Hey I'm laid back. I am a great observer. I see more than I should. I love to travel. I've had my ups and downs with all sorts of relationships.
If your reading this will you smile today? :]
Dave my boyfriend. Never thought I could say someone who was perfect. I'm so lucky


Quick question for anyone that plays softball or baseball, does the shoes you wear ever get stuck to the ground, kind of. like when you walk through grass after it rained will your shoes kind of get stuck or rip out the grass or dirt?

oh yeah it happens to me im a softball player and it happens when theres when grass or wet gravel and its suctiony and then when you pick up your leg all the mudd hits you leg n butt


Ok so im bi and no one knows. So 8th grade in the end of the year, before basketball practice at his house he was making jokes like "suck my dick" and i would say something back, So he said "suck my dick" again and i was like ok.... than we went to basketball and after i went to his house and he said it again and I DID IT!! he cummed in my mouth.. right after, i left (it was awkward) now he acts like is sleeping and i try and "wake him up" and i suck his dick.. now im in 11th grade and i still do it.. ive sucked his dick when he is "awake" like 5 times, now what we do is when we drink and he gets drunk he does me up the butt and everythinggggg..

is he Gay/Bi or no???
please help me im so confused and he is soo hott..

Me from New York

it depends do you see him WITH any girls ?
it seems like he's gay to me just from what i have read

did you read the perks of being a wallflower because i think you should


Ok, I need help. My boyfriend's mom just found her a boyfriend not too long ago, and he's Indian.
Well, we are all supposed to go out for dinner on Sunday at an Indian restaurant and I'm very picky when it comes to food and I've never tried Indian. My boyfriend loves it, and I don't want to offend anyone if I don't like it. So does anyone like it?
My boyfriend says they have a lot of curry, if so which do you think is better?
What is your favorite dish? and What's their best beef dish?
Thank you

samosas are good
there will probably be no beef dishes because to most indians the cow is sacred
chicken mahkni is good its like a pinkish sauce it real good
naan us the bead that is amazing
n saag paneer is spinach n cheese cubes


im an 18 yr old girl and there is this guy i have known for all my life told me that he has feelings for me.. that he loves me and would marry me any second all i have to do is say yes. but the thing is he has a gf that he has been with a lil over a year but he says he is tired of her and wants to break it off but cant b.c he dont want to disappoint her family.. i have loved him for a longgg time and i want to be with him for the rest of my life but i dont know whether to believe him or not. please help me!!

Yes stay with him.
I may only be 16 years old but I have a guy friend who I am madly in love with and he says the sweetest things to me and I hope he asks me to marry him since we spend pretty much every second together. Wait until things get better with him and his girlfriend so he is able to break up with her.
Good luck !


I want to go to a Chicago school for Theatre. I was wondering if anybody from that area could me out. How would you rank the following schools as far as non-musical acting goes?

-University of Chicago

colombia downtown
n northern illinois


For some reason I get REALLY heavy flow periods - go through a super plus tampon in about 3 hours. i hate having it at high school because i don't want to have to change them so often because its quite embarrassing, really...

i want to know if theres a way that i can "protect" myself without having to run to the bathroom during school 3 times a day... i was thinking of possibly getting one of those menstrual cups, do they work good for heavy flows and for teens?

wear a pad too try midol i feel like normal when i take it


any ideas for a job? i mean, is their ANYBODY who hires 15 yr olds???? Can I even work when i'm 15? Please help!

yeah you have to get a permit though try applying to restuarnts because alot of places wont hire 15 years old im 15 n i work at a restaurant also try babysitting or a local grocery store
good luck =]!


okay. so what are some good songs that like say thata you met this really great guy and you like him but you don't think it's ever even a possibility for him to like you like that. so you're afraid to tell him.
also, when i like read the lyrics to a a song, i can't put my mind around it as well as i can when i'm listening to it and reading it at the same time.
does anyone know why that is?
don't forget the songs though!

realize by cabie coliet er something n crush by david arch. im in the same postion as you and right now im listeing to crush


I have the alltel LG scoop phone. anyway, the other day I dropped it and now it has a whole bunch of scratches. i really hate that and was wondering if there is anything I could actually do to get rid of the scratches because i can't actually get a new one. thanks

omg sh! i have a hug stractch right across the screen n i have it in white the phone scracthes so much good Q idk what to do i just might get a new one


so me and my friend made a huge promise last year that'd i'd stop cutting my self.
she was my only absolute real friend
so she was worth it.
then about two weeks ago i cut my self again.
i got completly guilty so i told her about it.
i recommitted to the promise.
butt now everythings falling apart.
and people think its liek a "pathetic cry for attention"
&& its not. its just gives me a sense of hope and comforting..
i dunno.
i need help.
any other things i could do to get rid of all the pain besides cutting.
i really dont wanna hurt her again.

i know cutting probably feels good to you so why don't you do something that does make you feel good instead of that find a hobby that you could do with your friend and tell her your sorry once more also try talking about it with a school counselor or someone you can trust
good luck!


Me and my boyfriend are starting to have sex. He tried sticking it in but it only got in like halfway and it started REALLY hurting. like it was a deep sharp pain. I know my hymen hasn't been broken, and I know thats why it hurts.
Anyway, we tried again last night to try and push it in further. It got a little further but it still really hurts. Is there anything I can do to break my hymen myself? I heard if I finger myself, It will break.. But I don't believe that.

putting in a tampon will you wont know cause your already bleeding


so the top half of my body is pretty skinny. But the bottom half..not so much....how can you get rid of strech marks and what kind of exercises can i use to get my legs skinny again.

there is stretch mark lotion you can buy n idk about the legs


So the areas where my bras, underwear, and pants are suddenly starting to blacken [inner thighs, lower belly, upper back]. I mean, I've seen people wearing tighter clothes, and they're fine. Why does this only happen to women of color?! I can't start wearing baggier clothing...but do you guys think this is really the problem? What should I do? Thanks in advance.

your not washing yourself good enough



I have social anxiety, or social phobia.
What can I do about it, I am always worried about what other people think of me and I am always so uncomfortable and try to avoid social things and eye contact. It has been much worse for me lately.

thats how i am! its mainly just nerves for me and when i talk to people and im like looking around n relize it then i look into their eyes when i feel comfortable just slowly do things that you would never do before i turn bright red too its horrible but then i just calm myself down start small convos n my dad says even if you've got nothing to say BS.


today i went to the malll, i wore an ed hardy shirt and every single girl would like look at me, some nice looks and some mean looks.
this has never happened this hardcore before
is it because of the shirt? thats what im guessing.
any ideas?

girls can be witches its pobably just jelously ed hardy is hot this year i have an ed hardy bathing suit and i got complements from everyone anyways its no biggy live life! don't let no one disrupt it



Hey so my hair isn't exactly short. But it isn't long either. And I want it long, Well longer than i have it now. I've gotten clip on hair extensions but they didn't work out for me. They fell out and were uncomfortable and got ruined easily. I asked my mom about the glue-on ones but she wasnt too sure about that. So I know this is going to sound crazy but i'm just wondering if there are any like, I don't know shampoo's or some kind of hair product that makes hair longer? I haven't gotten and hair cut in a long time cause i'm trying to hard to grow my hair out but it just WONT GROW! My mom says my hair has always been like that:\ So yeah if you could help me out that would be great! Thanks(:

stay healthy eat vitamins and trim your hair you can try sleeping with a pony tail in at night and go to Wal-mart or somewhere that has a huge selection of shampoos read and see if any of them are for hair growth or long hair


i have light brown hair with blonde hhighlights and i want to dye it dark brown. what kind of hair dye should i get to do this and what shade shoudl i buy? also what if it doesnt match my face..is there anyway to get my normal color back?

don't go too dark try a medium brown n if you don't like that you can get the color removed at a beuaty salan


do you do anything with her hair before you curled ur hair? like, spray something or put in a product?

what do you do to keep your curls in? long lasting

procedures please

you can lightyly spray you hair with hair spray and maybe try not to wash your hair before you curl it you kidna want dirty hair b/c it curls so nicley


i need a good do for the prom, but im not good with hair. i have some help but i dont know what to do with it. if you can help me, like if u know any good websites that show you ho to do it, or if u can tell me that would be great

17 buy their mag or go online maybe have a friend or parent do it for you


whats the best place to get a really good tan so that you dont really look orange, and it looks more natural.

im 16/f, and i live in ohio, thanks in advance

LA tan im pretty sure they branch out over in OH


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