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My name is Amanda. My life is pretty much boring! I like to go to the beach whenever i can. Watch the sun set. I'm a weirdo but people love me! I love sports. My favorite one is Football! I love to play soccer, softball, run, volleyball, basketball, and yea.
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how to get on myspace when at school (link)
I did this all the time.. I'll give you some proxies...

and the best one to go to that i would advise you to go first is

This site gives you multipul sites. so if the first one doesn't work just keep clicking until you find one.

But be sure when you use these to Hide your cookies. Because the advisors or whoever looks at your stuff can see where you've been.

alright; so me and my friend like the same boy, well couple days ago he found out i like him and pretty much told my friend he wanted to hang out so we hung out friday and i got his number and he got mine we have been talking and last night he told me he likes me but i can't do that to my friend my BEST friend, i mean i really like him i just dont want to mess up our friendship and this sucks because i like him a whole lot, but heres the thing he said he doesnt even know her like that and he doesnt know why she likes him because thay don't know eachother and she likes alot of other people so my friends are telling me to go for it but i just don't know, like i like him ALOTT; what should i do? -please let me know.

thank you (link)
This happened to me too. But I went for it. But it's a long story on why. If you wanna know just email me and i'll let you know how it went down. But I would talk to your friend and tell her whats going down. But it's like you said if they don't know eachother like that then what's the point. If she's a best friend I would think she would understand. But this is excatally what happened to me.
--Hope this helped.

when you smoke cigars do you get a buzz like you do with cigarettes? i've heard both...? (link)
Yeah, way more than cigarettes.

what is w.e? saw it on a question. (link)
Usually w.e stands for what ever.

Hello .
Right now,My mom hates me. She hits me and doesn't love me.
She wants to put me up for adoption.
Do you know what age you can be put up for adoption in California.
Thanks. (link)
I'm sorry to hear that your mom doesn't like you. But in california it doesn't really matter what age. You can get put up for any age. You should call 911 if she REALLY hits you. Best of luck to you. hope this helped

i wanted to see this movie but my parents wont allow it. whats in it thats so bad? explain please. (link)
This movie isn't that bad but only some parts it has sex scenes. It's dosen't like show anything(body part wise) But it still gives off what they are doing.

hey. well, i'm 14/f. and this year i'm going to be going into high school. and i'm really scared about being around all of the older kids and stuff, but thats not what i'm most scared about. i'm scared about sex. this probably sounds really stupid to some ppl, but i don't care. i really want to wait until marraige, but there is so much pressure in high school, i don't want to do something i know i don't want to do. i mean, i don't even know if i'll have a boyfriend or anything, but if i do, i want him to be someone who won't pressure me. how can i have good judgement. please help. and any other good advice about high school will be much appreactiated. thanks a bunch!!!! (link)
Since your waiting until marrige. When you find a guy that you like, make sure that they know that you don't want to have sex or anything like that. If they don't want to wait then don't stay with them. Most guys want sex but if you wait to find the right one and tell them thaty ou want to wait and they understand then there are the right ones. I really hope this made since.

All of my boyfriend's friends tell me I'm ugly and he can do so much better than me. What are some ways I can improve the way I look? I just don't think I look pretty.

here are a couple of pictures of me (my hair isn't blonde and brown anymore it's dark brown/auburn)¤t=DSC00108.jpg¤t=l_77a2cb1b3f4578957a051490d299f973.jpg

Those are the only pictures I have that you can really see my face (link)
Your really pretty and if any guy doesn't see that their stupid. Don't listen to what they say, because their wrong. I don't think you should change the way you look. Your really pretty, and don't let any stupid guys tell you other wise.

ALYZZA (link)
You lo0ve me? I thought this was someone else. Not you but yea i'm loud. and whut would you do without me? LoL.

so this girl amanda shes pretty much a lot of fun can you tell me about her (link)
Well it depends on what you want to know about her. I know she likes the beach. Hanging out, movies, random phone calls. She's very random. She hates chocolate! But she's VERY! loud.

well for my project we're doing the 5 senses and I was wondering if anyone knows of any websites where they have free images of moving eyes that I can put onto my powerpoint.

thanks! (link)

Basically what i did to find these was go onto photobucket and type in "moving eyes" or "animated eyes" and thats how i found those

how long will it take a girl to figure out if she wants to go out with me because she likes me and i like her but she said she needs to think about it so what should i do to up my chances of me and her going out or actually convince her to go out with me ?

(does this question make sense to anybody out there?)

sorry if its not worded good
thanks in advance (link)
Before my boyfriend and I went out we both liked eachother and stuff. But I told him I had to think about things. You should just let her think. Becuase usually when a girl needs to think they need to think. But this is only my point of view. Cuz my boyfriend went threw the same thing with me. And nothing he was going to say or do was going to stop me from thinking. I hope this made since. And helped.

theres this song i hear on the radio frequently and it starts off as

badadada badadada badadada da da da take a look at my girlfriend...etc

whats the name of the song (link)

Please help i want my period to start im 13 how do i?
thanks in advance. (link)
I don't think you can.

Okay, so Jordin Sparks (my personal fave) won American Idol last night.

While I think Jordin is certainly a better singer than Blake Lewis, I think Blake is a better all-around entertainer.

Who do you think should have won?

(I'm just trying to get opinions here.) (link)
I personally think that Blake whould of won. I mean sometimes he could of sucked, but others he was like amazing!!! But I do think that blake should of won!

whats it called when you sign a contract, with other people, and it states that the last living person can keep whatever the contract is for. like in the simpsons? with the flying hellfish. thanks a lot (link)
to me what your talking about is a will. But I could be wrong

are hiv and aids the same thing? or what are they im confused (link)
hiv is the virus that causes aids.

how do i let this girl that i love so much tell her that i do. shes so beautiful. I dont want to freak her out. but i want to let her know that i do.
I love you (link)
Well first I think you should give her little hints. ;) Talk to her more. Get to know her more. And if you feel that she likes you back. Then you should take it easy and work your way closer to her. Once you feel the time is right. You should tell her. So if you close enough it shouldn't really freak her out. Hope this worked!
‚ô•love ya

I asked a question earlier about txting plans with verizon, and i got a lot of good answers. i have looked on the site and stuff, and i know that i want the plan that has like 500 txts for like 5 dollars or something like that, but i dont know how to get it. weve had our phones for about 5 months now, and i dont know how to get it! can i get it online? do i need to go to the store? if i can order it online, a link would be helpful. Thanks.

I rate too.!! (link)
I know you can go to radio shack and ask them if they can change it. You might be able to go online and do it. Just go to your plan, like sign in and stuff. Then try and go threw your plan and add it. But I think it would be easier to either go to the verzion store. Or Radio shack.

randomly stopped working on my computer one night a few weeks ago
its not my email/password because i had my friends try all their accounts on it and it still didnt work
what happens is you go to the home page like usual, then go to log in, type everything in and then when you hit log in it keeps bringing you back to the same page

i tryed proxy sites too and they dont seem to work
any idea on how to fix this?
thank you (link)
You might have a virus on your computer.

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