i`m veronica.:]

i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



This summer me and this boy i like hungout ALL the time, talked online alll the time and the phone all the time and he acted like he liked me.
Then when school came around he started being mean to me sometimes, i mean we are still friends but whats the deal?
and he has a girlfriend now but i still like him and i cant stop even though hes a complete jerk sometimes , but others he's a real sweetheart.
I need help!


guys are really confusing.this has happened to me before too.they change their minds and mess with us all the time.your best bet would be to talk to him.just come straight out [without being mean] and say do you like me as a friend, a girlfriend or neither?if he days he doesnt know then just leave him alone for a little bit or just be friends.good luck,and tell me how it goes.sorry i couldn`t help more.but if you IM me at dinoxthunderx,i may be able to give more suggestions.=]


i like this boy and he is so nice and everything but he im really skinny and he isnt and i think if i asked him out he would say yes so should i go for it still???

i don`t think that the weight has anything to do with it.but if it did,the guy should be bigger then the girl anyway.if you like him and you think he likes you go ahead.but if you`re not completely sure if he likes you back,flirt with him and get to know him better,after you`re sure you`ve got him in the palm of your hand,ask him out.and you're bound to have success.if you feel like he doesnt like you,continue being friends with you.he might just fall for you.good luck...and go for it ! =]


a lot of ppl at school hate me because i like sports and they think i am weird boys also dont like me because of it wht do i do?

deffinately don`t change who you are just to be accepted.if your school if like mine,and its full of cliques like mine is,you have to try all of them out and you never know, you might just make a bunch of really good friends like i did.you will find friends eventually,you just have to be patient.but once you do,your new friends will b worth it.but try pulling out some of your other interests like if you like fashion or theater.things like that.so basically try to get to know other people and im sure there will b a positive outcome.if you need any help at all you can IM me at dinoxthunderx.=]


im pretty good friends with this guy and i like him and he knows it but i mean i seriously cant get over this. is their any possible way i can get him to fall for me?

just flirt alot,and dont try to put the moves on him until you are sure he likes you back.just be his friend and hang out with him alot.make sure he knows you are there for him.i deffinately know how you feel though.i`m in the same position right now.so ya,just be his friend and you maybe he will come to his senses and realize that you guys need to give it a chance.good luck and tell me how it goes! =]


I'm a virgin. I'm 15. Every time i talk to my boyfriend about sex, he wants me to be on top. I guess because he's really tall this is more comfortable for him. But for my first time, I think it would be a little weird to have to make all the moves, considering he's NOT a virgin. I'm afraid about being on top for my first time. I'm afraid that once I feel pain I'll tense up and pull him out of me....that would me a totall mood killer...I don't even know what my question is..I guess I'm just looking for comments or what not.
-Yes, I am ready for sex so telling me I must not be ready isn't going to be any help to me-
(I'll add adittional information later if anyone needs me to)

talk to your boyfriend.if you guys are really ready to commit to sumthing like this,you need to be able to talk to each other.if you don`t want to make the first moves,then make the moves together,start making out and then just let some things lead to others.tell him that you want your first time to be special,and it would make you happier if you were on bottom.and don`t worry about tensing up.try foreplay to get you warmed up and not so nervous.good luck,and keep it simple.=]

PS.make sure to be safe!


Ok, so my Best Friend started to hang around with this other girl, and now she wont stop hanging out with her, and shes ignoring me. I want her to always be my best friend but i dont think it will work out anymore cuz i think she has a new best friend. Please help me. What do i do????!!

try talking to your friend about whats going on.tell her that you feel left out.try inviting her and her friend to hang out,and try making up a signal that only you and her know so she can know if shes ignoring you.if any of that doesnt work,try hanging out with some new people.things exactly like that happened to me and i wound up making so amazing friends.if you need any more help you can IM me at dinoxthunderx.=]


ok, you see i went out with one of my best friends and things just werent going the way i wanted them to, so i dumped him. Now i regret that even though it was like 6 months ago and ive gone out with other guys. Me and my ex are still friends and i kinda know that he still likes me but im wondering should i ask him out?? Im like just so confused on what to do.

i think he may still have feelings for you.try to start over with him.start hanging out with him more.after a while start flirting with him.tell him that you miss being with him,things like that.i think if you are going to ask him out,that you should become better friends,and make sure you both like each other.you never know,he may ask you out.just be patient,if he`s worth that much then hes worth waiting for.but if you have really strong feelings for him and you`re like 90% sure he likes you back,then if you want,go for it and ask him out.good luck,and tell me how it goes.=]


Alright, I really like this guy, and I try to flirt with him all of the time, and it seems like he is kind of, but not really getting the hint. What are some other thigns I can do. Like, when i leave class, i always try to walk the same way and things. Also, what are some good ideas of thinking of ways to hang out with him. I'm too shy to ask him out, but i really want to.

Invite him to go bowling or to the movies with you and a bunch of your friends.But then "accidently" sit next to him or get on him team in bowling.After you or him get a strike,give him a five or something like that.also,FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT.it doesn`t matter what you do,as long as you get the point across.you could also go to a coffee shop or something like that.depending on your yard and house, you could have a bonfire.you could play truth or dare [i no its childish but it gives you a chance to tell your feelings].then you could have one of your friends ask him who he likes.after a while of flirting and hanging out,you never know,he just might say you!good luck.IM me or drop something in my inbox if you need anything.=]


my parents are so retarded. they let me go out with people they don't know like super incredibly well some days and then others I'm not allowed to go anywhere with them. how can I get them to trust me and let me go out with my friends?

you have to earn their trust.prove to them that you can behave and make right choices when you are out with them.bring them around your house so that your mom gets to know them better.eventually she will learn to trust you and to like them.it will just take some time.good luck.=]


I'm the kind of girl who always though suicide was horrible and whoever even thought about it was physco. All my parents do is call me worthless and a f**king bitch and telling me to move out and my dad would even say he hopes I die. I get blamed for everything in this house and get told that I'm a lazy piece of s**t. They treat my little brother like he's perfect and can do no wrong. He can stay home from school when he wants and end up doing whatever he wants even though he stayed home. I stayed home on a 4 hour school day and now I'm grounded and not allowed to do anything. Everytime I want to talk to my mom about how I'm feeling she just goes on about how I'm a disrespectful b**ch and she tells me to move out. I told her I wanted to move out and now she won't let me and she said if I go anywhere she'll call the police on me and she'll send me away because she doesn't care. There's so much more to the story but I don't know what to do anymore. This has been happening to me for a long time and I cry at least everyday and I just want to kill myself now because I can't take this anymore. Does anyone have any advice? pleaseeee


please.don`t even talk about killing yourself.i tried before once when i thought there was no way for anyting to get better.it was the worst thing i ever did.and it really opened my eyes.but about your parents.wow.it seems like they dont care about you. you really need help.if you have any really good friends,see if you can stay with them for a little bit.if you don`t,you can call child services and they care temporarily put you in a foster home.i know it doesn`t sound great,but it could help.they can find you a could home with parents that care alot about you.good luck and if you EVER need anyone to talk to,even tho im only 13,im a great listener,and you can talk to me ANYTIME.=]


how do i get the toilet seat to be warm so when i sit on it my little tushy wont get cold? it freezes my young behiind!

pee on it first and rub it in. lol alex. ilu


Okay, my ex-boyfriends brother is really sweet. me and my ex broke up like 8 days ago and his brother hinted to me that he wanted to go with me.i don't want to be classified as a hoe if i go with him. The thing is if i did go with My exs brother would it be for payback. Because my Ex goes with his exgirlfriend!!!!!!! i really do like my exs brother but I still am in love with his brother!!!!

don`t go out with his brother just for payback.if you still love his brother,talk to him,and see if you can work something out.if you don`t, and you still want to date his brother, wait a little while before you move on.just so that you`re sure that it`s not a on the rebound realtionship or payback.you may get the rep. of a hoe if you date him right away. that`s what happened to me.i started dating a guy i liked right after i broke up with another guy,and my brother hasnt stopped calling me a hoe and a slut ever since.hes just joking but still, if i were you i would wait at least another week.good luck.=]


Alright. This gets a little complicated, but here it goes.
I have a myspace account and one day, randomly, i get a message saying that I look familiar, etc... to this guy. Come to find out that my ex boyfriends cousins-fiance is this guys best friend. (you still with me?) I've been talking with him for the past 6 months or so. Messaging back and forth. He's planning on coming by me in a few months, then a friend and i are planning on going by him next year and then a month later he'll be back here again. i feel differently when i talk to him. i mean, it's a great different. he's totally different, meaning, that he's definitely Not like any of my ex's (which is definitely a good thing), he cares for me (he said it himself), and I was told by his best friend that whenever i'm brought up in conversations, he gets all flaberghasted and even starts stuttering when they talk about me. i think i'm actually starting to fall for this guy. now, my question is, am i stupid to think something could happen? i was never one to do the whole 'long distance relationship' but i actually want to. should i try or am i just
setting myself up for the biggest fall?

any advice wold be great! i rate!

no! you are deffinately not stupid.things like this do happen,you just have to believe.you can make it work.it seems like this guy is falling for you too.so y not fall together?you must really like this guy if you are willing to fly 1400 miles for him.so just stick with it and u can make it work.good luck.=]


Ok me and my b.f are pretty into each other and i was just wondering can he still finger me when i have my period...i mean it would be my last day of my period but i was just wondering what i should do, cuz i want to, any advice.

there`s no harm in it what-so-ever.the only thing to question is that it would be pretty gross.but it`s up to you and ur guy.=]


ok i just got my friend gorunded because she came over and we uploaded pictures onto my computer from her camera and i guess i accadently deleted important pictures and now her mom grounded her and she called me crying and it made me cry and i feel SOOOO bad too!! also i just got over something happing sort of like this with another friend but what can i do to help my friend?

ok.i know this will take alot of guts,but call up her mom.explain to her that it was your fault and that it was an accident.take the blaim for it.it will really help your friend.something like this happened to me before and i called her mom and apologized.even tho her mom may b angry at first,if you explain that it was an accident and that you would never do it on purpose,eventually she will forgive you.good luck. and feel free to IM me anytime.dinoxthunderx =].


ok well my poop is blue .. what should i do??
(it also has purple and neon green chunks)
i really need ur help.

jkjk. guess who!!*

lol whit! you are too funny.next time i see you i`m counting on a performance of miss kluth.lol. we should hang out.ilu


me and boyfriend have been dating for over a year and we just started have sex, but he doesnt turn me i always fake my orgasms and i also dont know how to turn him on. i also think im a lesbian because i think of girls alot and guys dont turn me on but i love my boyfriend,how can i get turrned on by my boyfriend?
im 19

Alot of girls are unable to orgasm whether they love their boyfriend or not.So don`t worry,you`re not alone.But if you really want to,try changing your techniques.Use new positions and foreplay always helps.You can just google positions,and a whole bunch of websites will pop up.As for foreplay,just make it fun.You could start by making out or oral or anything like that,and then just lead up to sex.Maybe by that time you will be warmed up and ready to go.Good Luck. =]

And as for the lesbian thing.Just follow your heart.You can`t help who you fall in love with.=D


ugh ok so i have the creative ZEN micro 6gb and like i tried to turn it on today and it wouldnt work so i put it on the computer to charge and it still wouldnt turn on so i dont know what to do is it broken? or do i have to wait??

Try calling the company and explaining what happened.They should be able to walk you step by step on how to fix it.Good Luck.=]

PS.The number should be on the back of the package if you kept it,otherwise just google it.


okay well im 15 and a couple of days ago my and my friend(a girl,she was walking in front)and i wanted 2 find this pin i had in my pocket so i fiddled around in there looking down ov coarse and when my friend turned around, she said can you walk in front please, i didnt get what she meant but after a little while it clicked, she thought i was lookin at her butt(which iwasnt) now i dunno what to do, i mean what is she tnks im a pervrt? plz gimmie some adviceo what 2 do next.

Just talk to her and explain what happened.Even if you werent checking out her butt,try apologizing anyway.Tell her that it was just a misunderstanding, and that you wouldnt do that.Good Luck.=]


i already have a big butt but im a very small person, 5ft2 but i have a great body. i just have a little bellly and i wanna make it muscle, my boyfriend says its cute but i want it2 be muscle. wat should i do to have a big butt like black girls and aflat stomach but keep the rest of my form

it`s all about toning.try doing crunches before bed everynight,along with squats.For more help go to www.toneteen.com and click fitness.It will give you a bunch of easy exercises that will help you gain muscle & look great.Good Luck.=]


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