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hey everyone!im kayy,im always here to help.i love giving advice and one day i hope to be a therapist or something like that :]ive been thru alott and pretty much know what im dealing with. i couldnt live without my is liife. need help?!feel free to ask
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15/female, alright well see me and this boy have been talking for about two weeks going on three, he asked me out but i said no, so we're just talking now, anyway's see here's the problem i have a feeling that he's a "PLAYER" like i don't know why, in a way i do in a way i don't my friend said he tried talking to her last week but i mean he's real nice and he always want's to hang out and he already asked me out, but idk i mean it doesnt make any sence does it? really he's nice he and he say's all the right thing's but WTFFFFFFFFFF dude all i wanna know is should i cut it off here or should i just wait to see how he really is, i don't wanna get "played" but i also don't wanna lose something thay might be a good thing for and too me ya know, uhm any kind of help would do me great work :]

thank you for reading :] -xoxo (link)
i think you should take a chance with him and see what happens. worst comes to worst you get played. but he sounds like a good guy. if he already asked you out and if he keeps wanting to hang it shows hes committed. if there's one thing people regret in life its not taking the chances that they should have.if you really think things could work out, don't let this pass you by.

i dont really know how to explain this, but you know when you raise your eye brows and you get these rolls on your forehead? i have those prefermently, not bad, but they could get worse. does anyone know how to get rid of them? (link)
there are some anti wrinkle creams that you could use. i recommend the neutrogena healthy skin anti-wrinkle intensive spf 20.

here's the link:

I have this friend that is a very jealous woman over her husband. I am one of her husband's favorite people to talk to, but we have not talked in a very long time because he got a new job halling traliers across the country. I don't have any type of communication with him, but I do get to talk to her all of the time. She is actually more like a mother to me, or I thought. He recently came home for a visit and had dinner with her, some more friends and myself. After dinner she had to go somewhere and he went back home I am assuming, I went off and played with some of my friends and then went and talked to a classmate about some homework. According to my roomate she came up to her and asked her where I was in a angry or worried tone. She has never asked where I was before? My roommate said that maybe it is because she suspects that something is going on between her husband and I but that is totally bizarre and disgusting on so many levels. I don't know what to do, and I am afriad to ask her since all she told me when I got back with her was "I was just wondering where you were that's all" What should I do? And what are the likely thoughts of my friend? (link)
you need to make it blatantly clear that there is NOTHING whatsoever going on between you and her husband. let her know that you two are just friends and nothing more. explain it calmly to her and let her know that she can trust you. let her know how you feel about her husband [that he's JUST your friend and he's like a brother to you]. make sure you pick a good time (i.e. when you two are alone and her husband is out of town) that way she knows that you arent with him and it gives you two a better chance to talk. you may want to confirm your suspicions before you talk to her because she may overreact if you approach her out of the blue. best of luck

ok i need help does anyone know were i can get the spray on tan stuff and which kind should i
get because im like really white . thankies (link)
hey i know how you feel, im extremely pale cuz im irish..ive tried tanning lotions and they don't work.friends at my school go to tanning beds but those are so bad for your skin. the best tan is definitely a natural one.wait for a nice hot sunny day and use a sun tan lotion that is only like spf 30 or may burn a little because of your skin color [that happens to me] but then after that youll tan.

HI!! umm..okay i used to like this guy named drew and i told him and he says he just wants to be now we're friends and i think that im pretty much bordering the over him line..when i told my friend ariel that she said that she is "fallin" for him...and i am seriously not okay with that and i let her no but she dont care..she told me that at the vandy and uk game he winked at her, but i have had guys wink at me and they didnt like me...i dont know if he likes her, i dont want to think that...its not fair, the one with the guts to say something about it doesnt get him but the one that sits back and does nothing probably isnt there some rule or law saying that a best friend shouldnt date a crush,ex, or any thing like that...she says that she dont think he likes me and that he likes her more, and they went on a trip with a club, i was gonna go but i couldnt, and suposedly they hung out and got to know one another better, i dont know what to summary...

1)does he like her you think??
2)do you think its right that she likes him??
3)what should i do??
4)do you think she is saying all of that just to make me jealous?? (link)
i understand what your saying when your practically over him but you dont want her to like still have some feelings for him and your not really ready yet to let your friend like him.thats understandable.

ok im starting with your 4th question first.
to me it definitely sounds like shes trying to make you jealous or mad.ive had this happen to my friends really just sounds like shes trying to get you to give up on drew all together.she obviously doesnt want you to like him or even think about him like that. but idk why..maybe shes worried that he could start to like you.

1)its hard to tell if he likes her or just cause a guy winks,doesnt mean he likes her, ive had guys wink at me before but they didnt have a crush on me.sometimes it just means they want some from you..but that isnt always the careful because she may be over exxagerating things to make it sound like hes into her when he might not be..he might just see her as a friend.

2)i dont think its "wrong" of her to like him..cause you cant help who you thats uncontrollable.but it was wrong of her to tell you all of those things the way she sounds like shes trying to make you mad and that definitely isnt cool.

3)talk to her about it.tell her how your feeling. it might be hard but you have to let her know..if she really is your friend she'll listen to what you have to return you should also listen to her.

good luck! =]

I need to get my bgf a really good gift and we are really close if you know what i mean. But he can't date. We will probably date later so it's pretty much a gift for a boyfriend. Anyway he loves hockey and the Penguins and totally loves Sidney Crosby if that helps. He loves the Steelers too and the Pens. But im a girl and not into sports and dont know what to get him! He likes video games too but i dont know what he has or would want. I could get him a giftcard but i want it to be personal. But not cologne. I got him an iTunes giftcard for his bday cause he loves music and i know some stuff he likes like Fall out Boy and Bon Jovi but i dont know what to do with the stuff I know he likes! lol thanks sooo much! :] (link)
hmm...since you know he's like into sports and stuff you could buy him like a Steelers Jersey.. or a Penguins im sure they have plenty of them at sports authority, modell's, dicks sporting goods,etc.try and find out like who is favorite player is on either of those teams and buy one of their jerseys.

and for music you could find out more bands that he likes and buy him a new CD if they have one coming out.

hope this helps

Hey there! Ok, first off, yes this is under the wrong category...but what can you do if there isn't the right category for it. Anyway

So, I can upgrade my cell to get a new one. But I have a problem...I don't know what cell to get, I have Verizon and I really do want to Juke. But...I don't know if I should get it because of how new it is and if there are any problems and yadda yadda. I love cells that can have something that entertains me, like how the Juke opens, I would have so many ADD moments with it.
However, I really want a full keyboard thing for my I have a problem cause I don't know what cell to get...

So if any of you guys can help me out, I would really love it, and if anyone has a Juke or a certain phone, please tell me the pros and cons for it so I can get a really great phone!

Thanks so much!! ^^ (link)

^ok click this link and it has like alll of the verizon cell phones that you can get...and next to each phone there is a box that you can check off and next to it it says compare..

click the box next to the juke and click the box next to the ENV and then click compare.

i personally recommend the has music speakers and alot of other stuff.

hope i helped :]

well my guy friend clay is 20 and he and i talk to each other alot!well my friends say he wouldnt waist his time on me if he didnt like me...does he?well he told me that he cant wait to see me and he like talks to me alot.but im 14 so is that bad?well i love him and he said he likes me to.. i dont wanna get him into trouble..but he realy wnts to come out to my town and hes gonna fly out to see me!!! well i need help and or advise!!??

love shtruck... (link)
yeah sorry honey but this has bad idea written all over it.
hes 20,your 14.illegal.
--have you ever even met in person?if you guys just talk on like myspace or w/e then you dont even know if he really is 20
--i agree with the person who wrote before me..why cant he land a girl his own age?
--do your parents know?how would ou explain this to them?

if you two really do love each other then good luck.just be careful and dont let him pressure you into anything. and just to be safe dont meet up with him by yourself..bring an older friend or an adult.

good luck

There is this guy I really like, and I kindof think he likes me, too. I'm in 7th grade, and I am 13 years old. I don't want to tell him I like him because there is always a chance that he doesn't like me back. How do I find out if he likes me? (link)
of course with everyone there is always the chance that the guy may not like you back. keep flirting with him and see if he flirts back. if its obvious to you and your friends that he likes you,go for it. try and become friends with his good buds so then they like you too.if you become good friends with them then they could probably tell you if he likes you.

good luck!

im 14 and i need to get money for the holidays to buy people presents, i'm aiming to get 200 dollars by like december 10th? and i need ideas on how to earn it (link)
go get a job.
the holidays are coming up so lots of people are looking to hire.
if you live in an area where it snows alot,offer to shovel people's driveways for them.

i'm in a reallyyy bad position in a love triangle.

guy one and i have been friends the same amount of time guy two and i have been friends [i met them at the same time.] well, in around march, guy one started liking me, and i was totally flattered except i didn't like him at the time. in fact, i liked guy two.

well, about a month ago, i found out guy two likes me too. so now, guy and guy two like me. but i stopped liking guy two a long time ago.

guy one is really heartbroken that he found out that i used to like guy two & that guy two likes me now.

i know for a fact i dont like guy one, but guy one likes me more than guy two. and guy two is way hotter than guy one.

they were both my really good friends, and i can't tell them both that i don't like either of them cause i'm leaning towards guy two. but i had another totally different crush who was NEITHER of these guys. i've never liked guy one, but guy one is so sweet and he always calls me beautiful, but guy two has a lot more experience with girls and likes me a lot less.

i don't know what i want. (link)
dont go out with either of them.

you obviously dont like guy one..and if you went out with him youd just be leading him on..just tell him you want to be friends.
guy two: if he likes you alot less,then why go out with him?i dont think you want him either..liike you used to like and now he likes you..but you dont like him..
yeah i say tell both of them you just want to be friends right now.

where is the cheapest place you can get northface fleece jackets from? i tried ebay, but they don't have the tan one that i really want. thanks so much! (link)
hm well i know that you can get north faces in like sports authority or dick's sporting goods or on

ive actually been looking into getting one and the cheapest fleece i can find on any of these 3 sites is $165. but im sure with the holidays coming up there will be sales.

hope this helped a little!

I have REALLY oily skin.
Like I wash it and everything, and take pretty good car of it. I wear makeup.
i just need someway to stop it from getting so oily in like my 4th period class, thats when it really starts. any facewashes or powders that will help? thankz. (link)
the clean and clear oil absorbing sheets are a good idea! if those dont work for you, you can also get stridex pads.they remove dirt and oil from you skin really well.
you may also want to try buying non- comedogedic [[i think thats how you spell it]] makeup. this basically means that it doesnt have as much oil in it as other make up. i use nutrogena non-comedogedic foundation and it works so well! hope that helps

does anyone know how to fade an aim profiles' backround? kind of like this:
or this:

i know how to fade text, just not backround color (link)
background fading is practically the same as fading text.
you just apply the colors to the background instead,its really easy.
like for the link that you gave, they started with one color,then dragged it over a little, and changed the background color for each line until they finished.

in case you didnt know how to get the background color,depending on what aim you have, you highlight the text..then either right click it and look for a button that says something like "background color" ooorrrrr there is a button at the top of the toolbar.

i babysit alot and sometimes i run out of stuff to do with them Please tell me some games or ect. to do with them thankz (link)
i babysit too and the kids are always looking for stuff to do.
if theyve got any board games ask them if they want to play one or if they want to watch a movie.
i usually do the movie thing because then i dont really have to do much work and the kids are entertained.
idk how old the kids are youre talking about but if theyre young enough read them a book.they love it. if its ok with their parents let them go outside and play.but just make sure they stay in the backyard and dont go in thru the front.
if they like sports ask them to play you in a game of [[whatever they play]].of course, let them win. haha.
hope this helped a little!

im on the left
how do i make my extensions look better and more real ?
and how do i get my hairr bigger?

thank you. :]]] (link)
i think your extensions look good!
but if you want to make them look more real you could try getting more and put them within your real hair.also,since your real hair is thicker than the extensions you could cut your real hair vertically to make it thinner so it goes with your extensions better.
to make your hair bigger you can try curling to give it a full look or blow dry it so it gets kinda poofy.

school started like a week or so ago, and there is this guy who sits next to me in one of my classes, and i think he is so nice and irrisistable. I want to get his attention and be able to talk to him, and him want to talk to me. I have started one conversation about his favorate sport football, and it went well, but the thing is is that he is one of the really nice popular boys, and he probably gets this attention all the time. so i want to know how can i be that special girl? how can i be that one girl that he cant resist?
start talking to him more about things you know he likes.and whatever subject your in,if your struggling a bit you can always ask him to tutor you :]
but dont seem desparate where like youre just dying to find anyway to talk to him at all every day.
definitely become more outgoing and flirt a little with other people in the class besides him too, and he'll notice your personality. if you can,become friends with his friends and get into his group.he'll definitely notice you then.

hope i helped!!

Okay so I want to know when my true love might come along. Because I've been searching and no guy is right, I always find a flaw in every guy. I want to find that one guy that makes me happy and doesn't turn me off. Not a lot of guys want to go out with me. I don't think it's because I'm ugly. People tell me I'm pretty all the time but it's just I'm 14. So am I too young to have a boyfriend? If so then when is it time??? (link)
like alot of 14 year old girls,youre looking for true love.i cant blame you for that because im 14 too and im also looking.

but you have to remember that no one is perfect and every guy has his flaw.if youre looking for the perfect guy,you may never find him.its great to like a guy for all of the good things about him,but you have to learn to accept his imperfections.

in my opinion, youre not too young to have a boyfriend. most people start dating around 12-14. i dont really think it matters what age you are, you just have to be ready to have a boyfriend. you cant really predict when its time,but when its right youll know it.

does anyone know where i can get the code to the default myspace layout but the 'skinny' kind? thanks! (link)

also, you can try finding myspace members that make layouts and all that stuff. most of them whore other layout makers so you can get some good sites from that too.

I appologize for the length in advance. I have a friend "dave" who wants to move into our apartment with me and my other friend "mike." Me and dave are constantly getting in fights, and he's pretty much an alcoholic.Dave was gonna move in until he decided not to move out of the dorms. But he's living with Mike this summer and he loves the new apartments. Now he's begging me and Mike to send letters to the campus housing people to request him to come next year (it's his only ticket out of the dorms). I told him I would send them a request, but now I'm seriously having second thoughts. I dont want to have him drinking all the time in our apartment (where it is prohibited) and be bugging us all the time. BTW, mike and dave somewhat get along but dave always says stupid stuff to mike, so its kinda rocky between them too. Anyway, should I call the campus and request that Dave not move in? Should I try to confront Dave about it and just say that we'd be screwed the first time we have a fight? Also if I do nothing, I'm pretty sure Dave would get into our apartment, and then it'd be a year of hell for us. I dont want to hurt his feelings, but it seems like anything I do or say would do just that. Thanks (link)
well i think you should tell dave that you dont want him to move int. just explain things out to him and have mike there too. if things are rocky between you and dave he probably shouldnt move in. and if things are kinda rocky between mike and dave then that would only cause bigger problems.
you should also just request that dave not move in with you guys.because theres a chance that he'll request to move in with you and mike.

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