i`m veronica.:]

i've been away for a while.
time to start it back up.



how can i get nice long legs? like do i run and excersise or sumthing?
thx =]

you can get toned legs by doing exercises such as squats and lunges.you can see how to do these at toneteen.com.as for making them longer,you cant make them longer,but you can make them appear longer.in summer you could wear cute shorts like these:[dont have to be exact]


and in winter pants like these:[again not exact]



Okayyy. I quit my job that I only had for about a week, because I was completely miserable there. And once I told everyone they tell me that I'm lazy, and that I'll never make it in the real world. and the thing is, I'm not lazy at all, I work my ass off. How can I get this people to leave me alone, and convince them that I really quit that job because I was miserable and unhappy?

tell them that they dont know you if they say you are lazy.and if they dont understand that u were unhappy there,then they are really unsensitive.just tell them u dreaded it,and if they keep nagging you,jst tell them that if they arent going to understand,then to leave you alone.im sorry its not great advice,but i`m trying.also,prove to them that you are hard working at your next job.good luck! =]


I have 2 guinea pigs and i changed their bedding about once a week. I put baking soda or whatever that stuff is called at the bottom of the bed so it wont smell AS bad but does anybody have any remedies that can help me out so the room doesnt smell so bad?

i tried looking online for this one,but i couldnt find anything.your best pet would be to call your local pet store.its late tonite but tomorrow i will call mine and get information.so if you leave your info.in my inbox,ill be sure to get back to you.=]


I have a problem of staying on top of things at school. I study, but I freak out on tests. I make a schedule but I rarely ever follow it, and when I come in for extra help it's never worthwhile because I just end up doing worse.

My point is, I need GREAT, EXPERIENCED, and PROVEN advice on how to ace tests and assignments (OK maybe not "ace" it, but rather do dramatically better). Also, give me some great techniques, like for example I heard chewing gum helps you stay awake and attentive on tests, and helps you do better with thinking of answers more effectively.

Also, advice on my "procrastination" problem would be nice as well.

Thanks in advance!!!

i have the same problem as you...

the key is organization.
keep neat notes and a neat locker.
pay attention in class.
sucking on mints & hard candy helps me.
dont cram for tests the night before.
evenly space out longterm studying and projects.
get a good nights sleep.
eat breakfast.
i no all of this sounds corny,but it works for me.just try it.

if you ever need help,IM me at dinoxthunderx.=]


Im just moving up the street , so its not a big deal.
But the neighborhood I live in now has the boy i like in it.
We are pretty good friends and stuff and i THINK [not 100%] sure that he used to like me and we used to hangout like every weekend.
Everytime i say that im moving or not gonna ride the bus him and his friends will all say " YAY!"
but then online or alone he doesnt act like hes gonna miss me but he doesnt act like he wants me to leave.

but do you think the guy i like might miss me??
Because hes always trying to be around me , its weird.

i think he will miss you.he is prolly only acting like that near his friends because alot of guys dont have enough guts to say what they feel.just keep in tough with him,and be friends,and you may find out that he likes you back.good luck.=D


Ok im thirteen years old and i dyed my hair during summer recently as in about .. oh say a month and a half ago i started losing hair i would think a lot since my first time, but i dyed my hair in july i shocked my body i guess recently by eating only dinner and a snack when i got home from school i didnt lose much the first few weeks but in the past oh say....three weeks i have been noticing it when i hold all my hair is one hand and then pull gently with another and some falls out containing about 15 strands...i only have been using shampoo for the past month and a half too and i have been eating salad but sometimes with chicken...please help me and tell me what my problem might be, im also not a woman yet so how can my hair be falling out? also i may be getting this women problem cause i got large breasts early and my period when i was ten so .. any advice? ill love u if u give me good advice, im literally freaking out!

coloring your hair can make your hair fall out if you do it to many times in a short period of times.that happened to me,but it evetually stopped.if it continues,see your doctor,or talk to your parents.good luck.sorry i wasnt much help.=/


Okay well, there's this guy on my bus and he is sooooo cute, but my best friend likes him too. He is funny and sweet, but i don't want to betray my friends trust by asking him out or say yes if he asks me out. Also i am afraid i have no chnce with him cause he's "the cool kid". There is also this guy in my class we'll call him 2(as in guy too). Well 2 has been starring at me lately and i 've liked him for 2 years. I'm not afraid to ask him out or anyhting it's just this guy that likes me and who is also my BF is his BF! Then there is 3(as in guy three) he is really cute, but i have like no chance with him cause he's the "cooler kid" but he is also funny. He is also wonderful. Except... well there are these rumors that he is concieded a jerk and not a virgin and i am in the 7th grade here people in my opinion that is just wrong, but how do i know which rumors are true????? I honestly don't know what i'm asking but hey if any advice comes to mind go ahead and tell me

talk to all of them and get to know them better.for the guy with the rumors,just ask him if they are true.once you get to know them better,you will b able to choose.just follow your heart. =]



Hey everyone! Well, my bithday is in January, but I'm the type of girl who likes to plan things kinda early. I know where I'm going to have it and I know who I will invite (around 10 people). There is one last little thing missing. Invites!!! I don't really want to buy them, I want to make them on the computer. So is there any websites (that are free) that you can make your own invites? or is there a program you can buy at like, walmart or something (cheap)? I really need some help so I need some advice! thanks!!!!

greeting card factory deluxe is great with that stuff.you can buy it through Dell and im pretty sure its no more than $20.=]


My mate Janelle is a tad annoying in the fact that she always has to have all the guys and flirt with all the guys even if they like someone else she will try to get them to like her. And so then when we're together hanging with our other mates and there are guys there she always has to be all over them and not let anyone else get them. What should I do

this has happened to me a million times.if she starts getting out of hand,just pull her aside and tell her to knock it off,and that she is offending people by it.good luck.=]


Right where my upper thigh and vaginal lips meet, I have a strange bump. At first I thought it was a misquito/bug bite because it is about that size. It is not noticable if you are looking, but I can feel it with my fingers. It is on the left side and hurts slightly if I touch it. I got it about 6 weeks ago and I am not sexually active. It was quite large, got smaller and recently has been growing again.

What could it be? Are there any warning signs of a problem? Should I try to cure it or will it go away on its own?

Any information is appreciate, thanks.

i heard these from another advice giver a long time ago that they are completely normal.they can get even bigger when you are aroused.if you are really concerned tho,go to the doctors.=]


ok so there this girl i like alot but she told me she liked me once && were bestfriend && we always flirt but i like her alot and im scared im fallin for her so what should i do?

stay friends with her no matter what.girls always need a friend.and ill let you in on a little secret.alot of times the fall for their best guy friends.good luck & if you need anything IM me at dinoxthunderx. =]


is so mean to me
but i still like him, no matter what.
I dont know what to do!

no matter what,be nice back.maybe it will rub off on him.eventually he will appreciate you being nice to him and he may even like you back.good luck.=D


Kay, so.
i dont want to wear too much makeup but whats the best makeup to wear like lipliner you now?

it depends how old you are,and how your skin is.

if youre 13-14 heres what you can do:

1.start with a little concealer if you need it to cover and blemishes etc.

2.then wear some cute eyeshadow.
-fair skin,try shimmery pinks and greens.
-beige skin,use golds and browns.
-olive skin, try olive greens and purples.
-in between olive & deep skin,use shimmery browns.
-and rich,deep skin,try blues and shimmery browns.

3.eyeliner is optional.I recommend:
-light and dark brown,and red haired people:brown.
-blonde haired people.black or brown depending on skin tone.

4.use a little blush on the apples of your cheeks.

5.clear lipgloss and your good to go!

ages 15+...

1.same as step one at top.

2.optional foundation.i recommend maybelline dream matte mousse.

3.same as step 2 at top.

4.same as step 3 at top.

5.same as step 4 at top.

6.clear ligloss works for anyone,but reds always work good for pale skinned people.



13/f. is it totally weird i get "urges" a lot. i'm only 13 but i always feel kinda "sexual". like, this might weird but i have this little stress ball and sometimes i use it as a sex toy. is this really bad? i'm gonna wait till i get married of course. but sometimes i feel bad cause i do that, or think about sex. i need some advice guys! thanks!

dont worry about it at all.its completely normal and natural.alot of people do it.its called hormones.and at this time they are rushing around like crazy.you arent doing anything wrong at all.continue doing it as much as you want.you wont go to hell or jail.lol.ya ur fine hun.=D


My boyfriend and me don't talk on the phone I don't know why either. We've been dating since last Saturday. He talk to other girls on the phone plenty of times, but not me. I want to start talking on the phone with him I don't what I should say to him on msn messenger should I just come out and say can I call you or what? Thanks in advance

just tell him you want to talk to him on the fone.i had a boyfriend like that once to.if you have to be the first one to call,then fine.go ahead.make your fone conversations fun and interesting so that he will want to talk more.ask him if you can call him,and if he says no,tell him to call you.dont worry about it alot.just make the move and call, and im sure you wont regret it.good luck.=]


A little less than two weeks ago a guy scratched me when he was fingering me. It was really painful for a couple of days,sore for another few days, and then the pain went away. But this afternoon it was really painful again, and I'm assuming that it relates to incident two weeks ago.
I know it's stupid but I am really embarassed to talk to my parents about this, so I was wondering if anyone has any similar experience and knows what to do.
Thank you.

like any other scratch or cut,the area you injure will be sensitive for a while.well this area is particularly sensitive,so i would expect it to be sore for a while.today,you may have just reopened or irritated the cut,which made it sore again.you could talk to your doctor,but i doubt you wanna do that.so i would just wait a little while and be very careful,and see how it goes.if its still sore you can call a doctor or make an appointment.but honestly i think you will b fine.good luck. =]

PS.im not sure if you can use things like neosporin in that area,so check the package for warnings and directions if you are going to before using it.


okay im not like fat fat or anything
but sometimes i cant control how much i eat, ill eat sooo much just because i feel bored and i just do it.
like ill eat 3 small bowls of cereal and then ill eat like 5 granola bars , and on nights when im in a good mood , ill just pig out like ALL night!
but usually i eat very very healthy during the week and i try and control my portions
but the weekends are like always splurges!
help please!!

i have the same problem as you sometimes.i eat when im bored.so i found a website that gave me a suggestion.this is what you can do.make up a to do list of things such as chores,hw,and exercise to do.then place a copy of the list on the cupboards and the fridge.also,you can put a list of things you like to do when you are bored.this really helps for me,and i think it will for you too.good luck! =]


13/f. well, i have been wearing makeup for about 3 years now and its the natual stuff so it doesn't clog my pores or look caked on or anything. well, i've been getting these little white splotche(?)spots on my face and i've tried using conceler, and bronzer and stuff, but it never works! help! i don't know what to do. thanks!

p.s. by the way, the type of makeup i use is bare minerals, if anyone needs to know to give my advice. thanks!

are they almost like dry patches of skin? my friend has had the same thing.the best thing i would say to do would be to go to the dermatologist.if you dont have one,go to the doctor and ask about it,or have them recommend one.i can talk to my sister tomorrow because she is a nurse,so if you leave a note in my inbox with your email,i can email you what she tells me.good luck! =]


hey whats a good place to get some good love pictures...

liek i went onto buddy4u.. but they all have liek the same pictures....

any toher sites??

here are some google results.


also,i have alot of cute ones saved on my computer,so if you ever want any,email me and i will email you back.its dinoxthunderx@aim.com.=]

PS.sorry i wasnt much help.=/


My best guy friend has recently unloaded all his problems; I found out his dad's cheating on his mom, his grandpa died (his grandpa was like his excape from his parents) his parents continuesly fight, his grades are slipping, and he's been coming to school with alot of bruises latley.

I don't know how to handle this. I really like him and I want to help, but what should I say to him? What should I do?

the best thing you can do is just to let him no that you are there for him,and that he can always come to you for anything.be a good listener.and be a good friend.it sounds like that is what he needs right now,so just be the best you can be and im sure he will appreciate it a ton.good luck and tell him im sorry about his grandfather.=]


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