to be near cincinatti.

I hope that helped, let me know if you find anything closer to us!


My parents recently found out that me and my boyfriend have smoked weed together before. After getting caught, we swore to each other (for the sake of our relationship) that we wouldn't smoke weed at all until we're eighteen. How can I get my mother to believe that we are being legitimate? She also doesn't trust me and thinks that I will get sexually involved with him in all the wrong ways, but we have both established our boundaries (no sex until we have been dating for a year, but we are both open to fooling around and oral sex and such). I have always gotten good grades and still do, I am respectful, and my mom has always trusted me. I need that trust back. How can I go about acquiring that?

Being in these kind of situations myself, the only
thing really is time. Be respectful, don't miss curfew & that sort of thing and it should help. I used to get in trouble a lot growing up for such small things.

Hope this helps and good luck:)


I met a guy at work and the first day I met him he started teasing me in a playful way making laugh. I found it kinda weird someone who didn't know me that well but felt so comfortable teasing me right away. He said he likes teasing me but he don't know why. Now whenever we see each other he bothers me and does stuff to make me laugh. He puts his headphones in my ears and plays songs for me on his ipod and sings funny and dances funny to make me laugh. One time he saw me talk to another guy and pretended to act like he was jealous and kept interrupting the conversation. The other guy looked at him like he was crazy. I never met someone who that got so comfortable around me so fast before. I think he likes me but he hasn't said anything. What could it be?

I think he sounds pretty funny, and that he likes you. I wish I knew him or someone like him, you just don't find people with character like that these days. If he didn't like you, he wouldn't go to all the trouble of trying to impress you. I don't know if I think he is shy. He sounds kind of confident to me, to just start joking around with you right when you meet him.

If you like him, you should flirt back or tease him back and see how he reacts.

Good luck!


I'm a 16 year old girl and I've been best friends with this girl since 3rd grade, we're both in 10th grade now. During 8th grade the 2 of us became great friends with another 2 girls and its been the 4 of us since. A month ago my long time best friend started hanging out with the school smokers and drug addicts, but she wasn't alone since one of my other friends liked a guy there she always went with. The past month their attitudes have changed, they smoke and drink, their clothing choices are different ect. When I try talking to them about how them changeing makes me feel they laugh and say I must get a life and stop acting like their mom. A few days ago I heard that the 2 of them told their new friends that I said some rude things about her and then she and a few of her group found me after school. They keep saying it wasn't them that told the girl but they were the only ones that knew. Plz give me advice on what to do, if I should stay friends with them or try and forget...

I think everyone goes through this, especially in high school. A lot of teenagers are confused and don't know who they are, and they are very experimental. If you are not into drugs or drinking (which hopefully not, it just leads to a mess of problems..) then you should find more friends more like you.

I don't think you should just drop these girls just because they have changed. I think you should just remain friendly with them.. hang out with them on occasion, but focus on making friends who fit your morals and values.

I know it sucks losing friends, and drifting apart. I did that a lot with people during school.

Maybe these girls will realize the mistakes they've made, and you guys will become friends again.

What does your other friend think about this? You two should focus on making new friends together!


I am a junior, 16, female. School is over June 11th at my school. I did not take my SAT's yet, I was just planning to take them maybe three times next year. But everyone is telling me I made a big mistake. I should have taken them my junior year. I kind of don't even understand what they are? Do you think I made a big mistake? Or is it not a big deal that I waited?

No, a lot of people told me that I was suppose to take it junior year too, but I kept forgetting. I took the ACT (all the colleges that i was applying for required) three times, the first time I did pretty good, and then the second time I did a little better, and then the third time I went back to my first score. So, your score probably won't change much. So, don't worry about it, and just take it next year. :)


my ex moved last month but we only broke up cause she was moving. any i didnt have her number but one day i was playing on my xbox and after an hour of playing a random match with her we relized we knew each other and now i got her number and i found out we still love each other but now she lives states away. her phone got taken away but she text me on her friends phone. i know long distace relationships dont work out but i trust her with my life.

Well, long distance relationships usually don't work. Even if you do trust her and like her a lot.. How will you ever be able to see her? You are too young to drive, and she doesn't even have a way to communicate with you consistently it seems.

I think you should ask yourself if it's worth the hassle. If you think it is and she agrees, go for it.

You are only 13 however, so you have plentyyyyyyy of
time to date. I remember being 13 and liking and 'dating' lots of boys. You wrote this like a week ago, maybe you already like someone else by now...? :)

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will work out


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