How many of you would cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/fiancee/fiance if you knew they would never find out?

I adore my boyfriend, we've been dating for almost two year and I am head over heels in love. But, he doesn't completely...satisfy me if yall know what I mean. And he is aware of this at times. I have a chance do be satisfied by a guy I've know for a long time and does not really have any connections to my friends, or my bfs friends so there just about no chance of him finding out. I can't hurt my boyfriend, and I don't want to cheat on him but I need to be satisfied atleast once... I would just like some input on what yall would do. Thanks

Don't do it. i honestly think that is the stupidest thing you could do. get a vibrator. and use it while your in the moment or something.

if you love him you wouldn't do that to him even if he wouldn't know. that's mean.


If you have se at 15 can the boy get arrested even if he was 15 also? Im not having sex but people say they can go to jail for 20 years and stuff.....

No. if he were 18 and you were 15 then yes. or if you were 18 and he were 15. otherwise you cant go to jail for sex. unless you are where people can see.


Over the summer, this guy and i were friends with benefits. i know friends with benefits are never a good thing but anyway.. a friend of mine told me he had been dating someone. So i stopped talking to him to get him out of the picture. Well, i haven't talked to him in about 2 months and he texted me tonight saying that he missed me and how he wanted me to come over soon. I don't miss him, just doing things with him. I asked him about his girlfriend and he just said "yeaaah we can keep it between us" so i said umm ill think about it. so should i do it? i don't know the girl at all that hes dating so i wouldnt feel bad at all about that.

Honestly, i think thats kindof wrong. the fact that he has a girlfriend and wants to fool around with you is stupid. although you dont know her but how would you feel if you liked someone alot and they cheated on you? man, his poor girlfriend.
maybe you should just stop with him.


what is blueballs???and what does it mean to have blueballs???.....and what is spooning???

spooning is cuddling
and blue balls is an expression guys use when they haven't had sex for a while or if you just stop right before he yeah.

which i think they make it up.


-i got my period October 29th
-i had sex November 1st
-my period was basically over like there was nothing heavy at all and i put a tampon in after and there was barley anything at all on it
- he didn't pull out at all.. he came in me
- i track my period and ovulation on mymonthly cycles.com and it always predicts right, when i get my period .. there regular so i always know when im getting it
- it said i was ovulating November 8th
- im not on birth control

i have a couple questions

1. How likely do you think it would be for me to become pregnant, since it was so close to my period?

2. How fast can you get symptoms? its been 2 weeks and i feel like i have been eating everything but i dont think you can get symptoms that fast?

3. My boyfriend isn't worrying at all he says i won't be pregnant and not to worry but i can't help it, how can i stop worrying


well i dont think you are me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex all the time before i got on birth control. and he didn't pull out when i just got off my period.

but my friend got pregnant when he didn't come and it was only for a few seconds.

i think your fine.

but i would get a pregnancy test just to make sure.

if you worry it makes it a crap ton worse. i know its really hard not to but just try and forget about it and stressing could make your period late.


hey guys, thanks in advance for your help
this boy sam and i used to hang out a lot and hook up and spend a lot of time together. we just clicked and everything about us seemed compadible. he went on vacation to florida and we kinda stopped talking for alittle while even after he got back. i started dating this boy paul, who i dated 3 years ago and we're so cute together and we get along really well. i feel like were in love, every chance we get we see eachother. and we are both really happy.
well the other day sam and i saw eachother at the local pool in my neighborhood and we got to talkign again and i realized that i really miss him.. he wants to see me and says he would do anything to spend some more time with me. he knows my heart melts when he sings to me so he left me a 5 minute voicemail of him singing a song that reminds him of us. i don't know that to do because i dont want to loose paul, but i can't get sam out of my head.
pleaseee help =)

Stay with paul and get to know him more. you might just like sam because you have been with him longer.

Or maybe thats not the case. but you wouldn't want to hurt paul if your dating him now. so if you have feelings for sam then breakup with paul.

But i say stick with paul a little bit longer and see if you develop more feelings for him.


There are voices inside my head. What can i do?

I used to be crazy.

i would hear voices and see things.

i was on prozac though.

and the doctors didnt tell me that that happened to 10 percent of people.

and that 10 percent commit suicide.

so if you are taking deppression pills or anything like that check with your doctor.


how long do you have to wait after starting the pill until you don't have to use another form of contraceptive (like condoms) anymore? or i guess i'm asking how long until the pill is fully effective?

one month


how do you know when your belly button piercing is done healing?

when you play with it or move it around it shouldn't hurt. it normally heals within 2 weeks to a month. depends.


okay i'm a cutter and my whole family knows it, but they think that i quit because that's what i told my therapist and so she told them that i quit, but i didn't. so basically, what i do is wear a bunch of bracelets but it sucks ass and it doesn't work all that well so i need a really good way of covering them up. i live in texas so it's like 100 degrees here every day so wearing long sleeves is outta the picture. please give me any ideas i just need them covered up! thanks in advance!

stop doing it then.


does anyone know this girls myspace url?
or facebook?
or atleast her name?



please & thank you

no sorry. shes hot though!.


heres a guy who is singing it but i have no idea who is the real singer here it is::::


tanya "teeh" manibusan


I found these...what do you think? anyway, if you don't like these i understand but these are just some ideas so then can you give me some sites to look at that have cute dresses. i have brown hiar thats like at my boobs =] blue eyes and freakles

here is the sites ::






i love the first and the third one.

that would be so cute,
especially with brown hair.


Whenever a guy is experienced it's always a turn-off to me. Like if he's done alot of stuff with girls or even just a little. Is this normal does anyone else feel this way?

yeah. it is a huge turn off for me.

i would rather have it be both of our first times.


the expiration on my condom box says 2012-08.
What date does that mean it expires?

My other box says that it expires 05-2009.
what is the expiration date on that box?

can anyone tell me how to read expiration dates on condom boxes?

August in 2012. 4 years.

may 2009. 1 1/2 years.


is there any song where a guy almost kisses a girl and now the girls wondering why he didnt? or something close to that, cos las nite i thought this guy was gonna kiss me and he didnt and im upset about it, i jst wanna listen to asong abou t it

ashley tisdale-kiss the girl


Do any of you guys know any good songs to listen to when your sad/depressed even though they mean like the same thing. But, idk i'm just depressed all of a sudden. I have no reason to be, i just am. So couldchjya help me out here? Hurry too.

acceptance - so contagious

escape the fate- not good enough

quietdrive- rise from the ashes

taking back sunday- a decade under the influance

from first to last- emily

sum 41- the hell song


Do you have to visit a Gynocoligist [sp?] when you get birth controll pills?

you can go to
planned parenthood
pregnacy resorce center


Hi, so i'm a bit stuck. I lost my virginity a few weeks before I was 16 (which i'm quite proud of considering the reputation of my school and friends). I was at sgegness and I met a boy through a friend I have there. We clicked straight away it wasn't love at first sight or anything. I had only known him a few days and we weren't technically together but I had sex with him anyway. The next day he asked me out although we knew we lived too far apart and I didn't want anything serious. But I said yes and we had sex again that night because it was my last night. I left and we kept in touch but we lost contact. I definately don't regret it. But I never loved him and everyone says that your supposed to love the person you lose your v to. Am I wierd for not loving him? will rate all answers :)

I didnt love the person i lost my virginity too.. i just had a little to much to drink.

its normal dont feel bad about it.


hey. sorry if this is gross, but i have to know what this word means.
I have heard the word "queef" or something to that idea like three times. (i have no idea how it would be spelled, that's just how it's pronounced.
what does it mean?

It is when your vagina gets air in it and its like farting.

i have done it before.

its fun.


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