i`m veronica.:]

i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



like what is frist base second base third base.
and of course home
like in your personal opinion??

first base:making out.
second base:manual sex,aka fingering,feeling up,and hand jobs.
third base:oral sex,that includes blow jobs,giving head,eating out,and rim jobs.
fourth/home base:sex.

yepp,thats pretty much it.


is being tounged the same as making out?
if not whats the difference?

french kissing/tounging is a form of making out,
but you can make out without tounging,if you know what i mean.the only difference is that with tounging,well,you use your tongue,and in making out,you can choose whether to use your tongue [touging] or whether not to.so basically,tounging is making out,with your tongue,but you dont have to use your tongue is order to make out.


What traits do girls look for in guys? What would your ideal guy be like?

i`m good at this one :]
anway,let`s see here,my ideal guy would be-
-tall(er than me).
-muscular but not HUGE.
-skater,or at least athletic in some way.
-attractive or just plain cute :]
-someone i can talk to for hours.
-someone i can trust.
-a guy who doesnt spend more time with "the guys" then me,but not more time with me than "the guys".
-someone i can have fun with doing something as simple as like,cooking dinner.
-smart,and doesnt act dumb (guys do it too lol).
-someone i dont have to worry about cheating on me.
-someone who doesnt try to pressure me to do things i dont want to.
-fairly skinny.
-someone who doesnt call me every 5 seconds,but someone who will just call up once in a while to say i love you.
-a guy who will give me piggyback rides or carry me home when im drunk. =]

those are just things i like in a guy,but alot of girls like the sam things.good luck :]


i have a question
this is kind of embarassing
but is it normal to question ur sexuality at like the age of 15???? answer plzzzzzzzzzz

oh my goodness yess.
everyone,whether they admit it or not,questions it at one point or another.
your hormones are ragin right now and theyre messing with you.dont worry about it,it may take a while,but eventually you will figure out the answer.


alright well one of my good guy friends named mike, well hes going out with this girl jamie. jamie is really flat - she almost has nothing up there. soo, we were talking about like diong stuff you know. and he said

"i'd rather go down her pants then fell her up there. you can guess why." is it because she's flat? or a different reason? i got kinda confused.

ya he meant that he wanted to feel something--and obviously nothing existed in her bra so there would be like no enjoyment.
lol =]


so..i dont think i like my boyfriend anymore but he always says that he loves me and he would die if we werent together..ect...so should i break up with him? i've been hanging out with his friend a lot and we have kind of a conection but i cant like him because then my boyfriend would get really mad..what should i do?

im in almost your exact same situation right now.but you have to face the facts.if you dont like your boyfriend,then its not fair to you to go out with him,and its not fair for him to think that you guys still have a connection.so if i were you,i would end it.it may take a little bit for him to get over you,but he eventually will.as for the friend,wait a little bit.if he seems interested in another girl you will know that he is over you and that its fine.and also make sure that his friend likes you.but ya,wait a little bit.i once went out with my ex bfs bff,and i broke his heart.so you dont want that happening.
good luck


where can i find john frieda's dream curls curl perfector?

do you mean john frieda frizz-ease dream curls curl perfecter?
if you do,then you can get it at any drugstore.
i dont know what stores you have near you,but here are a few that have them:
also www.drugstore.com carries it,so you can order it from there.

hope i helped.


my grandpa just died two days ago and lastnight i was awoken by my phone stnding up right and it was on but it was on hte hook when I went to bed and I think it was my grandpa, theres no question about it that ghosts are real because I have heard so many stories even by trusting adults. So please share your ghost stories or ghost encounters with me.

my aunt kati was my best friend for as long as i can remember.we did everything together,but she died painfully in december.she was best friends with everybody in my family,and everyone cried terribly at her funeral.she visits our house all the time,and we can always tell.heres one story where we knew she was with us:
she was hairdresser until about a month before she died.and she did the styling right out of her house.i met one a her customers many times while sleeping over her house,but my mom hadnt.well every easter my mom goes to one specific chocolate store that my aunt loved.well my aunts customer was tiny--about 4'6" and 70 pounds (very old).she was walking into the parking lot of the store and it was windy.my mom didnt know who she was but she decided to help her because she was getting blown away.she later found out that it was my aunts customer--we all knew she was there.but i know she is here with us everyday. just things she loved happened,etc.and my sister went to a psychic and the psychic said that my aunt is very in touch with us.so ya there true,but its kind of a good thing.its like not really having to say goodbye.but i understand that is is kind of scary.


im confused can some1 explain to me whats 1st base 2nd base etc...in love life..thanks alot!

1st base-making out.
2nd base-getting felt up & manual (fingering & handjobs).
3rd base-oral sex (blowjobs,head,and eating out).
home base-sex.


i heard this song and i dont know what the name is..

" if i could escape and recreate a place as my own world, and i could be your favorite girl, forever perfectly together." and then a guys voice is in it and it goes like wooohooo yeehooo

does anyone know what the song is called?

its called sweet escape
by gwen stefani ft. akon.


What does it mean by "update your page at least once a week ?"

it means that you have answered at least one question or updated your page (like changing your "about me") in the last week.
hope i helped. =)


i live in the UK
so i've been looking for this kinda belt for like EVER
can any1 tell me were i can buy it


you can buy these belts all over.
they`re called studded belts.
the places you wanna look for a good variety are:
(warning,that store is a gift & party store so there may be a few adult items.)
all of those also have stores at most malls.
you can also look at www.target.com & www.torrid.com
good luck.


Right now I use a 2inch ceramic Chi straightener, but I'm thinking of switching to one of those straighteners you can use while your hair is still wet. (Because it takes my hair forever to blowdry, and I'm tired of rushing) Do these straighteners work as good as normal ones? And what's a good one I could get?

right now i own a "Wet2Style" & "Wet2Straight" straighter.
they both work extremely well for me,and are made by Remington.
and they dont damage my hair.
my hair isnt that thick,but its average and it takes me about 10 minutes to do my hair if i use one of them.
you can set them to use when your hair is wet,damp,or dry.
a few swipes over your hair and your done.
they come on different sizes & styles.
like the Style one has curved plates so it straightens and styles, and the Straight makes your hair pin straight.
you can buy both for about $25.00 each at a store like walmart.
good luck.


For the new aim how do you download a buddy icon? Like when i go it doesn't download automaticiallyy.. so likee is theree another way to do itt?


if youre talking about aim 6.0, then yes,there is another way to do it.
once you find your icon,right click on it and select "save image."
save the icon and go into your aim.
go to the top of your buddy list where it says AIM & Edit & View & Help.
Go to Edit and go to the very bottom where it says "settings."
Click that and on the left side of the box that pops up there will be tabs.
Go to "Expressions."
In the top right corner it will show your current icon.
Under it,it will say Browse.Click that and find the icon you saved.After you click your icon,click open and youre all done.


Where can I buy vintage pins like this, http://i21.ebayimg.com/04/i/000/8f/ff/1333_2.JPG

They can be of anyone, I just need to know some places to get them. Thank you.

hot topic has alot of really cool pins,so you could try there.
also,try ebay because they have everything there.
im not really sure of anything else,but if i find them ill let ya know.


I have come to the point where I cant write, concentrate, derive pleasure from anything, have difficulty remembering things, have blurred vision, eyes seriously hurt, sometimes have severe headaches, most of the time dont know what I am talking especially with my elder brother. I have nt got father and mother I live my elder brother and his wife since 6 years. I am 26/M an MBA had a successful career but now since six months things have been deteriorating. I cant bear it any more. Plz tell me the easiest way to commit suicide which hurts less and is quick and doesnt make much of a mess.

i know i may be young,but i know a thing or two about suicide.
youre only 26,so you havent lived your life to the fullest.
you still have soo much more to experience and live before its time for you to die.
i tried to commit suicide once,and even though my situation wasnt as bad as yours,i still wanted to die more than anything.
so i tried and after i realized it was THE WORST THING I EVER DID.
if i could take it back i would.
what you need to do is first see a good doctor to help your with your medical problems,and then have them recommend a good psychiatrist/psychologist.
after you get your health back on track,try getting involved in things and have some fun.
thats what life is all about.
live it to the fullest.
try to get your career back on track.
im more than sure that your brother and his wife would be very supportive and they would help you whenever you needed it.
please dont kill yourself.
although it may seem like theres no other solutions,just give it some time and things will work out.


How do you change your password on this thing??

once you log in,go to the left side of the page and hit "profile settings."
then like 3 lines down it will say "password (only if you wish to change it)."
enter your new password there and confirm it by typing it again under that box [it will say "confirm new password"].
then go to the bottom & hit submit.
wahla! youre all done =).


Do you know how to get songs from Frostwire onto iTunes??? I saw that you've answered a question that said that you have Frostwire, so along with submitting this question to the pool, I decided to also directly ask you =) Okay so I've tried doing it the same way that i do Limewire, which is to click and drag it over- but when I try to do that, something pops up that says it's not a valid Podcast URL? So do you know how to get the songs onto iTunes? Thanks a bunch!! =)

all you do is go to "file" and click "import" in iTunes.
then make sure you are in the file that you saved your music from frostwire to.
click the song you want and click "open."
it should be there,but if its not,go back to "file" and click "add file to library."
you can also add a whole folder to your library [that option is right under "add file to library"].
then you just do what you normally would to get the songs on your iPod and youre good to go.
good luck =).


hey guyss..um i just got an ipod nano. i bought 10 songs so far from ITUNES. is there a way tog et songs for free. cause if i keep buying songs imma be broke. like i made a lime wire playlist is there a way to put the music on there. But, i just deleted my limewire cause they said it would cause viruses so i deleted it. but i still have a save of a playlist from limewire. & again i was wonder ing if you cna put that music or just some free music on to an ipod. & can yall tell em how to do it thanks. sorry if i'm makin yall confuse. but if yall want just IM me on AIM : kristine sayysss or message me on MYSPACE. http://www.myspace.com/i_luv_u_boo thank you bunches.

ok well i used to have limewire.
and it caused me viruses & crashed my computer.
so we got it fixed & talked to the people at dell.
they told us about a program called "frostwire."
its the EXACT same as limewire--except legal & safe.
just go to google & google frostwire.
then save all the songs you download to a specific file [like you did for limewire].
then go to iTunes.
go to file & "add file to library."
then from there you should be able to load them onto your iPod.
if u have trouble u can IM me at dinoxthunderx or leave something in the inbox.
good luck.


How old are you? 13?

nope im 14.


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