Hey I'm laid back. I am a great observer. I see more than I should. I love to travel. I've had my ups and downs with all sorts of relationships.
If your reading this will you smile today? :]
Dave my boyfriend. Never thought I could say someone who was perfect. I'm so lucky


Okay so my best friend (of 10 years) was going out with 2 guys (wesley and rafi) and rafi had a feeling my friend liked someone else..so i told rafi that my friend was cheating on him with wesley...am i wrong for doing that? i dont think i am because it's not like she was going to marry wesley or rafi so i dont know why she is getting all worked up over it...but what do yall think? did i do the wrong thing?

no i don't think it was the best thing for you to do. you should have told you friend that she should concentrate on one guy b/c shes not a good g/f


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