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Q: What do u do when a misunderstanding occurs, how do u get a friend to realize that it is was misunderstanding and to trust you again.
first off depends what you did.... and the best thing is to either let it pass or write or note explaining yourself,if the person doesn't want to talk to you .....maybe give them some space and tehy will come to you, and I f they don't believe it was a misunderstanding then they must not be a true friend, thye should give you the time of day as if you would them. hope I helped. still unsure write back

Q: me and my guy friend are rele tight so when my aunt was murdered i went to his house and cried literally on his shoulder. so any way emotions got really heavy and i ended up kisin him and i left embrassed and he has a gf so he told her because he is such a good person and she told every one eles they a re having problems now becuz of this and now im known as the "homewrecker" it sux cuz i just experienced a great loss
what should i do
not to be mean or anything but if you knew he had a girlfriend you shouldn't have done it, even in the worst of times such as that.....and sorry for your loss. i hope that this problem passes you and goes away. hope I helped... leave feedback if yur still unsure

Q: ok does anyone know any good fast-like dance dance revolution songs? something like Butterfly and Waka Laka. i dunno i just some how developed a taste for this kind of music happened when i first tried that DDR machine :P. OH! while im talking about DDR is it possible to order/buy those machines? i want one in my basement lol. though are there..say shorter ones? cause the ones that are found at arcades seem pretty tall and maybe it wont fit well in my basement. i dont know about you guys, call me a loser but those things are kind of fun :P. also i think they might make a good addition to my excercising routines. if it is possible to buy one, what stores can they be possibly found at? i live in masschusetts if that helps.
Ok well to start with I LOVE DDR!!!!! I think its the best game ever invented and yea DDR is a good exercise routine I use it all the time for exercise and i love it......on the wanting to buy it my friend has one in her game room but i don't know where you can get it so call around or something. I live in California so I don't know much about the state you live in sorry! well I know for sure you can by the mats and stuff cause I own them and most of the games so yeah I don't know if you have those out there or not hope I helped and if you have more questions ask me!!!!!!

Q: so i am late on my period. but i havent had sex for a long time like 3 months. so i cant be pregnant. is this normal?
this is not the first time I've heard this question cause me myself have irregular periods and it just comes whenever it feels like it and well I made the mistake of losing my virginity to one of my friends and it had been about 3 months also I started getting worried so I had myself checked out and the doctor says that it can be possible but to keep a close eye out on yourself , get a pregnancy test that is the best way to find out or see a doctor. I hope everything works out for you cause when I thought I was it was a scary thing so if you have any more questions just ask I hope I helped!!!!

Q: I don't know how to brake up with him! I like him alot, but he's just not the one. How do I tell him it's over?
well I've gone through this one before....the key is to be honest always tell that person what your feeling even if they don't seem like they care, if he's a good guy he will understand why your breaking up with him, it's always better to tell him in person it's more respectful and it gives the person a chance to see your body language. Hope fully I have helped if you have questions leave some feedback

Q: my bf wants to make out with me and i kind of do but idk what does it feel like? and like how do you do it? also do you think i should?
well speaking from expierence i would say it has to be when your ready my first kiss I pretended to know what I was doing and it just kinda happened it flowed right into place and as you are with eachother more and more you will soon be a pro at it. making out can lead to other emotions as well so you want to be careful.... as for the how do you do it just close your eyes and slowly move forward and hopefully it all works from there if your still really nerous try to keep your tounge in your mouth unless you feel it is right..... I hope I helped and if you have any more ?'s just e-mail me

hey guys I'm 16 and the m loudest caring person you'll ever meet I have so much energy and love to give advice ......I'm very talkative I think the only time I'm quiet is when I'm sleeping but even then I still think I talk......If you have anything you ever want to ask go ahead always will try to answer the best I can.....I love to hang out with mi familia and amigos, I love to surf and be in water period,,, I love to dance in sing like nobody's watching...I live like there I s no tomorrows and when i'm sad I 'm sure you wouldn't see it. I have no problem meeting new people I think its fun to see and meet new faces. If there is anything else you want to know about me just ask!


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