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young sex.

Question Posted Saturday March 31 2007, 11:45 pm

oh my god, seriously, what has the world come to...? i read a question on here and a girl had sex at 10 YEARS OLD. i was watching the news a couple of hours ago and an 8 YEAR OLD HAD SEX. yes, an 8 year old. i didn't even think 8 year olds knew what sex meant! on the internet news a 12 year old had sex and killed her own child because she said she wasn't ready for a kid. really, what's wrong with the world? why are people having sex at such a young age? do any of you agree that this is absolutatly crazy?

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Genrawks2 answered Sunday April 8 2007, 5:32 pm:

Seriously, what the flying fuck.. >_>


[ Genrawks2's advice column | Ask Genrawks2 A Question

AdviceNator4eva answered Friday April 6 2007, 2:34 am:
omg i think that shit is horrible!!!

[ AdviceNator4eva's advice column | Ask AdviceNator4eva A Question

nadine204 answered Sunday April 1 2007, 7:20 pm:
OMG yeahh i knwo thats sick and i have no clue what there parents are doing! i think older people ( teenagers) have officially influenced younger kids to think it is cool to do this sort of stuff

i still think it is not only crazy that 8 or 12 year olds are doing it but like MOST 15 ,14 year olds

i read on here earlier that some girls little sister that is 12 is has a kid already!

woww thats just crazy and absurd

[ nadine204's advice column | Ask nadine204 A Question

exohhmelissa answered Sunday April 1 2007, 7:00 pm:
yes. It really is crazy.

In the world record book the youngest girl to have a baby was 5! YES FIVE! She lived in China.
That is just sick. Sorry if I offend anyone but that is disgusting.


[ exohhmelissa's advice column | Ask exohhmelissa A Question

solidadvice4teens answered Sunday April 1 2007, 1:52 pm:
You know, I think the question about the 10-year-old is a fake put there by a kid or adult that wanted to test our system and see what kind of response they got. I've been giving online advice for years and this kind of outlandish question comes through all the time. People answer it anyways in the slim chance that it's for real as we're not supposed to pass judgment.

As far as the news goes people having sex at that age can/does happen. It's extremely rare though. I think it has to do with bad parenting and adults not knowing what their kids are doing and about their friends and habits. These days anyone regardless of age can know all about sex based on the Internet and what's said on the playground.

The story about the 12-year-old is also extreme and unfortunate and doesn't happen a lot. You might think it does because of the slant CNN etc puts on it.

Is there something wrong with the world? The answer to that depends on your beliefs and who you ask. There's a lot wrong with the big picture that needs to change for sure though.

[ solidadvice4teens's advice column | Ask solidadvice4teens A Question

LadyH answered Sunday April 1 2007, 12:49 pm:
I agree. Times have changed & sadly, everyone wants to be much older & live like they're 25. The truth is: sex is not casual like kissing is these days. There are so many risks & consequences that come along with it. Unfortunately, these kids have no idea what they're in for.

[ LadyH's advice column | Ask LadyH A Question

bitterxsweet answered Sunday April 1 2007, 11:54 am:
i totally agree. honestly the younger generations [even mine, im 16]is soo messed up. people just need a good slapping. at my school, 2 freshman were caught having sex on the stairs. i realize thats older than 8 and 10 years old, but honestly, ON THE SCHOOL STAIRS??? how desperate and lame is that? people are so public about it now. i mean, maybe its just me, but if i were having sex, i wouldnt want 1700 students to be able to walk around a corner and see me doing it. and i dont know what is in these 8 year olds minds. thats just terrible. down right terrible. and i so dont understand how people can have sex in classrooms, at football games, on buses... that just blows my mind.

[ bitterxsweet's advice column | Ask bitterxsweet A Question

Lalagurl answered Sunday April 1 2007, 11:38 am:
OMFG I TOTALLY AGREE, THAT IS SO MESSED UP! they can turn into sluts at such a young age! and your right an 8 yr old shouldn't know what sex means! tthis is insane compared to 10 yrs ago!
the world id just unsafe and crazy!

[ Lalagurl's advice column | Ask Lalagurl A Question

clouded_bluee answered Sunday April 1 2007, 11:03 am:
I know it is insane ! On the news about a week ago children were having sex in the back of the classroom because it was a L- shapped room and they were only in 6th grade. Children don't know the consequences to having sex. So I totally agreeee

[ clouded_bluee's advice column | Ask clouded_bluee A Question

StarryNightSkies answered Sunday April 1 2007, 10:54 am:
OMG that is insane!!! Jeeze 8 year olds are in like what, 2nd and 3rd grade??? I think that it really happends because of where they grow up and who they are influenced by. Personally I blame the parents or whoever they were hanging around (like older siblings)

[ StarryNightSkies's advice column | Ask StarryNightSkies A Question

HypnotizexMe answered Sunday April 1 2007, 10:29 am:

long ago, they didn't even have much of these.
but we are now influenced by media , and others that sex can be an "everyday thing" and many people are like
"my friends are doing it, and i many other people do it; everyone does it; so why shouldnt i?"

the reality is not EVERYONE does it.

but i think that its crazy, i mean seriously. at least wait till your like 18 or something.

-Flava Flav lost his virginity when he was 6. seriously 6 YEARS OLD. and he was laughing about it too. now thats what i call MEDIA INFLUENCE

[ HypnotizexMe's advice column | Ask HypnotizexMe A Question

Stephi-Giles answered Sunday April 1 2007, 10:20 am:
Juzt a lil retarded...I read a thing here and an 11 year old was pregnant with her 3rd child :o I was like OMFG ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ? I'm 13 and I thought I was gonna but now I'm gonna wait.I'll do a little more than making out but a while before sex.

[ Stephi-Giles's advice column | Ask Stephi-Giles A Question

ASAPcamille answered Sunday April 1 2007, 10:15 am:
The news thing- was that at a school? Because i saw on the news that a few 5th graders were getting busy in their classrooms. Disturbing. I agree- its like "Omg! Jenny! Lets all have babies!! Yeah!". its gross. pretty soon, the population is going to be an unruly number, because of 8 year olds having a little too much fun.

ewww. i agree.

[ ASAPcamille's advice column | Ask ASAPcamille A Question

caramella answered Sunday April 1 2007, 3:43 am:
i so totally agree with you man.Kids that have kida at this age are extreeeemmly desperate.They just wanna look like they can depend on themsleves and that they dont need their parents anymore so they go lose their virginty to anything that moves.its so annoying!I think its also because the parents give their kids a lil waaaay to much freedom and they dont ask who their freinds are and stuff.Another reason is because of peer pressure.The kids think they all have a strong personality and nothing influences them because they had sex when in reality they arent independent because they were influenced by their freinds when their freinds told them to have sex.The only people that teens nowadays object against is their parents which is totall retardation because parents are the only ones that know how to help you!!

[ caramella's advice column | Ask caramella A Question

queenhearts answered Sunday April 1 2007, 2:45 am:
The media.
Some ignorant parents.
High school students.

Lack of role models.

They don't see how badly it could ruin their life. But i don't see it as my problem. The media has messed up our younger generations. I don't care how far most people have gone or how cool it is. Because I don't think getting pregnant or getting STDS is cool.

There has always been young people who have had sex because of problems in their life or whatever.. but it has tripled since then!

It's just... so wrong.

They should do sex ED classes earlier!

[ queenhearts's advice column | Ask queenhearts A Question

Durene answered Sunday April 1 2007, 1:54 am:
i didnt even know what a period was or any of that stuff when i was 8, lol. it stinks for todays kids.. well im 13 and i know im going to wait till im married, or like in college. but having sex when your so young.. is just wrong and i dont get why kids keep doing it. its probably the medias fault and i guess also the parents.

[ Durene's advice column | Ask Durene A Question

cheifbritneeilu answered Sunday April 1 2007, 1:48 am:
omg. i so agree. the world is coming to just needing sex thats all its insane.

[ cheifbritneeilu's advice column | Ask cheifbritneeilu A Question

feel_the_burn answered Sunday April 1 2007, 1:46 am:
i completely agree with you

i dont know about other people, but i think sex should wait till after marraige, and all this "oh my gosh, i want to sex you" and crap like is so bad!!

[ feel_the_burn's advice column | Ask feel_the_burn A Question

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