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So, like, I'm this guy. And like, I do stuff...

Chemist, musician, artist, programmer, coach, husband, dad, uncle, etc.

So yeah.

Advice-wise? There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
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I'm 16/f and I have my license but I'm just starting to learn to drive stick and I have a question. What happens if (and I know you're not supposed to do this) while you have the clutch down to switch gears, you keep the gas going as well? (link)
Well, the engine will start screaming at you as you rev it way up. Ideally, changing gears is all about timing - if you keep the gas down while up-shifting, it isn't so bad, because you're accellerating... but down-shifting, you could cause issues - potentially strip the gears, or red-line the engine depending how hard you have the accellerator pedal down.

i heard that lemons can help make ur hair lighter...does that really work?
and if it does, what do u do with the lemons? (link)
Quite simply - you apply lemon juice to your hair then go out in the sunlight. It acts as a mild bleaching agent when exposed to sunlight - not so well if you don't go in the sun.

My humbucker keeps falling out. Ok, so I've tightened the screws a million times. I've got new parts in, I've changed screws, I've done everything you can think of. I'll do all this and after a few weeks of playing (some wear and tear) the screws loosen and the thing starts to fall out again.

Anything you can suggest?

Thanks. (link)
Are the screws going straight into the wood of the body, or are they in a plastic mount? If in the wood, and you don't plan on swappig them out any time soon - you could try a very tiny amount of white elmer's glue. The only other thing I can think of is trying a screw with a different threading - but the last thing you want to do is strip out more wood or plastic, so you'd have to be careful if you do that route - the glue is at least easy to reverse if it doesn't seem to be working. The glue might work on plastic, but metal on plastic won't hold as well as metal on wood.

What's a good antidepressant I can buy off the counter with a prescription? (link)
You will not be able to find an antidepressant OTC. You will never find a mood-altering drug available OTC due to the amount of risks involved in taking them. The FDA would never approve such a drug.

i heard that honey can do basically anything,including heal this true? (link)
no, that is not true. Honey, if it is made from bees that live near you, can help you deal with seasonal allergies from pollen, but no, honey won't cure acne. In fact, being that honey is a lot of sugar, it could make acne worse.

I have white paint on the shirt I got from my Uncle. When he was my age (A long time ago) He got white paint on the shirt and the paint brand and type is unknown. WD40 Could not get it out. It also for sure is paint. THe T-Shirt is 100% cotton made by: Gildan Active Ware Ultra Cotton Heavywright. (link)
It depends on what kind of paint it is - are we talking acryllic? Latex? Oil-based paint? Watercolors?

Latex and acryllic, you're stuck trying to peel the paint off the cotton fibers - you likely won't have anything to dissolve it.

Oil-based, paint thinner should do the trick, but be careful.

Watercolors will wash out on their own with detergent.

I'm sure there are other forms of paint that will fall somewhere on the spectrum of paints listed above.

If the guy tries not to cum during sex and is successful, is there still a possibilty of getting pregnant??? (link)
short answer - yes

all during intercourse, the male is releasing semen, which contains sperm - while not as much as there is during his orgasm, there will be lots of little swimmers very much capable of causing pregnancy.

So what exactly do you recommend? i am taking the "i'm recording a song" approach so what exactly should i be looking for and how much do you think it will cost? (link)
I personally have a Beyer Dynamic microphone - very solid and proven in controlled and live situations. Being that I started singing because no one else would, I'm not a "properly trained" vocalist so I don't have a lot of true "vocalist" equipment, but the microphone is very good and I've had several sound engineers thrilled to see someone using that microphone (favourites of theirs, evidently).

Shure makes some excellent mics, Audio Technica, AKG... they'll all have something in the $50 range... you might check major music sellers like Sam Ash ( and see what they list on their website - I see a Shure karaoke mic for $40, and a more rugged one for $60 (PG58 model number).

You'll want to look for a cardiod microphone, for certain.

Also, if you can, go to a store like Sam Ash - many that sell microphones will have rooms set up where you can try microphones out - when doing this, try each mic on more than one system to make sure you get an idea of what the mic does vs. how the amplifiers are making it sound.

I really think you should be able to get a solid mic around the $50 range. The soundcard issue is another story, but I currently don't record direct to my computer - I use either a 4-track recorder, or borrow a friend's digital multitrack deck.

The SoundBlaster Live! 24 external or some of the SoundBlaster Audigy cards (yeah, they call the external boards "cards") would probably suit your need for sound input. Again, check with people who are more current on those than I am for sure - I don't want you to think I'm some sort of recording guru - definitely the self-admitted hack at it - I just record to get my song ideas down so I can develop them further.

Does anyone have a microphone they could recommend? I want one that produces good quality and one that plugs into my Windows XP because i want to make a CD of my singing at home..will any microphone do? or should i go for one of the more expensive ones? can i also get one with good quality at walmart? Thanks! (link)
depending on your definition of "good"... personally, you will not find a good microphone for singing at WalMart. You want a vocals mic, go to a music store. Cheap-ass "comptuer microphones" are just that - very cheap with piss-poor sound quality for anyting beyond talking.

I assume your computer has the sound built into the motherboard (not a separate sound card), so you'll only have 1/4inch jacks for input - and odds are, the sound card circuitry is fairly cheap. So, even if you get a really good microphone, your computer wil still be sub-par for vocal recording.

Now, if you go into this as a way to just get some ideas recorded, and you don't care about sound quality - then use whatever mic you want.

But if you're going for the "I'm recording a song" approach, you might consider looking into other options - even the USB external SoundBlaster systems can take a standard 3-prong microphone jack, so you could use a more professional microphone to record yourself.

And you can get a decent vocal microphone for less than $50 bucks (yeah, I can hear audiophiles and purists out there screaming and/or faiting over that comment).

If you have more specific questions about this, feel free to fire them my way.

at a local music store, they display their saxophones on a wall. they have some sort of wall mount thing going on. i have searched google and ebay for saxophone wall mounts, but i can't find anything. i'm looking to hang up my two alto saxophones. my question is... have any of you ever seen a saxophone wall mount and where could i buy them? (link)
the wall mount fixtures are usually used only in stores for display purposes - I don't recall any of the saxophonists I know having wall mounts - a bunch of us do have the floor mount stands - in fact, I have the one that holds a sax and flute at the same time, very handy when swapping back and forth.

Honestly, when you have your sax out all the time, it tends to tarnish faster, and collects a LOT of dust - wall mounts, while they may seem pretty and shows off the instrument - it adds a ton of cleaning, it really increases the amount of upkeep to maintain your sax in excellent condition.

Hey im 15/f and i have to get my gall bladder taken out within the next month. Im kind of scared. But i had a couple questions for anybody who thinks that they could "help" me. Okay my first question is do u have to stay over night? Because some of the people i asked said Yes and some said No. Do u have a big scar? And i know that you dont really need your gall bladder it just stores bile. But what is going to happen to my body when i dont have it? Thanks alot i'll rate 5s!!!! (link)
I've not had a gall bladder out, but my wife had her appendix out, and my sister just had hers out - modern surgery leaves usually just a small incision, so you shouldn't worry too much about that.

Functionality, gall bladder removal can affect people differently - depends a bit on your metabolism. Some people don't need to change their diets afterwards, others have to tweek things a bit to compensate - odds are you won't be phased, but by all means, talk to your doctor about it.

I've been using as a calculator since I don't own one but it doens't do cosine/sine/tangent/etc of numbers that are in degrees. Is there a site I can go to that calculates that in degrees?

Thank you. (link)
umm... Google will do cosine, sine, etc...

try typing cos(45)

i have another cell phone question: if i did add a line for 10 dolalrs with my family, does that mean that we have the same number, or different ones. (the family plan) (link)
Cell phones cannot share phone numbers - each phone number (MDN) is tied to the phone's ESN (electronic serial number). That is how the cell network IDs your phone and completes the call (GSM phones work silimarly, and throws around slightly differnt terminology).

So yeah... each cell phone will have a unique phone number assigned to it. Add a line for $10 - you get assigned a new phone number for that new phone.

Is there anyway you can get some people to not read the questions you ask on Advicenators? (link)
yes, but no...

You can ask people questions directly, but you cannot restrict who views questions you ask to the public.

If i live in California and want to text someone in Florida will it cost me any money for like long distance or something? I have Cingular, and i get 200 texts for the month (wich i have not used) Will rate and give feedback. (link)
I am unsure of how Cingular will charge this, but with Sprint, I can tell you that where you are calling, so long as it isn't an international call, you'll be charged your regular rate for a text message anywhere in the nation.

Because of what it takes to rate a text message from the behind-the-scenes aspect, I would think that Cingular is going to be much the same, and so long as you are within your 200 message limit, you'll be fine.

When in doubt, check out the details of your plan from Cingular - check their website.

i have a Canon PowerShot A540.
my sister and her friend were using it, i don't know what they did, but now whenever i try to turn it on it beeps and says E18 on the screen. does anyone know what this means or how i can fix it? the batteries are new, it has nothing to do with that. (link)
If you haven't check either the manual/CD that came with the camera, or if you haven't checked Canon's website for Help and/or manuals, that's where you should start for finding the answer. There are so many different digital cameras on the market, that to find someone with the same camera as you and hope they have had the same error is not going to be easy. Most manuals will give you a list of all Error Codes and exactly what they mean.

I was wondering if its true if baking soda really whitens your teeth?

If its true how do you go about the process (link)
Baking soda is very slightly basic and a mild abrasive. It is not truly what is termed a "whitener" the way that peroxides, titanium dioxide, and phosphates are. It is decent at scrubbing the surface of teeth, but is not nearly as effective at whitening as the other substances I mentioned.

It also tastes really bad.

I'm brand new at playing guitar. I just got my guitar about 2 hrs ago. My first lesson is next week. I want to get a basic foundation for it so I dont have to waste a lesson. Is there any website that shows me the notes and some of the important basics? (link)
I've pointed many people to my column on music -

I've listed quite a few times some resources (OLGA, Harmony Central, etc) that new guitarists can use, as well as lots of other advice and discussions on music in general.

If you have any specific questions on playing, feel free to ask me a private question to my inbox or email me at

does anyone know if diet pills can be like found if you're drug tested? and if so, how long for? i rate high. (link)
That would depend on the pill - many of them use stimulants, which would easily be detected. As far as duration - that again depends on the medicines involved - some have very short blood plasma half-lifes, others can linger around for weeks in your system. When in doubt, talk to a pharmacist.

does anyone know what this song is called and who its by ?

A singer in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on (link)
Don't Stop Believing by Journey, from the 1981 Album "Escape"

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