Hey everyone! My name is Nadine ( Nay-dean ), i am 15 years old and am mature for my age. You might think im young to be giving advice but in reality age does not matter when giving advice. If your old it doesn't necessarily mean your advice will be better than if given by a teenager. Somethings i love to do are:
* give advice
* shop
* listen to music
* play sports
* work out
* talk on my phone
I never will judge anyone based on the questions you ask. I am not judgemental at all. I always try my best at answering any questions you ask. So ask me anything you want, just keep in mind im not perfect, so sorry if my advice isent perfect enough for you.


i need a new bag(a purse). but i cant find any cute ones. i want one thats on the larger side, kind of like a tote bag, but not, if you know what i mean lol. something that will fit like a text book or two to carry around at school. a pocket of some type in it is pretty much essential. i wear like babydoll shirts and skinny jeans. that kind of style. i also want it to be black or darker, because its going to be for school, so i dont want something thats going to get dirty easily. i want one that i can buy online, i dont want to have to go to a store. so what are some really cute larger bags that would fit my style? links to specific bags, pleasee?=]


alot of big cute ones, just pick which one you like=]


the best ones right there ^^


i guess on the real world, in an episode that hasnt aired yet, trisha hits parisa and gets kicked off .. and theres an article about it somewhere online. can anyone give me a link to that article?


Theres a discussion about it.^^

and She is also claimed to be raciest:

Yeah so im pretty sure she gets kicked off and it says in the discussion that shauvon gets kicked off too. and that theres two new room mates.

Sorry if it wasen't what you want, my internet was slow. Just google it if its not what you wanted Hopefully i helped though.



over the summer i think i've gained some weight.
its stinks! school starts really soon and i want to lose a few pounds FAST!!!
i run every day.and eat pretty heathy.
idk why but i've gained weight!! please help me.
what can i doo?

You probably only gained weight because of the muscle you got from running. Its no biggy muscle weighs more than fat. Your eating healthy and running so im assuming your gaining muscles =]

Maybe you need some variety, do some sit ups or push ups , ride your bike. Just do a variety of things that should help you out a bit.

I wouldnt suggest it but the only way you could lose pounds fast are pills, in which i wouldnt take especially if your under 18.

Other than that just keep what your doing, add variety in your work outs and enjoy it =]


this past year I have been through a lot in my life. I also lost my self-confidence and people's first impression of me is quiet and sad. Although when people get to know me there perspectives change. I don't have a lot of self-confidence and I have a lot going for me. What are some books that work on self-confidence preferabbly that are towards a teen.
If you know of any good teen books that deal with
- self-confidence
- personality
- boys/flirting
- friends
please let me know thank you

I would DEFF consider reading Chicken Soup books. They deal with stories that are inspirational, friends, crushes ect.

heres the website: http://www.chickensoup.com/
and heres the book titles and a little summary about what each ones about

Feel better, Hope i helped you=]


first things first--15/m.
ok so like i said, im 15 and theres this girl(lets just call her bonqueesha lol) who is basically all over me, and shes really cute and all.. but shes only 13. see in my opinion i think it would be wrong/weird for us to hook up or go out or whatever, so what do all you advicenators think?

I personally dont think thats a problem, if you like her then give it a shot. You never know you guys may be going out for a long time, or maybe just for a week. You will never know so go for it. However thats what i think but if you think its weird then you might be uncomfortable around her when/if going out which isent something you would enjoy. I still think you should at least try to go out with her cause you might be regretting later.

Hope i helped :D


so me and this boy messed around last weekend.
basically - he fingered me and i gave him a handjob.

2 days ago he told me he jacked off around 1:30 that afternoon

he fingered me around 7:30

he said he couldnt remember if he washed his hands in between the two times [grosss, i know] but he said he ate in between them.

my question is-
is there any way i could get pregnant?
it was 2 weeks before my period.

There might be the slightest chance but im almost positive there is no way your pregnant. Since he ate in between and fingered you about 6 hours later then thats why your not pregnant. Im not a physic(sp?) but to make sure just take a test. I wouldnt worry at all if i were you, just tell this boy( if your planning on fooling around with him again) to tell you these things before hand :]


Theres this song i heard, but i can only remember the thrid or forth line of it, it is
This hotel room feels like, oh ooh

and then it repeats first verse again

does anyone know what it is??

I googled it and found

is that it?
here are the lyrics.

Sorry if im wrong,i hope i helped


i don't know how to tell this guy that i dont wanna go on dates with him anymore. We went out a week ago and hes called me and left a message yesterday but i havn't called back because i don't know what to say. He's nice and all but i just don't have any feelings for him. I rejected him last summer to so i kinda feel bad but i just don't like him. I have to call him back soon but i don't know what to say. I also have never been kissed and when we first went to the moives i was like good i can get my first make out thing over with but i don't know i want it to be with someone i like...so i don't know what to say to him and im afraid hes gonna call me back before i can think of what to say and call him. ugh sorry this was so long thanks in advance

I would answer your phone and if he says want to go out to the movies, or anything and such just say "I tried hanging out with you to see if we'd work but im sorry i dont have feelings for you in that way, but i would be glad to go as JUST FRIENDS" that way your telling him but you know being nice about it by not completely turning him down. :]

PS, dont worry about the whole make out kiss thing, i havent been kissed either and im 14/f, almost 15. It will happen soon, your not alone :]]


okay if u masterbate too much like maybe 4 years none stop would your penius shrink?? i was juss wondering because i was searching on google an average penius size.. (by the way what is an average size) and this guy said his been masterbaiting for 3 years.. and he's notice his penius shrinking.. thats kinda weird could that really happen?

Dont belive that guy online there mustve been added information or something, your penis wont shrink. average penis size is aroun 4 1/2 - 6
and i personally do not care about a guys penis size, idk what the other girls think.



Does anyone know if poems-and-quotes.com is still working because I've been trying to get on there and I googled it-it came up but when i clicked on it it couldn't be found.
So my question is does anyone know if the site is working? Thanx in advance!

You should try again later. I just tryed and all it does is load and it doesn't work right now. Just try again in a couple of days.

heres a site if you want quotes-quotemania.2ya.com

Sorry & i hope i helped


Hey does anyone know any love songs?
Im going out of town for a few days and
i want to make my boyfriend a cd so he's
not so upset and everything? thanks! =]

awwe thats so sweet :]

All my life- KC AND JOJO
How am i supposed to live without you - Micheal Bolton
My Boo- Usher
Lovers and friends- Lil Jon
Come with me - Sammie
Make me better- neyo ft fabolous
umbrella- rihanna( kinda)
Because of you- Neyo
you make me wanna- Alica keys
i call it love- Lionel Richie
i wanna love you- Akon
Summer love- Justin timberlake

if you want more i guess you could search on google, WEDDING SONGS, even though your obv not getting married they have love songs that are really nice..

but hopefully what i listed was good


Buy U A Drank
Makes Me Wonder-Maroon 5
The Way I live
Thanks for the Memories-Fall out boy
What Ive Done- Linkin Park

I like all kinds of music. which one should i choose? and also please give me more ideas too :D

personally im sick of buy u a drink, its really annoying its on the radio to much. i would pick The way i live

other ideas::

Umbrella- Rihanna
Breakin dishes- Rihanna
Make me better- Fabolous ft Neyo
Party Like a rockstar-Shop Boys



I have no idea what this song is. Its like Why do you always stop to see...your looking and me but i'm looking at you.
Its not a real old song..i don't think and it kinda an upbeat tune and kinda country but sorta rock. If you have any idea..PLEASE HELP!!!

i dont listen to rock or country but when i googled it i found this:

to me it sounds like AKON-I WANNA LOVE YOU but im not sure because you said it was rock//country
lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/i-wanna-love-you-lyrics-akon.html

SORRY if it's not either, i tried


Is there any good book you recomened? I love sad books, and I'm 13, any ideas?

Have you read things from Chicken soup?

there amazing , theres REAL stories on people going threw death , family problems and ect.

here is the Chicken Soup for TEENS

Tomorrow, Maybe by Brian James
^^ thats about a runnaway teen

hope this was a bit helpful


Ok so tomorrow i`m having a pool party during the day.

not too many people, about 9 or 10 or soemthing.


i`m so lost and confused PLEASEPLEASPLEASPLEASE HELP ME!

play chicken
play simon says:
1 person says,
"Simon says jump!" - players have to jump
"Simon says leap into water!" - players have to leap into water
"Simon says swim front crawl!" - players have to swim front crawl
"Simons says get an inflatable and swim around for a minute"

or this game:
One or more players are chosen as catchers depending on numbers playing. There is no 'home' or safe base and depending on the version you are using, players when caught either stand with their legs apart (the most common form) or arms held out. Players can be set free again if another player who has not yet been caught crawls between their legs, or ducks under their arms respectively. Game stops when everybody has been stuck.

or water volleyball or basketball

bring out some floats that'd be fun

squirt guns in the water

or throw things in the pool and see who gets the most

or have a who can hold their breath the longest contest

hope that was enough!
have fun

you can look here if you'd like


So, I have Final Exams Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. I was wondering if there are any tips for studying or anything like that.
Like, what should I eat in the morning, and what are the best ways to study?
Thanks :]

i finish finals tommorrow and the best way to study is to use index cards, colored ones make me remember better. if you have vocabulary words try to remember key words , its much easier and quicker. I eat my normal breakfast, cereal or a sandwich or a banana, anything you'd like. i also drink gatorade or water or vitamin water they make me seem calm. Oh and DO NOT stay up studying it will KILL you when you take the exams because you will end up sleepy and probably not concentrating
keep 3-4 sharpened pencils with erasers in your purse/pocket you never know!



Well obviously I wear pads when I sleep. I wear the ultra long ones. But I put it so it comes about to the top of the lips, & it goes back to about the middle of my butt. But for like the first two nights of my period I always get blood on my underwear in the back. If I move it back any further, I'd get blood on the front of my underwear. My mom told me to double up pads, but I feel like I'm wearing a diaper. Any other ideas?

fold kleenex//toilet paper and just put it over the pad and a little farther if you want it to cover the back so it wont leak :]


okay so i have stretch marks because i've had my growth sperk suring the summer of 2006. but they are still very visible, what can i do to make them nearly invisible? i'm already losing weight, but they're so noticable and my friends always ask what they are and i'm embarrassed to say "stretch marks." so anything to make them nearly invisible?

Cocao and Shea butter works excellent

you can get it at rite aid or any pharmacy

if your stretch marks are really bad you can buy mederma, its expensive though. so i would try Cocao and Shea butter first


is there any tamil people here as this girl whos 12 and im 13 shes having her puberty ceremony on 15 july my period hasnt even started the girl is a show off so u know its kind of embarassing what do i do stressed thx in advance!

Dont worry at all.
i just had my period and im 14!
some people get their periods earlier than others.
you cant really do anything to make your period come , just let nature take its place



what are the good/sad goodbye songs for my friend whos moving? i want the genre to be rnb and not that old song and can you list at least 3 songs and thank you =]

say goodbye- Chris Brown
final goodbye- Rihanna
goodbye- Jagged edge
hard to say goodbye- V.A
goodbye- Lyfe Jennings
never can say goodbye-the jackson 5

thats all i can think of and the genre is R&B



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