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Question Posted Saturday January 29 2005, 4:11 pm

In your opinion, is 13 years old too young to be fingered? If you really can't get any STDs then what's the harm?

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XxMollsyxX answered Sunday August 21 2011, 10:46 pm:
I'm 14 too. I get fingered by my boyfriend quite a lot. I mean like, today I got fingered by him too. But I was ready and it was his choice. Sometimes I wonder if he hopes for something in return (if you know what I mean) but i know im not ready for that. I love being fingered by him (im not a slut, I love him. I don't care if people say 14 is too young and you can't know what love is etc etc). The first time he asked if he could do it. I was ready so I said yeah. He said tht if it hurts at all I need to tell him and he will stop immediately. The whole time he was gentle and it felt amazing, didn't hurt at all...... Until he wanted to try two fingers. I am um... Pretty tight... So that did hurt, but I told him and he stopped just like he said he would. We have tried it once since then and it didn't hurt as much, but it still did so he stopped again. Ive made it very very clear i will not have sex until at least the age of 16 (thats the legal age in england) So as long as you know that he loves you and isn't just in it for the sexual activity, and that you love him and are 100% ready I think you should go for it. I love it a lot. But if afterwards he tries to pressure you into giving him a HJ or BJ or something, don't do it until you're definitely ready. I don't think you are too young at all. It's really quite an opinionated question. But yeah I hope this helps somewhat x

[ XxMollsyxX's advice column | Ask XxMollsyxX A Question

Peeps answered Friday July 23 2010, 3:39 am:
Studies are now finding that HPV and both herpes strains can live deep under the fingernails of a person. If you engage in sexual contact with a partner who has not washed their hands thoroughly with warm soap and water and brushed out their nails with such cleansers then you are at a fairly high risk of contracting HPV or herpes onto the genitals (or wherever they touched--but, most vulnerably, the genitals and other mucus membranes such as your eyes, lips, etc.).

At 13, sex shouldn't be something you're worrying about. Being fingered can actually make you more accepting of going all the way or further to where you are risking your own health and possibly being at risk for pregnancy, depending on what exactly happens.

It is harmful. Mentally it can encourage you to go further when you're not prepared for the risks. Physically hands can carry diseases. Emotionally it can be difficult to overcome if the boy gets out of control, begins using you for sexual play an experimentation, or demands you to do something to him for the favor.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

xGLiTtErEdxEyEsx answered Wednesday March 23 2005, 12:07 pm:
n0pe its n0t y0ung.. y0u cant get any stds s0 wh0 cares.. its n0t like y0ur fucking s0me0ne.. haha..

[ xGLiTtErEdxEyEsx's advice column | Ask xGLiTtErEdxEyEsx A Question

irish_mobsta91 answered Thursday March 3 2005, 7:56 pm:


[ irish_mobsta91's advice column | Ask irish_mobsta91 A Question

CrazYYBlOoNdE! answered Sunday February 27 2005, 8:46 pm:
Ok! 13 is wayy to young b/c if they scratch yew or something yew can get a disease or yew can get STDs and yew can get messed up..and well if thats wut yew want..then go ahead..but think of the consequences before yew dew it!

[ CrazYYBlOoNdE!'s advice column | Ask CrazYYBlOoNdE! A Question

QueenRaeCaruso10 answered Saturday February 26 2005, 1:40 pm:
no hunn its not to young. its whenever your ready.

[ QueenRaeCaruso10's advice column | Ask QueenRaeCaruso10 A Question

xolilabbs214ox answered Sunday January 30 2005, 7:31 pm:
i think it is to young. b/c people will find out and call you names.hope i helped
x0x0 abbey x0x0

[ xolilabbs214ox's advice column | Ask xolilabbs214ox A Question

Juliett answered Sunday January 30 2005, 2:23 pm:
wth is fingered

[ Juliett's advice column | Ask Juliett A Question

sPicYx0hoTt answered Sunday January 30 2005, 9:55 am:
If you think you ready go for it. but believe it leads into things. Like sex.

[ sPicYx0hoTt's advice column | Ask sPicYx0hoTt A Question

houdini07 answered Sunday January 30 2005, 9:28 am:
OMG!!! YES! I hope you never do it again!

[ houdini07's advice column | Ask houdini07 A Question

JJbaYbe answered Sunday January 30 2005, 1:08 am:
in my opinion its a little too young for a 13 year old to be fingered

[ JJbaYbe's advice column | Ask JJbaYbe A Question

XxXHyperGirlXxX answered Saturday January 29 2005, 10:49 pm:
No its not to young! If you were like 4 then it would be too young.

[ XxXHyperGirlXxX's advice column | Ask XxXHyperGirlXxX A Question

snowwalker69 answered Saturday January 29 2005, 9:41 pm:
i say if your ready, go for it

[ snowwalker69's advice column | Ask snowwalker69 A Question

Solaris answered Saturday January 29 2005, 8:15 pm:
What is the harm? Lets see. It starts off with fingering, then eventually you will get bored with that and want more. In time you keep doing more and more things till sex. Then here comes the harm of STDS. Basically you may think there is no harm now, but you're young. Why do you have the need to do this? Why do you kids do this so early?

[ Solaris's advice column | Ask Solaris A Question

dreamingkat answered Saturday January 29 2005, 7:38 pm:
Honestly, age all by itself is a bad thing to look at. I lost my virginity at 12, and looking back on it, I don't regret it, but I also don't recommend it. I don't think it's ok for a 13 year old to be in a romantic or sexual relationship with a 16 year old, or a 10 year old, or anyone older or younger than that.

If there are two 13 year olds who are comfortable with their bodies, and want to explore them a little more, there's nothing inherently wrong with that - even if that exploration involves putting pointy body parts in bodily orifices.

There are health issues - for both parties. Some STDs - herpes for instance - are spread through skin to skin contact. As in, Person A has genital herpes, scratches themselves the day before the sores become visible, then touches Person B's genitals before washing their hands. Person B may contract herpes. Scratches on mucus membranes tend to be a bit uncomfortable, and are more likely to get infected then scratches on exposed skin.

There are also social issues involved. Parents in the USA almost universally think 13 is too young for their children to do anything sexual - even though most of them got their first kisses around that time. If having rumors spread about you might be an issue, you might want to talk about that first. You may also want to consider if you might have to lie to your parents, or how much trouble you could get into. Honestly, at 13 I was more concerned about the rumors, but it is something to consider, however briefly. :)

[ dreamingkat's advice column | Ask dreamingkat A Question

icey0990 answered Saturday January 29 2005, 6:54 pm:
The harm isnt always about getting pregnent or getting an STD. The harm is the emotional aspect of it sometimes. Guys at that age arent always so mature and after a 13 year old gets fingered the guy might tell everyone , dump her right away, etc. But hey no suprise right ..because the same crap happens to girls who are 15,16,17 + People also act concerned when a 13 yr old asks about getting fingered becauuse they think it will lead to other sexual activities..and eventually to a slut. Buit this isnt always the case. Thjats mainly why people make a big deal about a 13 yr old getting fingered. If your completely ready and you have the right guy..then the choice is yours.

[ icey0990's advice column | Ask icey0990 A Question

BeFABULOUSxo answered Saturday January 29 2005, 6:40 pm:
you can get an STD but its not really common like that. im 13 too. i dont think its too young only because i know a lot of girls our age that have. and i dont see how a guy sticking his fingers up you is "love" or whatever lol. but thats my opinion as you asked. xO ali

[ BeFABULOUSxo's advice column | Ask BeFABULOUSxo A Question

askforanswersfromAndie answered Saturday January 29 2005, 5:43 pm:
YOU REALY CAN GET STD I AM SORRY BUT I AM 13 AND I WOULD SAY NO AND IF OTHER people have already been fingered that was up to them and if you want to go ahead but i worn you just be carful and make sure you want to do that . right now we are studying stds and i am telling you please don;t just wate there is no rush good luck and think realy hard about what you are fixing to do . please.

[ askforanswersfromAndie's advice column | Ask askforanswersfromAndie A Question

x3merle6x answered Saturday January 29 2005, 5:39 pm:
yes wait theres no rush

[ x3merle6x's advice column | Ask x3merle6x A Question

MyPainIsReal answered Saturday January 29 2005, 5:38 pm:
I don't see the harm in it as long as you are totally comfortable with and so is the person doing it. So many young people do this these days. It's in about how you feel, but I wouldn't go any younger than 13 for that. And if a girl happened to be fingered so young, she might want to try more after that got old or she might not. So it's all in how you feel. Think about it.

[ MyPainIsReal's advice column | Ask MyPainIsReal A Question

grrzzz8 answered Saturday January 29 2005, 5:29 pm:
well in my opinion it would be a no 4 me but whatever is most comfortable 4 you

[ grrzzz8's advice column | Ask grrzzz8 A Question

GraspingToControl answered Saturday January 29 2005, 4:41 pm:
no 13 is not too young of an age my friend is turning 13 and she already got it done like 8 times by her boyfriend soo noo it aint too young

hope i helped

[ GraspingToControl's advice column | Ask GraspingToControl A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Saturday January 29 2005, 4:33 pm:
well no harm really you just might regret it. I dont know if you would but its possible

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

mysticpixie05 answered Saturday January 29 2005, 4:29 pm:
No. Thirteen isnt to young as long as you are ready. There is no specific age. Just make sure your ready and and this is something you want to do.
and then all you have to do is ENJOY!

[ mysticpixie05's advice column | Ask mysticpixie05 A Question

Karen answered Saturday January 29 2005, 4:24 pm:
In my opinion, no, being fingered at the age of 13 isn't too young. As long as you want to and if you aren't forced, than it's fine. You can get an STD if someone fingers you because if the guy has a cut on his finger, then you can. When being fingered, the guy can scratch you inside or he can be rough on you and those are pretty much the harms of being fingered. Hope I helped :)

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

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