You can call me.
Erin Lynn.

Chances are, I'm going to judge you once in your lifetime, and chances are you're not going to like it.

I'm 16, but somedays I act older and somedays I act younger. I live my life on a day to day basis,& there's not a day that goes by that I don't make a mistake. I'm not perfect, and it shows. I'm hypocritical, impatient, and at times a little bit vain and trust me sometimes it really backfires against me.

I love peanut M&M's, sunflower seeds, 90's country music, and taking long road trips with no destination. I'm a sucker for a country boy, and if he drives a big, loud, chevy truck, he's stolen my heart.


So, my boyfriend has the WORST breath in the world!! Whenever we kiss i smell it and it is not pleasant! I NEED HELP NOW BEFORE I SEE HIM AGAIN! I really don't want to be mean and straight up tell him, but I would rather not continue this fear of being close to him! PLEASE HELP!!

Mine used to have bad breath too, and I would just joke around and tell him that he had 'stinky breath' or that his 'breath smelled worse then a dog's ass' and eventually, he finally got the point. So try joking around.


Does anyone know any xanga.com sites that have quotes in them?

Search xanga blogrings for quotes.


alright so i'm 13/f and ive been begging my dad to buy me a cell phone and he might. the thing is that i need one that comes with minutes, like if i buy a cell it comes with 100 minutes or whatever. i really want a razr phone and it HAS to be AT&T (Cingular) is there such thing as getting one like this?

Well, you have to set up a plan. and if they have the 100 minute plan, then yes you can.

It goes by how you set your plan, not what phone you get.

and by the way, 100 minutes isn't a lot. and you'll probably end up going over, so you might want to take that into consideration when you talk to your dad.


Well, my birthday is coming up soon, and the only things i want is Guitar Hero and a Cellphone. And my mom told me thats all you want? and i was like ..yeeeeah..
so i pretty sure she wants me to think of more things. So does anybody have an idea for what i should get. Please not too high priced and please don't say car. pictures would be good too.
15/f going to be 16
also what type of cellphone should i get. I want a flip-top one and maybe with camara phone, and in color. it doesn't have to be too snazzy or glizzy or high priced. pictures would be good too.

Ask for a car!


does turning up the radio waste more fuel in a car?

No, the radio is connected to the battery of a car. So it'll only affect the battery.


i want a beetle (17 yrs old) but would it be impractical?

No, it's not . But explore other car options, don't just settle with one that you 'want' settle for one that you can't live without.


everytime i use veet on my bikini area, i get bumps so what do i do to prevent them? thank youu

After you do it, rub baby powder on it. and then lotion. It's what I do, and it tends to make the bumps and itch go away. If that doesn't work, try something else besides veet.


anyone know places in TN that hire at 14? or 15

McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees.


have you ever been harassed on myspace over the summer and then again by the same people at your schhol? if you did what did you do about it?

Yes, and I ignored and deleted the comments/messages/picture comments, and when the mocked me at school, which was usually behind my back, I told them that if they can't look me into my eyes and tell me what their problem is with me, then obviously it's not too big of a problem. & Of course they laughed, and denied it. So, I did what I shouldn't of done, and reported their pictures on myspace to get deleted, and turned them in for being underage. Their myspaces were eventually deleted. It was stupid, and that wasn't the way to handle the situation.

Just ignore them, trust me. Don't give them anything to feed their fire, it'll just make your life harder.


im 13 years old and there is this guy that i like a lot. i know that he likes me too. he'll do things like put his arm around me and sit by me, we even snuck out at 12:30 am to meet each other, but it's been a while now and i've heard that he's gonna ask me out, but it hasn't happened. i don't know if he's scared or what, but all my friends are confused as why he hasn't done it. thanks =)

Maybe you should just ask him if he likes you. I know it takes a lot, and sometimes you can be shy, but it's better than feeling like you're left out in the dark like you do right now. If he says yes, then be like 'why haven't you asked me out yet?' it may be a bit mean, but it'll get the message across that you're tired of waiting.


what are some songs about summer that ARENT rap or R&B?


I'm getting my first car soon, and my mom said I have only $2,000 to pay for it. So..I did some research and found a car. Here's the info about it:

-1992 Toyota Corolla
-131,000 miles
-Air Conditioning
-AM/FM Radio
-Cassette Player
-Automatic Transmission
-Manual locks & windows (not power)

The seller also got a new starter and a new battery for the car. Should I buy it or keep looking?

No, you shouldn't. You can find a whole lot better car, with lesser miles for that much.


what are some love songs that are recent?? i would like it if there was a message that goes something like, i didn't know i would fall for you but now that i am, i'll never let you go or something along that line. if there's no new love songs like that, love songs in general would be good, too.


Living our love song - Jason Michael Caroll


ok so its super rainy and thundering and we were planning on like a bon fire tonite so should i let them still come ova or no? like tomrrow!

I wish it would storm here. We're going through a really bad drought. But, I think you shouldn't have them come over. Just explain to them it's because of the weather, and I'm sure they'll understand.


Is there any good book you recomened? I love sad books, and I'm 13, any ideas?

Go Ask Alice - Anoymous
It's a little bit, close-minded, but good.

And Crank - I'm not sure.

They're both about abusing drugs, and tear jerkers.


what else can i say to my girlfriend besides "i love you"? just wondering, because i'm just kind of tired of saying the same thing over and over. kinda wanna spice it up, ya know?


My boyfriend and I got tired of that too, so I just started to say "I like ya. bunches and bunches." "I heart you." or my favorite "I hate you, but.. well, today's opposite day."


How come on YouTube when people play and sing along to acoustic versions of a song with the guitar, the word "cover" is almost always in the title? What does this mean?

A cover is basically a sign of respect, to some extent. It's just saying that the band/singer did not write the song, and they are performing another band/singers song.

To Daimeera - Hurt is actually a cover by Johnny Cash, Hurt is orginally performed by Nine Inch Nails.


is it true like if your in a bath or the lake your period will stop?

My mom told me that when I first started my period, and I believed it. Until I started my period while I was swimming in a public pool.


how many of you girls shave 'down there'? what age did you start and why?


I started at about 14 or so, and I started because all my friends were doing it, and I wanted to do it too. I regret shaving it tho, because shaving made it rough, and if I go a few days without shaving it feels like a mans beard.


You could say that I can't "get into the moment." Its very hard for me to feel "fun" and just let go. While everyone else is haing a great time or when when everyone around me is feeling the spirit I just can get my mind into it. I'm either obsevering the moment or just can't focuse. I remeber reading the scriptures with my dad and I could feel it -- it was sort of a happiness and joyful just popping out of me.I also remember when me and my two friends where with one of her "crazy" brothers (lol) and we were doing 160's and 360's in the car --it was total excitment. Is there something wrong with me? Anyway to let go and put theses boarders down?

Different people think different things are fun. I have the same problem, I can never laugh whenever other people are, simply because I just don't find what they're laughing about funny. Maybe you're just expecting to have fun, and you're disappointed that you're not? That may not be the case, but I know sometimes I feel that way.

The only advice I can give you, is pay more attention, be yourself, and don't worry about everyone else having fun.

And yes, donuts and half donuts are fun as hell. :) Haha.


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