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hi im a girl and in weird...
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wat does lylas mean? lol i no its stupid but its been racking my brain (link)
love you like a sister..... i did not copy that girl up there i swear ok i went on meriam webster ok?...


I remember being told about a book having to do with a student being hit on by a teacher and then getting molested. My friend said it would be a good book to read because it helps to keep you alert. Does anyone know any books that sound like that? If I heard the book's name I'd recognize it. (link)
Are you there god?its me margaret

ithink thats what it is....

I'm 17 & been with my boyfriend who's 18 for awhile now and we have an amazing connection. Our relationship is healthy, fun, and still growing. I'm a virgin, he's not. He's not exactly pressuring me, but when we're both in the mood he'll want to go further. I feel like I lead him on too. How do I tell him it will happen but for now, I'm not ready and pressuring me doesn't help. (link)
well if you think he is going way too far then just say im not ready for this and just be brave


I have red dots all over my skin (its not razor burn) I have them on my arms and legs mainly. I have tried many types of creams including olay quench (that has worked the best) and i use moisterizing body wash (I have also tried many brands of bady wash) The thing is whenever I use the cream my skin feels really soft and smooth but I still see red dots. I was wondering what i could do to make them go away.

Thanks in advance! (link)
I get that on my legs and my sisters say its because we were pants alot in the winter and your hairs get caught in the little tiny holes in youre pants...
But you should tell youre parents and see what they say but if that doesn't help....then i think you should go to a doctor or something

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