i`m veronica.:]

i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



like what is frist base second base third base.
and of course home
like in your personal opinion??

first base:making out.
second base:manual sex,aka fingering,feeling up,and hand jobs.
third base:oral sex,that includes blow jobs,giving head,eating out,and rim jobs.
fourth/home base:sex.

yepp,thats pretty much it.


is being tounged the same as making out?
if not whats the difference?

french kissing/tounging is a form of making out,
but you can make out without tounging,if you know what i mean.the only difference is that with tounging,well,you use your tongue,and in making out,you can choose whether to use your tongue [touging] or whether not to.so basically,tounging is making out,with your tongue,but you dont have to use your tongue is order to make out.


i have a question
this is kind of embarassing
but is it normal to question ur sexuality at like the age of 15???? answer plzzzzzzzzzz

oh my goodness yess.
everyone,whether they admit it or not,questions it at one point or another.
your hormones are ragin right now and theyre messing with you.dont worry about it,it may take a while,but eventually you will figure out the answer.


please answer my question me and my bf need to know

oral means mouth.
so its sex using the mouth.
so examples are blow jobs & head.[for guys]
for girls its eating out.
i cant really tell you how to on this site but you can google how to if you dont know.
fyi-thats 3rd base.
sorry if i wasnt much help but i cant tell you much on this site.
good luck. :]


why dont u namje your byfriend sex as a nickname?

because id rather call him loser.

but i know this one kid and his name is slug and he is the WEIRDEST KID EVER.
he takes baths in tubs of pudding and then goes streaking through his neighborhood painted like babybop from barney.
he also plays hockey and makes weird faces at the camera.
lol j/k :] lmao tyler you are such a weirdo.


i have been fingered 2 times and ate out 2 times im i still a virgin?

until you actually have sex you are.
oral sex doesnt count.


When someone has a boyfriend, how long should it be before they begin to "french kiss"? My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month, maybe a little more. The other night, when he was dropping me off, he began to kiss me. Now, don't get me wrong, I am fine with a quick peck on the lips. But he opened up my mouth! I felt a little uncomfortable, but I let it go... until he started to use his tongue! I told him he was going WAY too fast. Did I do the right thing?

you did the right thing.
you told him what you were comfortable and that was the right thing to do.
alot of girls arent brave enough to tell their boyfriends when is too far.
so they get pulled into doing things they dont want to.
just go at whatever pace you are comfortable with,and your boyfriend should be fine with it.
it depends on the person how fast they want to go.it could be alot longer than you have been going out with your boyfriend,so dont worry about it.
good luck.


is it possible to make out w/ out french kissing?

frenching is using your tongue,so all you have to do is french but not use your tongue.
good luck & have fun!


I am 14 female my boyfriend's 15. And we have been together for 7 months on tuesday. I love him so much and he loves me. And if please dont mention how im to young to be in love blah blah blah i dont wanna hear it please. But we have done everything except for have sex. that's the only thing. He bought condoms we know how to do it. We have a safe and comfortable place. I want to do it but im getting scared. We are most likely going to do it next sunday. I am getting cold feet, but i dont wanna tell him that because im afraid he'll never do it. When im with him i want to so badly but when i am alone and can think without intruptions i get frightened. Like for example im worrying about if i get pregnant, we arent even supposed to be doing it anyways. Is it normal for me to be afraid, not just of getting pregnant but just nervous?

it is extremely normal to be nervous,for whatever reason.
especially if it is your first time.
but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont do it if you are not 100% ready.
since you guys love each other im sure he will understand.
im here if you need to talk or have any questions.
you can also IM me at dinoxthunderx.
good luck.=]


will getting ate out show up on a pap smear test?

unless there was some
kind of damage?
but thats rare.
ya,so you should be fine.


I recently got a photo contract with playboy magazine. they wanted me to be nude... with nothing on... and nothing covering me. i acceptedd... because i need the money. i told them i was 20. but i have a secret. i am only 13 =). i have DD boobs... and quite a large downstairs. do you think i will get in trouble with like the law if they find out im 13. helpp=[

the photoshoot is in 4 days. on monday

well you wont get in trouble with the law,but they will not let you do the photoshoot.
they do background checks etc. because if anyone found out you were 13,they could be in BIG trouble.
they may laugh in your face tho?
sorry dont mean to be mean but thats disgusting.
hope i helped.=]


I was having sex last month and he promised he would use a condom. I was in the bathroom putting my new outfit on from Victoria Secret: sparkly, short skirt with a lacy see through corsette. He wanted me to make it sexy, so i did. So i went in the room and he said he had put the condom on so we had sex. He entered me and it felt weird. Then he cummed. It felt so good. But then he pulled it out after we were done, it lasted two hours by the way! But, there was no condom! He lied and never put a condom on! He said it feels better without one on.I was supposed ot get my period last week. I havent gotten it at all. My breats are tender and i havent had much of an appitite. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm 18/F

1)Does it feel better without a condom on?
2)Am i pregnant?
3)What should i do?
4)SHould i stay with this guy?


heres your answers:

1.from what i hear,a great deal.
2.there is a big possibility,and you do have pregnancy symptoms.
3.first go buy a pregnancy test and then if you are pregnant,tell you boyfriend.discuss what you plan on doing before you tell your parents.
4.it depends how you feel about him.if you love him,then sure.but you need to follow your heart,because even thought you may not want to hear it,youre the only one who knows if you loves this guy.

but PS.if you are,he should feel like a total jerk,that is one of the most immature & irresponsible things i have ever hear.

hope i helped.=]


My friend was staying with me for the weekend and we were talking about how much it hurt to have sex with a guy, then we were looking at all of the other possibilities. just talking about it made me horny. Then she announced the option of being a lesbian. We looked at eachother in the eyes and she grabbed me and started shoving her toungue in my mouth. i went along with it knowing it would be wierd if i didnt. She ripped off my shirt and pulled off my pants. i liked it. then i did the same with her and pulled off her bra and underwear with my teeth. she was on top of me and we were humping. It felt sooo good. I am very much of a christian and i know gayness is bad. I could never be a lesbian. How can i stop? I'm addicted to my feiend now, she comes over every night!!!


you may not be a lesbian,you could be bisexual.
but if you are,im sorry,but you cant really help it.
and as for your friend,try not seeing her for a little while,maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing and it wont happen again.
so ya,if your attracted to your friend,but have been with men,theres a good chance you are bi.

sorry if i wasnt much help.=/


I was feeling really horny and so i called up my boyfriend to come over.(my parents were out for the night and im an only child) he came over and we talked and watched a movie but i could barely control myself. we made out on the couch and then he felt me up. He asked if we wanted to have sex and i couldnt resist. we went into my bedroom and he put his thing in and it hurt really bad, but when he cummed it felt soo good. we had sex for about an hour. after we were done i gave him a blow job because he asked for one. i had sex the day after my period and five days ago i was supposed to have it but i didnt. im SO scared because im only 13. i threw up all day today and i never want to eat. im SOO scared. please please please help me. i need it badly.

oh and we also did it up the butt. could i still get pregnant from that? we did it both way.

im not gonna lecture you,because thats the last thing you need right now.
first things first.
yes,there is a great chance,and although you may not want to hear it,its true.
whats been happening to your body are symptoms of pregnancy.
im not trying to be hard on you here,so please forgive me.
ok.heres what you need to do.
go to the store and buy and ACCURATE pregnancy test,such as EPT.
take it when no one is home,and make sure you dispose of the package where no one can see it in case you arent pregnant.
if you are pregnant,invite your boyfriend over and tell him first,because hes the daddy.
then talk to him about what you are going to do,so you are prepared when you tell your parents.
about telling the parents,well heres where you need to be responsible and mature.
tell them that you know what you did was wrong and that you plan on taking full responsibility.
and if you dont want the baby,please,please,please,dont have an abortion.
have the baby and put it up for adoption.
if he/she gets a nice family,you may be able to even visit them.
i hope i helped,and if you need to talk about ANYTHING,im here 24/7.
my s/n is dinoxthunderx & my email is dinoxthunderx@aim.com


Can you get pregant from dry humping? Like if both people have all there clothes on.

absolutely not.


is masterbating to much harfull? i mena i know if you do it , it's not bad, but i do it almost 4-5 times a day and i have been for a very very long time... by the way i am 20...and male, anway, is doing it to much bad, like can it stop your penius form grow? a low sperm count? what, please help

im like 99.99% positive that nothing will happen as long as you arent too rough or anything.


Okay so I like this boy and I thought he liked me but all he wants to do is have sex. Should I or should'nt I? I always told myself I would never think of things like this I would always just say no, but for some reason I think this is the boy for me and i wouldnt wanna ruin anything by saying no. What should I do?

never,ever,ever do anything you dont want to just because someone else wants you to.if he is gonna not like you because you wont sleep with him,then he isnt right for you.but if you want to and you feel you are ready,then go ahead.i dont mean to be rude,but if you are second guessing it,then idt he is the right one or it is the right time.good luck,i hope you make the right decision.=]


ok so i know this is probably a weird question but i was just wondering this.
Does a woman's breasts only contain milk when she is pregnant or after she has a baby or do they always contain milk even before all of that stuff.
For example...if my boyfriend was sucking my breasts would milk come out like it would for a baby?
I was just wondering--just looking for some answers.Thanks.

no your body doesnt start producing milk until you have conceived a child.


13/f. is it totally weird i get "urges" a lot. i'm only 13 but i always feel kinda "sexual". like, this might weird but i have this little stress ball and sometimes i use it as a sex toy. is this really bad? i'm gonna wait till i get married of course. but sometimes i feel bad cause i do that, or think about sex. i need some advice guys! thanks!

dont worry about it at all.its completely normal and natural.alot of people do it.its called hormones.and at this time they are rushing around like crazy.you arent doing anything wrong at all.continue doing it as much as you want.you wont go to hell or jail.lol.ya ur fine hun.=D


A little less than two weeks ago a guy scratched me when he was fingering me. It was really painful for a couple of days,sore for another few days, and then the pain went away. But this afternoon it was really painful again, and I'm assuming that it relates to incident two weeks ago.
I know it's stupid but I am really embarassed to talk to my parents about this, so I was wondering if anyone has any similar experience and knows what to do.
Thank you.

like any other scratch or cut,the area you injure will be sensitive for a while.well this area is particularly sensitive,so i would expect it to be sore for a while.today,you may have just reopened or irritated the cut,which made it sore again.you could talk to your doctor,but i doubt you wanna do that.so i would just wait a little while and be very careful,and see how it goes.if its still sore you can call a doctor or make an appointment.but honestly i think you will b fine.good luck. =]

PS.im not sure if you can use things like neosporin in that area,so check the package for warnings and directions if you are going to before using it.


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