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So, like, I'm this guy. And like, I do stuff...

Chemist, musician, artist, programmer, coach, husband, dad, uncle, etc.

So yeah.

Advice-wise? There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.
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Does anyone know if the pendulum actually works? I just bought a pendulum workbook and kit at the bookstore.
I hold the pendulum over a board and ask it questions. It either answers yes or no by swinging in different directions.

What are good ways to test the pendulum? Someone told me to get a deck of playing cards and then ask whether the card was black or red.

It's not dangerous like the ouija board, is it?

Things like the oiuja board, pendulums, etc... they do nothing - they are a form of entertainment - they are not actual forms of divination... just games.

In one of your responses you said that tattoo inks were "really, really horrible".

Well, you sparked my curiosity! How are they horrible? (link)
If I can find an on-line friend of mine, she's another chemist... one of her "labmates" was working on some research on tattoo inks - it started as mere curiosity, and turned into some very interesting work - there are nearly NO regulations on the quality of the inks used for tattoos. What they found chemically - from both organic compounds and heavy metals, was disturbing. Many heavy metal are well known for being linked to causing cancer - and many of these inks have way more than just a little bit of them. Also, I believe they mentioned that some of the organic compounds were not exactly things you'd really want in contact with your skin, much less injected into your skin. I mean, think about it - tattoo's don't fade because they wear away... they fade because they are slowly absorbed through the skin. And certain metals can actually pass quite readily through the skin.

Ok, my IPC class was doing an experiment today to separate ethyl alcohol and water by boiling it. It started to boil, but our teacher said if we made it too hot, the water would evaporate too (I'm smart, I already knew all that, but I had a little brain lapse). It looked like normal steam coming out, so I (stupidly) figured it was water. I accidentally took a kind of big breath of it while I was checking to make sure. After that my lungs were burning for a while and still are. It makes me run out of breath real quick. Does anyone know how long it'll take this to go away? It wasn't too much, because we weren't allowed to use very much ethyl, but it still burnt pretty bad.

By the way, I do realize that was idiotic. (link)
If the burning sensation hasn't gone away yet, please consider seeing a doctor. Perhaps give it until morning or something, but I would hate to think that you burned your lungs with hot vapors.

Im having trouble balancing equations.

The directions say this
The gas formed in the tube by the reaction of

HCL and Na(lowered 2)SO(lowered 3) was SO(lowered 2)

The other products formed were water and NaCl. Write a balanced equation for the reaction.

ahh how do you do that? (link)
for the sake of trying to reprocude what I've posted elsewhere, I'll link you to this discussion on balancing chemical reactions:

If you need more help on this, feel free to contact me directly.

My boyfriend recently turned 18 and wants to get a tattoo this weekend. He was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease when he was 14. He is on daily meds and rarely misses a dose. FYI Wilson's is when the liver cannot get rid of the excess copper in your system. So do you think getting a tattoo will be harmful for him. I tried to google it but nothing really came up either way. (link)
Many tattoo inks have lots and lots of "trace" metals in them. Not much research had ever really been done on tattoo inks until only recently - and the inks are really, really horrible. I would very honestly recommend that he not get the tattoo unless they can prove to him that the dyes have NO copper - not even trace amounts.

Also, check if Wilson's Disease affects other metals similar to copper - many of the transition metals could fall under the same category in this situation.

anyone know how to get off paint on jeans? (link)
Well... it depends on what kind of paint.

If it is acrylic it should wash out, though it may take some scrubbing in hot water.

Latex is a bigger pain in the ass and might not come out, but scrubbing with soap and hot water can help.

Gloss paints, oil-based paints and similar paints might require you to use paint thinner to dissolve and wash out the paint - if you do resort to this, get some help as paint thinner is nasty and flammable. Also, if your jeans are not 100% cotton, DON'T DO THIS - paint thinner could potentially dissolve certain synthetic fibers that are used in fabrics.

I get sharp Pains after I'm done peeing, and blood is coming out, only a little, but still bleeding... And I'm always peeing at least every hours. My period Ended on Thursday and I've been getting the pains since two nights ago.... The pains started getting duller yesterday, but they're back to very painful, sharp pains....

Can anyone tell me what this is and how to treat it? Even better how to treat it without my parents finding out? (link)
You probably have a bladder infection or some other urinary tract infection. Go see a doctor. Why are you afraid of your parents finding out? People get UI infections all the time.

Is there anyway to make ciggarettes w/o tobacco? Like anything that would subsitute it? (link)
Umm... what would the point of that be? To burn something else to inhale, letting other things fuck up your lungs? Yeah, that makes sense.

Sure, you can roll whatever you want... inhaling smoke is going to cause damage regardless. Thus that whole "smoke inhalation" deal being a cause of injury to firemen and the like.

okay this is kind of messed up but my friend and i were arguing about if chess was a board game i say its not its more of a board game or something you do for a hobby he thinks the opposite (link)
Chess is a classic board game - a board game is a game played on a board. Chess, checkers, mancala, monopoly, chutes and ladders, clue, sorry, stratego... these are all board games. Board games can be very simple or they can be fiercely complex (like chess).

I really want to be a feautured columnist so more people can view my column. Because i've had so many people ask me questions in my inbox but no one has me as a favorite columnist except maybe 1. But thats why I want people to see my column more. So how do I get to be a feautured columnist ? thank you (link)

If God gives humanity purpose and meaning, what gives God purpose and meaning?

Is God meaningless and purposeless?! If so, wouldn't that mean that humans are just meaningless and purposeless, and that their "meaning" and "purpose" given by God is purely arbitrary? (link)
See, we tend to think of God the same way we think of ourselves. God is not some person, waltzing about the store on Wednesday night during double-coupon madness... we cannot apply the same logic to God... it just doesn't work that way. It is difficult for us to fathom the concept of something being truly ultimate - a true pinnacle that has no higher thing than itself. We see things as infinite - time passing forever, space stretching outwards forever... but we fail to see infinity as a limitation to our understanding - instead it is our crutch to getting things to fit our observations. Yet we have these hints that there are things that we aren't able to observe and it throws our "laws" into chaos.

Purpose and meaning are what we find for ourselves. That line of thought cannot be applied outside the concept of our lives and our society. Perhaps it is simpler to say that God's purpose is to be God. God's purpose could also simply be what God did - make stuff.

Now, the purpose for people.. this actually gets complex, but less heady... I mean, for life to continue, you need more life... thus we have babies. That, in a sense, could be said to be our purpose. But doing that alone isn't enough... we formed societies and complex social interactions... so not only do we make babies, but we have expanded into the concept of trying to make our lives better - make life easy, more productive, conducive to creating stuff from the materials at hand. So it is arbitrary? Is it design? I mean, the world around us is happening and we can either live in it, or try to hide from it.

Anyway, that's enough late-night rambling... ;)

Well for about 2 weeks so far I've been skipping breakfast and lunch and only eating a snack and dinner.My wrists are really skinny but my moms are 2.And my friends are really worried about me.They're always trying to shove food down my throat.What could happen to me if I keep eating this way? (link)
That is really not a very healthy thing to be doing to yourself. In fact, I highly recommend against it. Starvation is NOT a way to lose or control one's weight. It is a way to starve your body of the nutrients and fuel it needs - I'll bet you have no endurance, and if you keep this up, your sleep patterns will go to hell and you'll start getting sick all the time. Starvation can also lead to long-term heart problems, and of course death. Believe it or not, I'm not trying to be "scary" here... just telling you why not eating is a really dumb thing to do.

Can I delete my feedbacks and if so how? Thanks in advance!@ (link)
No, you cannot delete the feedback that people gave you. If you have issue with some of the feedback, you are welcome to file an abuse report and we can investigate it.

These questions are making the rounds, I was reffered to you by Ernie McDizzle. Fern to you, I believe.

I'm going to put you to work here.

How do you meet people? Like, people of the non-male persuation.

How do you act "normal" without forcing the normal so much that you seem weird?

How do you fake confidence if you feel like you're not really worth it?

How do you believe your friend when they tell you how good you really are, when you don't think you are?

Assuming you meet someone, how do you go about asking them out?

Assuming they go for it, how do you go about not being nervous?

Assuming you're not nervous and it goes well (in your eyes) how long do you wait till you ask them out again?

Why don't I feel like I'm really worth it for any girl?

Why do I feel like people tell me I'm a good person just to make me feel better?

Why in gods name am I so cynical?

Merry Christmas! (link)
--How do you meet people? Like, people of the non-male persuation.

I meet them pretty much the same way I meet anyone. Usually I do crazy things like talk to them. No, really.

--How do you act "normal" without forcing the normal so much that you seem weird?

Well, I am weird and I'm ok with that.

--How do you fake confidence if you feel like you're not really worth it?

You can't. To fake confidence will make you feel fake, and honestly, most people can sense it a mile away.

--How do you believe your friend when they tell you how good you really are, when you don't think you are?

Can't say I've had that issue, I guess... I mean, there's one thing to be modest, and another to be self-deprecating to the point of bashing yourself. What's the point in tearing yourself apart - why treat yourself that way when clearly those around you don't feel that is appropriate - perhaps they really are onto something...

--Assuming you meet someone, how do you go about asking them out?

Oh god... I'm the last person you want to ask that of... technically, I never proposed to my wife, and really asked her to "go out with me" after the fact as a joke/formality because my roommate in college asked us if we were going out... go figure.

--Assuming they go for it, how do you go about not being nervous?

What's wrong with being nervous? Being nervous is OK... the real issue is how you choose to channel that nervous energy.

--Assuming you're not nervous and it goes well (in your eyes) how long do you wait till you ask them out again?

If things went well enough, you'll know it, and it'll feel alright to inquire as to a follow-up appointment at the end of the first date. If things were cool but not major-kick-ass, it is to your discretion as to implore at the moment or give it a day. If it sucked, by all means, ask her out again immediately... seriously... don't make it seem desperate, but make it sincere - show an repsectful interest and if appropriate, demonstrate that the next time, it is guaranteed to be more fun (espcially if things went horribly wrong).

--Why don't I feel like I'm really worth it for any girl?

No clue. Really, I don't know you at all, so I can make no assumptions or guesses.

--Why do I feel like people tell me I'm a good person just to make me feel better?

They might be telling you more often in hopes that it lifts your spirits if you are seeming down to them. Don't read it as attempts to falsely pump you up, see it as friends having sincere concern and care for you.

--Why in gods name am I so cynical?

Because you ask too many questions, and when you hear the answers, you only ask more questions. Which makes you too much like me... at some point, you just have to tell yourself to shut the fuck up, suck it up, and live your life. ;)

What do you do when you have a teared vocal cord??? How do you fix this... I hurt it today and chorus and IT KILLS!!! it was on accident too and i HAVE CHORUS EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! (link)
Don't sing, don't talk. Do nothing to cause strain to your larnyx. WRITE A NOTE to your teacher explaining this - especially if you've seen a doctor about this - if you haven't seen a doctor yet, please do so. While you may have chorus every day, it won't do you any bit of good if you destroy your voice - let it heal and let it heal properly.

To those suggesting tea... how, pray tell, will tea allow a torn vocal chord to heal faster? When you eat and drink, that goes down your esophagus, not your trachea... food doesn't pass through the larnyx.

Why do atheists have a problem with Christian's trying to spread their religon? They seem to always get so defensive and mean. It really bugs me because they can't have an open mind to what someone else says without flipping out. Like Christian religon says "help those who don't believe in God" or something, and the atheists just FLIP out. I've been open minded to many atheists I know and listen to what they say about it calmly without saying their opinions are dumb, but then when I mention my relgion, they say it's so stupid and get mad at me for talking about it.

Anyway, to sum it all up, you basically just need to read the first sentence. (link)
Really, a lot of athiests don't care. It is just the zealous athiests who think that no one should believe in anything that raise such a fuss.

Alright I have been battaling eating dissorders for about 2 years now.. but i have thought i was fat sense i was about 7.. I thought i was done with the whole problem until i just made myself puke.. It would help if I just had someone to talk to =/ Im not sure what to do. Im not going to tell my parents or any adults or anything cause ill go to a hospital! please help me! (link)
Well... while talking to someone is going to help, do you really want to put that burden on someone who is likely untrained to really handle your situation? I can understand your hestitation in talking to your parents, but I would really advise you to find an adult you can trust and try to confide in them. You claim to want help - and like it or not, that help might require doctors of various sorts. Mind you, I do not know your exact situation - no one here does... so I can only make general statements that I hope will at least make you think and consider all your options carefully.

I'm sure there are many here who will offer some decent advice, but it all comes down to this - no one here can really help you directly - only you can influence that happening, and it has to come from you deciding that you really do want help and going forth to seek that help. Adults aren't inherently evil - we don't just say, "omg! eating disorder! let's toss her into a hospital!"... that just wouldn't make sense.

I would love to say that I can help you, that I can make it better - but I can't and I won't. But I do want you to understand that you're not alone, that many have gone through similar things, and that you can overcome your eating disorders.

can you get a disease by kissing aand making out like only makeing out witht he tounge and nothing else? (link)
well... yes

the flu, the common cold, cold sores, canker sores, bacterial infections, etc... they can all be shared through making out. I'm sure there are many more illnesses and diseases I could list if I really put my mind to it, but I'd likely get grossed out.

is it true a girl can only get pregnant one day out of the month? (link)
No, that is not true at all. While you ovulate only for a brief moment - the egg that is released is viable for fertilization for a few days. Add to that the fact that sperm can continue to live for as many as 4 days and you have a situation where pregnancy can occur over a rather broad range of days.

whenever i go on safe mode, the screen is always small.. its not the normal size. is there any way i can enlarge the screen so next time i go on safe mode it will be the normal size? (link)

That is how safe-mode works. Safe-mode has all features turned off - including most extra graphics capabilities - which means that safe-mode is ugly as hell and giant sized. Nothing you can do about it, really.

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