My best friends dad emailed the school hers, mine, and our friends websites to our school! My website only had cussing so it wasn't that bad. Their websites had threatning on it and they got taken out of school today by the Cops. But do you think he had the right to invade my privacy? Also my mom is disconnecting my internet (so she says), getting me mental help (for no reason) and she lets on like she is going to send me to a christan school!! So my teacher fowarded our websites ALL over school! To every teacher! Did she have a right to do that!? I need serious advice!

This happened to me two years ago! Well, actually, my friend Alex's website got sent to the principal, but my site was linked on hers so he saw mine aswell. Luckily for me, I didn't have anything bad, so I only got a warning from him and had to promise not to put anything bad on there. Personally...I think it's RETARDED that they were looking at our PRIVATE sites and even punishing Alex for expressing her opinions. I don't think they should have the right to do that and actually...it kinda goes against what being an American is all about. Like freedom of speech, freedom of press, ya know? There isn't much you can do about it. I reccomend deleting your site asap. You can still make a new one if you want, but don't post the new address on your old one. Hope I helped


im 15 and me and my boyfriend have been going out for over 5 months..we had unprotected sex but he pulled out before he came..im really worried that i am pregnant, and i could never tell my parents..i have been gettin pains in my stomach, but it could jsut be me worrying..or my period is coming..what should i do..i cant keep the baby..and im jsut really worried..is there ways i could get an abortion with out my parents knowing?..like the morning after pill

please give me some adivce what to do before i go insane

We've been talking about this a lot in school recently, and my mom works at a crisis pregnancy center so I should be able to help you out.

The "withdrawl" method (your boyfriend pulling out before he came) doesn't have a very high effectivity rate. Why's this? Well..before the male actually comes, sperm is still dispersed into the vagina and he won't technically notice. This may or may not be what happened to you, but I would still reccomend having protected sex from now on. (But just to let you know - condoms still don't protect you from becoming pregnant 100% of the time. It's close to 100%, but not garunteed)

I'm not sure wether or not you are pregnant. I'd reccomend going to your local pregnancy center or planned parenthood, and ask for a free test.

If you do end up being pregnant, I -STRONGLY- do not reccomend getting an abortion. Studies show that women who have abortions tend to suffer depression later on in life. That isn't the only reason I don't reccomend it. Listen to this: my aunt had an abortion when she was younger and she regrets it now every day of her life. She is constantly wondering what that child would have been like if it were given the chance to live.

Think about abortion this way: how do you feel when you hear on the news that a baby has been hung in a closet or choked? I know that at least I always think "what kind of sick person would do that?". Abortion is the same thing. Killing an infant. Not giving it the chance to live.

If you are STILL considering abortion, I'd do an image search for "abortion" on google.com. The images are very discusting and violent, but that is truly what abortion is.

Good luck and I hope you make the right choices!


I know this is kind of early to be asking, but for prom should you wear short dress or a long dress? I want to wear a short dress, but i dont know if that would be weird

Generally, most people wear floor-length or longer type dresses. I think that a shorter dress would stand out a little bit more and it's up to you wether you'd appreciate that or not.


ok i have a serious question
i bidded on something on ebay and i really dont want it anymore

can u plz plz tell me what happenes when you dont pay for something on these?!

I've never used ebay before, but my parents do and one of my sisters, as well. I guess the only thing you really can do is pray that somebody bids higher than you. Either that or look around and see if there is an option to cancel the bid. Your last resort is emailing or messaging the person who has it up on auction and letting them know about the situation. Sorry if I'm not much help! Good luck on that...



I was wonder where can i got to find books on drivers ed. like you know when u got to go to driving school what are some books that i can look at first and where can i get them n may the title of the books. Please and thank you!

On my 14th birthday, my mom took me to this place in town (where you get your liscence, permit, etc) so I could study to get my permit, and they offer free booklets on driving laws and such for your state. Good luck!


okay so i'm almost 5'4 and i weight about 134 pounds.

i really want to lose ten pounds by spring break in april, i know i can do it i just need some tips and / or advice.

my routine is going to consist of:
slim fast & granola bar for breakfast
salad for lunch
and usually chicken with vegetables for dinner
somewhere in here i'll have fruit
run atleast a mile sometime during the day

any tips or suggestions? thank you.

Wow, that is quite a goal! The routine you've thought up looks great except for one thing: I would reccomend excercising more than that. Well, not more..just in different ways. Running is great, but it doesn't work you in all of the places that are good for weight loss. This is my daily workout schedule:

100+ crunches, Riding a stationary bike for 15-20 mins and then I lift weights (I use 5-pounders because if it is too heavy, your arms will tire out much faster) at the same time that I ride the bike.

I hope my reccomendations have helped and good luck!


ok i am 13/female and i just started my period October of 2005. it hasnt came on since then. and it is january 22nd of 2006!! is something wrong with me? my mom says that i sgould oviolate every month so thats why im scared. help me. i rate 5's for good answers.

It is actually pretty normal to have an irregular period like that when you first get it. For example: When I first got mine, I'd only have it every other month, but now I get it regularly. I wouldn't worry about it. If this problem goes on for too long, though, I'd reccomend checking up with a doctor!



lately I've had a really bad craving for junk food. like mcdonalds, ho hos, chocolate, pop, stuff like that. oh and definetly cheese its and doritos....i cant have any of that cuz we never buy that stuff. and if i ask my mom she'll just say "no, you don't need that stuff" im not fat and im not a food maniac. im just really in the mood for junk food. and watermelon...anyway, why is this and how can i stop it? thnx. will rate 5's

I'm in the same boat as you...
I'm pretty slender, but I always find myself craving junk food. (Btw - I agree. Watermelon is delish, as well lol) It is especially hard for me because both of my parents are on diets so they try to avoid purchasing those types of food.

There isn't much you can do about it. I guess I'd reccomend to use your own money to buy the foods you are craving, but don't bring them around your parents. Use going out with your friends as an excuse for eating those types of foods. That is what I do, and it works pretty well! Hope I have helped out


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