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Question Posted Monday December 27 2004, 8:28 pm

I just got spacers about 4 hours ago. I felt just a pinch when I got them on but now they hurt so much I cannot bite down. On Jan. 12 I will be getting braces. I am wondering are they going to hurt more then the spacers, and how can I relieve the pain. Thanks in advance.

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J3nnif3rD7 answered Tuesday March 15 2011, 9:07 pm:
Braces Hurt a little bit but not as much as spacers. I got spacers put in for 4 weeks and it was really hard to eat

[ J3nnif3rD7's advice column | Ask J3nnif3rD7 A Question

Ryan_10 answered Sunday January 2 2005, 5:56 pm:
Well, when you get the braces on there only goig to hurt for about a week tops. i rely dont know how to relive the pain but pain killers usally help alot. -----ryan-------

[ Ryan_10's advice column | Ask Ryan_10 A Question

c_assi_e_x_12 answered Wednesday December 29 2004, 10:23 pm:
Braces don't hurt as much as spacers. The only reason the spacers kill is because they are moving your teeth so there's room for the bands. The pain will graduallly go away, just keep eating soup and stuff and take advil. Good Luck!!!


[ c_assi_e_x_12's advice column | Ask c_assi_e_x_12 A Question

americangirl101 answered Wednesday December 29 2004, 1:29 am:
I hate spacers but the arnt worse then braces to me weirdly. I have had braces for 3 and a half years now and the best thing to do when you get thim is to ask for wax at the orthadontist and where ever it pinches and pokes and hurts you put it on it. Ice helps alot and cold water. Hope I helped u. <3 American Girl

[ americangirl101's advice column | Ask americangirl101 A Question

sshelbyy answered Wednesday December 29 2004, 12:29 am:
Braces only hurt for a couple hours while your teeth are getting used to them, and you might get some blisters and cuts. If you do constantly get cuts in one spot, use wax on your braket. Braces are fine, they only hurt when you go once a month to get them tightened!

[ sshelbyy's advice column | Ask sshelbyy A Question

bAhAmAmA0250 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 10:35 pm:
its just the teeth moving and the pain will eventually go away the braces will most likely hurt the same amount maybe a little more than the spacers.. but it goes away after a day or two.. you can take advil.tylonol, ibuprofh.. any pain releiver.

[ bAhAmAmA0250's advice column | Ask bAhAmAmA0250 A Question

iluvchristianshhxo19 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 10:32 pm:
Hey sweetie. Spacers will hurt for maybe 3 days at the max. Your braces don't hurt while your getting them on usually, but the pain afterwards can be really bad.(Trust me i got mine on last year and just got back brackets...=() Try to eat soft foods like yogurt and take pain relievers. It will feel really weird so remember to use wax and eat soft foods. Also sleep with gauses in your mouth because if it cuts you it KILLS! Hope it helped xoxo

[ iluvchristianshhxo19's advice column | Ask iluvchristianshhxo19 A Question

SwEeTdReAmZ answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 10:09 pm:
I would suggest usin orogel or a mouth numbing substance. it relieve the pain for a while and when the pain comes back apply more

[ SwEeTdReAmZ's advice column | Ask SwEeTdReAmZ A Question

lifegivesyoulemons answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 8:06 pm:
i've had orthadontic surgery, so take it from me, there is nothing worse than the molds. spacers will hurt but i have a sister who had 8 at once, and she is fine. she currently has braces and they dont hurt her. the orthadontists give you wax which u put on spots that hurt. and if it makes u feel better, you get to pick the colors of your braces and chage the colors every appointment. i hope i helped - when 'lifegivesyoulemons' throw them at people

[ lifegivesyoulemons's advice column | Ask lifegivesyoulemons A Question

Farren answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 6:50 pm:
I have braces, and when I first got them I really hated them. I bit down on them, so they put fillings in two of my teeth so I couldn't bite down completely. It was hard to chew things, making it almost unbearable to eat, and my teeth were really really sore. Getting them put in doesn't hurt, but afterwards they're really annoying. Don't worry though, they don't hurt after about a week (for me, at least), and they make your teeth straight so it's worth it.

[ Farren's advice column | Ask Farren A Question

loochalo answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 6:49 pm:
they are going to hurt WAY WAY much more then spacers! i got mine about 1 year and 2 months ago. they hurt so bad, just to be prepared have lots of soft foods around such as jello and pudding and just a whole bunch of soft foods, ibprofine is always good to have around (advil) when it really really starts to hurt. i couldn't even chew saled! its pretty sad!
well i hope i helped!!!!

[ loochalo's advice column | Ask loochalo A Question

caliexoxo13 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 5:35 pm:
Trust me spacers hurt way more than braces. I hated spacers. Don't worry braces will feel better than spacers did. Though they hurt a bit and feel weird the first few days. Good Luck and remember soon you will have awesome teeth. ~Calie~

[ caliexoxo13's advice column | Ask caliexoxo13 A Question

nUtCaSe answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 3:14 pm:
bang your head

[ nUtCaSe's advice column | Ask nUtCaSe A Question

AquamarineRose answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 1:51 pm:
Spacers will hurt until you get them taken out. Braces on the other hand will hurt too.Probably for about the first 3 days or so.Then your mouth gets used to them and it's not so bad.Pain reliever.No matter what you take you will still feel some amount of pain...but I suggest Advil.

[ AquamarineRose's advice column | Ask AquamarineRose A Question

LiLxXhOtTiE answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 1:23 pm:
the braces dont hurt as much and da pain will go away soon i use 2 eat foods that i didnt hav 2 chew like mash potatos macaroni etc.

[ LiLxXhOtTiE's advice column | Ask LiLxXhOtTiE A Question

GirlyGirl1234 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 11:43 am:
I get mine off January 19th WOOPY! Ok, tylenol, oragel, asprin, etc.

[ GirlyGirl1234's advice column | Ask GirlyGirl1234 A Question

Spark120 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 11:30 am:
yes. i have braces they hurt much much much much MUCH worst than spacers. i doesnt hurt when you get the braces on but it will hurt after like 1 hour! tylanol, ur orthodontist mostly likly have it. it works wonders!

[ Spark120's advice column | Ask Spark120 A Question

UWishUHadMyHemi answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 1:28 am:
the only thing you can do to relieve the pain from spacers is take STRONG pain killers (Aleve is pretty good) and drink cold stuff (lots of ice'll numb your gums) and yes.. braces are going to hurt like hell. the first three days are torture, but after that it wont be that bad. good luck to ya ~*stefnie

[ UWishUHadMyHemi's advice column | Ask UWishUHadMyHemi A Question

dancinqueen08 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 12:10 am:
You'll get used to both the spacers and the braces, but it takes a couple of days. Take some pain relievers and just try not to eat any hard foods right away.

[ dancinqueen08's advice column | Ask dancinqueen08 A Question

sarah0308 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 12:03 am:
hey! i asked my friend (he has braces) and he said that braces hurt more than spacers. and about relievin, well, i dont no. maybe take some tylenol or advil? or maybe orajel would work. i just asked my friend and he told me. maybe u can check out his advice column: soccurboi4!!

[ sarah0308's advice column | Ask sarah0308 A Question

soccurboi4 answered Tuesday December 28 2004, 12:02 am:
well i have braces right now and i think like a day after you get braces it gets really sore and i think it hurts worse thatn when i had spacers.....

[ soccurboi4's advice column | Ask soccurboi4 A Question

BrokenHeartedLoser answered Monday December 27 2004, 11:37 pm:
I have braces and yes spacers hurt like heck!! When yhou get the actual braces on they will hurt for about 2 days, advil! Thats what i take and the pain is gone..for a few hours anyways. xOx Tory

[ BrokenHeartedLoser's advice column | Ask BrokenHeartedLoser A Question

MaxwellsSilverHammer answered Monday December 27 2004, 11:29 pm:
That feeling will go away in 2-3 days, when you get braces it will hurt for about 2-3 days after each visit too, because they tighten them, use heavier wires sometimes.

You can buy Orajel to numb your gums when the pain is really bad, too.

[ MaxwellsSilverHammer's advice column | Ask MaxwellsSilverHammer A Question

Karen answered Monday December 27 2004, 10:55 pm:
When you first get your braces, they are going to hurt because for the first few appointments, your orthodontist tightens the wires so your teeth move and it hurts. But after that, it doesn't.

[ Karen's advice column | Ask Karen A Question

marchingbandbaby answered Monday December 27 2004, 10:54 pm:
spacers are pretty musch as bad as it gets. it sucks cuz they feel like a piece of meat is stuck inbetween ur teeth and you can't take it out, but when you do get your braces your teeth just feel really sensitive. it'll only feel that way for a couple days. and then when you get your teeth tightend it really only hurts if they put a power chain on.
braces really aren't that bad.

[ marchingbandbaby's advice column | Ask marchingbandbaby A Question

kittygurl90 answered Monday December 27 2004, 10:49 pm:
Hate to tell you this but yeah they are for the first couple days and every time you go in and get them tightened..they also hurt if they cut the inside of you mouth (its kinda like a kanker sore) But for the most part they don't hurt!
Hope i helped..good luck! if you have any other questions just ask me and ill be happy to answer them!

[ kittygurl90's advice column | Ask kittygurl90 A Question

The_MoUsY_spell_checker answered Monday December 27 2004, 10:47 pm:
Braces don't hurt too much when you first get them, but be prepared for it to hurt so much that you can only eat small pieces of food when you get them tightened... There isn't really much you can do about it, but the pain only lasts for about a week...

[ The_MoUsY_spell_checker's advice column | Ask The_MoUsY_spell_checker A Question

XSugarPieX77 answered Monday December 27 2004, 10:43 pm:
Hey, i have had braces for about like 2 years. Well, what i did was i took 2 ibeprofen or you can take advil before and after you get them on. Like an hour before u get them take 2 and then like right after u leave the doctor's office take 2. Yes, sorry to tell you they do hurt more then spacers but not more then a week. Dont chew gum, i mean you probably can like later during your braces but it will hurt your teeth even more when you first get them on. Good Luck!

[ XSugarPieX77's advice column | Ask XSugarPieX77 A Question

Made4Monkeez answered Monday December 27 2004, 10:39 pm:
Well for me they hurt a lot more. But before you go and get them tighted you can take some like tilanal or some sort of pain killer. That helps most of the time. Also with the spacers that will go away soon!

[ Made4Monkeez's advice column | Ask Made4Monkeez A Question

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