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Heyy everyone

I made up this quiz about Canada. Just some really easy questions for anyone to answer basically testing their knowledge on our country. Its quick and simple, and i just wanted to know if anyone is intrested to take this quiz, just tell me here, and i will send it to you via your inbox. Easy challenge for anyone to try out and i will tell you your score after.
Thanks! (link)
you can send me it. lol . i love watching shows from canada, like instant star, degrassi, and the best years!

ok so me and 3 other of my friends are making a band and we need the perfect name. i wouldnt say we are emo but we are a punk rock band if that helps. i need some names for the banmd like can someone list me some potential(possible) band names. we want it to be weird like yellow card, my chemical romance, and greenday. like we want weird names. we are 15 and 16 if that helps. thnaks alottt. i rate! (link)
Heres one.

"Pink Mascara" or "Jumping Over the Rail"

These are copywrighted so if used, you need our permission and we want credit. Thanks


I have side bangs and to keep them together i use hairspray but then they look greasy. I see tons of girls who look like they dont use hairspray but how to they keep them together? (link)
Hey. My friend has side bangs. Just straighten them to the direction they're supposed to be going to beut don't olh the straightener there to long or you'll fry your hair. Hope this helps


Is there any good book you recomened? I love sad books, and I'm 13, any ideas? (link)
Hey. My friend is really into books by Lurlene McDaniel. She writes a lot of books about kids with life altering illnesses, and many problems and challenges and they always make her cry. She's a really good author so check them out!


Okay i like this song but i dont know who sings it nor what is the title

I am pretty sure its Cascada though... because it had that whole techno/dance beat to it

and i am not good at remembering lyric but only part I remember is

"We are in heaveennnnn"

so somebody please help? (link)
Its the dance techno version of heave by dj sammy.
theres also a slower version too.

I need a good file sharing program that will allow me to download videos and such and I will also need a File converter so I can convert my videos that I download onto my iPod video !

thank you so much !!! (link)
download the video player
and the DIVx video converter

My screen name is really old and I need a new one. Can you guys help me think of some? My name is Jackie and my middle name is marie. It doesn't HAVE to marie in it though.

PLEASE don't give me ones that are all girly like
xoxJaCkIeMaRiexox or xXxBaByJaCkiexox
No offence if you like those but that isn't my syle. Like i really don't want x and o in it.

do you think thejacster is corny? lol (link)
oh cool my cousins name is jackie.

xO0 JACKiE Mx3
oh em gee its jackie
jackiee x mariee
JACKIE x _ _ _ (insert numbers)

does anybody know how to get pictures from my phone to my computer?

i know you can acess 'my album'

my phone is a t619 by tmobile. (link)
go to send pictures or picture message. . and then hit send.. and when u type in the number type in ur email.

Can anyone think of what to say for fuck off instead of using the word fuck off?

Somebody said fire truck..pretty lame!

Needs to start with an f and is one sylabol and goes with the word off =S

And can someone answer my question called Topical Sillicone Gel? It's a very important question but for two days it hasn't been on the BE THE FIRST ONE TO ANSWER or QUESTIONS THAT MIGHT NEED MORE ANSWERS. (link)
i have the same problem. so in school i say..

flip you
fagg you
fudge you
fluck you
frick you

hope this helps

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