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Hey my name is Michelle. My motto is "Never let a guy(or girl)become between your friendship"
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do you hate whenever you have feeling that you really like someone and you don't know if they like you back but anyways whenever i see this guy that i like he really shows that he likes me but whenever i talk to him through e-mail he seems he doesn't like me. Goshh i really need your help because i really love him!!

Thanks (link)
Don't worry I know how you feel. Try to flirt with him a little bit and if he flirts back there's another chance he might like you. Through email people sound different probably because you can't hear there tone of there voice. So like I said flirt a little and then he'll get the message that your interested. If he likes you he'll ask you out so there you go. Anyway I hope I helped I'm REALLY sorry if I didn't.

ok well i really like one of my best friends and all my friends and everyone thinks he likes me but my other friend asked him out and so did another friend of mine and my friends asked him who he liked and it wasnt the 2nd friend who asked him out so hes deciding between me and my other friend..(shes not like my huge friend but she kinda is..) so conufsed and i like him so much!!he flirts with me all the time and i flirt back and we have an awesome time 2gether but he wont decide who he likes...AH IM SO SICK OF THIS 2 YEAR OLD STUF!!i mean yea i respect that he needed some time but 2-3 weeks is too long dontcha think???im so depressed most of the time cuz of this..and then another problem is his bff likes me..and hes really cute too and hes another one of my best friends and if both like me who should i go with???their both great guyz and are cute,funny,nice,and just what i need!I REALLY NEED HELP HERE!!!!please give me some good advice!!!thanks so much!!--I'll rate! (link)
Wow! That is confusing. Well I know this sounds silly but if you like them so much let your friend have the guy she likes and you have the other. But if you don't have feelings for the other one tell your friend you like him too. Make him off limits between you and your friend because you should never let a guy become between your friendship. No matter how much you like never, ever let a one silly guy become between your friendship. Anyway I hope I helped I'm REALLY sorry if I didn't.

All right, so my friend, who is very shy, has never told somebody she likes him before. But just a few months ago, she decided to tell this one guy that she does like him. The only problem is, I liked him too. They flirted for a while, talked to each other on cell phones a lot, but all he did was confuse her, cuz even when she asked him out he rejected her. But he still flirted with her. Now, I sort of have the feeling that he likes me too. What should I do? (link)
Well since you both like him you and your friend have to make him off limits. I mean remember you should never let a guy come between your relationship. If you do it will cause bad things happening. If he ever flirts you or asks you out reject it. No matter how much you like him. You friend is more important then just some boy. Anyway I hope I helped I'm REALLY sorry if I didn't.

So this boy that I have liked for a while now is getting to me. Actually he has always been playing his little games. But this one made me upset. He told one person we were going out. No that’s not the part and than my friend was like oh are you too going out and he goes yes and she goes aww that’s so cute and he goes yea id tap that.. If you don’t know what tap that means..leave..just kidding. So than I was like kind of happy and i was like oh so were kind of going out. So I call my friend kara cause I want her to call me with him and she goes oh well he’s going out with this girl _____.My heart sank to my feet. Yea they went out in the past for like a week and they recently broke up . I was devasted when they even began going out cause they both knew I liked him . So this story has more to it. But the most recent thing is this. Can someone help . What do I do? What should I say to him next time I see him? HELP! Ill rate high for anything.. IM kind of desperate (link)
Well try asking your friend Kara what she thinks about this. If she's ok with it continue with life. If she isn't and doesn't want you to be friends with her you should break up with him because you should never let a guy come between your friendship. If your friend is ok with it maybe ask the boy if he might still have feelings for Kara. Just before it might come out causing a big fight. Anyway I hoped I helped and I'm REALLY sorry if I didn't.

Okay, this is pretty much a friendship question. My best friend likes this guy. Who really really likes ME, but I have a boyfriend. I told him plenty of times that I`m taken and not looking for another boyfriend, but he told me he can't get me out of his head. My friend doesn't know, though. I think I should tell her, but wait. This happened before. And she got so mad at me. She started saying "Why does everyone like you, You're not perfect! Why can't anyone like me." But it was just a fact that people do like her, she just doesn't like them. I don't know what to do. (link)
Well you should tell your friend because it's not nice to keep secrets from friend's because there going to come out anyway even worse. You should tell her, I mean one boy shouldn't come between your friendship. If she says again "Why does everyone like you" again tell her that people do like her like you said. Tell her anyway there are heaps of guys out there and again one boy shouldn't become between your friendship. Tell the boy that likes you that he's not your type try another girl and try to stay away from him until atleast he stops likeing you. Anyway I hope I helped you I'm really sorry if I didn't.

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