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i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



where can i find john frieda's dream curls curl perfector?

do you mean john frieda frizz-ease dream curls curl perfecter?
if you do,then you can get it at any drugstore.
i dont know what stores you have near you,but here are a few that have them:
also www.drugstore.com carries it,so you can order it from there.

hope i helped.


i live in the UK
so i've been looking for this kinda belt for like EVER
can any1 tell me were i can buy it


you can buy these belts all over.
they`re called studded belts.
the places you wanna look for a good variety are:
(warning,that store is a gift & party store so there may be a few adult items.)
all of those also have stores at most malls.
you can also look at www.target.com & www.torrid.com
good luck.


Right now I use a 2inch ceramic Chi straightener, but I'm thinking of switching to one of those straighteners you can use while your hair is still wet. (Because it takes my hair forever to blowdry, and I'm tired of rushing) Do these straighteners work as good as normal ones? And what's a good one I could get?

right now i own a "Wet2Style" & "Wet2Straight" straighter.
they both work extremely well for me,and are made by Remington.
and they dont damage my hair.
my hair isnt that thick,but its average and it takes me about 10 minutes to do my hair if i use one of them.
you can set them to use when your hair is wet,damp,or dry.
a few swipes over your hair and your done.
they come on different sizes & styles.
like the Style one has curved plates so it straightens and styles, and the Straight makes your hair pin straight.
you can buy both for about $25.00 each at a store like walmart.
good luck.


I want the jordans retro 3 the black, red, and white ones. Are they coming out tomorow or next month??


that site deffinatly has them.


i'm gonna dye my hair black (it's dark brown right now) does anybody recommend a certain brand/shade of dye that looks pretty and won't look gross? thanks!

i agree with the columnist below me.
i used 100% color from garnier when i dyed my hair black [naturally dark brown like yours].
it works very well and the color comes out great.
but just a word of advice--it would probably be better to try a semi-permenant color first to see if you like the color.because when i first dyed mine black [thats how it is now] i hated it.now im getting used to it.and also,it last for a very long time.i dyed mine in september and its still black.
good luck.=]


okay, our school puts on a halloween haunt concert every year. I already have a gorgeous dress that I need to make use of, I just don't know how to incorporate it into a costume. Can you give me ideas on what I could dress up as using ths dress? Please, nothing like throwing fake blood or getting the dress dirty. Also I want to look pretty, not some sort of monster.


you could be a prom queen.you could wear a tiara and it will give you an excuse to get all pretty.=D


hi! well ive been into tight-skin pants for a couple years now. like...ive sewed them myself makin them skin tight. but the thing is, now that these new "skinny jeans" are in, i admit i like them better then my old skin tight jeans. Also, the real thing is, that whenever i wore my skin tight jeans (all i ever had) i would wear my black converse! but those are crappy now i had to throw them away and honestly they dont look good with my skinny jeans. So heres my problem: i dont like flats. but skinny jeans def. dont look good with my new reg shoes. so what do i do about my flats problem? What other shoes look good with skinny jeans? And its winter so i cant wear flip flops. thanks so much (long question) plz help fashion!

i personally think that converse look fine with skinny jeans as long as you dont wear like a size 12 so they dont look too big.i dont know why you dont like flats,but ill send you some examples of some other shoes you can wear with them.it sounds like you are a little punk [the style im not calling you a name],so ill send you something you could wear with punk and other outfits.






u like flat sneakers right?




for more,visit www.alloy.com & www.delias.com


my friends and i are being the fanta girls (fantanas) for halloween. does anyone know where we could get costumes? we dont want the exact costumes, more like a shirt and skirt or something. does anyone know any good stores where we could find those at or have any other ideas of what we could wear? thank you sooo much!

ps: we would need the costumes by the 26th

they have them in ebay for $51.00 a costume.or you can buy the set for i think like $140.cuz me and my friends were gonna be that this year too.lol.have funn!=]


I asked a question about this earlier, but, i got a perm over the summer and it's coming out and when i scrunch it it looks really bad. Well, i am willing to straighten or blowdry it, but i really dont want to damage my hair doing that everyday. I know there is stuff you can put on your hair before you do it to lessen the damage but i'm totally clueless on what to use! I really prefer it to be under $6 and i want it to work well. Does anyone have any suggestions about good products i can use, or cute ways to style it?

i no that pantene has a product out that you spray in your hair to protect it from heat.im not sure of the exact name but if you go to a drugstore i guarantee they will have it.just look for one with the word heat in the name.and im 99.99% positive that it will be under $6.00.good luck.=]

also,you could go to a salon and get your hair chemically straightened.i think its about $60.00 but im not sure.


I am looking at a dress at Macy's online that is xs (juniors). Does anyone know the approx. measurements of what it might be? I couldnt find a size chart!!1 I need to know asap!!

heres a size chart:



after i wash, blow dry, and straighten my hair the good smell of my shampoo is gone. how do i keep the smell of my shampoo in my hair longer?!

when youre in the shower and you have the shampoo in your hair,leave it in for a few minutes.i recently started doing that and it works great.then after youre done rinsing it out,ring the water out of your hair before putting in the conditioner.then just go about rinsing the conditioner out of your hair normally.then just continue with your regular routine of blow drying and straightening.good luck.=D


what are some stores that you can buy like plain black sweat pants at
or like any color.

im 14/f and i want to wear them over like sports pants after a soccer game just plain ones with nothing on it.

i checked some websites.and i found some cute ones:
[these are just examples.]






theres a few.hope it helped.=]


i have a guy friend who wants me to dye his hair for him. i just don't know is it ok to just use one of those boxes that are like meant for girls? or are there specific dyes that you are supposed to use for guys hair? thanks!

i asked my brothers g/f about this one,because she is a hair dresser.she said it is perfectly fine to use womens hair on mens hair.but if your friend is concerned,they make hair dye specifically for men too.so you guys has nothing to worry about.


Kay, so.
i dont want to wear too much makeup but whats the best makeup to wear like lipliner you now?

it depends how old you are,and how your skin is.

if youre 13-14 heres what you can do:

1.start with a little concealer if you need it to cover and blemishes etc.

2.then wear some cute eyeshadow.
-fair skin,try shimmery pinks and greens.
-beige skin,use golds and browns.
-olive skin, try olive greens and purples.
-in between olive & deep skin,use shimmery browns.
-and rich,deep skin,try blues and shimmery browns.

3.eyeliner is optional.I recommend:
-light and dark brown,and red haired people:brown.
-blonde haired people.black or brown depending on skin tone.

4.use a little blush on the apples of your cheeks.

5.clear lipgloss and your good to go!

ages 15+...

1.same as step one at top.

2.optional foundation.i recommend maybelline dream matte mousse.

3.same as step 2 at top.

4.same as step 3 at top.

5.same as step 4 at top.

6.clear ligloss works for anyone,but reds always work good for pale skinned people.



a polo with a white sweater over it
denim mini skirt with leggings under
&& uggs..
..now what color polo should i wear?

I wouldn`t wear a polo.Try going to Delias [website]
and Abercrombie.Also,Target,Kohls,JcPenny,Forever21, and Wetseal.They all have super cute tops that go with leggings.The denim mini is a plus tho.=]


13/f ((((almost 14)))))
5'10 'nd 160 pounds
wut halloween outfit wud sound cute on me
i have long legs so i'd rly like an outift that wud show them off!!
i wanna be the center of attention at my friends halloween party..
i play b-ball so shud i wear a b-ball outfit?
but i aso like fashion so shud i dress as a celeb?

Im really jealous =].But here are some ideas.

-A nurse with the short dress and high heels.
-A ragdoll.
-You and 3 friends could be that Fantanas.
-Marilyn Monroe
-Betty Boop
-And here are some websites:
[its just the google results but theres alot]



idk how to style gelled hair!! can anyone help!!
i also dunno how to "scrunch" my hair!! sum1 pleez gime stepbystep details!! thanks!!

For scrunching:

1.Wash hair with a curl enhancing or regular shampoo and conditioner.

2.Apply mousse or curl enhancing spray such as John Frienda to your hair.

3.Then take your fingers at the bottom of your hair a push it up until it starts curling.Its hard to explain,but also you could try wrapping your hair around your fingers.

4.Once you have the curls in your hair,dry you hair with a defuser [a piece that connects to the end of your hairdryer, available at walmart.]

5.Once its done drying your done.For better directions try Seventeen.com.

Sorry if I couldnt give better directions.Good Luck! =]


ive been thinking about getting a perm since i have pin straight hair it doesnt curl no matter what. is there any way i can get a perm to make my hair look like its scrunched??? like http://www.pixparty.com/shades/photos/YAT2FV7PGA.jpg i just want loose waves not banana curls or really curly hair.

if i were you,i wouldnt get a perm. they can mess up your hair, and they dont always turn out the way you want them.heres what you can do to get beautiful waves.wash your hair with normal or curl enhancing shampoo & conditioner. it doesnt matter which.then while the hair is wet,use curl enhancing spray such as John Frieda.then blow dry your hair on low.after its dry,take random sections of hair and curl them with a 1" curling iron.then break up the curls with your fingers and WALA! you have cute waves. you can also see a picture and more detailed directions in this months Seventeen.Good Luck !


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