i`m veronica.:]

i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



What traits do girls look for in guys? What would your ideal guy be like?

i`m good at this one :]
anway,let`s see here,my ideal guy would be-
-tall(er than me).
-muscular but not HUGE.
-skater,or at least athletic in some way.
-attractive or just plain cute :]
-someone i can talk to for hours.
-someone i can trust.
-a guy who doesnt spend more time with "the guys" then me,but not more time with me than "the guys".
-someone i can have fun with doing something as simple as like,cooking dinner.
-smart,and doesnt act dumb (guys do it too lol).
-someone i dont have to worry about cheating on me.
-someone who doesnt try to pressure me to do things i dont want to.
-fairly skinny.
-someone who doesnt call me every 5 seconds,but someone who will just call up once in a while to say i love you.
-a guy who will give me piggyback rides or carry me home when im drunk. =]

those are just things i like in a guy,but alot of girls like the sam things.good luck :]


so..i dont think i like my boyfriend anymore but he always says that he loves me and he would die if we werent together..ect...so should i break up with him? i've been hanging out with his friend a lot and we have kind of a conection but i cant like him because then my boyfriend would get really mad..what should i do?

im in almost your exact same situation right now.but you have to face the facts.if you dont like your boyfriend,then its not fair to you to go out with him,and its not fair for him to think that you guys still have a connection.so if i were you,i would end it.it may take a little bit for him to get over you,but he eventually will.as for the friend,wait a little bit.if he seems interested in another girl you will know that he is over you and that its fine.and also make sure that his friend likes you.but ya,wait a little bit.i once went out with my ex bfs bff,and i broke his heart.so you dont want that happening.
good luck


im confused can some1 explain to me whats 1st base 2nd base etc...in love life..thanks alot!

1st base-making out.
2nd base-getting felt up & manual (fingering & handjobs).
3rd base-oral sex (blowjobs,head,and eating out).
home base-sex.


17 female

my name is Rachel and my boyfriend roosevelt and i have only been going out for about 3 days and on the first day we started to go out he asked me if he could kiss me and i told him that it would be my first kiss and i would have to think about it first the thing is iam kind of nervous becouse he wants to french kiss me and i've never kissed a boy before much less french kissed a boy and i don't think iam ready since i've only been going out with him for 3 days and i want to know how do i know when iam read to kiss a boy?

dont worry about it.
it comes naturally,believe me.
ive done it a million times,and to be honest, my first time i was so nervous i could barely stand!
but then it was totally worth it.
i deffinatly think you are ready.
so good luck & have fun!


I look around the site at comments about how high school relationships suck/are based off the wrong things/etc. And I am getting REALLY freaked out, because there's a guy I like (i'm 14 and a freshman by the way) and I want to get with him but i don't want our relationship to end up like all others..I genuinely like him as a person and as a boyfriend so I'm not just lusting after him. I guess my question is, how can i make a high school relationship last past that?

dont feel like its impossible,because its not at all.
me & my boyfriend have an amazing relationship.
heres a few things you can do to try to make things work:
be yourself.dont act fake.
be honest 110% of the time.
be totally loyal.dont flirt with other guys or talk about how hot other guys are.
communicate.if something is on your mind---tell him.he may be feeling the same way.
if you get in a fight,talk to him yourself and dont let your friends do it for you.it will show that you really wanna work it out.
have common sense.example--have manners and dont act like a pig and embarrass him.
be nice to him.even if you are joking around,sometimes they dont find it funny.
even if you dont like his friends,be nice to them anyway.again,this will show that you want it to work.
dont be too pushy about his kissing you in the beginning.a number of my guy friends have said they HATE it when girls do that.

well theres a few and if u want some more or need anymore help,you can IM me at dinoxthunderx.
good luck :D.


Hi im 14 male,i was wondering,how old would most parents say you should be before your girlfriend could sleep over,like in the same room/same bed.I know some parents are strict, but what would most parents say is old enough?
Please Anwser

and its not to have sex...its just to cuddle with eachother and to kiss eachother goodnight..

ur lucky if u even get to have ur gf in your room.i cant have my boyfriend in my room til i move out so ihnc.i guess my parents r strict that way.id say average maybe about 18 or 19 tho.
good luck.=]


so do you think guys really like it when you kiss their necks?

i was with my boyfriend making out and then i moved to his neck and started kissing it. i felt his head kind of squeeze against mine while i was doing this and i didn't quite know what it meant. he seemed to be getting tense and i couldn't tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

right when i moved my head away from his neck he grabbed me INSTANTLY and started making out with me again, like he couldn't wait a second more. what does this mean? thanks so much.

the more answers the better!

my boyfriend seems to enjoy it when i do it to him.
i personally love doing it,but he also loves making out with me too.it sounds like he enjoys both,just try and make sure that you dont do too much of one and not the other.and i also saw your additional info,if you want him to do it back,just kind of push your hair out of the way and when there is a pause in the kissing,kinda make it obvious that you want the same thing.i totally know what your saying though about him not doing it back! i wish he would more.=] but ya it seems liek he likes it so keep doing it,unless he tells you otherwise.also ill ask my bf if he likes it and add his answer to my column.=]
lol good luck & have fun!!


okay so me and my bf were going out and we wanted 2 kiss me but im like ew gros (it was 6th grade at the time) and so then we broke up but then we got bak 2gether (bcz of major flirting on both our parts) and so hes like i had dreamz of us kissing blah blah blah so im like fine meet me in the stairs il make ur dream cum tru. so i madeout w/ him w/e. but heres the thing. im only in 7th grade! is that so extremely horiable? and every1 found out (bcz 1 of my friends cant keep her mouth shut!) and every1 thinks im a slut. HELP ME!!!

you are not a slut.
obviously they dont even know the definition of slut.
making out in 7th grade isnt even a big deal.
so dont worry about it.
you`re fine.=]
and something else will happen to someone else soon and they will totally forget about it.
it will all blow over.
and if they keep caling you one,just dont react because the only reason they keep doing it is because you are reacting.
good luck.=]


well i like this girl i asked her out several times but she said i need to think so i guess when i asked her out she liked another guy from another school so i have no clue what to do because now the guy asked her out and now they are going out and there is a dance next friday and i want to dance with her but im afraid to get turned down like well i have him so i cant rly dance with you i have no clue so.......WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!?!?!?!?!?!

well if she said she would think about it she had to have liked u a little.and im pretty sure the girl you like isnt even dating him yet,she just likes him.since girls from other schools cant come to our dances anyway,you should go for it! if she has any heart at all she will dance with you.thats all the advice i have,sorry i wasnt much help.=/

go for it!!


ok well there is this boy at school that i like and my friends keep asking him if he likes me and stuff and he is getting frustrated. so when ever i try to talk him online he always says i have to go immedeltley. i'm am to embarressd to talk to him face to face becouse of what my friends did. so i think he doesn't like me as a friend anymore becuz we used to me good buds. so what my qustion is ,is well actully i dunno what my qustion is i just need some pointers to boost my confidents on talking to him!

just talk to him face to face.or call him.just explain to him that you had nothing to do with it and that u are sorry for it.if he doesnt forgive you then just give it some time.eventually he will get over it.good luck.=]


I met this guy at a party about two weeks ago. There was drinking and we started dancing. He seemed pretty into me. We we talking and i was sitting on his lap. Before i left we exchanged numbers and we kissed. It was such an innocent kiss though.
He called me the week after. and we've been talking since. He invited me to a concert but i didnt go. Now he invited me to his house to hang out and watch a movie this weekend. I want to go but i'm unsure.
He's 19 and i'm 14. He knows it but he doesnt really care. His last girlfriend was 15. Im pretty sure he likes me...i Guess i dont really have a specific question...i just want to know some of your opinions.

age is just a number.if you are into this guy,then go ahead.just dont get yourself into a mess and get pressured into doing things you dont want to.good luck.=D


ok i have this friend.by da way im 13/f
well my b-day is on sunday...and ma friend called me 2 ask if i wanted to hang out with him.i dont know y but im always finding myself talkin about him like non stop...he and i have become kindah close because now we kick it together in lunch in da mornin passing 2 3rd and 5th period and afterskool.everybody thinks we go out but we dont! a-ny-wayz today we were at our kick it spot and my homegurl who is totally slutty was flirtin with him.we had a camera and were taking pictures and so i took one with him and he was holding me so close to him like b/f&g/f but then my friend came and said i wanna b in da picture too so all 3 of us took it.so afterskool i asked him if he liked her and he said yeh shes cool but i dont know in witch way he meant it but da point is dat ive been tripin ever since! i mean y would he ask me to hang out with him and wait for me in every place he knew i walked trough...&&everybody says we get along so good that we should just go out...and he starts smiling but im scared to loose his friendship because of my girl friend! i feel that they are gonna become closer and ima b left out and shes a player so i know shes gonna hurt him! wut should i do???plzz help!!

i think that when he said he liked her,he meant as a friend.he prolly would say that even if he didnt like her though bcause shes your friend and he wouldnt wanna hurt ur feelings.it seems like this guy likes you alot.and it sounds like you have a really special relationship with him.you should go out,but dont let it ruin your friendship.good luck.=]


I like this 8th grader alot.But I am in the 6th grade.Should I go up to him and say I like you and also say age doesn't matter.What should I do?My bestfriends says I should do that but I am not sure.Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you like him then go ahead.age is just a number.good luck! =]


Okay, I like this guy a lot. His locker is about 20 lockers away from mine. Well, I catch him staring at me in I.Tech. a lot, and my friends even see him staring at me, too. Well, I.Tech. is the only class that we have together, and he sits way on the other side of the room. We also have the same lunch period as well, and he only stares at me a couple of times during lunch.

Well, I had my friend ask him if he liked me, and he shook his head, "No". But he still continues to stare at me. I don't know if he was just lying to my friend, or not, but I have to find out if he does like me or not!

Than, there was a or going around the school that I was going out with him, which was not true of course, so I asked him why people are saying that we're going out. He didn't even know that it was happening! Than another guy right next to him told me that the ors were true, and I, as well as him, were just like, "What?".

My friends think that he likes me, but I'm still not sure...

So, please, help me clear some stuff up! I am so clueless! :D

Thank you so much!

i think he likes you if he stares at you.he may have just told your friend that because he knew she would tell you,and he wasnt sure if you liked him back.you could leave him a note,or get his s/n from a friend of his,or from him.talk to him online and just be like,do u like me?good luck.sorry i wasnt much help.=/


Alright, homecoming was last night and it was alright nothing special, but my main goal that night was to try and get with my ex again, i just cant stop thinking about her. Well it was coming to the end of the dance and she was there with some other kid but they weren't going out. So with support from my friend I got the courage to ask her to dance (which really wasn't that hard to ask her i think it's overated) but anyway she said yes and it was the best feeling in the world to dance with her then at the end of the song she gave me this amazing feeling hug which lasted like 10 seconds then she said she had to go so she left then i left. But what im really wondering is do you think i have a chance of getting back together with her?? please any help is appreciated.

i think you do.it sounds like you have a real connection.and if she went out with you before,she prolly would again.


Okay What are some "turn off's" girls do on like a regular basis?
Because I want to know what I should STOP doing lol

Thanks guys.

by the way im 13.

i asked my friend matt about this one,and heres what he said:

1.loud disgusting burps unless they r competing with someone else to see who can do the loudest... constantly saying they are bored(they should jsut enjoy themselves with their guy).

2.another is if they like dont try to kiss you or be close to you when youre together.

3.wearing too much makeup.

4.picking at food.

5.or talking about contantly tryin to lose more weight and shit like that.

6.saying things towards the entire race of men like ohh all men r jerks or there are no good men left in the world.

7.dont talk about your exes.

thats what he said.good luck.=D


i have asked this question,but a bit differently.anyways,i've already decided to get a lip ring,so I wanna ask do girls perfer lip rings on
1)the middle
2)the side,if so,which side?

and is there like a meaning if you pierce on the right side?cause my friend said that it is for gays...

and besides that ,could you girls help with suggesting other places beside the lips that you find attractive,and how many a guy should have.

thanks a lot,really appreciate you guys.

lip rings are totally hot on guys.so wherever you get it it will look awesome.i personally dont think that lip rings to the right side are gay,but thats just me.i dont think you should get snakebites,because those are more for girls.i think that you should get it either on the right or left side,preferably the left.good luck.=]



Guys suck. Lets start with that.
Now, you mustt just explain this to me, what happened here. For the past month, this boy, has been like tottaly inlove with me. He would give me the biggest smiles, walk right past me & all that good stuff. I like him too. Then, at this dance he didn't dance with anyone.. or hardly even talking to any girls.. except for somegirl that was dressed like a grape? hahaha. (it was a halloween dance, by the way.) Anyways, my brother invited him to our big Halloween Party. (we invite like 100 kids? yess. its huge & amazing) Anyways, he goes, "Thanks, yeah I'm always so busy with my girlfriends. Does your sister have a boyfriend? Or does she talk to alot of boys? I saw her hugging a bunch the other night." I was hugging other guys, because either A. they were my friends.. or B. because i was trying to make him jealous, HE WAS WEARING SOME CHICKS TIARA okkk.

So, why did he say that?
On some of the stuff that I told you, like how he smiles at me & walks by me and stuff like that.. (you know what I mean, its all that stuff) Didn't you think he likes me?!

So, why did he say that girlfriends thing.?

Please HELP!!!

odds are,he was jealous.he was prolly jealous that you were hugging other guys besides him.guys are complicated,and sometimes they say things to try to be cool.thats prolly what he did.i would say he liked you,and prolly still does.he was wondering if you had a girlfriend,so that also means something.if he continues to be a jerk,just tell him to knock it off.but if you like him,dont purposely try to make him jealous.just talk to him and hang out with him.but ya,he prolly just said that stuff because he was jealous.good lcuk with him.he seems like a tough one.=]


Last night I had a horrible dream. In my dream, my boyfriend left me for my best friend. We got into a little argument, he broke up with me and started dating her. I was heartbroken. I couldn't sleep after I woke up. It is really bothering me. I like this guy so much and I don't want him leaving me for someone else especially my best friend. What could this dream mean if it means anything?

i looked up what this meant in a dream dictionary.here`s what i came up with.


If you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you will need to concentrate more on the other symbols of your present dream as the boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life. A boyfriend can be friend, enemy, lover, companion, or the symbol of any of these things in the emotions. If bodily harm is threatened from this person it would be best to take this as a literal, true, dream and act accordingly.


Fighting is a no nonsense dream of change, and the dream itself will have to point to the area of your life that will be changed. This signifies a change in job, or a change of enterprise if you own your own business. The degree of change can be determined by how hard you fought, and if you won or lost the fight. If you dream of others fighting it is telling you to be more careful with your financial dealings, and watch your spending.


All dreams of betrayal should be studied closely in connection with the entire dream to find out just who or what to expect betrayal from. Betrayal as an omen is not much to go on and the dreamer must take this as a literal warning of an insincere friend or lover and study the dream with this in mind. Sometimes things can 'betray' you by not giving you value and satisfaction for cost.


If you dream of good friends in a congenial and happy setting then you will soon here good new of them or a close relative. If they exhibit staunch friendship for you in your dream then all your current activities will be successes. If you see them as sad or unhappy you will receive news of an illness.


To dream that you break up with your significant other, indicates that there is something in your life that you need to let go no matter how hard it may be.

To dream that you did not break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, suggests that you are still in denial about the break-up. Your mind many not have accepted the notion that the relationship is over.

i really hope this helps.
i dont think you have anything to worry about,but if it really bothers you,talk to your boyfriend and make sure everything is going good between you to.good luck.=D


I'm going camping next weekend, and my brothers best friend is coming home from college for a visit as well. Well i've always had quite a crush on him, and I've missed him a lot over the time he's been at college, and i'm just wondering... should I tell him how I feel? I'm pretty sure he knows I like him, and everybody in my family thinks he likes me, but I don't know. I'm 14 by the way, and he's 18. I don't want to hear about the age difference thing, just about if I should tell him how I feel, and how.

age is just a number.
if you feel like you cant hide that you like him anymore,then go ahead and tell him.
but i would make sure that he likes you back first or else it could make your relationship very awkward.
to make sure he does,spend some extra time with him.
if he seems to be enjoying it,he could like you.
but even if he doesnt,he has to like you enough as a friend to be able to hang out like that.
so basically what im trying to say is that if you feel like you need to tell him,then tell him.whether it be to see if he likes you back,or just so he can know.
if you feel like your not ready,then dont.
its all your choice.
but if you are gonna,you could do something cute like write him a note telling him how you feel.
good luck & hope i helped.=D


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