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My feet smell sometimes. What should I do?

Do you feet only smell when you wear a certain pair of shoes or socks? Do they smell worse when you wear your shoes for a really long time? Is it worse at a certain time of the month? Try to pay attention to what causes the "sometimes".

For instance, I have a pair of shoes that are really comfortable, but they cause my feet to sweat and stink really badly. I've also noticed that my feet will smell if I have to wear nylons all day.

When you figure out what causes the sometimes, you'll be able to attack the problem directly, rather than trying a bunch of random things that may or may not help.


yo, how many girls in the 7th grade think shave there vaginas..like..do most do, or do most not

I would not expect many 7th grade girls to shave their pubic region. I would not recommend it, personally. Once you start shaving, it can be very itchy while the hair grows back.

If you do decide to shave, I would start by testing the shaving cream or soap you plan on using on your inner thigh and on the mons (the kind of puffy area at the top of your vulva where the most hair grows). Shave those and then wait a few days before shaving the outer lips to make sure that you don't develop an allergic reaction to the lubrication. Also, don't try to get every little hair the first several times. Trying to make it "perfect" will almost certainly result in razor burn. And if you thought it wasn't so bad on your legs, it's about 10 times worse on your vulva.

I recommend talking to an adult you trust about your reasons for wanting to shave. I know I started shaving the edges a little when my hair started poking out of my bathing suit. I don't remember how old I was at that time. But I didn't shave the whole thing bare, and I didn't shave my "lips" - I only shaved around the edges. When I got into my late 20s, I decided that I felt cleaner during my period if I shaved or trimmed the hair around my vagina (but I had stopped shaving the mons at that point).

Ultimately, shaving is a personal decision - kinda like a mix between how you do your hair and what deodorant you use. Get advice from family members and close friends, do a little research, and then make an informed decision.

As an aside, hair doesn't grow in your vagina, although many people mistakenly call the entire vulva the vagina. The vagina is the passageway that connects the outside "private parts" (the vulva) to your uterus.


What happens when you poop blood

If it looks red and it was painful when you passed it, it's probably a hemorrhoid: an inflammation of the anus (butthole). It could also be the result of bleeding near the end of your intestine.

If it's black streaks in your stool (poop), then the blood entered the stool farther up your digestive tract, and it's potentially more serious.

If your a woman, blood in the stool can be caused by endometriosis.

In any case, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.


what are you guys opinions on someone getting drunk to lose there virginity. because im thinking about doing that cause im scared its really going to hurt. and i dont want to have to deal with the pain. and by the way im 16 female. thankyou in advancee

A few things to think about:

First, it's quite possibly illegal for a male to have sex with you when your drunk. So I always advise men not to try any new sexual activity with a woman when she's even slightly under the influence of any intoxicant.

Second, if your doing it right, it won't hurt. Even if you rush it and don't give yourself enough time and foreplay, and he's huge, it won't hurt much. If it doesn't feel good, stop and go back to the foreplay for a while.

Third, masturbate so you know what feels good to you and what gets you turned on and "wet". Then you can tell your lover "wait, do this for a few minutes before entering me".

Forth, make sure your lover knows that your a virgin. If he's experienced, he'll know to be extra slow and loosen you up with his fingers before entering you. If he's not experienced, you can suggest it.

Seriously, you should not be drunk when trying anything new sexually with someone for the first time.


this is a VERY long story, but im gonna try to lay this out as short as possible and please, im desperate here, you have NO clue what i've been through these past few months, and i need all the help i can get..

last year i met a REALLY sensative guy. he was 16, about to be 17, and i was 14.. he was soooo shy, hes VERY insecure. when we first started dating, all he said to me was how i saved him and pulled him out of his misery because he has had no luck with relationships and was treated like shit by girls his whole life. hes not even that cute and popular, and i have a waaay higher social status in my grade/ school then he does in his grade.. but ive been known to have wierd taste and i can look beyond looks and things like that very easily. i think when we first started dating him i was just excited over the fact that he had a car and he was a junior and i was only a freshmen.. but i actually did end up falling in love with him. and he was COMPLETELY in love with me. we lost our virginities to eachother and ill tell you, im smart, and not at all a bit naiive.. i knew this kid loved me. & we did NOT have a sex based relationship whatsoever.. we became eachothers best friends. both of us lost all of our other friends because we were only with eachother 24-7. he called my mom 'mom' and i did the same with his mom.. we were incredibly close.. and sense he was older, i felt so comftorbal and secure with him, and i went to him with all my problems, and he would help me.. ive been suffering from depression for years and me and my mother never had a good relationship, and my father left me, and i was molested as a baby.. but when i was with him, he made me feel so comftorbal. we told eachother EVERYTHING. and i was postive he was there to stay. he promised me forever every single day. we dated for a year. i messed it up, biggest mistake of my entire life.. he started getting very annoying and up my ass. you know when youre in a bad mood and you just want to be left alone? well he would never leave me alone. he'd be like 'its okay babe i love you' bla bla. all mushy, when i just want to be mad!. i tried talking to him about this many times and all he could say was im sorry i just love you soooo much i cant help it.. all my friends called him whipped cream and everything.. it was BAD. but anyways, one night i was out with my friends the day before a cheer competition, and my ex was there.. and somewhere along the lines, we kissed.. my boyfriends friend was there and told him that if i didnt tell him, he was going to.. i knew he wasnt going to break up with me or anything.. so i told him.. but the thing is.. i think i was looking for a fight with him because our relationship was so boring. when i told him, it pissed me off how he was crying instead of being mad, yelling at me. so i started saying things to make him mad.. i said TERRIBLE things. like i was gonna keep cheating on him because he basically lets me, and how i know i take advantage of him because he trusts me so much but i shouldnt.. and he was like well maybe i have to break up with you then.. and he was like i really dont want to. and i was like fine just do it idont care! yelling at him and stuff.. and then he did. i was thinking we would get back together in a couple weeks.. so after we broke up, we still talked because we obv. still loved eachother and everything. we acted like we were going out, and we even 'hooked up' a few times.. but when he asked me back out, i kept saying no, i wasnt ready.. because the relationship was SOOO akward after we broke up.. he was acting so different. and i knew why. it was because i broke his heart. and i did, bad. so one day after we hooked up, my friend told me that her brother saw my 'boyfriend, x-boyfriend, whatever u wanna call him' at a store.. and he was saying how he was done with me and he was trying to get with this new girl 'leesh'.. i was FURIOUS. i called him up screaming at him asking for all my stuff back and it was over for good and everything. but really, i wanted an appology from him, not my stuff back. btw, i was very remorsful for cheating on him and saying what i said to him, i mustve appologized a million times.. but he didnt say anything, he justgave me all my stuff back and acted like it was nothing.. and then i kept trying to get him back, but he kept rejecting me. i was litterally down on my knees for this kid. until one day i found out he had a girlfriend. not just some girl.. the girl who dates ALL the boys that i date after me.. but thats a whole nother story.. anyways, i was devistated. i couldnt eat, i couldnt talk, i couldnt sleep, i couldnt go to school,, nothing. all i did was cry and cry and cry and cry. i tried talking to him seeing if we could be friends and stuff, but he hates me now. if i send him one text, he shuts his phone off. he goes all different ways in the halls so i dont have to see him in school, he wont even look my way. he saw me practically drown in my own tears and he didnt even care. i wrote him long long letters, i tried everything i could just to be able to talk to him when i need to, so i wouldnt be so hurt about the situation.. now, i have two weeks left of school and im failing 4 classes.. and im an honors student. i DONT fail. its not me. and im grounded because of it, so i cant even go out and try to forget it. its been sense thhe end of february... and still,all i can think about is killing myself.. people say they are heart broken.. but this gives heart broken a new definition. there is litterally a hole in my chest. and i keep getting maaaassive anxiety attacks in class, and i do go to counceling wich is sort of helpful but we mostly talk about my parents.. three days ago, she broke up with him. and he was very upset from what i heard.. he hasnt tried talking to me or anything but i dont know what to do, i want to talk to him but he'll just ignore me.. i love this kid and care about him with my life. today i thought i was going to DIE. it was the last day of school for the seniors. the last time ill EVER see him again. the last time ill ever get to look for him i the halls so i can walk by him.. that was the only time i ever got to see him, and today was my last day. and when i walked by him for the very last time of my life today, he didnt even look at me. it was so painful. he couldnt even have the heart to say bye to me considering im his first love and helll never see me again. i havent been able to stop crying sense i last saw him. i dont even know what to do with my life any more. someone PLEEEEEASE tell me what to do to get him back. ANNYTHING. I AM DESPERATE FOR HELP. we had such a good relationship till i cheated and we Never ever had one fight. but you dont even understand. this kid wouldnt even look at any other girls, deleted all the girls in his phone book, couldnt go an hour without texting me just saying he loved me, couldnt go a day withouth seeing me, brought me flowers randomly, did EVERYTHING for me. how can you love someone so much and go through everything we've been through together, and then just completely shut them out of your life?

OK, here's my recap.

You dated an older, less popular guy because it was cool he had a car. Then, you fell in love with him and dated him exclusively for about a year. Which I agree, is forever when your in high school. The relationship was not healthy however - the relationship was too consuming and damaged your other relationships. You report being "bored" but the rest of your language and your actions suggest that you were feeling smothered.

You started acting antagonistically and broke off the exclusive dating relationship. You tried to maintain a less close relationship, but I'm guessing neither of you had examples of healthy, loving friendships (with or without a sexual dimension) to work from. He continued to attempt to resume the relationship, but you kept stalling. When you heard gossip stating that he was ready to move on, instead of attempting to open a dialog with him, you threw a temper tantrum and broke off the friendship.

Shortly after that, he moved on and started dating again. You however, have not been able to move on.

I agree that you should bring this up with your counselor. I suggest you specifically ask the counselor to see if perhaps you show signs of passive-aggressive behavior or codependency. If so, your counselor should be able to help you modify your behavior so that future relationships will be healthier and more successful. They are not disorders or illnesses, they are unhealthy relationship patterns that our society encourages women to develop. I don't have enough information here to determine if you fall into either of them, but I do see hints of both in your description.

Honestly, very very few people fall in love once and stay with that person forever. Most people have a series of relationships where they learn how to be in a relationship before they settle down with someone for a long term relationship. Especially considering most people don't just mimic their parents relationships anymore, it takes some trial and error to actually learn how to be in a healthy relationship.

I don't suggest that you try to restart a relationship with him until you are mostly stable. His love can't fix what's broken in you. If you are religious, you may find solace in your beliefs. You should also talk to your parents and counselor about getting affirmations from those around you. It is reasonable to assume that you need to be reassured that you are loved (and loveable) and valued (and valuable). It's ok to ask your family and good friends to affirm this for you to help you build your self esteem. This is another topic that your counselor can discuss with you better than I can over the internet.

Also, give yourself time to grieve, but realize that the stages of grief are also applicable to the end of romantic relationships. Yet another topic you can discuss with your counselor. You can get through this, and you'll be stronger at the end of it.

Good luck with your healing process.


I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on keeping my vagina clean and fresh.
-&i've heard about those sprays, and i was wondering if those work and are safe and healthy to use.

i've read up on douching and those are said to not be very healthy, so i was looking for other options.


Your vagina will keep itself clean under most circumstances.

It's generally considered a bad idea for those with an intact hymen to douche, and it's usually not necessary for anyone. I have never tried it, although I do have a relative who needed to after she gave birth because she was very small and tore some of the vaginal tissue. It got infected, and the doctor gave her a liquid that was almost clear (slightly milky) and did not have much of a scent (and the scent it had was mediciney, not like perfume).

You vagina is a mucus membrane, so it's going to be more sensitive to chemicals that the rest of your skin. If you have any sensitivities to perfumes, you should not use scented sprays, or even scented panty protectors. If you really want something that has a perfume on it in the region, a scented panty protector is probably the best idea.

If your concerned about smelling bad for when someone gives you oral sex, keep in mind that perfumes don't taste good either. Have you ever been kissing someone, and go to suck on their neck and get a mouthful of cologne? I don't think the stuff they make to scent your lower half tastes any better. The best bet for oral sex is to bath. Baths are better than showers, because the water gets a better chance to rinse between the labia.

Frequently people think that they smell bad down there because their body is having an adverse reaction to the scented soaps that they're using on the region. Unless you have lube, shaving cream, or an oil based substance to remove, water should be all you need to clean between your labia (the lips). Thoroughly rinsing your vulva (the whole area "down there") every day should keep it clean and prevent it from smelling.

Odd smells can often be the sign of a vaginal infection. If you suddenly notice that your vagina smells different, especially if you haven't changed your soap, laundry detergent, or diet in the last week or two, you might have an infection. A mild yeast or bacterial infection will usually go away by itself in a few days, but if it's itchy, turns red, or smells very strongly, you should see a doctor. Such infections are not always "sexually transmitted infections" any more than a sore throat or a cold are. Sometimes, you just get them.

The last bit of advice I have is anecdotal - there is no scientific evidence to back this up. But I've noticed, on myself and on others, that if a woman orgasms regularly, the secretions produced when she's turned on start to smell sweeter. When a woman is turned on, the mucus membranes that make up the vagina and the surrounding areas start to secrete a natural lubricant. I believe this also assists in cleaning the area - especially if you bathe afterwards. I suppose the orgasm itself isn't necessary, but really, why would anyone want to skip that part?

To sum up, the advice I have on keeping the vagina clean and smelling nice is to stay healthy, don't use a lot of scented products, masturbate before or during your bath, and bathe every day.


I just heard on tv that you can be contagious with herepes without symptoms.

They said that condoms only reduce the risk of spreading herpes by 50-60%.

My husband was unfaithful now I have herpes. Now I am single.

Can I ever have sex without worrying about infecting my partner?

Should I just not have sex rather than risking infecting another person?

I'm sorry it took me so long to get to your question. I honestly don't know all that much about herpes specifically. I know it's transmitted skin to skin, rather than by bodily fluids, so condoms are not completely effective. That doesn't mean that they're not useful.

If you can, talk to a doctor. There are drugs that can reduce how often you have outbreaks. I was taught that one was contagious for 3 days previous to a visible outbreak, and for 3 days after one, but it appears that new evidence suggests that herpes is both more widespread and more contagious.

You should always tell your potential sex partners that you have herpes before having sex with them. Some may decide that they can't deal with it, and choose not to have a sexual relationship with you. Others may decide that they want have a sexual relationship with you, but to reduce their chances of getting herpes, that they don't want to have sex, but are willing to use toys to have a fulfilling sex life. Or maybe your potential partner will already be infected, and you won't have to worry about it. While it's possible to "re-infect" each other, it is highly unlikely to change anything for either of you.

Some links:

Good luck. Your not alone - 45 million other people in the united states alone have this virus.


is their any device to tighten viginal opening is their is can u tell me how much is it and how long it take to tighten viginal muscle's?

I am not aware of any devices that tighten the vaginal canal. The vagina is however made of muscles, and using them causes them to tighten up.

The most common and popular method of tightening vaginal muscles are Kegel exercises. There are quite a few websites on about them (and there are a few links a few entries back in my column). I suggest using the method where you put your finger in your vagina to tell if you are squeezing the correct muscles.

I don't know how long it will take.


what is the possibility for a girl to get pregnat just by having oral sex could u get pregnat just by having oral sex or cant u

Unless the person putting their mouth on the woman's vulva has semen in or on their mouth, a woman cannot get pregnant from receiving oral sex.

A woman can not get pregnant by swallowing semen.


can you get pregnant from sucking on a penis and he busts in your mouth and you swallow it ?


Pregnancy occurs when a sperm manages to penetrate an egg, and the zygote created by their union implants itself into the wall of the woman's uterus as a pre-embryo.

For more information on the process of becoming pregnant, take a look at http://www.religioustolerance.org/abo_fetu.htm - they have a very detailed account that will give you all the terms you need to google for more information.

The uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries are not in any way attached to the digestive track. The external openings are near each other, but the sperm will have been totally destroyed by stomach acid before they reach the anus.

Now, you CAN transmit disease through oral sex - please ask if you need resources on that.


here it goes,im in india,im gettin married in 3 months n im involved in sex for abt 10years.my fiance thinks that im still a virgin.will he find out that im not virgin?any possible way to tighten my viginal path?

There is no medical way to determine if you're a virgin. There are a lot of weird superstitions about determining virginity, however.

There are exercises for toning and tightening the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

The basic technique is to insert your finger into your vagina, and tighten around it, holding for four or five seconds, and then resting for 2 to 3 seconds. Repeat for up to 5 minutes twice a day (but don't overdo it).

If you can do so safely, you should get tested for STDs before getting married. I promote honesty in relationships - especially marriages - but I understand that sometimes total honesty isn't safe. I wish you the best of luck.

Some websites that have more information:


What are the chances of getting pregnant on the pill? and can i do a home pregnancy test if i am the pill or wil the pill effect the result?

The chances of getting pregnant while on the pill and using it properly are very low. According to planned parenthood "Of 100 women who use the pill, only eight will become pregnant during the first year of typical use. Fewer than one will become pregnant with perfect use."

Things that can reduce the effectiveness of the pill:
* missing pills - or taking them several hours later than usual
* starting your new package of pills a day late (apparently the most common way to get pregnant on the pill)
* some antibiotics, antifungals, HIV medications, or seizure medications
* taking St. Johns Wort herbal supplement

According to the Mayo Clinic, home pregnancy tests test a pregnancy-related hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This is not an ingredient in the pill, nor do the hormones in the pill affect the production of HCG.

Hopefully this is enough information. If you need more information, please ask. :)


iwant sex. i'm 10. is this wierd?

Nope. Different people develop sexual urges at different ages. However, at 10, you should be aware that there's a difference between wanting something and it being a good idea to get it.

The only outlet I can in good conscious recommend for you at 10 years old is masturbation.

At any age, before engaging in new sexual activities, you should do some research. Learning about safer sex, pregnancy prevention, abortion, adoption, rape, sexual assault, venereal diseases (STDS), and other issues that affect the genitals (like yeast infections and hemorrhoids) should all be done before engaging in any sexual activity. Not to mention actually thinking about what you believe to be right and wrong, and how that relates to sex.

There are a lot of varieties of sex, and what you like will likely change as you yourself grown and change. Taking the time now to learn about a variety of issues - even those you don't expect to ever need - is likely to pay off later. Even if you don't end up needing the information, it's good to have it in case your friends come to you for advice.

So my advice is to learn as much as you can and masturbate.


well.... a few weeks ago i was scared and frightened that i got a STD cuz i had some itching and buring in my vagina .....later my boyfriend told me that his mom was a nurse and somtimes it itches cuz of fricktion and not enough lubrication... it only burns at night ...sometimes in the afternoon and right when i wake up.... ....can this be c caused by not enough lubrication or was he lying?....if it is caused by not enough lubrication how do i help to ease the pain alittle?

If you are properly hydrated (drinking enough water, urine is a pale yellow), and have not added any irritants to your vulva or vagina, it should not be dried out.

Check the simple things. Are you using any scented products like "hygiene" sprays or scented pads? Stop using them. Are you washing your vulva and vagina with body wash, soap, or detergents? Stop. Rinsing the area with warm water daily should be enough to keep it clean. If you've got lube or oils on your vulva, using a plain soap like unscented dove or glycerine. Do you douche? Stop.

When your sure your not irritating your body with unneeded chemicals, you can start to figure out if you've got an infection. Yeast infections are very common, and can be transmitted sexually. The first time you get a yeast infection, you should have a gynecologist double check for you if you have one available. They can be treated with over the counter medication. If the OTC medication doesn't help (or makes things worse), it is most likely a bacterial infection, and you will need antibiotics. Bacterial infections are much rarer than yeast infections however. Most bacterial infections can be sexually transmitted, but some bacterial imbalances seem to spontaneously occur (they don't, but the point is that they're not all STDs).

If you are having sex without a condom, you can give your partner a yeast infection. Men almost never notice yeast infections in their penises, but they will pass such infections on when they have sex. One can get a yeast infection in the throat and rectum as well.

It can't hurt to have a doctor check it out.


Me and my boyfriend engaged in "dry sex" yesturday. I had my underwear and some tight shorts on, and he had his boxers on. I would say it was 3 thin layers of clothing. He did ejaculate and I noticed that there was a wet spot on my shorts around the top of my private area, I am not sure if it went through my underwear or not, but my underwear was also wet, but that was probably my stuff. I am really scared that I will get pregnant. I will get my period approximately around Feb 9 so that is where I stand. I am really worried, what can I do?

It's unlikely that you will get pregnant. Since you are engaging in sexual activities and worried about being pregnant, I recommend you get on the pill. It has a lot of benefits, including lighter and predictable periods, less cramps, and peace of mind when you engage in such activities.

If you don't think you can handle daily pills, they also have patches and a vaginal insert called the ring.

You may also need to be concerned about STDs. You don't have to have sex to get them. Some - like HPV and herpes - transmit through skin to skin contact. So wearing clothing will help, but hand jobs can still transmit them. But if you have fluid transmission, your more likely to transmit STDs like gonorrhea than to get pregnant. Since most STDs have very high percentages of carriers (people with the disease but no symptoms), you should start getting STD panels with your annual exam (pap smear).

If worrying about getting pregnant causes you significant distress or disrupts your routine, it may be a sign to back off for a while till you get things sorted out and figure out how your going to avoid this form of stress (going on the pill or modifying your sexual activities are good places to start thinking about it).


what is a dooshe bag???

Technically, a douche (pronounced doo-sh) is a stream of liquid or gas applied to a body cavity (a "hole" like part in the body, like an mouth, or belly button) to clean it out. For instance, doctors will use a peroxide douche to clean out your ears when they get too much wax in them. There are two types of devices used to do this. One is an oversized syringe (sometimes called "needles" - but technically the needle is just the pokey part, and obviously for this there is no pokey part). The other looks kinda like a deformed turkey baster - its got a bag at the end of a little tube.

Most non-doctors use the word douche to mean the cleaning out of the vagina. This is usually done with over the counter mixes that come with the second type of douche applicator - the one with a bag. So encountering the word "douche bag" most likely refers to that.

"Douche bag" has become a generic insult, probably due to it's connection to the vagina.


My boyfriend and i were dry humping last night, I had jeans and a thong on and he had jeans and boxers, but he might have taken his penis out, is there any way i could get pregnant, i am not sure if he ejaculated.

You'd know if he ejaculated. It's a few tablespoons worth of whitish sticky mess. A woman's natural lubricant is thinner than nearly clear when wet (although it dries white, sometimes with a yellowish tint).

If he did, there's an incredibly slim (but technically possible) chance that you could get pregnant. First, the semen would have to get through your jeans and thong to your vagina. One guy ejaculating once is probably not going to produce quite enough semen to soak through. It's possible, but not likely. Next, you'd have to be at the right point in your menstrual cycle. Sperm in a woman's body live for about 3 days, and an egg lives for two to three days. On top of that, more than half of all fertilizations terminate themselves - most of which before the woman is even aware that she is pregnant.

I wouldn't worry about becoming pregnant if there was no "mess". But if your asking, now might be a good time to discuss such things with your boyfriend. :)

It's much easier to get an STD than it is to get pregnant.


hey guys ive had my iTunes for a while and today when ive started playing a song it doesnt work!
well actually, the song plays, but the lyrics sung are all blurred and you can barely hear them! only the guitar bass and drums. its acting so weird! how can i fix this?! xO

Are you using headphones to listen? I have a tendency to be a little rough on my headphones - I twist the wire around my finger, or forget their on and step on them and put stress on the wire. This causes a short to develop, and I get that same result.

I've never had it happen with speakers, but I don't see why it *couldn't*.


ok, im 13/f and my cholesteral lever is 237....my doctor says i need to get it down by at least 30-40 points by the time i got for my next visit, which is in april. How can i get my cholesteral down? btw, dont say like go on a diet or something because i LOVE eating...im not fat though. nellie x0x

If your problem is not your weight, but specifically your cholesterol, then your "diet" will be different from that of someone trying to loose weight. You do not need to eat anything with cholesterol in it, as your body will produce all it needs. (Yes, it does need a little bit, just not as much as you've got).

Exercise has been shown to help lowering cholesterol. So has a high fiber diet. Most importantly, put as little cholesterol into your body as possible. Cholesterol is found in animal products - meats and dairy products.

If you want to get really drastic, go vegan and avoid saturated fats (like nuts). More realistically, switch out the eggs and bacon for oatmeal, the hamburger and fries for grilled chicken breast and salad, and the lasagna for pasta primavera.

You can still eat as much as you want, you just need to change what your eating. If you think it's way too much work to change your eating habits, start by committing to eating one no-cholesterol meal a day.

Suggestions for lower cholesterol foods:
* oatmeal! there are a million ways to eat oatmeal. You can also try cream of wheat, grits, and bran cereals. Just don't add butter!
* Toast, english muffin, or bagel with jelly instead of peanut-butter or cream cheese. bonus points for whole wheat - increased fiber seems to help lower cholesterol.
* garden salad with italian dressing. Has a little fat, but shouldn't have any cholesterol. Vinaigrettes come in lots of flavors and are good too. Try to avoid putting cheese, ham, or egg in your salad regularly - unless your only putting in a little and the salad is your whole meal.
* italian ice - I know it's not ice cream, but ice cream is a pretty big no-no. You can try some of the soy frozen deserts too - they've got all the calories and fat of regular ice cream, but no cholesterol.
* soup! it's getting into the cold season, soup and crackers makes a great lunch. :) Clear vegetarian soups are the ones you want to look for here - while they probably make a low cholesterol cream of mushroom, most version are going to have an awful lot of it. Minestrone, vegetable, lentil, 3 bean, barely, tomato, summer squash, leek, and split pea come to mind. Careful on the split pea and tomato - some are full of cholesterol laden heavy cream. I know Campbell's makes some low cholesterol chicken soups, but I'm not fond of their soups.

I have to get going - but if you need more food suggestions, drop me a note in my box. I love food and my dad's had high cholesterol for most of my life, so our family ate low cholesterol when I was growing up.

Good luck!


I'm 14/f and I'm a virgin. I have only kissed and had a guy feel up my shirt. Recently I have found little white bumps 'down there' and I don't know what they are. It's starting to worry me. It kind of hurts but not really. I sort of look like a white head. The kind you can't pop. Of course I didnt try popping it. I had one between my thigh and it went away. Now I have 1 around my womb and my vagina part. I don't know what to do :-( ... help plz

They could be white heads - women do get one or two "down there" (on your vulva) now and then. Or ingrown hairs (especially if you started shaving the area recently). Or some sort of dry skin condition or allergic reaction (especially if you changed soaps or laundry detergent recently). Or a wart. While genital warts are sometimes listed as STDs/STIs they really aren't. The vast majority of Americans have had them at some point in their life.

Show them to your mom or another trusted adult. If you can get a doctors appointment, that's probably the best thing. Not because I think you've got a problem that needs a doctor to take care of it, but because I think you'll feel a lot better if the doctor looks and tells you for sure. :)


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