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the nukka that runs the site is samantha (speaking). sam or sami for short. yeah so i am looking forward to next year: freshman '07-'08 bitchh. i have the most incredible friends ever. they could beat yours up. like pow. mm hm. i also have sooo many guy friends. its hard to keep up with them all. on a random note, i think i might have that new disease thingy. blackberry thumb. yeah you get it from texting way too much. till your hand hurts. i know right. im a crazy party animal. and i act high even though im not on drugs. i dance way too much. competitively. so back to the whole advice thing. i give gnarly advice (yes, gnarly) because ive been through just about every situtation... twice. but thats samantha for you.

i give amazing advice on any topic. unless you are rude. then forget it. i'll treat you nice if you do the same for me. i love helping with relationship advice. i'm good in that department. so, ask me on the site or if its really personal or something you can email me by clicking here.
this sites screename is ohxthexdramaaaa soo. have fun and i will answer as many questions as i can. (:




I'm wanting to be an Ultrasound Technician. I've done my research, and know what's required to become one, but my problem is I don't know which college I need to go to.

I'm supposed to complete an accredited vocational or community college 2 year degree program for Ultrasound Technology. I live close to 2 community colleges and a vocational school. Lonesome Pine Community College no longer has the Sonography program, so I can't go there. I'm pretty positve the vocational school doesn't have the classes I need either. Mountain Empire is another college I live close enough to go to, but I'm not sure if they have the program I need either. I've looked in their book of programs and classes they offer, and couldn't find it. But I was just wondering how to find out if they have the class or not. I've already googled, and couldn't find it.

But if anyone knows of any other colleges or vocational schools around that area, could you help me out? Also, if anyone knows if a 4 year college would have a program that I could take?

hahahha wow. that 13 year old SUUURe knew what they we talking about.
anyways, if you are unsure if a college you are looking at has the sonography program you can always call the campus, or set up a meeting with the dean, or dean secretary. and a 4 year college would have a wider range of classes, so you are morel likely to find the course you are looking for at a 4 year.

hope i helped a little.
hopefully more than doglover... (:


alright, i need major help. i want a ferret so, so bad. but my parents say NO. i need your help to persuade them to say YES. i need to make them see my side of the story. their side is my older step-brother had a ferret and it stunk really bad and he left it with his parents when he went to college. and they say he only got a ferret because they didnt know what ferrets were like, but now that they had one... you know they dont want another in this house. but i think i can take better care of my ferret and keep the smell down. and our parents were also upset about the ferret tearing up the couch and ruining the carpet. but i told her i would keep it in its cage most the time, and keep an eye on it when i let him out. plus i said id keep it in my room.
i got a dog once, and i didnt completely keep my word about taking care of it because my parents took over that job for me, they didnt even give me a chance to take care of it myself, they automatically fed it and everything.
so it's hard to persuade my parents, they really dont negotiate very much. and they feel very strongly about this ferret thing. so i need your help to help them see my side and persuade them into saying freakin YES.

you could mention that you can get him descented. this takes out the scent gland that makes them stink. and also that you will tkae good care of it yatta yatta. like te other girl said. (:

hope i helped a little. (:


hey ok im really scared Becvause i think i might have gotten this girl pregnant i went to her house at night and i was really drunk we had unprotected sex for seriously like 1 minute and i pulled out because i wanted a condom i wasnt even close to cumming cuz i t wasnt that great..i dont know if i pre cummed and thats what im scared about but i was drunk and u ejaculated earlier that day but like i said i was drunk and was peeing ALOT did this clean out the leftover sperm? and could she pregnant? and she DID take the morning after poill

its VERY unlikely, especialy with all the factors you mentioned. also, you were most likely peeing a lot because you had a lot of alcohol in your system and your body was just trying to flush it out. i wouldnt worry about it. but, i know how scary that can be. ask her about her menstral cycle. if it just ended within a week or so, that lowers the chance even more. you might also want to have her take a pregnancy test, just for the sake of it.

im sure your fine. ive been in this same position before (only in the girls place) and was scared half to death.
but its all in your head. im sure you have nothing to worry about.(:

good luck.
keep me updated!


is a turbo straightener good? and is it better than those other ones? also is a turbo a ceramic also? or not? if not, which is better?

sryy lots of questions but hey! i wanna know! P

turbos are good if you have coarse hair or want to straighten your hair extremely fast. the heat power is a lot higher than regular straighteners. and is pretty damaging. all the ceramic does is make your hair shiney ad silky. so if you are thinking about getting a turbo, i suggest a ceramic.

hope i helped!
feel free to ask questions! (:


whats a music mixxer that completely free and downloadable that i can mix cheerleading music with? PLEASEEEEEEE


its kinda had to follow, but once you get it, it works really well.


I have 2 "bffs". They are sorta mean to me, but not all the time. I tried to talk to them before but they call me the mean one, which they have no right to do cuz I am sooooooo nice to them. I don't really wanna be friends with them anymore. I have some really close friends who are guys and i want to be really good friends with them. They are so much nicer to me.How do i get rid of my old bffs without being mean? And how do I become bffs with guys without looking like an idiot?? THANKS

if you really dont want to come straight out and say "hey, i dont wanna be your friend anymore" or anything like that, just kind of "drift", if you know what i mean. start hanging out with other people, and whenever your old 'friends' ask to hangout, just tell them your busy, or you cant, or something. then it wont be like you guys are enemies, you just wont be realrealreal close anymore. youll be more like aquantances. however you spell that. (:

hope i helped. (:


I take pointe. A few months ago, I bought my first pointe shoes and toe pads. My shoes don't fit my feet well at all because I was fitted improperly. I also didn't like my toe pads. Do any dancers on this site have any reccomendations for shoes and toepads? If it helps you, I have a wide foot and a very good arch. Thanks!

all i can say about your shoe is get refitted somewhere else. you need your shoes to fit very well to be safe. depending on where you live, you may have to travel a little bit (within the city, of course), but its necessary. Some dependable brands include Block, Capezio, Grishko, Gamba, etc.

As far as pads go, i perfer gel. But others may perfer plain foam pad. You can also get lambs wool pad or just loose lambs wool. It real helps you cushion your toes. ITs also really good for a wide foot or bunions.

I hope I helped! IF you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask!


okay so i just got my braces off and i have a permanent retainer behind my like 5 bottom middle teeth and behing my two front teeth on the top. you can't see the retainers because theyre like inside my mouth, behind my teeth. do you think it's going to be a problem when i'm making out with someone. like do you think they'll feel it?

flat out no.
haha trust me.
i have those too.
i asked my boyfriend and everything.
he had no idea i had a perm retainer.
no worries.


what are some 'fun' things you can do at a mall

and i mean with your boyfriendd! and you know..
not just talk and hang and shop and stuff.

i mean have some fun
we already went in a elevator! so know any other places?


well you mean like have 'fun'?
if so, movies is alwaysss a good bet. (:


when I'm upside down, and my legs are raised up, then when I go down, my vagina will fart?
Is this bad? I think it's hilarious, but is this bad or anything?

Thanks A Bunch!

hahahahha yeah its completely normal.
its just that whenever you lay back
with your legs open, air can get in your vagina,
and this when you sit up,
well, you know the rest. ha


I'm one of those people whose against drugs. I really don't see why people do them, and I really can't stand the fact that a lot of my peers are starting to get into it.

That doesn't bug me, they can ruin their lives if they want. The only person who I've found out has done weed is this boy whose a great friend of mine, really sweet, and I kind of have a teeny crush on. I really want to be with him, but not if he does drugs. He knows I know hes done drugs (he came online one time totally "canned")

I didn't think much of it until a couple days ago, where this girl I know brought it up to me.
I want to talk to him about it, but not be such a mom, like "Drugs ruin your life! Do you want a future?" just like friend to friend...but I really don't know what to say or do.
I'd really like it if I could get the message across that I dissaprove without actually telling him directly.
Please help me.

well i didnt really want to read the other answer hhaa so she may have covered this already butttt. ive had a bunch of people like this in my life. and just tell them that you care about them and you dont want them t oget hurt.
like "i dont know what id do if something happened to you." or "i really care about you, and im worried..." blah blah blah. ha. i dont know if that helped. but hopefully it makes a lightbulb go on in your head or something.

hope i helped. (:


I know I definitely want to get my hair done for school. My natural hair is very very lightly wavy, but only when I towel-dry it. When I blow dry my hair it gets sooo frizzy and I have a very nice conair straightener that I could use but it doesn't really help the frizz.
this is what my hair looks like now: http://i19.tinypic.com/6d03gcm.jpg
(this is when I round-brush blow dry it...which is very rare)

I want to get my hair wave permed because whenever my hair is wavy it always looks the best.

i want waves like this:

obviously my hair isn't as long as hers, but it is the same color

i was wondering if you think that would look good or if you have any other suggestions!


honestly, i would do it.
it looks good, but a perm wont look like that.
and you say its gets frizzy if you blow dry it.
thats just because its drying your hair out.
the perm will dry it out even more.
and it ruins your hair.

if you want waves like that, use a medium sized curling iron all over and the brush it out with your fingers and mist all over with hair spray. it may take some practice if you arent used to curling your hair, but it will look WAYYY better than a perm.

perms NEVER turn out the way you imagine. i promise!

i hope i helped. (:


kay so like.. i really need some ideas on something to wear when im going on a date. like ive been on about 3 dates with this guy.. and like im running out of ideas on what to wear ahah. even though i have a ton of clothes im just like so confused. any ideas??

let me just tell you, no matter who you are going with, or where you are going, your guy will TOTALLY love it if you just wear a very simple shirt and jeans. if you have a classic rock band tee, that even better.

guys go CRAZY if you are just laid back.

hope i helped. (:


does anyone know how you remove the space where extented network and blogs use to be? b/c i have them hidden, but the space is still there.
help & thanks.

yeah you can!!!!
(: ahah i have the code in mine.
here it is.

.movingaboutme {display:none; visibility:hidden;}

put that in the very top of your about me. (:


I have a bad probelem. Ok. so I have been datting this boy for almost 9 months. And three days ago I have started talking to this new guy. he used to be really mean in school but now he is all sweet. and he told me that my hair is beautiful and he give's out a lot of complements. and he is so sweet and told me changed. and we talked on the phone last night tell 4:00 in the morning. and talked about people in our school who we would make out with. and I aksed him this girl and me and he said me. so.. I like this guy a lot but yet I love my boyfriend.I just kinda want a change beucase I have been with this kid for 9 months! and I dont know what to do. Im scared if me and the new guy go out and then he will dump me and I will miss my old boyfriend. I just really dont know what to do. Please help me !

Thankks a lot
Fe-male 13

well, this may not be what you want to hear,
but TRUST ME. if you are even considering
dumping your "9 month guy", you should.

i was in a similair situtation,
and i didnt break up wit hmy boyfriend (for other reasons), and it just seemed to drag on and onnnn.

and your only 13.
so look at the bright side.
if you do take a chance
by following your heart,
and it DOESNT work out with the other guy,
you still have your whole life to live.

just do what you think is right.
what have you got to loose?
you havent even lived a 3rd
of your life yet. just try to have fun
dont stay in a relationship if it is forced
and uncomfortable. (:

i hope i helpeddd.


hey ive heard that once you start having sex you hav to go to to the ginecologist to get cheked every certain time about some diseases that can only affect woman , not like std's but other kind of diseases that you can have when your sexually active, is this true??

well. sort of.
your supposed to start seeing a gyno
once you have become sexual active.
they dont check for anything specific.
welll. i mean they check for cancerous (sp?)
cells, and other stuff, too.
they do something called a pap smear
(read more here:
to make sure everything is working right. (:

i really hope i helped.
let me know if theres
anything else you need.


What's the best cough syrup or pill? I want something that will kid rid of like a dry cough, fast. Thanks!

theres these things called
"cold ezee" drops, and they work well.
they taste kinda weird. i would suggest
"tropical" one. its the only kinda good on.
they dont work magic or anything,
but they deffinataly speed up the curing time.
they can be found almost anywhere.

hope i helped. let me know if
i can help anymore. (:


(Sorry I have a lot of questions)

Ok so I think I'm on my period now but heres the thing, I've been haveing discharge but nothings comming out. It's been light brown or normal brown colored but yesterday I saw a couple drops of red. Why isn't anything comming out? I try to push it out but that doesn't work. It's been like this for a few days. Could still be caused from stress?

no no no.
well most likely its just your period.
especially if its your first time getting itttt.
cause the blood has jsut dried a little bit. and blood looks brown when it dries.

dont worry about it.
PLEASEEEE let me know if theres
anything else you need. im here. (:


does anybody have a myspace music site
where I can download the song
by lily allen
off of ?? :]

there arent any. haha i looked everywhere.
i would suggest just getting limewire.
the have just about every song you can imagine.
but only if oyu have a pretty good virus scanner thingy. cause it can carry virsues if you download a spam song. (but they arent that bad) ive got limewire. its basically amazing.

hope i helped. (:


okay, i've liked this guy since like the beggining of 6th grade. were in 9th grade now, so about 3 and a half years. we have gone out before and he told me i was the only girl he ever loved..but he has only gone out with one girl since we broke up. he knows i sitll love him b c i tell him all the time but like thursday? night he asked me if i would be mad if he got a girlfriend, i said no, because its his choice and not mine & even though he'll get a girlfriend, ill always love him he said alright. then i just bursted into tears. i have no iudea what to say. i love him with all myheart. what should ido

well i agree with everything the last girl said EXCEPT for the last part about meant to be.

i beleive that some things are meant to be, but they dont just happen with out you try. you can just be like, "well i believe in god and he wont elt me go poor" and sit on your butt. cause if you do, YOU WILL GO POOR! you understand where im gonig wit hthis?? you have to work for it.

let him know how you feel. calll him one night and, very casually, tell him how you feel.

i was going through the same thing but i said something, and found out we were both feeling the same thing! he's my everything.

you should really just speak up! GOOD LUCK!



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