i`m veronica.:]

i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



I look around the site at comments about how high school relationships suck/are based off the wrong things/etc. And I am getting REALLY freaked out, because there's a guy I like (i'm 14 and a freshman by the way) and I want to get with him but i don't want our relationship to end up like all others..I genuinely like him as a person and as a boyfriend so I'm not just lusting after him. I guess my question is, how can i make a high school relationship last past that?

dont feel like its impossible,because its not at all.
me & my boyfriend have an amazing relationship.
heres a few things you can do to try to make things work:
be yourself.dont act fake.
be honest 110% of the time.
be totally loyal.dont flirt with other guys or talk about how hot other guys are.
communicate.if something is on your mind---tell him.he may be feeling the same way.
if you get in a fight,talk to him yourself and dont let your friends do it for you.it will show that you really wanna work it out.
have common sense.example--have manners and dont act like a pig and embarrass him.
be nice to him.even if you are joking around,sometimes they dont find it funny.
even if you dont like his friends,be nice to them anyway.again,this will show that you want it to work.
dont be too pushy about his kissing you in the beginning.a number of my guy friends have said they HATE it when girls do that.

well theres a few and if u want some more or need anymore help,you can IM me at dinoxthunderx.
good luck :D.


Hi im 14 male,i was wondering,how old would most parents say you should be before your girlfriend could sleep over,like in the same room/same bed.I know some parents are strict, but what would most parents say is old enough?
Please Anwser

and its not to have sex...its just to cuddle with eachother and to kiss eachother goodnight..

ur lucky if u even get to have ur gf in your room.i cant have my boyfriend in my room til i move out so ihnc.i guess my parents r strict that way.id say average maybe about 18 or 19 tho.
good luck.=]


so do you think guys really like it when you kiss their necks?

i was with my boyfriend making out and then i moved to his neck and started kissing it. i felt his head kind of squeeze against mine while i was doing this and i didn't quite know what it meant. he seemed to be getting tense and i couldn't tell if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

right when i moved my head away from his neck he grabbed me INSTANTLY and started making out with me again, like he couldn't wait a second more. what does this mean? thanks so much.

the more answers the better!

my boyfriend seems to enjoy it when i do it to him.
i personally love doing it,but he also loves making out with me too.it sounds like he enjoys both,just try and make sure that you dont do too much of one and not the other.and i also saw your additional info,if you want him to do it back,just kind of push your hair out of the way and when there is a pause in the kissing,kinda make it obvious that you want the same thing.i totally know what your saying though about him not doing it back! i wish he would more.=] but ya it seems liek he likes it so keep doing it,unless he tells you otherwise.also ill ask my bf if he likes it and add his answer to my column.=]
lol good luck & have fun!!


is it possible to make out w/ out french kissing?

frenching is using your tongue,so all you have to do is french but not use your tongue.
good luck & have fun!


I am 14 female my boyfriend's 15. And we have been together for 7 months on tuesday. I love him so much and he loves me. And if please dont mention how im to young to be in love blah blah blah i dont wanna hear it please. But we have done everything except for have sex. that's the only thing. He bought condoms we know how to do it. We have a safe and comfortable place. I want to do it but im getting scared. We are most likely going to do it next sunday. I am getting cold feet, but i dont wanna tell him that because im afraid he'll never do it. When im with him i want to so badly but when i am alone and can think without intruptions i get frightened. Like for example im worrying about if i get pregnant, we arent even supposed to be doing it anyways. Is it normal for me to be afraid, not just of getting pregnant but just nervous?

it is extremely normal to be nervous,for whatever reason.
especially if it is your first time.
but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont do it if you are not 100% ready.
since you guys love each other im sure he will understand.
im here if you need to talk or have any questions.
you can also IM me at dinoxthunderx.
good luck.=]


i really wanna learn how to do a split but can you learn? or is it either you can do it or you can't do it. if you can learn or is there a tecnique or way to do it can you help me out? thanks.

you wont be able to do it overnight,
but if you try,you will eventually be able to.
first you have to make yourself more flexible by stretching for about 20 minutes a day.
then when youre ready,get on the floor on one knee,with then other one extended forward.
then bring your other leg back and keeping your back straight,push down,but not to the point where you hurt yourself.
keep doing that and one day you will get all the way down on the floor.good luck :D


will getting ate out show up on a pap smear test?

unless there was some
kind of damage?
but thats rare.
ya,so you should be fine.


I kep trying to upload a picture onto my page, but it's always too big in filesize. I tried trimming the image, but it's still too big. What do I need to do?


ok heres what you do.
go to google and search irfanview.
there will be a website that says its the official page of irfanview,thats the one you want.
then go about downloading it as you normally would.
once you have,open up the picture you want through it.
then go to "image" and select "resize/resample."
there you can make them whatever size you want.
then resave it and upload it to a program like tinypic or photobucket.
put the URL where it says URL and upload it.
then youre all done.
hope i helped.=]


im 5'3" and i weigh 145 but i have alott of muscle. should i still lose weight though? and how much?

i agree with the columnist who answered below me.
muscle does weigh more than fat,and since im assuming that you are athletic,you should be fine.
but if you dont like the weigh you look then it wouldnt hurt to lose a few pounds.a good websites for teens is www.toneteen.com
hope i helped.=D


how do you pronounce chi? lol i feel so stupid but is it like chee or chy or what?

its pronounced [Chee].


sorry if this is long but i really need advice ok i live with my dad, and i need to get bras, i need/want a cupped bra, but
1. i don't know wat size i am and i dont know how to figure it out.
2. and i dont know which 1 would be right for me
i would like to have 1 regular sports bra, 1 regular cupped bra, and 1 sports bra that is sorta cupped. how many bras do you think i should need? how do i get those bras with my dad?
as much advice as possible plz help me!! thx

just go up to your dad and ask him for money for bras.
then ask him to drive you and a friend to a store like victorias secret,while he looks around in the rest of the mall.
yes,3 bras is fine.
if you need to figure out what size you are,ask them to measure you,and dont be embarrassed they work with bras for a living.lol.
ive had it done and its not bad at all.
then tell them what you are looking for and they will help you find the perfect match.
if you dont wanna have them measure you,go to www.jcpenney.com and go to the bra section there is instructions on how to measure yourself.
good luck.=D


I recently got a photo contract with playboy magazine. they wanted me to be nude... with nothing on... and nothing covering me. i acceptedd... because i need the money. i told them i was 20. but i have a secret. i am only 13 =). i have DD boobs... and quite a large downstairs. do you think i will get in trouble with like the law if they find out im 13. helpp=[

the photoshoot is in 4 days. on monday

well you wont get in trouble with the law,but they will not let you do the photoshoot.
they do background checks etc. because if anyone found out you were 13,they could be in BIG trouble.
they may laugh in your face tho?
sorry dont mean to be mean but thats disgusting.
hope i helped.=]


Hey. I was wondering how people do those little black hearts on myspace. thanks!

you write & hearts ; but with no spaces.
and then you get this ♥


I was having sex last month and he promised he would use a condom. I was in the bathroom putting my new outfit on from Victoria Secret: sparkly, short skirt with a lacy see through corsette. He wanted me to make it sexy, so i did. So i went in the room and he said he had put the condom on so we had sex. He entered me and it felt weird. Then he cummed. It felt so good. But then he pulled it out after we were done, it lasted two hours by the way! But, there was no condom! He lied and never put a condom on! He said it feels better without one on.I was supposed ot get my period last week. I havent gotten it at all. My breats are tender and i havent had much of an appitite. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm 18/F

1)Does it feel better without a condom on?
2)Am i pregnant?
3)What should i do?
4)SHould i stay with this guy?


heres your answers:

1.from what i hear,a great deal.
2.there is a big possibility,and you do have pregnancy symptoms.
3.first go buy a pregnancy test and then if you are pregnant,tell you boyfriend.discuss what you plan on doing before you tell your parents.
4.it depends how you feel about him.if you love him,then sure.but you need to follow your heart,because even thought you may not want to hear it,youre the only one who knows if you loves this guy.

but PS.if you are,he should feel like a total jerk,that is one of the most immature & irresponsible things i have ever hear.

hope i helped.=]


My friend was staying with me for the weekend and we were talking about how much it hurt to have sex with a guy, then we were looking at all of the other possibilities. just talking about it made me horny. Then she announced the option of being a lesbian. We looked at eachother in the eyes and she grabbed me and started shoving her toungue in my mouth. i went along with it knowing it would be wierd if i didnt. She ripped off my shirt and pulled off my pants. i liked it. then i did the same with her and pulled off her bra and underwear with my teeth. she was on top of me and we were humping. It felt sooo good. I am very much of a christian and i know gayness is bad. I could never be a lesbian. How can i stop? I'm addicted to my feiend now, she comes over every night!!!


you may not be a lesbian,you could be bisexual.
but if you are,im sorry,but you cant really help it.
and as for your friend,try not seeing her for a little while,maybe it was just a spur of the moment thing and it wont happen again.
so ya,if your attracted to your friend,but have been with men,theres a good chance you are bi.

sorry if i wasnt much help.=/


I was feeling really horny and so i called up my boyfriend to come over.(my parents were out for the night and im an only child) he came over and we talked and watched a movie but i could barely control myself. we made out on the couch and then he felt me up. He asked if we wanted to have sex and i couldnt resist. we went into my bedroom and he put his thing in and it hurt really bad, but when he cummed it felt soo good. we had sex for about an hour. after we were done i gave him a blow job because he asked for one. i had sex the day after my period and five days ago i was supposed to have it but i didnt. im SO scared because im only 13. i threw up all day today and i never want to eat. im SOO scared. please please please help me. i need it badly.

oh and we also did it up the butt. could i still get pregnant from that? we did it both way.

im not gonna lecture you,because thats the last thing you need right now.
first things first.
yes,there is a great chance,and although you may not want to hear it,its true.
whats been happening to your body are symptoms of pregnancy.
im not trying to be hard on you here,so please forgive me.
ok.heres what you need to do.
go to the store and buy and ACCURATE pregnancy test,such as EPT.
take it when no one is home,and make sure you dispose of the package where no one can see it in case you arent pregnant.
if you are pregnant,invite your boyfriend over and tell him first,because hes the daddy.
then talk to him about what you are going to do,so you are prepared when you tell your parents.
about telling the parents,well heres where you need to be responsible and mature.
tell them that you know what you did was wrong and that you plan on taking full responsibility.
and if you dont want the baby,please,please,please,dont have an abortion.
have the baby and put it up for adoption.
if he/she gets a nice family,you may be able to even visit them.
i hope i helped,and if you need to talk about ANYTHING,im here 24/7.
my s/n is dinoxthunderx & my email is dinoxthunderx@aim.com


is it normal for your stomache to still be hurting the day after you drank alcohol?

yes honey,ur having a hangover.=[


Can you get pregant from dry humping? Like if both people have all there clothes on.

absolutely not.


okay so me and my bf were going out and we wanted 2 kiss me but im like ew gros (it was 6th grade at the time) and so then we broke up but then we got bak 2gether (bcz of major flirting on both our parts) and so hes like i had dreamz of us kissing blah blah blah so im like fine meet me in the stairs il make ur dream cum tru. so i madeout w/ him w/e. but heres the thing. im only in 7th grade! is that so extremely horiable? and every1 found out (bcz 1 of my friends cant keep her mouth shut!) and every1 thinks im a slut. HELP ME!!!

you are not a slut.
obviously they dont even know the definition of slut.
making out in 7th grade isnt even a big deal.
so dont worry about it.
you`re fine.=]
and something else will happen to someone else soon and they will totally forget about it.
it will all blow over.
and if they keep caling you one,just dont react because the only reason they keep doing it is because you are reacting.
good luck.=]


Okayy soo i heard this song and im like in love with it and i really want to get it as a ring tone but i have no idea what its called ive tryed googling it and looking up the lyrics on lyric sites but nothings came up its like..
-I cant explain this feeling i think about it everyday and even tho we've moved on it gets so hard to walk away im gonna remember you your gonna remember me thanks!!! :]]

its called walk away by paula deanda.


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